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There are many ways to impress your classmates, friends, family – and perhaps even a crush at school! Few are as cool as gracefully spinning your pen or pencil, though!

That’s why pen spinning is an excellent back-to-school activity to teach kids! The adults and teens in the house may even want to join in the fun!

However, you may be wondering how exactly to go about learning this skill? Not to worry – these useful spinning tips and tricks will help you to learn the basics of how to spin a pencil.

Follow them, and you should be spinning your pen perfectly before you know it! Just remember to be patient – pen spinning takes plenty of time, persistence, and practice!

Pen Spinning Tips

In This Post:

  • Learning How to Spin a Pencil
  • 16 Pen Spinning Tricks
    • 10 Basic Pen Spinning Tricks For Beginners
    • 3 Hard Pen Spinning Tricks For Intermediate Pen Spinners
    • 3 Complex Pen Spinning Tricks For Advanced Pen Spinners

Learning How to Spin a Pencil

Learning How to Spin a Pencil

Learning how to spin a pencil isn’t the easiest thing to do. But, the best things in life never are! And this is exactly what makes pen spinning moves so impressive and cool!

So, if you don’t get a move right, don’t beat yourself up – keep trying! Much like any coordinated movement, you’ll need to do these moves over and over again to get them perfect!

Who knows? With enough practice, you may even get so good that you can compete in a pen spinning competition one day!

Of course, pen spinning is also a fun ice breaker! You can use your skills to make new friends and impress coworkers and schoolmates later on in life, too!

Tip 1 – Watch Slow Motion Tutorial Videos

The best way to learn the intricate movements of pen spinning is to watch slow-motion tutorial videos. As pen spinning is a swift movement, I find it an effective visual way to learn.

Many professional pen spinners post tutorial videos like this online. In these videos, they cover the basic step-by-step movements of pen spinning tricks with their tips, too.

Tip 2 – Get Acquainted With the Movements

There are plenty of unique pen spinning methods and tricks, some of which I’ll cover below. Start with the basics first, though – you’ll find these easier to grasp – literally!

Each trick has its own finger placements, movements, and eccentricities. So, do stick to mastering one at a time to make the best progress, too.

The good news is that many tricks build onto more complex ones, though. For example, the Sonic, Charge, Thumbaround, and Fingerpass spinning tricks get combined to make others.

So, once you master each of these basic tricks, you’ll be equipped to perform one of these complex variations!

Tip 3 – Practice Makes Perfect!

At first, your hand and finger movements will be clumsy. And, you will surely drop your pencil quite a few times!

That’s ok and completely normal – pen spinning involves complex, graceful, and fast movements. Therefore, it takes and takes time to learn and nurture this skill! 

Your fingers have to learn the moves just like a dancer needs to learn dance moves! Do be persistent – don’t give up if you get frustrated, instead take a break and try again.

It’s advisable to start off spinning with a pencil you don’t prize or a pen or spinning pen, instead! If you drop your favorite pencil, the lead inside will likely shatter.

Tip 4 – Arm Yourself!

These days, you don’t have to settle for any old pencil or pen for practicing pen spinning! Instead, there are a variety of modified spinning pens available designed for this purpose.

Each of these pens has balancers that allow it to spin better than your average pen or pencil. As such, it’s a lot easier to learn how to spin a pencil or pen with these options, too.

Some pen spinning pens have special features, as well! For example, they are usually longer than other pens – some even light up in amazing colors when they spin!

Here are a few excellent affordable pen spinning pens from which to choose!

16 Pen Spinning Tricks

Pen Spinning Tricks

So, you want to know how to spin a pencil? If so, you’ll need to learn a few tricks! Below are my top ten tricks for beginners and a few for intermediate and advanced spinners! 

Learn these tricks, and you’ll never be without a conversation starter again! I have covered most of the basic moves; however, these aren’t all of them. 

There are tons more tricks to try out or even adapt once you’re more adept! When you feel comfortable doing the basics, you can advance to them.

Don’t worry if you’re left-handed, either – you can also do these tricks. Use your dominant hand, reversing the spins’ direction mentioned in the instructions below to adapt to them.

10 Basic Pen Spinning Tricks For Beginners

At this point, I’m guessing you have very little to no experience with pen spinning. That’s ok – everyone has to start somewhere!

These basic pen spinning tricks are the perfect way to begin learning how to spin a pencil or pen. Don’t forget to look up slow-motion tutorial videos to get the hang of the movements, too!

Trick #1 – The Thumbaround

This basic pen spinning trick involves spinning your pen in a 360° arc around your thumb. To start, hold the pen or pencil on its lightest side with your thumb, index finger, and middle finger.

Lower your middle finger out of the way of the trajectory of the pen. Then, release your index finger, pushing your pen or pencil anti-clockwise around your thumb.

Trick #2 – The Charge

The Charge trick involves flipping your pen or pencil in an arc between your middle and ring fingers. Though it looks flashy, it’s quite a simple movement.

To start, place your pen or pencil between these fingers, with its end supported by your thumb. Then, move your thumb out the way and press your middle, and ring fingers together to spin it.

Trick #3 – The Backaround or Indexaround

The Background trick is very similar to the Thumbaround in that you’re spinning your pen in a 360° arc. However, you’re doing so over your index finger, not your thumb!

To start, hold your pen or pencil as you would for writing – pressed between your thumb, index, and middle fingers. Then, release it from your thumb, curl your middle finger, and spin!

Tip #4 – The Sonic

The Sonic is a slightly more tricky pen spinning trick. It involves spinning your pen or pencil over your ring or middle finger, moving it from one finger slot to the next.

Place your pen or pencil between your pinky and ring or ring and middle fingers for this trick. Then, move either your ring or middle finger out the way while flipping the pen or pencil over it. 

Trick #5 – The Fingerpass

The Fingerpass is a slightly more complex move akin to a drumstick spin. It involves spinning your pen over your fingers, moving between your pinky, ring, middle, and index finger gaps.

To start, place your pen between your pinky and ring finger. Then, spin it from one finger gap to the other, pressing the finger you want it to go in the direction of palm-wards on each turn.

Trick #6 – The Thumbaround Reverse

This trick builds on the Thumbaround, so you’ll need to be confident performing it to do this trick! You can combine it with the regular Thumbaround to make a Thumbaround Harmonic, too!

To start, hold the pen or pencil where it would be when the regular Thumbaround ends – at the tip. Then, move your index finger out of the way and spin the pen or pencil clockwise.

Trick #7 – The Wiper

The Wiper is another simple trick to try. It involves spinning your pen in a 180° arc with your index finger and thumb, just like a windscreen wiper!

To begin, place your pen or pencil pointing up to the sky with the tip between these fingers. Then, flip it downwards gracefully without dropping it, so it points to the ground. 

Tip #8 – The Triangle Pass

The Triangle Pass is another basic pen spinning trick that is perfect for beginners. It involves spinning your pen or pencil in a 360° arc using your thumb, index, and middle fingers.

To start, hold your pen or pencil delicately like a single flower between these fingers. 

Then, curl your index finger in and push your pen counter-clockwise with it to spin it, repeating with your other fingers.

Trick #9 – The Half Tap and Full Tap

These beginner-friendly pen spinning tricks are ones to try when learning how to spin a pencil! They involve “tapping” your pen or pencil to spin it onto your thumb – or in a complete arc over it.

To start, balance the tip of your pen on the thumb-ward tip of your middle finger. The end of your pen or pencil should sit in the depression between your index finger and thumb.

Place the tip of your index finger on the pen, moving your thumb slightly under it. Then, tap the pen with your index finger, spinning it 360° over your thumb or landing it half-way at 180°.

Trick #10 – Neosonic

The Neosonic is a pen spinning trick similar to the Sonic – so you should be able to make this move first! It involves flipping your pen over your index finger to land between it and your thumb.

To begin, hold your pen or pencil as if writing with it – wedged between your middle and index fingers. Then, move your thumb out the way and use your other fingers to spin it clockwise over.

3 Hard Pen Spinning Tricks For Intermediate Pen Spinners

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s introduce you to some more complicated tricks! These are perfect for trying out once you know how to spin a pencil and have built up skills and dexterity.

Trick #1 – The Shadow

This intermediate trick is a bit harder to perform than most. Therefore, it is also advised to use a modified pen spinning pen to perform it.

To begin, place your pen, lightest side in, in the gap between your pinky, ring, middle, or index fingers. Any of these is fine to start – you can also move the pen between them during the trick.

Drop your left-most finger downwards while raising the right-most up to spin the pen anti-clockwise over it. The pen or pencil should land back in the same gap between your fingers.

Trick #2 – The Twisted Sonic

This trick builds on your Sonic skills, so do practice it before attempting the Twisted Sonic! Knowing the Charge trick is beneficial, too, as it also forms part of this trick.

To start, place your pen between your middle and ring fingers as you would for the Charge or Sonic trick. Then, do a Charge, but curl your index finger in to catch your pen at the end of it.

This movement is done instead of catching it with your thumb as you typically would at the end of a Charge. So, you end up sandwiching the pen between your fingers mid-trick instead.

Finally, curl your ring finger in, press your middle towards your palm, and push your index out. This will make your pen or pencil flip, pointing outwards between your index and middle fingers.

Trick #3 – The Infinity

The Infinity is similar to the Wiper basic in that it involves spinning your pen point-out. However, to start, hold your pen between your thumb and index finger like you want to write with it.

Spin it over your index finger anti-clockwise, intersecting and catching it between your index and middle fingers. 

Then, do another 360° anti-clockwise arc and finish in the trick’s starting position.

3 Complex Pen Spinning Tricks For Advanced Pen Spinners

So, you know how to spin a pencil like a pro? If so, try out these advanced moves – or give them a go just for the fun of it!

Trick #1 – The Fingerpass Reverse

The Fingerpass Reverse is just that – the reverse movement of the basic Fingerpass trick! With this move, you’ll be able to continue to spin your pen once it reaches your pinky or index gaps.

To start, do the Fingerpass, moving your pen between multiple gaps. You can go from your index/middle finger gap to your pinky/ring finger gap, or vice versa.

When you reach the last gap, spin your pen or pencil around. But, catch it with your middle or ring finger instead of flipping it over your pinky or index like you would for the Fingerpass. 

Your pen should continue to spin anti-clockwise during the whole maneuver, no matter the direction it’s going. This is a cool trick to do continuously back and forth once you get it.

Trick #2 – The Double Charge

The Double Charge is an impressive hybrid looped trick that looks like two Charges. It can be done continuously for any space of time and combines a palm-up Twisted Sonic and a Pass.

However, the pen goes under, not over your index finger, during this trick. During it, the pen or pencil also spins back and forth between your index/middle and middle/ring finger gaps.

To begin, place your pen or pencil between your thumb, index, and middle fingers like you’re going to write. Drop and spin it 360° in between your middle and ring finger gap. 

Then, flip it between your index and middle finger gap, repeat the spin, send it back down, and so on. It’s a mesmerizing trick that will have spectators wondering what just happened!

Trick #3 – The Sonic Moonwalk

The Sonic Moonwalk is definitely one of the more impressive and complex tricks to perform. Much like Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk dance, the movements of this trick are 100% hypnotic.

As such, it’s one to definitely add to your arsenal! To start, wedge your pen or pencil in between your index and middle fingers, placing your hand palm up. 

Do a Charge, but connect your index and ring fingers to transfer the pen over your middle finger. Then, transfer it like you would for a Charge 13 to your next middle/ring finger slot.


Learning a new trick like pen spinning isn’t always easy, but it can be very rewarding! Hopefully, this post has helped introduce you to the basics of how to spin a pencil.

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The 23-Charge is usually one beginners start out with. First, place the pen between your ring and middle fingers and hold the end of it with your thumb. Then, push your
middle finger backwards and your ring finger forward simultaneously. After that, lift your thumb and let the pen do a 360 degree spin.


Do this one correctly, and your pen will spin completely around your thumb. Hold the pen between your middle finger and your thumb while getting your index finger out of the way. Next, push your middle finger forward and let the pen spin completely. Make sure to catch it between your middle finger and thumb after it’s done a rotation! Simple, right?

Tip time! Don’t move your hand. The work being done to spin the pen is in your fingers, or sometimes in your wrist. Your hand should remain steadfast and strong while the pen is spun. Moving your hand can cause you to lose coordination and it will ruin the trick. That being said, let’s get back to the tricks.


Interesting name. This trick builds on your knowledge from doing Thumb Around earlier, so make sure you’re confident with that before attempting this one. First, hold the pen between your middle and index fingers. Keep it steady, and make sure the tip is pointing outward (i.e., away from your hand). Second – and maybe most important – is pushing your ring and pinky fingers down into your palm, so they don’t intercept the pen as you try to spin it. Third, push forward with your middle finger and push back with your index finger. This will move the pen to a position where you can catch it in between your middle and ring fingers. Fourth, push your index finger down so it doesn’t block the next flip. Simultaneously, bend your ring and middle fingers down (make sure they’re still holding the pen!) to avoid interference. Now finally, bend your pen around your ring finger by applying pressure from both your ring and middle fingers. After that happens, extend your middle and index fingers and catch the pen between them! Voila – a completed trick.


Spinning a pen around your middle finger is a pretty complex process. Luckily, we’ve got the steps for you. Now, to start this one off you’re gonna want to rest the pencil on top of your index and middle fingers, and hold it down with the fingernail of your ring finger. Next, move the pen in between your middle and ring fingers and push back on it with your index finger so that it moves in between your index and middle fingers. Now, flip the pen upwards so it’s between your thumb and middle finger, and get your index finger out of the way! Next, push your middle finger up, and let the pen move around it, using your thumb and ring fingers. Finally, catch the pen with your thumb, index, and middle fingers as it comes full circle. Simple, eh?


This is another fundamental trick. If you learn this one, you’re on your way to learning others as well. First, position your pen. In this case, hold it at a slant between your middle and ring fingers, and push the back of the pen behind your thumb. Lightly press your middle finger down, and push the pen off with your thumb. While doing that, move your index finger inward – towards your ring finger. (It’ll be good for catching the pen at the end of the trick.) Let the pen rotate between the index and ring, and as it’s rotating, bring up your middle finger. Using your middle and index fingers, catch the pen as it finishes it’s rotation. Easy!



Another basic fundamental that every pen spinner should know. Position the pen like you would in a sonic – between the middle and ring, with the back behind your thumb. Now, stretch out your fingers while bending the ring finger backwards ever so slightly. Let the pen slowly rotate 180 degrees (upside down). When it does that, push the ring finger forward, and push your middle finger backwards. As the pen flips, catch it between your thumb and index finger!


Now that’s a badass name! The Twisted Sonic builds on the knowledge you’ve already acquired from the Sonic and Charge tricks, and thus is very similar. First, get the pen in the same position as those two tricks (between middle and ring fingers, back of pen behind your thumb). Next, like Charge, bend your middle finger back and stretch out all of your fingers. Let the pen rotate itself into being stuck between your index and ring fingers and your middle one. The pen will keep rotating now, and as it does, pull back your index finger so the pen’s full rotation ends between your index and middle fingers. In text, this trick sounds complicated, but it really isn’t.


The Sonic Rise is one of the most extreme pen spin tricks out there. It’s very complex, and maybe not for beginners, but we’d be remiss if it weren’t included here somehow. Now, due to it’s complexity, it’s quite hard for us to actually list it out step by step, so instead we’ll link you to this:

So, what do you think? Pretty good pen spinning tricks, and not all that complicated to learn, really. Maybe you won’t get it the first time around. That’s fine. The old phrase is “practice makes perfect” and it really is true. Keep working at the trade and your skill level will gradually increase. With the information provided here, and the videos we’ve linked to, you’re on your way to becoming a pen spinning master!

If you feel confident enough already, or if maybe you just want to be entertained, here’s 100 pen tricks to try out on your own, though we did cover some of them here.

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  4. I9 grade 300
  5. Drumbit club

If you have ever sat in a class or been bored at work and started turning a pen (or pencil) between your fingers, then you have been pen spinning! There are many tricks that can be learned. This is a form of contact juggling, as the object stays in contact with your body at all times.

Props – I recommend a long unsharpened pencil (rather than a pen)! No ink to spill out, no cap needing placed on top, no horrible pen marks over your hands and no clip to get in the way! A long pen/pencil is best for beginners, as long objects are easier to manipulate.

“Handy” Things to Know!

Each finger has a different name. If you look at this picture, you will see that from left-right, we have

Lending you a hand (my hand!)
  1. THUMB
  2. INDEX FINGER (also known as a pointing finger)
  5. PINKY

Before starting any of the tricks mentioned below, it is important to exercise your hand a little. Just try flexing your hands from a fist to as far a spread as you can manage a few times.

Pen Spinning Tricks

Thumb AroundThe pen will do a complete spin around the thumb.
1) The pen is held between your middle finger and thumb (your index finger needs to stay out of the way at the moment).
2) Push forward with your middle finger and the pen should spin around your thumb.
3) Catch the pen in the position you started with.
Don’t try moving your hand to try and get the spin working properly, as it will take far longer to break out of this bad habit! A common problem that beginners have is that they instinctively bend their thumb as soon as the pen leaves the middle finger. Keep the thumb still! (tip from Tyson)
23-ChargeThis trick is so called because it uses your second and third fingers (the middle and ring finger). The pen spins around the middle finger and ends up between the middle and the index finger.
1) Begin with the pen between your ring and middle fingers. Hold the end of the pen with your thumb.
2) Push your middle finger forward and your middle finger backwards at the same time. This applies some pressure.
3) Release your thumb and try to get the pen to do a full 360 degree spin. (tip from Tyson)
23-12 SonicA sonic starts the same way as the 23-charge trick above, but as it gets half way around, you pinch the index finger and ring finger together while pushing the middle finger forward. This causes the pen to remain in the same alignment, but it jumps from in between the ring and middle fingers to in between the index and middle fingers. (tip from Tyson)

What Next?

If you have learned/mastered all these first two tricks, then there are still countless other moves and combos to try out! balancing the pen on your hands and other parts of your body,

  • try throwing the pen in the air and then performing a trick as you catch it.
  • try spinning pens in both hands!

Pen Spinning is a form of Contact Juggling (when you keep it in contact with your body). If you enjoy Pen Spinning, then you may find my Contact Juggling page fun also!


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Juggler for Hire section  –  (based in the United Kingdom)

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Learn How to Spin A Pen - In Only 5 Minutes - Cool Skill While Bored



4 basic tricks with a pen, take your seats, ladies and gentlemen, and behold the four fundamental tricks in Pen Spinning – ThumbAround, FingerPass, Charge and Sonic. Today you will learn how to do these tricks and what is even more awesome - at the end of the video I will also show you, how to combine them in a one really cool movement – a combo. It would blow minds of your colleagues and friends.

ThumbAround - 3 Ways to do. Basic trick in Pen Spinning:


Charge (and Continuous):

Sonic Pen Spinning:

4 basic tricks with a pen, take your seats, ladies and gentlemen, and behold the four fundamental tricks in Pen Spinning – ThumbAround, FingerPass, Charge and Sonic.

Hello, you are on Pen Stock, channel about Pen Spinning, and today you will learn how to do these tricks and what is even more awesome - at the end of the video I will also show you, how to combine them in a one really cool movement – a combo. It would blow minds of your colleagues and friends.

Let’s start with ThumbAround. It looks like this and to do this trick, put your pen on Index and Middle fingers like this and press with your Thumb closer to one of its tips. Middle finger is at pen’s center. Now to make a trick you need to push a pen with your  Middle finger and take Index finger away at the same time.

While pushing, lead your pen over Thumb at its base. You need to make movement, as like you throw a pen over it. Focus on adjusting force, which you apply by Middle finger and make sure to move Index away in time to let a pen pass above it.

If you have problems with doing Thumb Around – follow the link in the description and watch a separate video with 3 different techniques of learning it.  Choose, which one fits you better and just learn, as thousands of people already did. Thumb Around is a simple trick, it would take you about 1-2 hours to get and about 2 hours to master.

The next trick will take you much more time to master, but getting wouldn’t take you long either. FingerPass – the first trick for most of Pen Spinners. I also started with it.

Take something longer, than an average pen. It would be great to have something longer, than 20 cm and you’d better add some weight at both ends for a better momentum.

If you have a pen mod, like this, for example, doing tricks will be much easier. You can get one on  - specialized shop with different pen spinning stuff, which I will deliver to any country of the world – doesn’t matter, where you live, delivery is cheap and fast.

Take your pen between Ring and Middle fingers, Middle is a bit above, so your pen lays on your Ring finger, Index is raised. Now press your pen with Middle and raise Ring finger to , a pen would lay on Middle. At this point press it with Index and keep on pushing it leading the finger under Middle. A pen should lay on Index.

Raise Ring finger, at the same time lowering Middle and the rest goes like this.

If you keep practicing it for quite a long time, you will be able to do it smooth and really fast, but a few people do it intentionally. At the beginning it is OK just to know how to pass a pen from one slot to another – much easier and much more useful. There are much more awesome links and combos in Pen Spinning, than just this combination of passes – remember, I will show you one today as well.

But doing FingerPass from time to time, helps to warm up and is a good way to practice, when you don’t want to drop a pen somewhere, while doing more difficult tricks.

The next fundamental trick is Charge! Like a drummer trick, right? What they do with their sticks to look even cooler.

To do Charge you’d better grab something pretty heavy and long. At this point having a pen mod would be really helpful.

But you can also find something long enough and add some weight at both sides of your tool.

So take your pen between Ring and Middle fingers athwart to a floor, their position should look like this – all fingers are relaxed, bent, Middle is above Ring finger, so it presses the mod to it. And Index is away, above all of the rest fingers. Now straighten fingers, Ring moves a bit faster, than Middle and at some point you need to change their places. You straighten fingers fast enough, try to like push a pen up with your Ring finger, it should raise above Middle and Middle goes under Ring a bit and then back.

Without a pen it looks somewhat like this. You move fingers a little bit up and down, above and under each other. Focus on the circle motion of your pen.

Probably, it is the hardest trick of all fundamentals – hard to get and hard to learn. There are 2 steps for learning Charge, I showed both of them in a separate video, as well as the way to do this trick continuously, like this – check it out, it helps a lot!

And the last, but certainly not least, the trick, which is a base for a huge amount of filler tricks in Pen Spinning – Sonic. It looks like this. A pen goes from a slot between Ring and Middle fingers – 23 to a slot between Middle and Index fingers – 12 – behind your Middle finger.

To learn how to do Sonic trick with a pen, you’d better already know, how to do Charge – but in fact it is not that crucial. There are some people, who have learnt Sonic first and Charge later somehow, I am among them, by the way, lol.

Take your pen between Ring and Middle fingers in the same way, as when you did while doing Charge – Middle is above Ring finger and presses a mod to it. Now straighten fingers, pulling Ring finger further up, and instead of raising Middle finger – let it stay low. You need to throw a pen on your Middle finger by pushing it with your Ring finger. This way you throw it from slot 23, and to not to let it fly away, you need to connect Index and Ring fingers in this kind of lock.

So you bend fingers, remember to keep them relaxed, then you straighten them up, Ring goes faster and further, than Middle, you need to try, like, throw your pen with it, keep Middle down and connect Index and Ring fingers in this kind of lock and let your pen go from slot 23 to 12 behind your Middle finger.

Again, you can find a more detailed tutorial for this trick on my channel – I will leave all the needed links in the description under this video on YouTube.

Learning ThumbAround and Sonic would take you 1, maximum 2 evenings for each tricks. Charge would need about a week, maybe, a little more, or less, and FingerPass mini-combo – ETERNITY!

 But as you don’t really need to make this mini combo fast and smooth, to make awesome beginner combos you just need to know how to do passes one by one - it would take you less than 30 minutes.

And now we are coming closer to the fun part, at last – how to combine all of today’s tricks in a one cool looking movement, which instantly puts you on the honor roll in each company. Yes, by the way, I have several videos of easy mini-combos with simple pens in a playlist – check them out as well, especially if you would manage to learn today’s stuff.

I will show you how to do a mini-combo, using all of today’s 4 fundamental tricks with a pen. Of course, again, if you want to take it more serious and want to learn it faster – get a pen mod from me on, like Ivan Mod, Flying Panda or any another from the best shop for pen spinners – the best proportion of price and service, which thousands of people have already checked. But I guess, you can use a simple pen for that as well, if you are hardcore enough.

This basic mini-combo looks like this:

Pass 34-23 – Sonic 23-12 – Pass 12-23 – Charge 23 – TA T2

Yeah, those words right here – it was a breakdown, the way we, pen spinners write our combos and, what’s more important – read other’s, you can find out more about how to read it in a video about basics and terms in Pen Spinning on my channel as well – check the description section under this video. Actually, you can find a lot about Pen Spinning on my channel.

Each combo consists of links and the first one for this one is Pass 34-23 – Sonic 23-12. First you take your mod in 34, it lays on Pinky, Ring covers it and presses to Pinky. Now raise Pinky, push a pen with Ring finger and do Pass to 23. When you cover a pen with your Middle finger, keep on pushing it further, at the same time raise Ring finger, bumping a mod and connect Index and Ring fingers in a lock, needed for doing Sonic. This way you will link Pass 34-23 with Sonic 23-12. Practise this linkage for awhile, before moving on to the next one – Sonic 23-12 – Pass 12-23.

Right after you do Sonic 23-12, at the same time as your pen lands between Index and Middle fingers, you need to quickly lower Ring finger. Your pen moves to 12 and when it lands there – keep on pushing it with your Index till it goes under Middle athwart to it. Then you raise Ring finger and grab your mod in 23, at the same time bend Index, so it wouldn’t hinder pen’s movement, right? And when pen passes it – straighten this finger again.

It would be a linkage Sonic-23-12 – Pass 12-23. Practise it for awhile and after that repeat whole this part.

Pass 34-23 – Sonic 23-12 – Pass 12-23

Now we need to connect Pass 12-23 with Charge, it shouldn’t be difficult, though. You do pass 12-23 and when you raise Ring finger – keep on bumping a pen with it to throw its tip away and do circle motion. When you do pass 12-23 your fingers are bent, when you pass a pen to 23 they are in a good position for doing Charge between Middle and Ring fingers. So if you have mastered Charge, this link would be a piece of cake to make.

When you are done with Charge, when pen makes whole circle in slot, you need to Thumb closer and push a pen to Index with it, bend Ring immediately and push a pen to make ThumbAround.

Of course, at first linkage Charge 23 – TA T2 would look chopped. Like you do Charge first, then stop a pen with your Thumb, after that do ThumbAround. You need to practise to try to make it smoother, reduce pause between those 2 tricks as much as you can. For that at this point, when you do Charge, but haven’t done whole circle, you can try to already get prepared for ThumbAround, start to bend Middle finger a bit and bend Ring finger much. Make sure you press a pen with your Thumb by the time you move Ring finger away.

Remember, there are a lot of more detailed video tutorials on my channel to make your learning much easier and more joyful. If you want to get a pen mod, but don’t know, which one to choose – watch videos about them with full revews or summary tops of the best options for beginners.

What to do next, after you have learnt fundamentals – go to, special place for pen spinners, where you can talk to others and play pen spinning games with them.

My name is Alex Sukhov, may the style be with you, bye!



Pen spinning basic

My mother and I went shopping in a large mall. We went to the jewelry store. Mom used to love to go there and admire the jewelry.

How to Spin a Pen like in Anime 2

He asked in a velvet baritone. - Olya's temperature rises, shivers. I ought to go to the pharmacy and shop, but I don't want to leave her alone. I immediately agreed to get from the dacha to the house.

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You just have to sign it. I realized that you will now lose the probe, and I remembered a postscript to the instructions - "If the instrument for execution of the execution breaks down, and. It is impossible to replace it with another, the execution is considered complete if by that time it is ninety percent complete. " So you are now completely clean before the law. Congratulations.

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