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12×12 Paper Storage – DIY Vertical Organizer for Scrapbook Paper

Thanks to my Cricut habit, I’m drowning in paper. Can you relate? We need to conquer this problem and organize our paper, especially our 12 x 12 scrapbook paper! I looked into some pre-built paper storage solutions, but … they are very pricey! DIY to the rescue! I came up what I’m calling my Paper Tower of Power, and you’re going to love this for your scrapbook paper. It’s a 12×12 Vertical Scrapbook Paper Storage Organizer that I put together myself from things that are easily obtained. It holds a LOT of paper, and fits both 12×12 scrapbook paper and regular letter size. And it’s amazing. I may need to build another one.

This is one my IKEA hacks. So it’s not very expensive, and you can customize it to your needs. I’ve even got a tutorial for a similar organizer that holds craft vinyl!  If a vertical tower isn’t right for you, or you need more storage, the IKEA unit I use comes in many different sizes and configurations. Check out my tip on adding legs to IKEA furniture to really class it up! And if you’re making a trip to IKEA, check out my IKEA Shopping Tips & Tricks!

Reader Tracy Gooch made a paper storage tower following this tutorial:

A paper storage tower to store 12 x 12 paper - made by Tracy Gooch, designed by JenniferMaker

Here’s a great “double tower” version of this organizer made by reader Arlene from That Paper Flower Chick!

A double paper tower of power to store 12 x 12 paper - made by Arlene Muller, designed by JenniferMaker

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What You Need to Make My 12×12 Paper Storage Vertical Unit

Quick Links to Information in this Post

  • IKEA Kallax storage unit item 002.758.48, one unit (you can buy this on Amazon if you don’t live near an IKEA) – I bought one new at IKEA for $35
  • IKEA caster rails for Kallax item 002.886.57, two sets, about $12 each — also on Amazon (these are optional if you want your Paper Tower of Power to be able to roll around the room) – note: it seems IKEA no longer sells these, so you can instead get the IKEA Rill Caster (set of 4)
  • Shoe Moulding strips, 1/2″ — you’ll need about 30 feet per cubbie. The link goes to a flexible product you can buy online; however, I used long pieces purchased at my local home improvement store. (I bought 12 10-foot lengths for my paper storage tower) — note that you could also use quarter-round strips, but they are more expensive
  • White panelboard sheets – 1/8 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. (I bought two for $13 each at Lowes)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Design #51 – Template so you can mark your storage unit (available in my free resource library)
  • Pencil
  • Painter’s tape
  • White acrylic paint (optional)
  • A way to cut your strips and sheets, such as a handsaw, jigsaw, or jigsaw

How to Make the 12×12 Vertical Scrapbook Paper Storage

First, assemble your Kallax storage unit. I put mine together in about an hour, maybe a little less. It wasn’t difficult. Here are my boxes and other materials ready to go.

IKEA Kallax ready to be assembled for the 12x12 vertical paper storage tower

Next, put the two caster rails on the bottom of your tower, if you decide to use them. I love them because now I can move my paper around the room with me as I work.

Putting on the caster wheel rails for the 12x12 vertical paper storage tower

Prepare your moulding strips by cutting each strip into 10″ long sections. A handsaw will work fine for this. We used our table saw to make it faster.

Cutting the shoe moulding strips to size on the table saw

Cut your white panelboard down into shelves that are exactly 13.25 inches x 15 inches. I recommend you cut just one shelf and then make sure it fits perfectly in your storage unit. It should not be either too tight or too loose. Here is a diagram that shows the best way to cut it to get the maximum number of shelves.

Diagram for cutting the shelves from the panelboard that forms the shelves of the 12x12 vertical paper storage tower

You should be able to get 21 shelves from each sheet (you need 48 shelves total if you want to fill every cubby). We used our table saw to cut these. You may be able to get your local home improvement store to cut this down to size for you, but be aware that they may not be as accurate as you wish.

Cutting the white panelboard to size on the table saw

Tip: You’ll likely want to cut your sheets down at the home improvement store so they fit in your car. If you do this, DO NOT have them simply cut in half. Ask them to cut each at 55″ — that way you can get the maximum number of shelves out of each one (see diagram above).

Getting a board cut on a panel saw at Lowes

Now you want to mark the inside sides of your storage unit using my template. I recommend you center it inside the unit, flush with the bottom, and then tape it in place so it doesn’t move around. Mark both sides with the pencil. Note that you also want to use the top edge of the template to mark the top-most shelf. You should have 12 lines on each side to make 12 shelves per cubbie.

Marking the shelf lines with pencil

Apply a generous strip of hot glue to one of the flat sides of your cut moulding section. Press the moulding with the glue on it to the inside of your unit, lining up the top of the moulding with your pencil marks. Note that the glue will set quickly — you’ll have only a second or two to adjust if you get it slightly off.

Note: You could, of course, use a different glue for this. Hot glue is what I tried first and it worked great, so I didn’t bother with anything else.

Continue applying the moulding sections as close as you can to your pencil marks until you have them all in place.

Placing the moulding on the inside the paper storage unit

All moulding is now in place

Slide in each shelf of your paper storage unit.

Paper storage shelves in place

If the raw edges of the shelves bother you, paint them with white acrylic paint. I did this for one set of shelves on my 12×12 vertical scrapbook paper storage organizer, then decided it wasn’t such a big deal.

Paint the edges of your shelf if you wish

Load up your paper and enjoy your 12×12 vertical scrapbook paper storage organizer!

12x12 scrapbook paper storage organizer filled with paper

Notes on the 12×12 Vertical Paper Storage Organizer

I mostly have 8.5 x 11 paper, so I put it on each shelf the long way, close to the edge, so I can see all of my paper easily.

Paper stacks fit great on the shelves, too!

You can slide the shelves out to get to your paper — they’ll stay in place thanks to the long moulding section on each side!

If you want a vertical solution for your shelf divider’s check out’s IKEA Kallax Shelf: DIY Shelf Dividers — she has a secret slot system!

I used the top of my Paper Tower of Power to store vinyl. I put three IKEA paper bag dispensers (Variera) on a 16″ lazy Susan. I can fit 42 rolls on it and it turns so I can access it easily — great solution for me.

My paper/vinyl organizer tower

I hung my framed pegboard craft organizer on one side of my tower so I could keep my tools with my paper and vinyl.

Framed Pegboard Craft Tool Organizer Tutorial - How to Make a DIY Pegboard Frame for Your Craft Tools

On the other side, I put an over-the-door shoe organizer that holds my cans of paint and adhesive:

Over the door storage for craft supplies - shoe holder with cans of spray paint and spray adhesive

If you like this idea but need to store your craft vinyl, I made a matching storage organizer tower just for vinyl storage! Check out my craft vinyl storage tower tutorial here!

Craft Vinyl Storage Organizer Tower | DIY IKEA Hack | #craftroom #vinylstorage #organization

Get the Paper Storage Organizer Shelf Marking Template

I’m sharing the shelf marking template I made and used — it works perfectly for the IKEA Kallax shelves and ensures you mark straight centered guidelines. It’s Design #51 available in my free resource library — get the password to it by filling out this form:

I hope you also make a Paper Tower of Power to get your paper chaos under control, too! If you make one, send me a photo at [email protected] or tag me on social media with #jennifermaker so I can share it here with your permission.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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DIY 12x12 Scrapbook Paper Storage Organizer Tower | IKEA Hack Paper Storage DIY | 12 x 12 Scrapbook Paper Storage Tower | IKEA Hack Make this DIY paper storage tower to organize all of your 12 x 12 and letter-size paper | IKEA Hack | Free paper storage tutorial and plans | #organization #storage

DIY Paper Storage Tower for 12x12 scrapbook paper and letter-size paper #craftroom #storage #organization #diy 

Make your own DIY 12x12 paper storage organizer for your scrapbook paper with this inexpensive DIY vertical paper storage unit. It organizes and sorts all of your paper! #papercrafts #papercrafting #cricutproject #diy #tutorial #craftprojects #craftroom

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Wrapping Paper Storage Solutions That Keep The Clutter Under Control

If you enjoy decorating the gifts yourself and personalizing them for your friends, then you should think about having a station with wrapping paper storage. It makes everything a lot easier. Wrapping gifts is a pleasure when you don’t have to fight to keep the paper straight and in place.

Wall-Mounted Rods.

View in gallery

Install rods like the ones you use for hanging clothes in a section of a wall-mounted cabinet and turn that space into a storage area for your wrapping paper. Each role has its own designated place and you can also store the decorating tape on the same rods.

Hooks And Dowels.

View in gallery

View in gallery

Create a wall-mounted storage area for your wrapping paper using metal hooks and wooden dowels. Installing them is easy and you can use any free space. Consider placing the hooks on your closet door for example.{found on armelleblog}.

Cupboard Storage

View in gallery

Use your home office furniture to create original storage for the wrapping paper. For example, if you have open shelf storage in your cupboards, you can turn one or two cubbies into storage for the paper rolls.

Behind Closed Doors.

View in gallery


by Wing Wong

The laundry room can be a place as good as any for wrapping gifts. You already have a counter and you can turn a wall-mounted cabinet into your own little station. Store the paper and tape on rods and all the other little accessories and decorations in bags which you can mount on the inside of the doors.

Drying Racks.

View in gallery

The laundry room also provides you with a variety of other ideas and supplies. For example, use drying racks for storing wrapping paper. If you mount them on the wall you save space and they’re right there if you need them.

Island Craft Station.

View in gallery

by Susan Martin-Gibbons

A small island would make a perfect gift wrapping station. You have the counter, the built-in storage with shelves and drawers for all your supplies and you can install rods on the side for the paper. If you have a big role you might as well place it on the counter for easy access.

Secret Island Drawer.

View in gallery

View in gallery

Devote a secret drawer to wrapping paper. Place the roles horizontally or however they fit better and they’ll sit there nice and organized, waiting for you to look for them when you need them. You can use one of the drawers from your kitchen or laundry room island.

Built-in Cubbies.

View in gallery

Small cubbies like these ones also work just fine. They look tiny but they’re very spacious if what you’re storing there is long and thin, like the wrapping paper rolls. Organize them by size, color or however you prefer.


View in gallery

Pull-out drawers are not exactly great for storing lots of small things. On the other hand, they’re a nice solution for storing paper rolls and other similar supplies. Shallow drawers are better because you only have one row of rolls and they remain organized.

Pull-out Station.

View in gallery

Extra long wrapping paper rolls don’t fit in standard drawers so you’ll have to find another solution. Store them straight up in a pull-out station like this one. Slide it out and get the roll you need without damaging the others.

Milk Crate Storage.

View in gallery

Don’t want to use up the space in your cabinets? That’s fine too. Use a milk crate to store your wrapping paper. Place it on the floor, near your desk. Simple, practical and with plenty of potential for customization.

Storage On Wheels.

View in gallery

Having a mobile storage unit for your wrapping paper and supplies is actually very practical. You can take it with you in any of the rooms. When not needed, store it in the closet with all the other things. You can make your own mobile container from a pallet or a crate.{found on meukisleuk}.

Use The Recycle Bin.

View in gallery

Here’s another great idea: put castors on a recycle bin and you’ll have a mobile container for all your colorful wrapping paper. You can also skip the wheels and then it will simply be a repurposed bin.{found on chezlarsson}.

Door Storage.

View in gallery

Use the inside of your closet doors or the door in your home office or laundry room to mount racks and containers for your decorating tape, wrapping paper and all your other craft supplies. It’s practical and lets you save floor and cabinet space.{found on shescraftycrafty}.

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100 amazing storage hacks you have to see

Become a storage pro

Looking for ingenious storage hacks? However big or small your home, unless you get items organised your house will always feel cluttered and untidy. But with some clever thinking, you can find spaces for possessions with items you might never have dreamed of. Click through and marvel at the sheer brilliance and simplicity of these storage ideas...

Re-use cereal boxes

Don't throw cereal boxes away once finished, instead upcycle them into sturdy magazine file holders to store stationery. One Good Thing by Jillie has transformed various boxes with colourful washi tape which not only decorates the boring box but reinforces the cardboard too. 

Turn spice racks into book shelves

Ikea spice racks are so cheap yet super versatile as storage for so much more than spices alone. The narrow width and guard rail make perfectly petite storage shelves for food, toiletries, tools, books and more. A Baby On Board has painted two in dazzling blue to create an easy-to-reach board book library for a child's bedroom. 

Store bed sheets in a pillowcase

This linen storage idea is a 'why didn't I think of that?' hack and couldn't be simpler. After laundering duvet sets, use this hack to avoid letting the matching pillowcases go missing. Fold the bed sheet, duvet cover and one pillowcase neatly and then store them all together inside the remaining clean pillowcase. Reading my Tea Leaves has done just that in her perfectly organised linen closet. 

Organise soft toys

A child's soft toy collection can get out of hand. Tidbits have come up with a clever way of giving each cuddly creature a home by hanging a fabric shoe organiser to the back of the wardrobe door. A small teddy has been popped into each compartment to keep them tidy, dust-free and within easy reach for their child. 

Get creative with loo roll

Keep loo roll in one place and off the ground with a funky rope store. Tie a knot in one end to keep the tissue in place and then tie the top end to a shelf above the toilet. Need a novel way to know when to re-stock? Paint the quarter of the rope that will be covered with toilet roll a bright hue and when the colour becomes visible it's time to go shopping. 

Hang a shower curtain with pockets

Need a place for toiletries when you are in the shower? Try this easy bathroom storage hack and free up floor and wall space with a shower curtain with pockets. Or, hang a water-proof shoe organiser alongside the curtain for an easy DIY version. Choose a mesh design or cut holes in the pockets to drain the water. 

Lean an upcycled desk caddy

GIROMIN STUDIO / Shutterstock

When properly sanded and treated, a wooden pallet can become an eye-catching and rustic desktop shelf for a home office. It's panels and grooves make handy surfaces for stationary and inspirational objects. Giant crocodile clips will also transform it into a notice board if needed. 

Screw hooks under shelving

Double up your kitchen storage space by screwing unobtrusive hooks onto the under-side of wall-mounted shelves. Then, hang attractive mugs or large utensils. Measure and mark out the exact space between each hook for a consistent and streamlined look. 

Turn plinths into draws

Kickboards give kitchens a smart finish but they are also hiding huge storage potential underneath the units. Buy ready-made draws with plinth fronts and runners to match your kitchen style or make your own as a woodworking project. Or, if that sounds too technical simply add handles to the boards and keep rarely used kitchenware such as Christmas crockery in shallow boxes behind in the redundant gaps.

Grow vegetables vintage style

Grow herbs and vegetables in an old colander. The quirky strainer will add vintage charm to your kitchen scheme and its design is perfect for drainage and root growth. Hang or stand in a sunny spot on the kitchen window sill and transfer onto the patio or balcony in the summer.  It's a great way to keep floor space free in a small outdoor area and is an easy gardening hack.

Peg up opened packets

The inside of cupboard doors can be utilised with a whole host of sticky pad storage solutions including this ingenious method for storing opened 'tear-and-share' food packets. Kept in place and sealed tight with pegs the snacks will stay fresh and dry and won't spill.

Mount low-level shoe storage

Etsy / The Fine Wood Article

A large family can accumulate a mountain of shoes, which look unsightly piled on the floor. Pegboards make creative homes for shoes. Mount them low to create another level of unobtrusive storage and pop the shoes on the pegs upside down. This endearing wellington boot board looks rustic and fun with the words 'mud glorious mud' engraved in the wood. 

Hide the TV remote in a book

If you are always losing the TV remote controls this could be the perfect storage hack for you! These ready-made designs used by Dear Lillie are fake and made of wood but you can make your own using a real vintage book. Glue pages together and cut out a compartment in the middle. What a stylish hiding place for those ugly buttons!  Kate's Creative Space has an easy guide to make a secret book for jewellery which uses the same method. 

Fold bags the right way

Bags for life support the fight against plastic waste but the thicker material and bulkier size makes them a real storage pain. However, folded correctly they shrink into tiny bundles that can be managed and stored in baskets and transported to the shops with ease. It is that simple, check out Modern Parents Messy Kids for a step-by-step photo guide to fold a bulky, reusable bag into an itty-bitty, reusable bundle.

Display utensils in flower pots

When drawer space is tight, make your flatware a feature by storing it in attractive flower pots on a work surface. The hole underneath for plant drainage does the same job if the utensils are not dry and allows airflow. These colourful and labelled designs by Instant Party add a personal touch. 

Conceal the paperwork

If there is no room for a home office, create a concealed work station hotspot to store away everything needed for admin. A drawer organiser and smaller storage boxes will keep paperwork and stationary orderly and in its place, then lift the lid and it's ready to work when you are. 

Never lose your phone again

Solve the problem of where to put your phone when you're getting ready with inexpensive open storage pots with strong suction pads. In this instance, labels have been added to identify whose is whose. These pots have been stuck on the bathroom tiles well clear of accidental splashes whilst in the shower. 

Keep the hallway orderly

Inspire family members to tidiness as soon as they come home by mounting wire baskets for outwear above one another in the hallway. Whether you choose to nominate one crate per person or theme them with labels for hats, gloves, scarves etc. It makes good use of otherwise wasted space and you'll never be searching for that lost glove again.  

Repurpose an egg carton

Look beyond the 'egg' box and make use of every-day items that would otherwise be thrown into the recycling. The size and shape of egg cartons make them perfect mini organisers for storing bits and bobs that might get lost in draws. This endearing little sewing box made by Truly Myrtle started life storing eggs but is now used to holds sewing supplies in ideal compartments. We love how the cotton thread and ribbon have been wound neatly around dinky wooden pegs. 

Give plastic bags a home

We've covered storing 'bags for life' by folding them properly, but what about all those other lighter plastic bags that accumulate and pile up? Save them in a tidy manner within a fabric carrier bag dispenser that can be hung on kitchen cupboards and doors. Gathered and sewn with a hole at the bottom they are easy to retrieve when needed. This pretty blue version is available to buy, or make your own in ten minutes with a sewing machine by following this tutorial from Smashed Peas and Carrots.


Add instant storage to a balcony

Whether you need to hang out wet laundry, air out your sneakers or simply need a handy shelf outdoors for any reason, this extending design is as easy to hang as it gets. It's fitted with cleverly designed adjustable arms so should fit almost any rail, plus it folds flat so you can tuck it away when not in use.

Roll up extra cutlery

It's marvellous owning special cutlery for celebrations but those big heavy boxes can be a storage nightmare. Take inspiration from chef knife rolls by creating a tea towel roll that will keep cutlery clean, protected and that takes up a fraction of the space. Things For Boys has made one with sewn pockets for each utensil set and labelled with stylish ribbon tape. 

Hook fishing rods onto the garage ceiling

Instagram / @militantfishing_

If you’re a fan of the outdoors and a spot of weekend fishing, then this Instagrammer has a great idea to keep your rods in check. Simply screw hooks into the garage ceiling to keep them safe and secure. For extra protection, score slits evenly along a swimmer’s noodle float and slot a rod into each one to keep their lines from tangling.

Try a heavy-duty muffin tray

For an easy, low-cost storage option in the garage simply buy a heavy-duty metal muffin tin. This useful tip from Tattered Style means you can store and separate fiddly items like bolts and nails or hardy stationery. 

Store your hair tools easily

Decorating Your Small Space

DIY and decorating pro, Kathy, has come up with a great DIY PVC hairdryer and curling iron stand tutorial. The simple construction allows you to stand multiple hair tools in an easy to reach place, so you can worry less about tripping over them on the floor or clogging up your vanity area.

Uitilise your ceiling space

Look up and you might just unlock a whole new world of storage space. These DIY sliding storage boxes can be attached to the roof, freeing up precious floor space in a garage. There are a few online tutorials detailing exactly how to put this trick together or speak to someone at your local DIY store about ready-made systems.

Sort and store gift wrapping

Gift-wrapping isn’t just a task for Christmas but also for all the birthdays, anniversaries and other events throughout the year. Make life a little easier for yourself by organising jumbled gift bags on a simple stationary rack. This idea from Aunt Peaches keeps wrappings together so they take up less space as well as making it easier to find the gift bag you want.

Recycle bottles for stationary storage

French teacher and former blogger, Isabelle came up with a great recycling idea for storing lots of colouring pens and pencils together. Put one side of a plastic drinks bottle out and stick coloured tape around the edge to indicate which pens belong in that bottle and to tame any sharp edges. The bottles can then lie flat in a drawer rather than taking up desk space in a traditional tidy.

Hide treasures with a hinge

Kellie Dykast / The Girl on The Go

This ingenious space-saver keeps your precious pieces securely hidden and within easy reach for when you’re getting ready. Having a small house, The Girl on the Go blogger, Kellie, came up with this unique idea to create an inventive storage solution which would take up minimum space in her home. Simply adding a hinge to one side of the mirror creates an almost completely flat storage cupboard that's perfect for jewellery and accessories.

Fix tennis balls to the wardrobe

Turn any wardrobe into a multipurpose storage space with these clever DIY shoe hangers. The tennis balls are perfect because their round shape and fuzzy coating protects the shoe material and doesn't warp the shape. 

Dispense bathroom products into Mason jars

Awkwardly shaped packets of cotton wool balls, pads and other loose items can take over the bathroom if you're not careful. Instead, get super organised with the storage-solver's item of choice – the humble mason jar – like this clever idea from My Creative Days. Wind wire around the neck of the jar and hang them from the walls to make a display of your washroom essentials - it's easy enough to do in a day.

Bag up your bags

The queen of tidying up, Marie Kondo says that it's easier to keep things ordered in your home if you store similar things together. She suggests putting smaller bags in one bigger case so you always know where to find them when you're dressing up for an occasion. We suggest going for a cute vintage suitcase, for an added shot of style.

Have fun with LEGO

Never lose your keys again by using a brick keyring and LEGO docking station. Our favourite children's toy has all sorts of uses, and who knew a LEGO man could be so helpful in tidying cables?

Style your wall storage with bed slats

This genius idea from Ich Designer allows you to instantly create a wooden storage wall without hours of DIY. Hang bed slats from two coat hooks drilled into the wall and then use S-hooks on the wooden bars to attach pen pots, plants and baskets for trinkets.


Store bedding secretly

Spare bedsheets, pillowcases and duvet covers take up a ton of space when they're all folded up. But if you don't have the luxury of an airing cupboard, there's a clever way to keep them out of the way until you need them. Fold them so they're almost flat, and then layer them under your mattress. We promise, however light you sleep, you won't feel a pea.

Hang bathroom toy storage

Don't let the kids' wet play toys take over the whole bathroom. Instead, get yourself a hanging vegetable storage unit and use the baskets to keep toys tidy like this example from Shelterness. You can also keep your own items (face masks, sponges etc.) in the top basket to keep them neat and out of the way. Get a basket made from coated metal so it doesn't deteriorate in the damp environment.


Pop unpackaged batteries in a tackle box

Rarely do you use an entire pack of batteries in one go. But what to do with the spares? Instead of letting them roll around a drawer, a fishing tackle box is the perfect storage solution, as this example from Today's Mama shows. You can even separate your AAs from your AAAs, and store those awkward types that only need changing once every five years, so you're ready for the next time.

Use your headboard as a bookcase

There's always room for books, as this idea confirms. You can use a custom-made headboard with spaces built into the design, or just upcycle a pallet for a DIY option. 

Aim high for book storage

For books and other bits and pieces, you don't need every day, install some high shelving in the dead space above doorways, in hallways and alcoves like Scribble Street News has done here. They also double as a colourful wall feature. Go for 'floating' shelves that don't require brackets and make sure you check how much weight they can carry, so you can split the load.


Use a trolley bedside table

Bedside tables can be extremely inefficient uses of space, so instead, try a drinks trolley version like this one from The Every Girl. This gives you three levels of storage, but still tucks into small spaces. Keep your bedside calm and restful by making sure the top shelf is uncluttered and beautiful.

Tame the cables with cardboard tubes

Cables have the potential to take over your whole house, curling into the corners and tangling so badly they're as good as useless. And can you ever find the correct charger when you actually need it? This super-easy DIY project uses toilet rolls to create space for each cable. You just have to remember to put them back when you're finished with them.

Design an in-drawer charging station

Speaking of cables, create yourself a neat charging drawer so you're not always tripping over wires on the floor. Just run a multi-way plug adapter into the drawer and attach (you may need to drill a hole for the power cable), then when you're charging, you can close the drawer and keep hidden away.

Screw magazine files to doors

Foil, cling film and other miscellaneous rolls are oddly shaped and hard to store, but this homemade caddy is perfect (and you'll always know where to find wrapping paper and scissors). You can buy these from most home stores or just repurpose a plastic desk file and nail it to the back of a cupboard door so it's out of the way.

Find space for your clothes as decorations

If you're short of wardrobe space, use your clothes as decorations in their own right like this idea. Purchase a few attractive hangers (large, wooden types suit most decor), and layer your clothes as seen in this picture. Not only will they be more visually pleasing, they're also easily accessible – especially handy when you're getting dressed in the dark first thing in the morning.

Create arts and crafts on wheels

Children's arts and crafts can take over their whole bedroom (and potentially your house too), so get them into the habit of putting everything away in a trolley that can be wheeled out of the way when it's not in use like Suburble did. Accept that the trolley itself won't be tidy, but that's OK – organised mess is a totally different thing.

Re-wire your wardrobe for shoes

If you're a dab hand at crafting, get out your pliers and rewire your wardrobe like this idea from Epbot. It's not as tricky as it sounds! You'll just need to cut into some wire clothes hangers and curl in the ends until they're smooth, creating stable hanging storage for footwear, from flip flops to boots. It's particularly useful for clearing out of season shoes out of the bottom of your cupboards.

Hang shelves from the ceiling

No room for tables? No wall space for shelves? No problem! Hanging shelves are the answer to your prayers. They're also a great way to show off plants and ornaments high up and out of the way. By hanging them from hooks in the ceiling, it also means there's no table legs so it frees up floor space and it looks cool too, like this example from Monstercircus.

Store wine glasses with an old garden rake

Stylish storage that's quirky and useful – what could be better? Use an old garden rake (check Gumtree and Freecycle as well as the back of the shed), clean it up and stick the head on the wall like in this example from The Home Edit. It will provide stable storage for even delicate wine glasses, and frees up shelf space for other crockery.

Tidy up the sink area

Storing all your washing up items inside the sink when they're not in use is a neat way to keep everything tidy and organised. It also means you won't get any drips damaging your kitchen surfaces, or leaked washing up liquid getting everywhere. Plus your worktops will be lovely and minimalist. Perfect.


Attach spice jars to the fridge door

Always buying new spices because you can't find the one you need? We all have 10 jars of Garam Masala, don't worry. But these magnetic jars are a neat storage solution. Arrange them on the fridge for a decorative way to make sure you can always find the spices you need. Just don't forget to label them – cinnamon and chilli look mighty similar but are very different on a cappuccino.

Keep knives out of the way

@alisonscotland / Instagram

Magnetic knife strips are a brilliant space saver in the kitchen. But if you don't want young children to pull them off the wall, keep them well out of the way (and nice and tidy) stuck to the ceiling of the cupboard like this Instagrammer. Easy-to-access and taking up no essential shelf space.

Give a baby bottle drying rack a new purpose

This rubbery grass is usually used for letting baby bottles dry naturally, but it turns out it's the perfect place to keep all your different makeup brushes and sponges while they're drying (after your once-a-week hygiene wash, right?). Just leave them to dry naturally overnight and put everything way in the morning.

Be mega-organised with medicine storage

It's important to keep your medicines safe, dry and out of the way of children and pets. But also, it's important to keep everything organised and accessible so when you really need something, it's easy to find. This simple plastic drawer system from the blog A Healthy Slice of Life is ideal. Just arrange by ailment or body part and thank your former self next time you're in need of a cure.

Use a trolley as a nail bar

Ever wanted a nail salon in your own home? Make a colourful display by storing them in a craft trolley or bath caddy. You can also fit bottles of essential oil and other makeup items in them. 

Store towels on secret shelves over the bathroom door

If you don't have the cupboard space to store clean towels, make your own. No need for an airing cupboard when you can fix a small shelf in the empty space above the bathroom door like this clever idea from The 2 Seasons blog.

Add over-sink pedestal storage

If you're lacking in the kitchen storage department then this is the next best thing. A small, neat shelf that stands above the taps is the ideal place to keep all the cleaning products and items you need, as well as plants, garlic, chillies and any other little food items you use on a regular basis.

Make jewellery accesible

Pegboards are perfect for storing small items that could easily get lost, as the home bloggers 4 Men 1 Lady know only too well. Keeping jewellery on them also means it doesn't tangle up and you can always find what you want to wear. 

Keep sandwich bags in baby wipe containers

However hard we try to reduce our use of plastic bags, there are always some knocking around. Keep them small ones out of sight and available when you need them by pressing them into a baby wipe bottle. It's amazing how many will fit, as this example from the blog Nae Chic demonstrates.  

Hook remote controls and hand held controllers out of the way

Cool Things/Laboratory 424

Never lose remote controls and games controllers again. These wall hooks to hang loose items on the walls, or on the inside of cabinets - just remember to always put them back when you're done.

Looking for more? How about these landlord-approved decorating hacks for renters

Cascade scarves with shower rings

To turn one hanger into a multi hanger, all you need are some spare shower rings strung along the lower bar of the hanger. Each one can be used for an individual scarf, tank top or other small items like bras or leggings. Ideal for tiny wardrobes and people with a lot of scarfs, as this example from The Frugal Female shows.

Flip a fold-down desk

Ligne Roset / Gam Fratesi

A fold-down desk is useful if you're not much of a paperwork person. This way, you have access to one when you need it, but it can also double as a handy bureau for all your notes and stationery bits. And you get the top to use as a shelf. It's a marvellous multifunctional home furnishing.

Park toy cars with a magnetic strip

Magnetic knife holders can be used for a whole host of (metal-based) storage. One of our favourite ideas is this toy car storage solution from Just a Girl and her Blog, that keeps the feet-biting critters off the carpet, and allows instant play, as well as being a colourful addition to the walls. 

Tame the containers

Instagram / @essomeorganizing

Too many plastic containers are the bane of any kitchen, and it's all because of the pesky lids. Closed, the boxes take up too much space, but separate the boxes from their lids at your peril. However, this clever idea from Essomeorganizing uses a rack (for dishes, CDs, whatever fits your shelves) to make sure the lids all stay in one place, making it easy to find the one that fits. 

Stack up the fridge

The fridge can get packed up pretty quickly and become more like a Jenga puzzle when you are trying to find the ingredient you need. These simple slide on storage shelves allow you to make the maximise every bit of fridge space and store loose items easily together.

Go under the stairs

Under the stairs doesn't have to mean a dark cupboard full of everything you don't want to deal with. Instead, make it into a storage feature of its own, with visible book shelves and neat drawers. You could even create a little reading nook if you take out a shelf or two.

Brighten up with a yoga mat

Kickstarter / Neal Margulis

Nowhere to keep your yoga mat? Why not turn it into something of a wall feature. This works especially well if you have a funky patterned mat, but even if it's just a block colour it'll still brighten up a white all and exposing it it the light and air will even keep your mat cleaner.

Put bin bags on a roller

Kitchen sundries such as bin bags take up a ton of space and can be fiddly when you need to reline the bin. To keep them neat, accessible and out of the way, attach them to the inside of your sink cupboard like this hack from Simply Organized. Ideally, attach rollers so you can pull a new bag off easily when you need it. 

Raise your bed for storage

If your bed is low to the ground, you're wasting loads of precious space underneath it. But clever designers have fixed that problem by creating bed 'risers', which you can put on each foot of your bed to give yourself extra space beneath. Now, slim storage boxes on wheels are easy to slip underneath the bed to store items you don't use every day.

Make use of all the small corners

Make the most of unused corners of your home to their full potential. For example, if you have a blocked-off fireplace, what are you doing with the space? This is the perfect place to keep books, DVDs and other multimedia, or alternatively, trinkets, photo frames and ornaments you might not otherwise be able to display – as seen here by blogger Diane Again. 

Use visible storage jars for odds and ends

Store crayons and similar useful items in easy-to-access food storage tubs made of glass so you can see the contents. It's easy to put away these regularly-used and messy-looking items in drawers and cupboards, but that just encourages buying more when we can't find them. This way, they're on show without getting in the way and it's easy to take them out and return them to keep your small space neat.

Pack away in luggage

The summer holidays are over and you've got a lot of seasonal clothing that you won't need until next year, so free up some wardrobe space by keeping them in your suitcase. By vacuum-packing them first you can squeeze more garments in and easily take them out when you need to use the bag.

Choose vertical shelves in the kitchen

Get the most from a small kitchen space by turning cupboard storage on its head. Perfect for stacking platters, chopping boards and even frying pans, you can fit so much more into a secret storage space with this trick.

Organise a hallway with magnets

Here's a clever way to use the underside of a shelf for practical storage bit turning it into a hanger. This clever hack uses magnets to keep umbrellas and keys near to the front door and still off the floor.

Use polystyrene to store earrings safely

Caroline Lib33 / Shutterstock

Forever looking for the other earring? Try using polystyrene to keep them both together, great for brooches and pins too. If you're feeling crafty you can always upcycle an offcut of fabric to make it look a little more polished.

Keep bits together with a kitchen favourite

Zahrah Zakaria / Shutterstock

Ziplock bags are the ultimate storage hack tool; they are cheap and so very practical. You can use them for almost anything small that needs to be kept together like spare buttons, screws or, as in this case, colouring pencils.

Create a peg scarf holder

@mythreemonkeez / Instagram

If you're partial to a bright scarf but often find them crumpled up at the bottom of a drawer then this easy DIY holder could be perfect. Simply hot glue wooden pegs to a piece of wood, paint and screw into a wall.

Store cleaning products behind the bath panel

If you have a fitted bath, have a look inside it to see if there's any unused space you can make the most of. These sliding panels might be a job for an expert, but it will make a huge difference to the appearance of your bathroom, and will put all that unused space to good purpose.

Use a wall-mounted wine rack from towels

A mounted wine rack isn’t just useful for your evening glass of red. Attach the stand to the bathroom wall and slot in your rolled-up towels. This stylish method saves you space and your guests will feel like they’re staying with you in a boutique hotel.

Hang pans with their lids

By hanging pans from hooks or a specially designed stand, you can slot each lid over the corresponding handle. This streamlined solution means you won’t have to worry about rooting around for the right sized lid when it’s time to get the dinner on.

Slot sprays onto a rail

Make the most of your under-sink space by adding an adjustable tension pole. This inexpensive addition offers an extra layer of storage for sprays and bottles which can be accessed in a flash. 

Button up your earrings

There’s nothing worse than when you’re in a rush and you can only find one of your matching earrings. This ingenious idea from Pure Wow allows you to keep your jewellery together. Threading your earrings through button holes also makes a decorative feature out of a clever storage solution.

Screw jars underneath a shelf

If your garage or DIY shed is getting out of hand, try screwing the lid of a plastic storage jar to the underneath of a shelf like this example by Benita Larsson. Now any screws, nails or smaller bits and pieces can be gathered together while keeping your workspace clear.

Layer your clothes hangers

If you struggle for wardrobe space, slot hangers down links on a length of chain so you can layer your clothes like YouTuber Wengie has here. Instead of items bulking together at the top of your wardrobe, you can make the most of the space below and fit in a few more of your favourite pieces. 

Make your own condiment tray

Food presenter Alton Brown was fed up frantically shaking ketchup and mustard bottles to try and get the sauce to come out. His idea is to cut the lid off an egg box and place it on a shelf in your fridge door. Now you can store your condiments upside down so they’re ready to go when you need a squeeze. 

Rethink your ribbons

If you use ribbons for craft-making or gift wrapping, try decorating guru Heather’s great idea from her website, Heathered Nest. Stack the reels in a plastic bag holder and thread the end of each ribbon through a hole. Each piece can be easily accessed while keeping them stacked nice and tidily.

Attach pan lids inside cupboard doors

Jayefuu /

When setting aside a cupboard for your all pans, you can often find that the lids take up a whole other cabinet on their own. Jayefuu from, suggests attaching stick-on hooks to the inside of kitchen cupboard doors. If you slot the pan lids between these hooks they will stay put without costing precious shelf space.

Lift away toys

Lamberts Lately blogger, Leslie, came up with a simple and inexpensive idea for organising the children’s playroom. Buy stick on hooks for the wall and hang storage baskets from them for unruly playthings. This keep the floorspace free for more important things, like playing!

File away washcloths

The Real Thing with the Coake Family

Blogger KC from The Real Thing with the Coake Family had this great idea for organising washcloths. Store them rolled up in magazine files to keep them streamlined, separated and easily accessible for all the family members. Vertical storage is a particularly good trick if you’re short on shelf-space.

Wall-mount your vegetables

These wire baskets are perfect for storing vegetables that don’t need to go in the fridge. Heidi from All That Brings Joy bought these baskets to utilize wasted space behind her kitchen door. She attached them with two simple hooks, meaning the crates can be lifted on and off whenever she needs them. Painting the strip of wall with chalkboard paint is a fun way to label the boxes or write to-do lists.

Store toys as a fun puzzle game

Abby Lawson / Just a Girl and Her Blog

If you struggle to keep the toys in check, try creating storage baskets with fun picture labels on the front of them. Just a Girl and Her Blog writer Abby used heat transfer material to add the shapes to fabric baskets. Putting toys away becomes almost like a fun puzzle, as children match their truck, train track or jigsaw piece with the correct storage box.

Clip your tools together

If you find yourself rummaging around for the right tools when you need to do a DIY job, try attaching things like spanners and wrenches together with a carabiner clip. This idea from Hooniverse is great because you can slot different tools on in size order so they’re quick to navigate and you can pick up carabiners cheaply in lots of outdoor and bargain stores.

Upcycle your garden rake

Dale Horchner / This Old House

This Old House came up with this trendy outdoor storage trick using just the head of an old garden rake. The bent spokes become ordered hooks to hang your garden shears, spades and scissors from whilst adding a touch of vintage style to your outdoor area.

Feature your craft equipment

Jen Causey / Something Turquoise

One way to make sure you can always find tape when you need it is to make a feature out of storing it. Jen from Something Turquoise attached felt pads to the bottom of these pipes for a stylish, no-scratch solution. If you have a craft area like Jen does, the pipes are particularly good for making a real feature out of decorative washi tapes.

Keep towels tidy and dry

There are lots of crafty bloggers utilising behind-the-door space with nifty tricks and this simple idea by Jenna Burger is perfect for tiny bathrooms. Attach towel rails to the back of the door to free up wall space and keep your washcloths off the floor. The width of the door should allow enough space for the towel to sit flat so its nice and dry for when you hop out of the shower.

Wind your garden hose

Life in a Little Red Farmhouse

If your gangly garden hose is getting in the way, try this trick by Life in a Little Red Farmhouse. Place an extra large planting bucket beneath your outdoor tap and wind the hose inside. Start from the tap end first so that the nozzle stays on the top and it can be neatly deployed around the garden without getting in a knot.

Magnetise your makeup

For makeup hoarders and beauty queens Liz Marie’s magnetic board is an inventive and decorative way to make the most of your room. This DIY hack involves stretching fabric over a sheet of metal and simply gluing magnets to the back of each product. This way the makeup stays out of the way while still looking cute on a pretty board in your dressing area.

Tidy up toothbrushes

For busy family bathrooms, bedtime can be a hectic time of the day. Save sink space and make sure everyone knows which toothbrush is their own with this cutlery tray trick. The divided sections work perfectly for a family of four with space for the toothpaste too. It’s also easy to spray clean and rinse out to keep germs at bay.

Tip spices into Tic Tac tubs

To free up a bit of room in the kitchen cupboards, decant your spices from their mismatch of jars, boxes and packets into empty tic-tac boxes. Seattle Sundries’ idea is great because the neat rectangular shape allows the tiny boxes to slot together and take up minimum space. They are also super portable for camping trips or weekends away.

Get to grips with office wires

This nifty hack from Polish site Lifehacker offers an inventive and inexpensive way to sort wires across your office desk. These simple stationary clips are available from almost anywhere and allow you to easily hold the wires and chargers you need within instant, organised reach.

Keep balls under control

We love this hack that uses bungee cords and a plywood box to create a practical storage solution for a very tricky item that most of us have in our garages and cupboards at home. The beauty of this system is that stretchy cords mean that it's really easy to get to the ball when you're ready to play a game and putting them away again is no hardship. Genius!

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DIY PAPER CHEST OF DRAWERS / Paper Craft / Easy Origami Storage Box DIY /Desk Organizer Drawer

Save space & store more with the perfect storage furniture for your home. Be it cabinets, bins, shelves or a storage cubby, find just the one to fit your interiors with Target’s wide collection. Pick from different finishes like wood or fabric for your cubby storage, which is a great way to organize just about anything. A cube storage makes for the kind of organizer that can transform your space by letting you create sections in a big room, or utilizing a less-used area. Pick from different cubby designs, be it a compact double cube unit or a make-shift wall of 16 cubes. They’re also a great way to declutter your kids’ room by creating more storage. Besides being super handy, storage cubes can make for a striking visual element in any space when planned well. A solid white, fabric cube shelf can look super chic against a contrasting wall. A weathered wooden storage cube goes with just about any decor and creates that farmhouse-chic vibe. With so many options to pick from, you’re sure to find just the organizer you & your home need. Check out Target’s range of cubbies to up your storage & decor game the easy way.


Storage cubbies paper

Looking for a way to organize your students’ stuff? You can buy premade classroom cubbies and storage systems from a variety of places, but sometimes the cost is prohibitive or the options just don’t fit your space. If that’s the case, check out these creative classroom cubbies solutions instead. There are ideas to fit pretty much any budget and skill level, so your classroom will be Marie Kondo-ed in no time!

1. Build a bucket wall.

Creative Cubbies WeAreTeachers HELPLINE

When Haley T. shared these classroom cubbies in a discussion on the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE Facebook group, other teachers were instantly intrigued. Colorful buckets mounted to the wall make sturdy storage spaces that will last for years.

Source:Haley T./WeAreTeachers HELPLINE on Facebook

2. Corral some crates into classroom cubbies.

Creative Classroom Cubbies The Coffee Crafted Teacher

Milk crates are a popular and easy option for student storage. You may be able to get them for free, but if not, you’ll find colorful options at the dollar store that work well too. Many teachers suggest using zip ties to hold them together for added stability. (Get more ideas for using milk crates in the classroom here.)

Source:  The Coffee Crafted Teacher

3. Turn trash bans into stash bins.

These inexpensive trash bins from IKEA are sturdy and easy to hang. At only a few dollars apiece, they’re economical enough for an entire collection of classroom cubbies.

Source:Renee Freed/Pinterest

4. Hang up sturdy plastic totes.

Classroom Cubbies

Plastic totes are usually available in a wide variety of colors and even sizes. If you mount them on hooks, kids can easily take them down to root through and find what they’re looking for.

Source:Prepping for the Primary Gridiron/Pinterest

5. Fasten plastic baskets to the wall.

You can get a whole bunch of colorful plastic baskets for very little money. Mount them to the wall to save space or try attaching them under individual chairs, using zip ties .

Source:The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

6. See why teachers love Trofast.

Classroom Cubbies IKEA

If you’re looking to buy something already made, a trip to IKEA may be in order. The Trofast storage system is a perennial favorite of teachers, because the bins come in bright colors and a variety of interchangeable sizes. Since they’re from IKEA, they’re pretty affordable too.


7. Craft a laundry basket dresser.

Classroom Cubbies Ana White

These ingenious dressers are similar to the IKEA Trofast system mentioned above, but you can save some dough by DIY-ing it instead. Get the full instructions at the link below.

Source:Ana White

8. Assemble a bucket tower.

Classroom Cubbies

A stack of big buckets and a handful of zip ties are all you need to create this storage tower! This is easy enough for anyone to assemble—and lightweight, so you can move it around the classroom as needed.


9. Convert tote bags into hanging storage.

If you’ve got a row of coat hooks but no classroom cubbies, try hanging inexpensive totes from them instead. Kids can stash whatever they need inside, and hang their coats on top.

Source:Teaching With Terhune

10. Put together a PVC frame for plastic totes.

Classroom Cubbies Formufit

PVC pipe is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with. (Pro tip: Many home improvement stores will cut the pipe to size for you!) Build a rack to hold individual totes for each student.


11. Create milk crate storage seats.

Classroom Cubbies

Rather than a row of classroom cubbies on a wall, why not give each student room to store what they need right at their seats? Get the how-to for this popular craft at the link below.

Source:Wholesome Mommy

12. Stow lightweight stuff in hanging organizers.

Hanging closet organizers are easy to find and don’t take up much space. They’re best for lightweight items rather than books, though.

Source:Play to Learn Preschool

13. DIY a set of rolling wooden cubbies.

It’s usually less expensive to build your own instead of buy. If you’re going that route, try this plan for student cubbies, which has lockable wheels. That way, you can easily move them around your classroom.


14. Save money with cardboard boxes.

It’s not the fanciest option, but cardboard boxes with plastic baskets tucked away inside will certainly do in a pinch. Cover the boxes in wrapping paper or contact paper to dress them up.


15. Adjust existing shelves to cubbies.

Classroom Cubbies Elle Cherie

If you have units with adjustable shelves, this is an easy way to make room for coats, backpacks, books, and more. Remove a couple of shelves and add some adhesive hooks, and you’re done!

Source:Elle Cherie

16. Upcycle plastic litter containers into classroom cubbies.

Classroom Cubbies

Got cats? Save your plastic litter containers and stack them for student cubbies. The lids can even serve as “doors.”

Source:Susan Basye/Pinterest

Come share your ideas for classroom cubbies in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

Need more classroom storage ideas? Check out these teacher-approved options for every kind of classroom.

*1 LIMRA, Not-for-Profit Survey, Q1 2020 Results, based on 403(b) plan participants and contributions. This applies specifically and exclusive to Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company (Equitable Financial).
Article provided by and sponsored by Equitable. Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company (Equitable Financial) and Equitable Advisors, LLC (member FINRA, SIPC) are affiliated companies, located at 1290 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10104, (212) 554-1234. Equitable Financial and its affiliates do not provide student loan forgiveness, tax, accounting or legal advice or services and are not affiliated with Equitable is the brand name of the retirement and protection subsidiaries of Equitable Holdings, Inc., including Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company (NY, NY); Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company of America, an AZ stock company with main administrative headquarters in Jersey City, NJ; and Equitable Distributors, LLC. Equitable Advisors is the brand name of Equitable Advisors, LLC (member FINRA, SIPC) (Equitable Financial Advisors in MI & TN). The obligations of Equitable Financial and Equitable America are backed solely by their claims-paying abilities. GE- 3727041.1 a,b,c (8/21)(Exp. 8/23)

These DIY Classroom Cubbies Will Make Your Classroom Organization Shine

Craft Paper Storage Cabinet

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