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Own any of these old Disney VHS tapes? You could be sitting on big bucks

Remember a time when the family would squeeze onto the living room couch for a movie night? But you weren't surfing Netflix or Hulu; you were instead sifting through the VHS tapes that filled your shelves. We all remember shoving the tape inside the VCR and hoping the last person to watch the movie rewound it before putting it back.

Now let's talk Disney merchandise, which is notorious for becoming more valuable over time. Could that be true for Disney VHS tapes, as well? We'll tell you how to decipher if yours have value -- and which tapes are considered to be worth the most. So sit back and enjoy our feature presentation.

We should start by saying NOT all Disney VHS tapes are valuable. Don't run to your attic thinking you've struck gold just yet. In order to see if your tapes have what it take, you'll want to look for these signs.

The first sign that you might have a collectible VHS on your hands is if it were a part of the Disney "Black Diamond Collection." These tapes were released between 1984 and 1994. The diamond can be found on the spine of the case or printed directly on the tape. According to eBay, if your tape has this logo, your video could be worth anywhere from $50 to $250.


There were only a number of movies that were graced with the black classics diamond:

  • "Robin Hood" (1984, 1991)

  • "Pinocchio" (1985, 1993)

  • "Dumbo" (1985, 1991)

  • "Sword in the Stone" (1986, 1991)

  • "Alice in Wonderland" (1986, 1991)

  • "Sleeping Beauty" (1986)

  • "Lady and the Tramp" (1987)

  • "Cinderella" (1988)

  • "Bambi" (1989)

  • "The Little Mermaid" (1990)

  • "Peter Pan" (1990)

  • "The Jungle Book" (1991)

  • "The Rescuers Down Under" (1991)

  • "Fantasia" (1991)

  • "101 Dalmatians" (1992)

  • "The Great Mouse Detective" (1992)

  • "The Rescuers" (1992)

  • "Beauty and the Beast" (1992)

  • "Aladdin" (1993)

  • "The Fox and the Hound" (1994)

Another phrase to keep an eye out for is "A Walt Disney Classic," which will be printed on the tape itself above the title of the movie. Look for these stamps on your copy of "Beauty and the Beast." If your version bears both the diamond and the phrase, your tape could be pretty valuable.

Another way your VHS tape could be considered valuable is if it were a rare or discontinued print -- meaning, the cover art was changed while it was on the shelves. This is most notable with "The Little Mermaid." The cover artwork that was first released was later banned, making that version very rare. A copy of the "The Little Mermaid" with the original case is currently listed at $3,200.

Sadly, this one shown above is NOT the rare valuable copy. This is the version that most might remember. Want to find out which case is most valuable? Check out our video below.


We know what you might be thinking: What VHS tape is worth the most? Well, according to thegamer.com, it's the black diamond version of "101 Dalmatians." This classic can be valued up to $6,000 -- again, you just have to find someone willing to pay the price.

While these numbers all sound great, that doesn't mean these hunks of plastic will be purchased by anyone anytime soon. They are still outdated and, for the most part, they're considered antiques. Instead, think of them as hidden treasures, and keep in mind that collectibles only grow in value with time. Good luck, and if you're selling, be kind, please rewind.

Click or tap here to get an idea of what people are paying for Disney VHS tapes.


All photos and video: Tom Metevia/Graham Media Group

Sours: https://www.clickorlando.com/entertainment/2019/06/28/own-any-of-these-old-disney-vhs-tapes-you-could-be-sitting-on-big-bucks/

Your old VHS tapes might actually be worth something

With decluttering all the rage, you may be unearthing old VHS movie collections from the 80s, 90s, or earlier from your basement or the back of a closet. Perhaps you saved your kids’ or grandchildren’s beloved Disney tapes figuring another generation would surely want to watch them. 

Now that you may not even own a VHS player, you may be wondering how much cash your outdated technology could bring in. The answer: Probably not much, but it greatly depends on what you have.

“What drives value is rarity, scarcity, and desirability,” says Megan Mahn Miller, an appraiser based in Minneapolis who specializes in celebrity memorabilia and collectibles. “We may be seeing that VHS tapes are becoming rarer, but I don’t think that means that they’re becoming more desirable.”

There’s also the problem that many of the movies on VHS are now available via streaming. “We can download The Little Mermaid whenever we want,” Miller says. 

That said, some old VHS tapes fetch real money because they’re hard to find, fans are especially nostalgic about the film, or, in one infamous case, a mistake led to true scarcity.

So before you take a box of old tapes to the dump, see if you own any of these minor treasures.

VHS tapes for kids you can cash in on

eBay is littered with Disney classics with asking prices of just a few bucks. In two cases, though, you may be able to do far better. (And, as with toys, games, or any collectible, factory sealed packaging helps—maybe your daughter got two copies of Beauty and the Beast for her birthday?)

The first is if you own The Little Mermaid with the original cover art from 1990, which depicted a castle spire that some said resembled a part of the male anatomy. Since Disney issued a redesign after that mistake came to light, those are scarce. An unsealed one sold for $119 on eBay.

You could also get some money from your old tapes of Disney movies if they are Black Diamond editions, which were the original series of VHS tapes released between 1984 and 1994. Look for a black diamond with the phrase “The Classics” on the spine of the VHS clamshell case.

Still, the hype can get ahead of the sales prices: One article, for instance, suggests that the Black Diamond edition of 101 Dalmatians is worth $6,000. Good luck with that. On a bad day, even a Black Diamond might sell for just a few dollars. 

Here are a few that have appeared on eBay recently:

  • 101 Dalmations, Black Diamond edition, has sold for as much as $15.
  • Aladdin, Black Diamond edition, has sold for as much as $316.
  • Sleeping Beauty, Black Diamond edition, has sold for as much as $65.
  • Alice in Wonderland, Black Diamond edition, has sold for as much as $22.50.
  • The Jungle Book, Black Diamond edition, has sold for as much as $80.
  • Beauty and the Beast, Black Diamond edition, has sold for as much as $20.
  • The Rescuers, Black Diamond edition, has sold for as much as $24.96.
  • Bambi, Black Diamond edition, has sold for as much sa $23.99.
  • Cinderella, Black Diamond edition, has sold for as much as $39.99.
  • Dumbo, Black Diamond edition, has sold for as much as $60.

You might also have success selling a batch of Disney movies together, like this lot of 12 Disney VHS movies that sold for $21. 

Cult classics that can bring in real money

If you happen to have VHS copies of older or more unusual movies that are hard to find now, you might have a winner. Old horror films tend to do well. For instance, Basket Case, a horror/cult film from 1982, recently sold on eBay for $30.

“There absolutely is a used VHS market,” says Tim Allen, a VHS enthusiast and collector who runs a pop culture blog called Video-Tron 2000. “There are enough people out there that enjoy buying video tapes that if you came across a box of old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, you could probably sell them.”

These five have scared up decent selling prices lately:

Collectors often crave particular editions. For example, the Director’s Cut of Alien on VHS from 2004 sold for $50. And Mental Floss reports that Star Wars fans will pay up for the 1982 rental version of 1977’s Episode IV: A New Hope, which doesn’t have the later additional special effects and other changes.

Curb your enthusiasm

If you’re curious about whether what you have is worth selling, try an eBay search for your title.

Check the box next to “Sold Items” to see what similar listings have sold for. Uncheck the box next to “Completed Items” to see only what’s been sold.

In some cases, the same item might sell for significantly different amounts of money, so temper your enthusiasm. 

“It’s like any auction: It depends on the day and it depends on the bidder,” Miller says. “If you’ve got two people who really want something, that’s going to drive your price up.” 

Bonus: How to store your old VHS tapes

VHS tapes should be kept out of the sun in a cool, dry place where the temperature is consistent. Extreme cold and heat degrade tapes more quickly. Like CDs and DVDs, tapes should be stored vertically to cut down on the risk of warping or cracking. 

It’s also wise to rewind VHS tapes fully after watching them. Don’t leave them inside a VCR, where they can get stuck or accumulate additional dust or debris.

A final piece of advice: Store videotapes away from anything that can create a magnetic field, which in some instances can erase the contents of a tape.

That means not storing them alongside loudspeakers, which may contain magnets; surge protectors; or high-voltage electrical lines.

And if you want to digitize old-school media to archive or restore, you should do it sooner than later. A lot of the information stored on a film negative or a VHS cassette will lose clarity and vibrancy with each passing day. 

Sours: https://www.considerable.com/money/deals/old-vhs-tapes-worth-money/
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25 Disney VHS Tapes Worth A Fortune Today

It’s still odd to consider that here, in my mid-20s, I can still remember a time when VHS tapes were how I watched children’s animated films. Yes, there was a time when Netflix and other various streaming sites did not exist. There was a time when the only way to watch any type of movie was not by putting a flat, shiny disc into a box; rather, it was more or less shoving a box within another box. Heck, I can still remember when skipping previews and sneak peeks wasn’t even an option.

Now, if you find yourself with a huge stack of Disney VHS tapes stored away in boxes or in your parents’ attic, then this is definitely a story for you. If you find yourself wondering where to take your old VHS tapes to dispose of them at, you might want to take a step back and reconsider that decision. And if you no longer own VHS tapes, particularly Disney Black Diamond editions, then you honestly might not want to read this article.

Obviously, since VHS tapes are no longer in production, there’s value within them. After all, once anything is no longer in production or there’s a limited quantity of the object in the first place, its price immediately skyrockets. Disney released Black Diamond Editions of several of its beloved animated classics, and those re-releases themselves are worth a pretty penny. So let’s focus in on the most valuable Disney VHS tapes that are worth a fortune today.

25 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians is definitely one of Disney’s classic films. Sure, it might have a generic plot with a protagonist and antagonist, but it’s different from every other stereotypical, cute romance film. It’s about a Dalmatian couple named Pongo and Perdita, who end up raising 99 Dalmatian puppies together by the end of the film. Also, I have to say that Cruella is one of my favorite Disney villains because she’s so obsessed with material objects. Currently, the Black Diamond Edition of the “101 Dalmatians” VHS is valued at approximately $6,000.

24 The Fox And The Hound

Let’s just continue the discussion on adorable animals with The Fox and the Hound, a Disney film that is highly deserving of more appreciation. Tod, a young fox, befriends a bloodhound named Copper. However, as the two grow older, they soon realize that hounds help humans hunt foxes. It’s a great but tragic story that ends with a good moral. And if the film itself didn’t make you cry, then I am beyond shocked. Currently, the Black Diamond Edition of The Fox and the Hound VHS is valued at approximately $600.

23 Aladdin

To this day, I adore Aladdin for so many reasons. First, it’s my favorite Disney movie of all time, mainly because it kept with the theme of romance while making its female lead stronger and cooler than other Disney princesses. At least, that’s how I view Princess Jasmine. I just hope that the live-action remake doesn’t ruin my appreciation for the film. Currently, if you have the Black Diamond Edition of the original film and its sequel, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, you’re looking at about $1,500.

22 Sleeping Beauty

Surprisingly, the Black Diamond Edition of the classic princess film Sleeping Beauty is only valued at about $50.

Regardless, for a VHS tape that’s collecting dust and taking up space, that’s not a bad asking price.

The film focuses on the fair Princess Aurora, a maiden who is cursed to fall into an eternal slumber at the age of 16 by Maleficent, a sinister fairy who’s just a tad salty about not being invited to a party that everyone else in the kingdom was invited to

21 The Lion King

The Lion King is an untimely classic that released around the same time that I was born. The film is a coming-of-age story about a young lion cub named Simba, who is destined to take over as king of the Pride Lands until tragedy strikes. Feeling as if his father’s demise is his own fault, Simba mysteriously disappears. The first edition of this VHS tape is approximately $1,500, which is a lot of money for one single film.

20 Alice In Wonderland

Surprisingly, it’s hard to place a value on the Black Diamond Edition of Alice in Wonderland. Apparently, this is a tape that potential buyers are far more particular with when it comes to what they’re willing to pay for it. In this film, a young girl named Alice falls down a rabbit hole into Wonderland, a magical, but curious world where oddities and strange experiences await her. It’s a fantastic film, but look away for one second and you’ll be confused as to where certain characters came from.

19 The Little Mermaid

There is one discussion about the rare cover of the 1990 VHS tape for The Little Mermaid that I would absolutely love to discuss, especially since it relates to the shape of Atlantica’s castle. But that’s for another time. The Black Diamond Edition of this princess movie is worth $1,000.

You know what’s sad about writing this?

The further I go, the more familiar each VHS cover looks. And I know that my parents don’t have any of these VHS tapes still.

18 Bambi

I’ll admit that Bambi is a film that I should definitely re-watch at some point. It’s been way too long since I first watched one of the saddest character passings in cinematic history. Obviously, it doesn’t top Mufasa’s, but it’s still very sad nonetheless. Bambi is more or less the tamer, laid-back version of The Lion King, and a Black Diamond Edition of the VHS is only worth about $250. But that amount in itself is pretty impressive since back in the day, the tapes themselves cost about $10.

17 Beauty And The Beast

Yep, I can definitely remember holding this VHS tape at some point in my life, and my student loans are instantly regretting allowing my parents to decide what to do with said tapes. The Beauty and the Beast Black Diamond Edition VHS is worth approximately $600. This movie is also one of my favorites, breaking away from stereotypical romance by creating a female protagonist who doesn’t need to constantly rely on others for help. Belle is headstrong and defiant, which is what makes her one of my favorite Disney ladies.

16 Cinderella

In comparison to other movies on this list, Cinderella does not have as high of a value.

The Black Diamond Edition of a Cinderella VHS tape is worth approximately $100.

In this classic fairy tale, a young woman named Cinderella is forced to cook and clean all day. But one night, with the help of her Fairy Godmother, Cinderella goes to the ball and falls in love with Prince Charming. And of course, like almost every other Disney ending, they live happily ever after.

15 Song Of The South

I honestly don’t remember ever watching Song of the South as a child, and I can completely understand the reason for that. From what I know of the film and its plot, it’s very controversial in how it discusses some subjects, and that just sounds like a movie I want to avoid. The VHS copy of the movie is valued at approximately $100, which is quite a bit for an old cassette. But yeah, I am not going to waste my time watching this movie.

14 The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Unfortunately, The Hunchback of Notre Dame is not as valuable of a VHS copy in comparison to other films on this list. But regardless, if you have this old tape laying around, you could be looking at a quick cash grab of $20. This is one of my favorite Disney films because of the many issues it addresses, including race relations and judgment. Also, Esmeralda is a fantastically written character, and she’s one of my favorite leading ladies of Disney.

13 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was one of the very first Disney films ever created. Back in the day, this classic tale of a princess needing saved by a prince wasn’t stereotypical, as it was still a fresh story at the time. Currently, the Black Diamond Edition of the movie is valued at almost $200.

Hopefully you just so happen to be a collector of old VHS tapes and have this gem laying around somewhere.

Thankfully, VHS cases are a lot more sturdier than DVD cases.

12 Dumbo

What’s interesting about a lot of the Black Diamond Editions of Disney films is the artwork. For example, let’s take a look at the artwork for Dumbo. It’s simplistic, but also is a cool design that wraps around the entire case. I just really like the overall look of cases that keep their artwork simplistic but cool. The VHS copy of this beloved tale about a young elephant who learns to fly is worth about $200, which, again, is a lot of money for a singular children’s movie.

11 Dalmatian Vacation

Okay, but I am beyond shocked. How did I not know this exists? First off, apparently there was a spin-off series for 101 Dalmatians. I grew up without cable, so my naivety is completely valid. To conclude the series, a three-part series finale titled “Dalmatian Vacation” released on VHS. I couldn’t even find it on any online retailer to give it an estimated value, which automatically makes it valuable in some way. After all, when there’s no set price online, there’s great mystery behind it.

10 The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh

In The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, Pooh and company embark on close-to-home shenanigans, all while spending time with Christopher Robin. Of course, since Pooh has been around for decades on end, it should come as no surprise that old VHS tapes for the movie are worth at least something. Unfortunately, they’re only worth about $20, which isn’t awful, but also isn’t as great in comparison to others on the majestic list of worth. Man, I’m really starting to regret not keeping these old VHS tapes.

9 Robin Hood

Now I don’t know whether or not I should be grateful that this VHS cover for Robin Hood is unrecognizable to me. The number of VHS covers I’ve seen thus far that do look familiar to me serve as a grim reminder of all the money and value I’m currently missing out on. Currently, this VHS about a young fox who steals from the rich and gives to the poor is only worth about $20, which is kind of ironic when you consider the film’s main plot.

8 Pinocchio

Pinocchio is a classic tale about a little puppet who wants to become a real boy. In order for this to happen, Pinocchio must prove several characteristics in order to show that he’s qualified to be transformed from wood to flesh.

The VHS copy of Pinocchio is worth about $50, which is pretty good for a Disney VHS tape.

Again, it is just a matter of whether or not this item just so happens to be sitting in a box somewhere in your attic.

7 Sword In The Stone

When I searched The Sword In the Stone Black Diamond Edition on Ebay, one of the listings that popped up absolutely shocked me. One seller has the VHS tape of The Sword in the Stone available for $1,000. So either that VHS is worth a lot of money; or the seller is attempting to play the part of a trickster who scams people out of their money. Regardless, if you have this beauty laying around, you’re probably looking at a good pile of cash.

6 Lady And The Tramp

Well, if you thought that last announcement was surprising, let’s just take a second to talk about the romance story that is Lady and the Tramp. People must be desperately searching for this gem, because according to the first listing on Ebay, it might be worth about $2,500.

For me, that’s a good chunk of money that I could be using to pay off student loans. It’s too bad I don’t have a random copy just laying around somewhere in my apartment.


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Are Your Disney VHS Tapes Worth $20,000? (Top 15 Highest Selling VHS Tapes)

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