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BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. — A man and woman who reportedly called police to report a theft were placed under arrest in Morgan County Thursday after deputies realized they were fugitives from felony drug charges out of Frederick County, Virginia.

That call came in around 12:30 Thursday afternoon, according to Morgan County Sheriff K.C. Bohrer.

The pair were placed into Morgan County Sheriff’s Sergeant Lemon’s patrol SUV, but when the woman was taken out of the vehicle to answer a question, the handcuffed man, 42-year old Foster Crouse Miller, Jr., of Middletown, Virginia, drove off. The vehicle was found 20 minutes later.

A BOLO was issued, and reports started coming in of sightings – first on Winchester Grade and Luther Michael Road. Deputies from the Sheriff’s office and officers with the Berkeley Springs Police Department set up a perimeter in the area and a K-9 officer was sent in from the Frederick County Virginia Sheriff’s office.

Citizens in the area assisted law enforcement on ATVs. Two hours later, fresh reports of sightings came in and the search moved to Spielman and Eppinger Road.

The suspect was arrested without further incident. MIller will face felony charges as a fugitive from justice (Frederick County, VA) and for grand larceny of police SUV and felony escape.

The female, identified as 26-year-old Victoria C. White, was charged as a fugitive from justice and is currently incarcerated in the Eastern Regional Jail with no bond.

The sheriff’s office wants to thank all the responding law enforcement agency personnel and concerned citizens for their help.

Police units responded from Hampshire and Berkeley County Sheriff’s Departments, (WV), Frederick County Sheriff’s Department (VA), Eastern Panhandle Violent Crime Task Force, Martinsburg City Police, Morgan County Deputy Reserves and West Virginia State Police from several area counties.

Chief Deputy Walter and bloodhound “Sam” responded to attempt K9 tracking. Chief Walter coordinated other K9 units to search from Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department and Frederick County (VA) Sheriff’s Department.

Sours: https://wvmetronews.com/2021/08/20/couple-arrested-after-originally-reporting-theft/

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Warrant roundup leads to 44 arrests, drugs and guns recovered

BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Dozens of arrests, including multiple felonies, were announced by the U.S. Marshals Service for the Southern District of WV.

According to U.S. Marshals, a total of 44 arrests were made between September 7 to September 24, 2021, through Operation Invictus. Charges range from First Degree Murder to Wanton Endangerment and Malicious Wounding. Operation Invictus was conducted by the CUFF Task Force.

#BREAKING: U.S. Marshall for the Southern District of West Virginia announced Operation Invictus made 44 arrests including multiple felonies.

The cuff task force also recovered multiple drugs and firearms during the arrests.

— Skylar Eagle (@SkylarEagleTV) October 12, 2021

The task force is a joint operation between Fayette, Mercer and Raleigh counties.

Michael Baylous, U.S. Marshal for the Southern District of WV, announced multiple guns and drugs were also apprehended during Operation Invictus.

“There were six firearms that were recovered,” Baylous said. “There was numerous weights of meth, heroine, fentanyl and marijuana that was recovered as well as a little over $24,000 in U.S. currency.”

Raleigh County Prosecutor Ben Hatfield said two people wanted by the Raleigh County Prosecutor’s Office were apprehended during the operation. Alfred Pitman was wanted for sexual assault, law enforcement found two guns and multiple drugs in his possession at the time of arrest. Wayne Oglesby was also arrested for felony child abuse.

“They had alluded detection and apprehension for quite some time and we were able to take some extraordinary measures to obtain Mr. Pitman’s person,” Hatfield said. “He was arrested by the Marshals in cooperation with local law enforcement and he faces state charges that are potentially being investigated for additional charges as well.”

Both Hatfield and Baylous said the cooperation among law enforcement is essential in catching people with active arrest warrants.

“West Virginia being a rural state, Southern West Virginia especially being rural, departments are pretty small,” Baylous said. “So the way the CUFF task force works, any agency that’s a part of it, it’s used as a force multiplier.”

Stick with 59News as we continue to provide updates on the arrests.

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Crack-head Thief In Beckley, West Virginia Caught!

DETROIT — A Michigan has been charged with killing two Charleston women.

Police apprehended Marquis Jermayne Goodman, 21, in Detroit Thursday morning. A warrant was issued for his arrest Wednesday night.

Charleston Police Chief of Detectives Lt. Tony Hazelett said Goodman shot and killed Bria Nicole White and Kytiana Belcher last Friday morning on the city’s West Side. Both victims were 22.

Hazelett said Goodman became a person of interest not long after the investigation began.

“He was an acquaintance of the victims and once we learned that we were able to work the investigation to obtain a warrant for him,” Hazelett said.

White’s body was found early last Friday morning on Hunt Avenue. She had been shot multiple times. Belcher’s body was found a few hours later in between houses on Grant Street. She also suffered multiple gunshot wounds, police said.

Investigators said they believe both women were shot at the same time with Belcher running from the scene and Goodman giving chase.

Hazelett would not say Thursday what led to the shootings including a possible motive. He credits good police work along with the help of the Detroit Police Department’s Violent Fugitive Apprehension Team in their efforts to take Goodman into custody.

“A lot of things fell in place here,” Hazelett said. “We worked long hours on this case and we used every tool possible. The Detroit Police Department was excellent to work with and gave us all of the resources we needed and we were able to take him into custody quickly.”

Hazelett said one of his investigative teams will remain in Detroit while Goodman faces extradition.

“He’ll go through the process up there and eventually make his way back to Charleston,” Hazelett said.

White and Belcher were roommates, police previously said.

Sours: https://wvmetronews.com/2021/10/14/arrest-made-in-charleston-double-murder/

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