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How blind I was. An incredible story worthy of the best prose writer. Well, thanks for the story. It remains only to be patient and write the full version of this "epic".

I gritted my teeth and waited impatiently for him to satisfy his lust. He finished pretty quickly. He lit a cigarette and began to say something. I realized that he intimidated me, that it was dangerous around and only with him I would be safe. Then he took out another cake and gave it to me.

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Nevertheless, I was the favorite of the entire male part of the people, and of the female. Part as well. The girls tried to be friends with me for the reason that the guys were sticking to me. And why not stick to them. Where else can you find one who dressed so adorable.

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I looked at the boobs swaying from fucking, and jerked my dick, I was not afraid that they would hear me, it. Was too loud they made love to hear at least something. The boobs were shaking more and more, with especially deep attacks of the man, they kind of clapped against each other, supplementing the general ensemble of sounds with another element.

Slava was breathing heavily, he did not say anything, but only occasionally grunted and lightly patted Rita's thigh with his palm. Gradually, he seems to have forgotten about his promise, and began to fuck his wife without regretting it.

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At that moment, She shrank a little, and then with undisguised pleasure began to take deep, slow breaths and emit soft moans. Anton began slowly, with each movement he almost completely removed the member from her, and then pushed it inside with renewed vigor. Then his movements became more frequent and sharper.

He breathed unevenly, and exhalation was accompanied by sounds like a moan. Anton was not as bad as it seemed at first, and She decided that she would go to the end, that is, to orgasm.


And I gave up. At some point, losing my guard, I gave myself up to one stream of growing pleasure and gave in like a woman to the efforts of. Harry and my sister.

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Linda. Yes, honey. Don't do that anymore.

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