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Duke Deuce Releases New Video for “WTF!” Single
Joell Ortiz Announces New Album ‘Autograph’
WATCH: Don Toliver Joined by Travis Scott for New “Flocky Flocky” Video
Roc Nation’s Bobby Fishscale Links with Kalan.FrFr for “Role Models” Video
Blackground Records 2.0 Re-Releases ‘I Care 4 U’ & ‘Ultimate Aaliyah’ Compilation Albums
[WATCH] Rolling Loud Shares Miami 2021 Festival Aftermovie
The Alchemist Drops ‘This Thing Of Ours 2’ EP with Danny Brown, Vince Staples and More
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Joell Ortiz Autograph Digital Cover Art
Don Toliver Joined by Travis Scott for New "Flocky Flocky" Video
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This Thing Of Ours 2
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Kanye West's "Stronger" is Officially a Diamond-Selling Single
don toliver life of a don
Jesy Nelson Nicki Minaj Boyz
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Don Q Makes His Return with New Single "True King"
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Usher to Make Surprise Appearance in Peloton's Dance Cardio Season 2
Piano Love Artwork
Kelis Releases First Solo Single Since 2014 "Midnight Snacks"

Rap/Hip-Hop Music

Ask any two artists, fans, or other assorted members of the rap/hip-hop community to explain the precise difference between the two terms, and odds are you'll get different answers. Even so, most would probably agree that rap describes a type of music while hip-hop refers to a cultural phenomenon that includes graffiti, breakdancing, and fashion in addition to music -- or as rapper turned social theorist KRS-One says, "Rap is something you do, hip-hop is something you live."

Musically, the only difference between the two is that rap always contains the vocal element of rhythmically spoken rhymes while hip-hop can be purely instrumental in nature. Rap in its earliest stages consisted of DJs mixing records and juggling beats and breaks for block parties while emcees rhymed over the rhythms. This practice of adapting, dissecting, and transforming pre-recorded music to create new songs could be hip-hop's most significant contribution to modern music.

Today, the digital sampling techniques first used by hip-hop producers to expand on the looping capabilities of live DJs are commonly used in electronica as well as mainstream rock music. In terms of industry presence, hip-hop made its biggest splash with Gangsta Rap, which gathered steam in the late '80s and dominated the pop charts in the '90s. Mainstream music, dazzled by this sudden sales power, devoured rap and spawned myriad rap/R&B crossovers and even heavy metal hybrids. In the midst of all this success, the DJ community responsible for pioneering hip-hop music faded from the popular picture, replaced by advanced samplers and elaborate studio production. Consequently, the rise of the turntablist movement celebrated DJs as musicians in their own right, not just in the context of rap groups. The return of the DJ heralded a resurgence of live energy in rap and hip-hop music.

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Enargeia - The Evocation of Emily d'Angelo

Enargeia - The Evocation of Emily d'Angelo

Emily d'Angelo is one of the worlds most versatile vocalists. For her latest trick, d'Angelo has conjured a spellbinding programme for her debut album that will leave you breathless.

Not So Badbadnotgood

Not So Badbadnotgood

For their explosive fifth album, the Canadian trio return to their crazy jazz roots...

Newvelle Records

Newvelle Records

Streaming? Streaming who? For Newvelle Records, the future is vinyl. With ultra-crisp sound recorded in a world-class studio, Newvelle give you quality jazz like you’ve never heard before… with an exclusive Qobuz twist.

The Specials Revolt

The Specials Revolt

Reformed in 2009, the British ska gang are back once again and bring you an album of eclectic covers of protest songs ranging from Bob Marley to the Staple Singers via Leonard Cohen. These are committed songs that are still relevant today...

Top Soundbars: which to choose for 2021?

Top Soundbars: which to choose for 2021?

The soundbar is the star of audio/video installations. In just a few years, it has replaced both traditional speakers and multi-channel home cinema systems. Much simpler to install, it delivers more or less equivalent services while taking up minimum space. The soundbar has all you need. In addition to its ability to play cinema soundtracks, it's an all-in-one audio system with excellent musical qualities.

Tony and Gaga Do It Again!

Tony and Gaga Do It Again!

With "Love For Sale", Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga sign their second album of duets dedicated to the eternal songs of Cole Porter...

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Burna Boy - 23 [Official Music Video]

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