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Prepositions Charts

Prepositions are words which show the relationship between a noun or a pronoun object and some other words in the sentence. They are always followed by nouns or pronouns. They are called "the biggest little words” in English because they have very important functions.

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Prepositions Exercises

PDF Worksheets:1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

Three Groups of Prepositions:

a. Prepositions of place, position and direction.
b. Prepositions of time.
c. Prepositions for other relationships.

away from
in front of
out (of)

Although prepositions are hard to generalize with separate rules, there is one simple rule about them. And, unlike most rules, this rule has no exceptions.


They are always followed by a "noun", never followed by a verb.
By "noun" we include:

  • Noun (dog, money, love)
  • Proper Noun (name) (London, Mary)
  • Pronoun (you, him, us)
  • Noun Group (my first car)
  • Gerund (swimming)

If we want to follow with a verb, we must use the "-ing" form which is really a gerund or verb in noun form.

Subject + Verb Preposition "noun"
The pen is on the table.
He lives in England.
Henry is looking for you.
The newspaper is under your green book.
Pascal is used to English people.
She isn't used to working.
We ate before coming.

Prepositions of Time / Place at, in, on

  • At for a PRECISE TIME
  • On for DAYS and Dates

At In On
At 4:30 pm in March on Monday
At 3 o'clock In Winter On 6 March
At noon In the summer On 22 Dec.2012
At dinnertime In 1990 On Christmas Day
At bedtime In the next century On your birthday
At the moment In the future On New Year's Eve

Notice that use of the prepositions of time inand onin these common expressions:

  • In the morning /On Monday morning
  • In the mornings / On Sunday mornings
  • In the afternoon(s) / On Sunday afternoons
  • In the evening(s) / On Friday evenings

When we say next, last, this, everywe do not use at, in, on.

I went to New York last June (notin lastJune)
She is coming back next Monday. (noton nextMonday)
I go home every Easter . (notat everyEaster)
We'll call you this afternoon. (notin thisafternoon)

Place: at, in, on

In General:

  • At for a POINT (dog, money, love)
  • In for an ENCLOSED SPACE
  • On for a SURFACE

At In On
At the bus stop In London On the wall
At the corner In the garden On the ceiling
At the entrance In a box On the floor
At the crossroads In a building On the carpet
At the top of the page In a car On a page

Some other common uses of at / on / in

At In On
At home In a car On a bus
At work In a taxi On a train
At school In a helicopter On a plane
At university In an elevator On a bicycle
At the top In the sky On the radio
At the bottom In the street On the left
At the side In a row On a horse
At reception In a boat On a boat

Notice how we can use on a boat or in a boat depending on the type and the size of the particular boat/ship.

Single Word Prepositions


Single Word Prepositions

according tobecause ofcontrary toexcept for
in addition toin spite ofon account ofwith regard to

More on Prepositions Use

Prepositions use Example
duringwhile in during the movie, during the flight, during my stay
for for two days, for an hour
from / to from Saturday to Monday, from 5 to 9
betweenthe time period from one to another between 1986 and 2012, between Saturday and Monday
until/tillbefore a certain time until/till Sunday,5 o'clock
by at the least by Tuesday, by next month, by tomorrow
to movement towards to school, to work, to the station
into movement towards inside something into the cinema, into the car
out of to leave a place/a thing out of the theater, out of the car
by near/next to/beside LINK stand by me, by the lake
through through the tunnel, through the room
across opposite ends across the river, across the street
against against the wall, against the door
into movement towards inside something into the cinema, into the car

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Prepositions Worksheets

Make your sentences a very-well-connected affair with our printable prepositions worksheets for kindergarten through grade 4 children! Words that link other words in a sentence, prepositions are inevitable for a sentence to make sense. Awash with exercises like identifying frequently occurring prepositions, coloring prepositions, matching prepositions, and identifying prepositions in sentences, our prepositions worksheets with answer keys exude enthusiasm in spades. Become preposition-sharp with our free prepositions worksheets!

Identifying Prepositions

Identifying Prepositions

Say hello to prepositions, words that help a sentence stand on its feet! In this identifying preposition worksheet pdf, kids read words, identify which of these are prepositions, and color them red.

  • Worksheet
Checking Correct Prepositions to Describe Pictures

Checking Correct Prepositions to Describe Pictures

Prepositions are little words that sweetly bombard our attention every day! Children from kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 observe each picture and check the preposition that best represents what they see.

  • Worksheet
Matching Prepositions to Pictures

Matching Prepositions to Pictures

Few prepositions command more respect than "in", "on", and "at". Make friends with a whole lot of them in this preposition pdf, where kids choose a preposition for each picture. Write the picture number in the circle.

  • Worksheet
Frequently Occurring Prepositions Chart

Frequently Occurring Prepositions Chart

Set alight a preposition-smile on your face with this printable frequently occurring prepositions chart! Help 1st grade kids grab a good stock of prepositions of location, time, and movement.

  • Chart
Where Is the Parrot? | Cut and Glue

Where Is the Parrot? | Cut and Glue

Observe the position or movement of the parrot from "in the cage" to "on the branch" to "over the pond", and so on. Grade 3 and grade 4 kids cut each preposition and glue it under the appropriate picture.

  • Worksheet
Reading Instructions and Drawing Objects

Reading Instructions and Drawing Objects

Prepositions precisely tell where things are located. In this printable preposition worksheet, grade 2 and grade 3 kids read the instructions and draw objects in the places specified.

  • Worksheet
Matching Sentences to Correct Prepositions

Matching Sentences to Correct Prepositions

Let 3rd grade and 4th grade kids live and breathe rather than learn and practice prepositions! Take a look at each picture and match each sentence to a preposition that they think completes it correctly.

  • Worksheet
Cut & Glue Objects as Instructed

Cut & Glue Objects as Instructed

Every time kids cut and glue an object "on", "beside", or "under" another as instructed in this worksheet, their preposition-learning prospers! Once they're done gluing, they will see the picture in full.

  • Worksheet
Underlining Prepositions and Matching to Pictures

Underlining Prepositions and Matching to Pictures

Pictures work like magic in the prepositional learning because they clearly depict the position of an object with respect to another. Find the prepositions in sentences. Match sentences to relevant pictures.

  • Worksheet
Reading Instructions and Coloring Pictures

Reading Instructions and Coloring Pictures

Put on your preposition-cap and spread preposition-cheers wherever you go! In this part of our prepositions worksheets, 2nd grade kids read the preposition instructions and color the appropriate picture.

  • Worksheet
Observing Pictures and Completing Sentences

Observing Pictures and Completing Sentences

Watch how this super-brisk, super-imaginative puppy teaches kids in kindergarten and grade 1 how to use prepositions! Look at the puppy in each picture to complete the sentences with correct prepositions.

  • Worksheet
Observing the Pictures and Answering Questions

Observing the Pictures and Answering Questions

Depending on whether we use them aptly or not, prepositions can make or break our sentences! In this preposition exercise, look at the people, animals, or things. Answer each question using the correct preposition.

  • Worksheet
Is the Preposition Correct?

Is the Preposition Correct?

This park, bustling with activity, is a paradise of prepositions. Look at the position or movement of each person, animal, or thing. Read the sentences; color yes if the preposition is correct and no if it’s not.

  • Worksheet
Circling Prepositions in Sentences

Circling Prepositions in Sentences

If children stick to the preposition definition given in this worksheet to a tee, they will be able to effortlessly identify and circle the preposition in the sentences in this printable preposition pdf.

  • Worksheet
Choosing Prepositions to Complete Sentences

Choosing Prepositions to Complete Sentences

Although seemingly inconsequential words, prepositions are responsible to knit the sentence together. Look at each picture, choose and color the preposition that helps complete each sentence.

  • Worksheet
Filling in the Blanks with Prepositions

Filling in the Blanks with Prepositions

Experience how it would feel like to complete a bunch of sentences with prepositions of your own choice! The key is to read each sentence carefully and use a preposition that you think might fit.

  • Worksheet
Prepositional Phrases Worksheets

Prepositional Phrases Worksheets

Test and stretch the limits of your preposition practice with prepositional phrases! Sometimes adjectives and other times adverbs, prepositional phrases both excite and challenge beyond measure.

(15 Worksheets)

Preposition Activity

English List of Prepositions

1. Use a List of Prepositions

If your students memorize the list of prepositions, they will be able to recognize prepositional phrases much more easily. If they separate these phrases from long sentences, they can better understand what they're reading, writing, or editing.

This page has several sets of preposition worksheets and charts below.

Outside memorizing the list, referring to a preposition list on a chart is next best. Keep it handy for diagramming sentences.

Hint 1: Think of the meaning of pre- (before) position. The preposition comes before its object, either a noun or a pronoun

Hint 2: Many times the preposition is followed by an article: a, an, the; or an adjective. 

  • on a table... 
  • through an exit...
  • in the box...
  • withwarm greetings...

Prepositions always point to an object noun which is why prepositions are not placed or left at the end of sentences, clauses, or phrases. A preposition needs its object unless the object is understood substantively as with prepositions of place. 

When you find a preposition at the end of a sentence in your own writing, read it out loud to see if you can re-word the phrase.

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2. Printable Prepositions List & Worksheets

Learning a list of prepositions can make both reading and writing easier.

  • An alphabetical preposition list can be used as a writing prompt to improve writing as well as a reference chart.
  • A list of prepositions can also help students discover prepositional phrases when they are learning to diagram.
  • Separating the prepositional phrases from the rest of a sentence can make it easier to name the other parts of speech and to understand the meaning of the sentence.

For example: Think of the long winded authors from the late 1800s.

  • Some of their sentences are many lines long. 
  • Some of their paragraphs are a full page long.
  • (Remember - These authors were paid by the word. Aha moment!)

If you rewrite the sentence with no prepositional phrases, it is easier to understand the author's message.

Printable List Of Prepositions

Kids can learn to recognize prepositions with this list of common prepositions. Memorizing the list can make grammar class easier. I like to print this list on card stock and keep it in a binder. There are two sides to this printable list and there are more preposition worksheets below:

3. Preposition Worksheets

List Of Prepositions To Copy

  • The first set here has larger line spacing for younger students.
  • The next includes a reference chart with the same list in manuscript, yet smaller spacing for older students.
  • The last is written in cursive writing.
  • If you print these two up, the lines are nearly college rule, excellent for middle school and high school. Enjoy!

4. Preposition Definition

What are prepositions?

A preposition is a word that has a noun or pronoun as its object and begins a phrase ending in that object that links that same object in relation to the sentence.

Prepositions are very useful. They often link other nouns to the main ideas in the sentence. They also define position or place.

Prepositions help define instructional material. They help us see the steps we should take in making a recipe or piecing a bike. Without the prepositions we might not "position" the pieces correctly.

5. Object of a Preposition

Object Of A Preposition - The object of a preposition is a noun or pronoun that is linked to the rest of the sentence by the preposition.

  • The pencil is under the desk.
  • Desk is the object of the preposition, or the word under.

Any noun can be an object of a preposition. 

Printable Object of a Preposition Worksheets

The prepositions in these sentences are printed in gray so that they are easy to see. Have your children practice writing these sentences to see the way we use the list of prepositions in the real world.

6. Compound Prepositions?

I had not heard of compound prepositions until I'd seen them in one of our children's modern English books.

Personally, I think that the "compound" prepositions are sets of words (phrases?) that need to be edited. There are so many times when we could simply phrase our writing better.

For example:

means "on the top of something", which makes it two prepositional phrases:

  • "on the top",
  • and "of something".

I'd keep an eye for this. Even though it is true that we often speak using what amounts to compound prepositions, writing gives us a chance to be more precise in our choice of words.

It is especially helpful when we're free to use an editor or word processor and read our work out loud to be able to see that we are "missing something" in our writing.

Often it is the preposition's object. :-)

The better we choose our words, the better others will understand our writing. 

7. Prepositional Phrases Enhance Stories

Normally prepositional phrases can add depth of detail to a sentence. the descriptive use of prepositional phrases really enhances a story.

On the other hand the overuse of prepositions is as boring as a run-on sentence.

They can be used to create adjective phrases describing the subjects and objects, or as adverb phrases describing verbs.

Remember the authors from the 1800s? Since they were paid according to how long their texts were, they had an incentive to be more descriptive. Your children can add adjective phrases and adverb phrases to improve descriptive text and to increase text length easily.

How Did The Great Authors Use Prepositions?

In the days of Charles Dickens writers were paid by the word. More words, more money.

Guess what? 

They stuffed their writing with prepositional phrases, both adjectival phrases and adverbial phrases. Now we know why they wrote such long descriptions!

My high school children were relieved to hear that this was the "great" authors' secret. They were also glad to hear that this is no longer the usual way to write. :-)

As a matter of fact, they were happy to learn that if a reading selection were too long or verbose, they could simply remove the prepositional phrases one at a time to make sense of the sentence. Then they could restore the phrases to understand the details.

How Do You Find Prepositions In A Sentence?

If children can recognize the preposition (hence the beauty of memorizing or nearly memorizing a list of prepositions), it's easy to find the prepositional phrases.

  • Memorizing the list is the easiest way for some children to find the prepositions.
  • Having a short list handy can be a helpful aid, too.

Prepositions precede articles and adjectives or the object noun of the preposition, so sometimes it is easier for children to see the articles, (a, an, the).

Another way is to work backward from the nouns (persons or things). Ask the questions, "Is there a person or thing?" "Are they linked or connected to something?" Try varying approaches to fit different learning styles.

Once you have found the phrase you can mentally separate it from the sentence to see the main sentence more easily. See how the eleven word sentence below is really a two word command.

  • "Put it in the basket in the corner of the kitchen."

The prepositions "in", "in", and "of" explain where to put the basket. Remove the prepositional phrases to see that "Put it." is the simple thought in this sentence.

Objects of prepositions are different from direct objects and indirect objects even though they are all nouns or pronouns. See more definitions and practice worksheets at the links.

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