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Introduction: How to Make a Chevron Friendship Bracelet

This project takes a lot time! After a couple rows you will have the hang of it and be able to finish!

String/embroidery thread (different colors)
Tape/clipboard (something to hold down)

Step 1:

1.After deciding at least 2 different colored string, cut to 50 inches. I am making mine with 3 colors. (If you pick 3 colors, cut 1 of each color 50 inches)

2. Fold the string in half and make a knot at the top so there is a loop at the very top.

Step 2:

3.Tape the string above/at the knot to hold down in place. (this is just to keep it still and in place)

4. Spread the thread in a pattern like 1 2 3 3 2 1. The left should mirror the right side.

Step 3:

5.Start at the left string. String #1  (BLUE) Make a knot by making a number “4” over the second string, go under and through the hole, and then pull tight. Do another knot—you should have 2 knots.

Step 4:

6. Using the same string (#1 BLUE) you will knot the same way over the 3rd. Do not forget to do 2 knots.  When you get to the center stop.

Step 5:

7.Repeat from the right.

Step 6:

8. Knot the 2 center strings (both blues) don’t forget to knot 2 times on each!

Step 7:

9.You will continue to follow the pattern of colors, again starting at the left working to center, stop, start at the right working to center then knotting the 2 center threads.

10. When you get to your desired length (try wrapping around wrist to see) you can tie around wrist and cut off any excess thread!

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Friendship Bracelet Patterns: Zig Zag

Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Friendship Bracelet Instructions

How to make cool string bracelets

Step 2.

Cut Friendship Thread to a desired length, tie a knot at the ends and secure for crafting. We used (5) threads, each cut to 60 inches, and attached it to a clipboard. Separate your strands, arranging them in the order in which you want your colors to appear, with the right most strand as your zig zag color.  Our example is laid out as: strand 1 (green), strand 2 (white), strand 3 (blue), strand 4 (purple), strand 5 (black).

Bracelet instructions

Step 3.

Start with the left most strand and make (2) forward spiral knots on each of the strands going towards the right to make a diagonal stripe. Click here for a refresher on making forward spiral knots and diagonal stripes.

Friendship bracelets string

Step 4.

Your finished row should look like this, with the green strand all the way to the right.

Zig Zag Pattern Friendship Bracelet

Step 5.

Create additional diagonal stripes with each of the left most strands, not including the longest zig zag strand (in our example, the black).

Friendship Bracelets Patttern

Step 6.

It is now time to form the first part of the zig zag. Take your left most strand, the black strand, and make (2) forward spiral knots on each of the (3) strands next to it, but not the last strand. In our example, we made (2) spiral knots with the green, white and blue strands, but stopped at the purple.

zig zag friendship bracelet pattern

Step 7.


Here is where you need to pay attention to achieve the zig zag. Make (1) forward spiral knot with the black strand and the purple strand.

friendship bracelet thread pattern

Step 8.


Follow this by one backward knot. Click here to review the backward knot. 

Friendship thread bracelet

Step 9.

You will notice that the black strand is now on the left side of the purple. It has switched directions, just like a zig zag!

Friendship bracelet zig zag pattern

Step 10.


You will now continue making a diagonal stripe going the other direction, using backward spiral knots.

Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Step 11.


Continue making backward spiral knots with each right most strand moving to the left to create the diagonal stripe pattern for the purple, blue, white and green strands.

Zig Zag Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Step 12. 

Remember, when it comes to the black strand, the zig zag forming strand, you will need to make backward spiral knots on each strand, until you get to the last strand where you make (1) backward spiral knot and (1) forward spiral knot to change directions. Repeat steps 3 -11 to create the zig zag pattern throughout the bracelet!

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FISHTAIL BRAID TUTORIAL - Making Friendship Bracelets - For Beginners

Friendship bracelets were all the rage when I was a kid. Swapping bracelets with your BFF was so fun and a sure sign of ever-lasting friendship. Now, my daughter has gotten into making them too. Below you will find a ton of friendship bracelet patterns so you can get in on the fun too!

First, I just have say how much I love everything about friendship bracelets:

  • What they represent (friendship…awe so sweet)
  • The beautiful colors and patterns
  • How fun they are to make
  • The super sweet tradition and skill that I can pass down to my own daughter that can become a hobby, a gift idea…or even a business.

Making friendship bracelets is the perfect activity for a rainy afternoon, a summer camp, Girl Scouts, youth group or even a slumber party.

But don’t save all the fun for a special occasion!

In fact, we just made them for hours during our most recent family road trip. It was a great way to pass the time PLUS – had new bracelets to wear when we arrived!

Ok – now you know how much I love them…let’s move on!

What is a friendship bracelet?

A friendship bracelet is traditionally a hand-knotted bracelet made from embroidery floss that is given to someone as a sign of friendship.

They first became popular in the United States in the early 70’s. It’s believed that they began in Central America where the form of knotting is popular; similar to macrame.

By the 1980’s friendship bracelets had become wildly popular with young girls (me included)

I can remember large groups of us bringing our bracelet making supplies to school and working on them during recess and lunchtime. Usually we either worked on our bracelets.

Or planned how we were going to run our own Babysitters Club.

One of the best aspects of the bracelets is the tradition that once the recipient puts it on, they can’t take it off. This shows the friend that gave it to you how much you appreciate them and represents your “ever-lasting” friendship.

Folklore has it that the recipient should wait until it falls off naturally when the threads become worn. Otherwise, if you take it off before then, you risk breaking your friendship.

I happen to know this isn’t true because I took one off that my BFF gave me in second grade and we are still friends (30 years later). So, the superstition may not be true but it’s just one of those things that makes friendship bracelets special and so much fun!

Friendship Bracelet Designs

Even though I have always been a fan of handmade jewelry, I am thankful for the current boho trend that has helped bring back the popularity of friendship bracelets.

Now you can find tons of gorgeous patterns and designs in lots of colors and thicknesses.

Some even include beads and shells.

They also look amazing when paired with other leather or metal bracelets – allowing adults like me to get in on the trend!

By now, I am pretty sure you are convinced that friendship bracelets are amazing and need to be a part of your life.

Let’s get started!

If you have never made a friendship bracelet before, check out this video that shows you the basics to get started.

Announcement: You will notice that many of the friendship bracelet tutorials below are made by kids. Personally, I think this is totally RAD and I am sure they will all the views this post gives them as we click and learn!

Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners

Just like with any other new skill, you want to start with the basics.

One of the tricks to making professional looking bracelets is to tie consistent sized knots and keep the pattern neat and organized.

Below you will find the best beginning friendship bracelet patterns to help you practice your technique.

Fishtail Bracelet Pattern

How to make a fishtail friendship bracelet

This bracelet is great for beginners. It doesn’t require as much thread as some of the other patterns.

This is because this pattern is created from braiding instead of knotting. At first glance this pattern looks similar to the chevron, but if you look closely you can see the difference.

Candy Stripe 

Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelet Video Tutorial

The candy stripe pattern was the first friendship bracelet design that I ever learned and it’s perfect for beginners.

One of the challenges of making knotted bracelets is keeping track of your threads and staying organized.

The candy stripe pattern is the perfect pattern to master the basics of bracelet making. Here is a simple video tutorial.

Chevron Bracelet Pattern

DIY Chevron Bracelet Pattern

Obsessed with anything chevron?

Me too!

It’s such a classic pattern that makes everything look good: backsplash tile, wood flooring and…friendship bracelets.

Once you master the basic knotting technique and the candy stripe pattern you will be ready to create a chevron friendship bracelet.

Double Chevron

Friendship Bracelet Pattern: Double Chevron

If you can make a chevron, you can make a double chevron!

While it’s a bit more challenging because there are more strings to keep track of, the basics are the same. It looks really impressive though because it turns into a thick friendship bracelet.

Lots of Knots

Perfect for beginners, especially young children who are just starting to be able to tie knots. 

Lots of Knots Frienship Bracelet Pattern Tutorial

Braided Stitch

Beginner Braided Stitch Friendship Bracelet Tutorial Video

This is a another fun pattern to try once you’ve gotten the basics down. 

Confetti Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Beginner Confetti Bracelet Pattern

An easy pattern that is as much fun to make as it sounds! The confetti or rag rug pattern is a cute sprinkling of colors that you will love!

Zig Zag Design

Friendship Bracelet: Beginner pattern Zig Zag

A fun and funky design that will help you master your forward and backward knots and prepare you to move on to more advanced designs.

Intermediate and Advanced Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Once you’ve gotten the basics down, it’s time to get fancy-schmancy!

Double Wave/Peruvian Wave Pattern Friendship Bracelet

DIY Peruvian Wave Frienship Bracelet

Bracelets of this style are popular in the open markets of Peru. The end results looks impressive, but is not super difficult to make once you have the basics of friendship bracelet knots down.

Arrowhead Bracelet

How to make friendship bracelets: Arrowhead Pattern

This trendy friendship bracelet design is perfect for anyone who is ready to take their skills beyond the basics.

By the time you try this pattern, you definitely want to have the candy stripe and the chevron patterns down. The result is beautiful.

Leaf/Alternating Leaf Pattern

Leaf friendship bracelet pattern video tutorial

I love this leaf design because it is very unique. It really looks like leaves when it is complete. 


DIY Diamond Friendship Bracelet

This pattern is absolutely gorgeous! It requires experience with knots as well as different lengths of string. Definitely a fun one to try once you become a friendship bracelet making rockstar!

Wave Bracelet Pattern

Wave Bracelet Tutorial (advanced pattern)

This is an advanced friendship bracelet design that requires four different types of knots and is quite challenging. That being said, it’s definitely doable with a little practice. Perfect for the beach or ocean lover in your life.

Heart Pattern Friendship Bracelet

DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet Video

This design is so sweet! Perfect for Valentine’s Day – or anyone you love. It’s best to get a lot of practice with the chevron pattern before trying this one as it will require forward and backward knots.

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Alrighty! There you have it! Tons of ideas, tips and tricks to start making your own friendship bracelet?

Did I skip your favorite pattern? Please comment below and let me know what it is!

The ultimate list of friendship bracelet patterns

DIY Friendship Bracelet Tutorials


Yarn patterns bracelet

As the month of love approaches, we thought we’d combine friendship and hearts into one Valentine’s Day themed tutorial: a heart patterned friendship bracelet! Using some candy-colored embroidery floss and your familiarity with the chevron friendship bracelet, you’ll be able to whip up one of these tokens of love in a heartbeat.

You’ll need:

[linktopost slug=”diy-friendship-bracelet”]

Creating a heart pattern involves just a simple modification to the chevron patterned friendship bracelet. Start by cutting 4 strands of each color, at about 24 inches each, for a total of 8 strands. Alternate the thread colors before tying them together in a knot. Remember to leave at least 3 inches of slack. Tape the knot to a flat working surface or clip onto a clipboard.

Separate the threads into 2 sets, 2 of each color on each side. Arrange the strands in an alternating, mirror-image pattern with the outside threads matching and so on moving inwards.

Start on the left side with the outermost strand (shown here in red) and make a forward knot by creating a 4-shape over the 2nd strand (shown here in blue), loop it under and back through the opening.

Pull up and to the right to tighten. Make the same knot twice everytime.

Continue knotting over each color, towards the right, until the outermost color has carried over to the middle. This is one half of the chevron pattern.

Pick up the outermost strand on the right side (show here in red) and make a backward knot, creating a reverse 4-shape over the 2nd to last strand (shown here in blue), loop it under and back through the opening. Pull up and to the left to tighten. Don’t forget to knot twice!

Continue knotting towards the left until the outermost strand reaches the middle. Tie a backwards knot with the two middle strands to connect the two halves. Don’t forget to always knot twice!

Continue onto a second row using the same method. Two normal, chevron rows are complete. Now, it’s time for a “special” row: take the 2nd outermost strand (shown here in blue) and make a backwards knot over the outermost strand (shown here in red). Knot twice.

Repeat on the other side: take the 2nd to last strand (shown here in blue) and make a forward knot over the outermost strand (showin here in red). Knot twice.

Complete the row by taking the 2nd outermost strand (shown here in red) and make forward knots over each strand until it reaches the middle.

Mirror the steps on the other side and connect the middle strands. The heart cleavage has been created and the third row is finished.

Now repeat this special row again for the 4th row, taking the 2nd outermost strand and reversing the knot over the outermost strand.

Mirror the step on the other side. This forms the outer edge of the heart. Now fill in the heart by finishing the row with 2nd outermost strand (shown here in blue) and making forward knots over each strand until it reaches the middle.

Mirror the steps on the other side and connect the middle strands. Now, it’s back to a normal row again to close the heart. Make forward knots with the outermost strands, moving inwards towards the middle. Connect the middle strands.

Knot another normal row and then 2 special rows to form another heart. Do you see the pattern? 2 normal, 2 special, 2 normal, 2 special . . . keep going until the bracelet is long enough to fit around the wrist.

Finish the bracelet with a big knot and trim the ends.

Voila! Heart patterned friendship bracelets done.

Happy heart day!

(bracelets by Vita Fede, Giles & Brother, & Gorjana, ring by Catbird, dress by Zimmermann; all images by HonestlyWTF)

braided leaf bracelet tutorial! (beginner)

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If you are looking for a DIY friendship bracelet to make, then you are in the right place! These cool macrame (knotted) bracelet ideas range from simple and advanced, and include some beaded options as well. Check out my master list of DIY bracelets (including how to finish them and make them from scratch), or scroll down for these projects. Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.


Click to find 14 cool diy friendship bracelets patterns and tutorials for teens, tweens, and adults, beginner and advanced, knotting and macrame bracelet tutorials and how to make friendship bracelet with beads and more unique materials


Friendship bracelets at the store are pretty basic, and most of them aren’t that unique. Friendship bracelets might seem like something you used to do back in summer camp when you are a kid, but this can be a fun craft to do for or with your kids. Some are even sophisticated enough for grown ups.

It’s an art, and I personally still have fun making a DIY friendship bracelet here and there. Even if you’ve never made a bracelet before, there is still something here for you to make!


Knotting friendship bracelets are a branch of Macrame – the art of making textile using knots instead of weaving. So yeah, it’s an art form, totally appropriate for all ages. Ha! See if I’ll stop making ’em just cuz I’m thirty!


I love making my own bracelets and testing new fun patterns and designs. As a kid, I can remember building friendship bracelets with my friends, and even creating them as a teenager. Friendship bracelets don’t just have to have your best friend’s name anymore, now you can make them out of everything from leather to Perler beads!

The following list of awesome DIY friendship bracelet tutorials is divided into 3 categories based on the style of bracelet:

  1. Easy bracelets from string
  2. Intermediate to advanced knotting friendship bracelets
  3. Beads/Specialty

There’s something for everyone in here, so grab your best friend and let’s get started!


Want to learn how to make jewelry out of anything? Get the book! It’s got loads of fun, quirky, and colorful jewelry ideas for teens and teens-at-heart – PLUS more unique twists on friendship bracelets!



Easy Friendship Bracelet String Tutorials:

These DIY Friendship bracelets are perfect for beginners, using simple knotting patterns and string for easy to make style!


1. Jellyfish Friendship Bracelets by Crafting Chicks:

The jellyfish bracelet gets its name because the embroidery floss that’s used hangs down like the tentacles on a jellyfish. This unique bracelet takes a simple braided bracelet and adds a twist at the end.



2. DIY Friendship Bracelet by Living Ideas:

This animal-friendly faux leather bracelet is a great stylish friendship bracelet option for an amazing braided friendship bracelet.



3. DIY Braided Friendship Bracelets by Moms and Crafters:

These DIY braided friendship bracelets are a great way to practice jewelry making for beginners. The skills needed for this craft are pretty basic, and you can make these bracelets for cheap! They use bakers twine for a unique finish, and are finished off with ribbon crimps to make them reusable.



4. Simple DIY Friendship Bracelets by Simplify Create Inspire:

If you are looking for a simple friendship bracelet design, this is the one you want to go with! This is a great cost-effective option for  young girls and boys to make too.



5.  Adorable Loopdedoo Bracelets by Blue Bear Wood:

For this easy bracelet design, you only need three materials. You can have an adorable friendship bracelet in just a few minutes! You will need this specific bracelet-making machine (or maybe you can figure out how to make it without?)


If you’re ready to get started and make your own friendship bracelets, start with these 3 designs:


how to make DIY friendship bracelets


Intermediate to advanced knotting DIY friendship bracelet Ideas

These DIY Friendship bracelets take a little more patience to make, but they’re worth it!


7. 3D Zig Zag Friendship Bracelet by Moms & Crafters:

Use different shades of the same color of embroidery floss to create a magical 3D effect on these advanced zig zag friendship bracelets. I designed this pattern as a young teen and love making it until today! Finish it off with a ribbon crimp and wear it as a fun jewelry accessory.



8. Friendship Bracelets by Purl Solo:

This beautiful Macraméd bracelet will remind you of the ’90s! These old school friendship bracelets are a little more complex but just as fun. They’ll be as complicated as you make them.



9. Friendship Bracelets by Red Ted Art:

If you are an absolute beginner when it comes to macrame, then this is the friendship bracelet for you! This DIY bracelet uses embroidery thread and is easy enough for anyone to make. They’re the patterns that I personally started with!



10. Breezy Friendship Bracelets by Purl Solo:

This knotted friendship bracelet tutorial is easy to do, but still colorful and vibrant. It uses a stitch often used in paracord, and is designed to stack as many as you’d like.




These DIY Friendship bracelets use beads and other materials to really set themselves apart. Your friend will love these styles! 


11. Melted Perler Bead Braided Bracelet by Pink Stripey Socks:

These melted Perler beaded braided bracelets are so unique and fun to make! If you have leftover Perler beads from a previous craft, now is the time to put them to use. The beads create a pretty herringbone design while the process to make them is really simple.



12. Heart Friendship Bracelets by Moms and Crafters:

These heart friendship bracelets are really easy to make! Not only are they adjustable, but they’re a cheap bracelet to put together. You can use cheap wooden beads for hearts – or write names on them, draw paw prints, or do whatever you’d like.



13. LEGO Friendship Bracelets by Kids Activities:

If you have spare LEGO bricks laying around the house, now you can put them to use in this simple and easy bracelet.



14. DIY Braided Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets by The Soccer Mom Blog:

If you are a fan of essential oils, why not turn them into a fun friendship bracelet? These bracelets use a braided technique, and a touch of essential oils to dd a bit of aromatherapy to your life.


You can also try making gimp bracelets as a fun variation on string friendship bracelets!


Bonus: This cool blended bracelet can be made with many of the designs above! It’s from my book How to Make Jewelry Out of Anything and if you loved this list, you’ll love the book too!


You might also like my hair tie bracelet DIY.

Have you ever made friendship bracelets for your friends? Have any of your friends made one for you? Leave a comment and share your favorite DIY friendship bracelet!


14 DIY frienship bracelets from string and beads and other cool ideas! These cool crafts are perfect summer crafts for teens and tweens and easy jewelry making projects for kids.

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Welcome back! Come join us and share your crafts in the Sisterhood of Crazy Crafters! Want to learn how to make jewelry out of anything? Get the book!

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Making a friendship bracelets is a DIY craft idea that is simple enough for kids to master at summer camp, but, with a few embellishments, wouldn't look out of place on an adult arm. You just need a few materials — mostly lots of colors of embroidery thread, maybe a safety pin or tape to hold the strands in place and any buttons, beads or charms you want to dangle from the end. You can find a simple stitch, or go all out for a complicated, multi-strand pattern. When you're done, you can give them to away, or keep them for yourself. In other words, friendship bracelets are the most versatile DIY project out there — just scale up or down as you see fit.

These friendship bracelet patterns will get you off to a good start. They begin with the simplest — the spiral staircase — which is one of the easiest knots to master. Then you can work your way up to chevrons, braids, stripes, diamonds and other patterns. If you want to give it more of an upscale look, you can add metal beads or a clasp. Or, stick with some of the younger add-ons and just have fun. (And remember to let us know your favorite patten in the comments!)

Ladder Stitch Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Diagonal Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Once you've mastered the simpler patterns, you can move on to this five-strand pattern, which lets you pick multiple colors that cascade down on the diagonal. (Rainbow!)

Get the tutorial at CraftJam »

Diamond Friendship Bracelet Pattern

If you reverse the chevron pattern every so often, you can transform it into a pattern of Xs. Tiny diamonds between the X shapes fill in that negative space nicely.

Get the tutorial at Sarah Maker »

Button Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Once you've finished your basic patterns, it's fun to embellish your bracelets with beads and other accessories. This pattern uses colorful, oversize buttons in the middle of a braided strand.

Get the tutorial at Happy Hour Projects »

12-Strand Spiral Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Best Friends Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Neon Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Beaded Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Friendship Bracelet Loom

If you DIY your own friendship bracelet loom, you can come up with even more patterns, including woven ones. And the loom is a craft project in itself!

See more at Kids Activities »

Braided and Beaded Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Clasp Friendship Bracelet Pattern

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