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Among the wide variety of gacha games on the market, there exists a specific subgenre called “AFK or Idle Games.” While these games feature, for the most part, mechanics similar to any other gacha RPGs, they also have elements that automate most of the gameplay and even allow players to farm and toughen up while offline. AFK Arena is one of such games that, like Idle Heroes or Aurora Legends, allows players to keep farming even while offline.

BlueStacks Macros for AFK Arena

Due to its unique mechanics, games like AFK Arena are ideal for busy gamers; those who don’t have much time to dig into more complex games but that would still like to progress at a steady pace despite not being able to play as much as others. However, in gacha games where most of the gameplay is automated, it’s the players who put in that extra effort the ones who come out on top.

Here at BlueStacks, we like to play smart, not hard, so we developed our BlueStacks Macros, tools that, when used correctly, can dramatically improve your performance in even the games that mostly play themselves. However, unlike most of AFK Arena’s mechanics, our macros require a bit of config before being put to good use. For this reason, we decided to write this guide where you’ll find several awesome macros for use in this gacha game.

BlueStacks Macros for AFK Arena

A Note on BlueStacks and Rerolling

Those who want to have the absolute best teams in their favorite gacha games will surely be familiar with the term “rerolling”. This term refers to a process where players start from the beginning in a gacha game, get to the point where they can perform the first summoning (which is usually free), and restart if they’re not satisfied with the results.

BlueStacks Macros for AFK Arena

Rerolling can take a lot of time, especially depending on the game. Luckily, our BlueStacks Instance Manager, alongside the powerful Multi-Instance Sync feature, allows our loyal players to reroll with multiple simultaneous accounts, significantly speeding up the process. After all, you’re much more likely to summon great teams if rolling with two or three instances simultaneously. Moreover, with the Instance Sync feature, you won’t even have to go through the extra effort since all your actions in the main window are replicated on your other active instances, effectively allowing you to multitask without the added hassle.

If you’re looking to reroll in your favorite gacha games, including AFK Arena, then you’ll benefit greatly from using both of these versatile tools.

Useful Macros for AFK Arena

Formally introduced in BlueStacks version, macros are sequences of commands that you can record and reproduce at any time, and are useful tools for automating certain parts of a game.

Even though AFK Arena is mostly meant to be played for a few minutes once or twice a day, there are still several macros we can use to streamline the gameplay even further. However, as we mentioned just now, you’ll need to correctly set up your macros before you’re able to use them. This means recording yourself doing the tasks, labeling your macros, and binding them to a button on your keyboard.

BlueStacks Macros for AFK Arena


If you’re having trouble figuring out which macros to use for AFK Arena, then allow us to give you a few examples. Here is a list of sequences you can record, and that will come in handy in this gacha game.

What’s more is that we have even shared downloadable Macro files for most of these scenarios. All you have to do is Download the Macro, Import it into your BlueStacks (Make sure the version is 4.140 or higher) and Start Using it! Yes, it is really that simple. Here’s a quick video that tells you how to do this:

Scenario 1: Starting a New Game and Reaching Ranhorn

Download this Macro here

With this macro, you’ll be able to:

  • Start from the very beginning and progress to the point of reaching the main hub.
  • Get a headstart on reaching the first summoning.
  • Accelerate your rerolling.

The process of rerolling in a gacha game varies from title to title. Some games allow you to dive straight into the initial summonings, which makes rerolling fast and simple. However, other titles require you to complete a lengthy tutorial before being able to summon your first champion. AFK Arena falls into the latter category as you need to first clear 12 levels of the main campaign before reaching Ranhorn, where you perform your first summoning.

BlueStacks Macros for AFK Arena

Luckily, the events in the tutorial play out pretty much the same every time you reroll, which means that you can automate them with a macro.

Play AFK Arena on BlueStacks

Now, this is one of the longest macros you can record (about 10 minutes long), which leaves plenty of room for error. When you’re recording this macro, you’ll need to be as thorough as possible in upgrading your characters as you advance to avoid failing a level and ruining the entire macro. Nevertheless, regardless of your success in the final stages of the tutorial using the macro, it’s very likely that you’ll save tons of time and effort.

Creating a macro for this purpose is very straightforward:

  1. Start a new game and start recording.
  2. With the recorder running, beat every level, remembering to upgrade your characters and equip them with decent gear whenever possible.
  3. Once you beat the final level of the tutorial, stop the recording and give the macro a name and a key binding.

Beating the tutorial takes around 9 to 10 minutes, on average. While it certainly doesn’t take much time, it can really add up if you do it numerous times as you reroll for the perfect summoning. This macro can help take the edge off the grind, especially if you combine it with the Instance Manager and the Multi-Instance Sync features to reroll with 2 or 3 accounts simultaneously.

Remember that the macros you activate on your main instance also get replicated on the other windows, which means that you can automate your efforts in multiple instances at one time.

Scenario 2: Automating Your Daily Arena Fights

Download this Macro here

With this macro, you’ll be able to:

  • Choose a challenger from the arena and start fighting.
  • Use up all your daily arena allowances with the press of a single button.
  • Get your arena dailies out of the way so you can focus on other tasks.

Like with other gacha games, the arena plays a crucial role in helping you advance in AFK Arena. Every day, you get several arena allowances, which you should definitely use if you want to rank up in the leaderboard. Ranking up is important since you’ll receive weekly rewards that vary according to your standing and performance in the arena during this period. Furthermore, fighting in the arena is also frequently a part of the daily missions so you’ll need to fight here anyway if you wish to claim all your daily rewards.

BlueStacks Macros for AFK Arena

You get about 4 allowances in the arena every day, all of which can be automated through the use of a macro. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to configure the said macro:

  1. Go the main arena screen where you can challenge other players to battle and start the recorder.
  2. Click on “Challenge” and choose the weakest opponent on the list; one that you know you can beat easily, and start the battle.
  3. Have your team wipe the floor with your opponent and return to the main arena screen.
  4. Repeat this process until all your arena allowances are used up.
  5. Exit to Ranhorn and stop the recorder. Give your macro a name and a key binding.

The effectiveness of this macro will vary according to the opponents that you choose. Since the challenger list is always randomized, you won’t really ever know who you’re going up against. Luckily, it’s likely that, if you always choose from the bottom of the list, you’ll get put against a weaker foe.

Scenario 3: Automating Trivial Tasks

Download this Macro here

With this macro, you’ll be able to:

  • Automate many of the menial daily tasks that are performed upon first logging in.
  • Claim fast rewards and AFK rewards.
  • Access your friends lists to send and receive friendship points.
  • All of the above, with the press of a button.

BlueStacks Macros for AFK Arena

Every game has those daily tasks that you can complete with just a few clicks. As an AFK gacha game, AFK Arena also has its fair share of trivials tasks that you should quickly get out of the way as soon as you first log in. Luckily, you can also create a macro to quickly complete these tasks done so you can focus on other matters. Here’s a quick rundown on how to create this macro:

  1. Go to the main campaign screen and start the recording.
  2. Click on the AFK Rewards and Fast Rewards to claim both prizes.
  3. Navigate to the to the friends menu and click on “Send and Receive” to cash in and send out friendship points to every in your friends list.
  4. Stop the recording and give your macro a name and a key binding.

While you can probably finish these small tasks in a few seconds manually, why click on everything and make the effort when you could just automate it with a macro? Our BlueStacks macros can help you get a head start in AFK Arena when it comes to rerolling, as well as to get ahead of the competition once you’re in the endgame.

Have you already tried out our BlueStacks Macros for this game? We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, so feel free to leave us a comment in the section below!

Download BlueStacks Now


If you are looking for a way that helps you automatically finish all of the tutorial steps for rerolling Heroes in AFK Arena, you will definitely find this helpful! 

I have received some requests regarding this lately and finally have time to create one today.

This script helps you auto finish Chapter 1 of AFK Arena, go to Chapter 2, open Tavern, and open your first Elite Hero (Good luck!). Also, don’t forget to use the latest working AFK Arena Redemption Codes for your rerolls!


  • This macro recorded the actions on the game screen and repeats them whenever you run it. 
  • It’s not a kind of hack so your account will be surely safe.
  • This auto macro is for PC. I will make one for phones/tablets soon.
  • Sometimes the game is laggy so the macro might not work perfectly. Make sure your internet connect is good when using it!

How to use AFK Arena Auto Reroll Macro

  1. Click here to download Bluestacks. It’s an Android emulator that lets you play AFK Arena on your PC. The game will be automatically installed after you install it.
  2. Open the game, log into your accounts. If you are using iOS devices, connect your account to your Facebook profile in order to load it here.
  3. Let the screen stay at the Starting screen of a new server like this:
    start using afk arena auto reroll
  4. Click here to download the auto reroll.
  5. Open the Macro Recorder or press Ctrl + Shift + 7.
  6. Press the button Import and browse to the downloaded script file at step 4 and open it.
  7. You now can see the auto reroll macro available on your Macro Reader screen.
  8. Press Play to start using it!
  9. If you don’t receive any good hero, go to the Avatar → Server and create a new account on another Server to try again.

afk arena auto reroll

I have tested this a lot of times and it’s working well for me.

Once again, use the latest working AFK Arena Redemption Codes as well for your rerolls!

rerolling account result

What is Rerolling?

In gacha games like AFK Arena, rerolling is a common concept where players keep creating new accounts and try the luck on the beginning pulls to get the strongest Heroes, making it easier to progress in the game and to compete in different PvP modes.

This strategy is being used a lot by free-to-play players, who don’t want to spend money on getting top-tier Heroes.

afk arena pc download

Should I Start Over?

I myself don’t really recommend rerolling as it could be a bad routine, forcing yourself to keep chasing better pulls whenever a new server is released and you will not be able to actually enjoy the game.

If you are a new player, I recommend just playing the game after you have a copy of one or two top-tier heroes like daimon Daimon or Eiron.

Hopefully, you, especially Free-to-Play players, have found this helpful and will get some epic draws!

Just have fun!


AFK.Guide is trying to be the biggest database of guides for all AFK Arena players. If you want to join us on this journey, please contact us via afkguide[@]

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Version 2 has been released! We've completely revamped the script, added various new features and made the script more consistent and powerful. Make sure to update in order to make use of it! Expect some bugs here and there please, and make sure to let us know in case you find any.

Also, join us on discord to keep up to date with the latest features, as well as for any troubleshooting or updating help.

A massive thank you to @kevingrillet for basically doing all the work related to this new script version! He's been incredibly useful and helpful, as well as patient (opened PR on the 26th of April, that's over 4 Months ago). His PR has the same amount of changes that the whole script had since I started it, that's how much work went into this! I seriously mean it when I say I cannot thank him enough for the amount of work and effort put into making the script that much better. Thank you very, very much Kevin.


This script is meant to automate the process of daily activities within the AFK Arena game. It uses ADB to analyse pixel colors in screenshots and tap on the screen accordingly. If you like our work, please consider starring this repository (and joining our Discord) as it lets us know people use the script, which motivates us to keep working on it!

Example script output


This is a very fragile script (it relies on pixel accuracy), which means the probability of encountering a new error every time a new patch rolls out by Lilith is pretty high. Keep an eye on the badge to check the latest game version this script was tested on.

We are not responsible for any type of ban or unintentional purchase! Use this script at your own risk. We will do our best to try and make it as robust as possible.


We've created a Wiki with all the info you'd need to get started with this script. Head over there to get started!

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Hacks, Mods & Cheats

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afk arena hack

AFK Arena Hacks are any and all mods, tools or software apps that all you to cheat on both Android and iOS devices and gain the edge over other players in this game. These AFK Arena hacks / bots will enable features that will allow you to get more Diamonds, Gold, free Summons, Legendary Characters, Mythic Gear and similar goodies and get all your favorite heroes maxed out and ascended generally through using a simple download. Unlimited free Diamonds and Gold Coins are not possible in AFK Arena.

AFK Arena Hack

A hack is a change to the game code through a variety of awesome means in order to get cheats to work in AFK Arena. Such modifications are possible on both the Android and iOS versions of the AFK Arena app and can be achieved through the use of manual game hacking tools or the much easier-to-use mods that only require a download and install in order to work and allow for cheating functionality. Mods are by far the most popular kind of hack available for AFK Arena due to their accessibility and simple download and installation process. Most good cheating features included in any mod or tool you download will be geared towards making farming the game faster, more efficient and getting more free Diamonds (gems), Gold and Hero summons as quickly as possible. Now while some may claim that it is possible to get overpowered hacks for unlimited Diamonds and Gold or Summons for AFK Arena, this is not the case, since this is an online game and all your progress and inventories are stored online on secure servers belonging to Lilith Games that cannot be modded in any way. – To find working and legitimate hacks for AFK Arena, try using this tool in order to find the latest and greatest downloads.

afk arena mod

AFK Arena Mod

Arguably the best kind of way of hacking mobile games, but certainly the most sought-after is the mobile game mod. While a mod can do nothing that cheating tools cannot do, you do not need to know programming or have any knowledge at all to use the cheats contained within at all which makes the AFK Arena mods arguably the best kind of cheat currently available for the game. – Mobile game modding is essentially the fast food version of manually hacking a game: A game is decompiled, modded, then recompiled into a working APK or IPA file for either Android or iOS, then offered for download and often for free, allowing people that do not know anything about cheating in mobile games to easily download and use cheats at their leisure. All a user needs to do is download the modded game file and make sure it is the latest build or version of the game, then uninstall the original game and install the modded game, then play and connect to their account. A good AFK Arena mod will help you with powerful options that may include speedhacks, damage hacks, automated rewards collection, auto quest completion, scripts, auto friend point farm for free summons, auto collection mail rewards and more depending on the build of the game, if you are playing on Android or iOS and what cheats are possible to use in AFK Arena at any time. If you are looking for the best mod downloads, then check out our Finder Tool and check back daily to never miss a mod.

afk arena hack tools

Bots for AFK Arena

If you are looking to truly AFK farm AFK Arena, then you are looking for a bot. Bots are arguably the most overlooked kind of cheat on mobile devices at this time, since they are the next best thing to an unlimited Diamonds or Gold cheat, as they are able to farm the game forever, amassing insane amounts or resources in the process. As already mentioned there are no hacks for infinite Diamonds, Gold, Hero Essence, Gear, Summons, Summon Scrolls, Friendship Points, Legendary Gear and Heroes or similar, because all of these ‘tools’ are sadly Human Verification Surveyscams and cannot be trusted. However, a bot does all those things if you are patient enough and give it enough time, since a great bot will be able to farm nearly as well as you could but for a lot longer, essentially 24/7. Bots can be set up for both Android and iOS alike either on the mobile device itself or through an emulator and are potentially able to perform all kinds of automated tasks in AFK arena, such as farming friend points by automatically helping friends and getting rid of inactive friends, auto retiring heroes, collection AFK rewards, doing daily and weekly quests, farming mythic gear through diamonds and guild activities, doing labyrinths, fighting in the arena and lots more. If you want to find out how to set up your own macros and bots for AFK Arena, then go check out this tutorial and learn how to use this extremely awesome and powerful way of cheating to your advantage in most mobile games.

afk arena cheat download

AFK Arena Mod Menu

Mod Menus are quite arguably the coolest thing ever, the cream of the crop when it comes to game mods on mobile for sure. While most mods will simply get your working cheats, this kind of hack for AFK Arena actually lets you customize your cheats with different options, turn on and off individual features and functions in a dedicated ingame menu and some even allow you to automatically upate the AFK Arena mod menu when a new patch drops, making the search for an updated mod normal users have to go through every time AFK Arena releases a new build or patch of the game entirely superfluous. While most the improvements over similar cheats are simple quality of life features, people that have downloaded and used this kind of game hacking app will never want to go back, since it makes life so much easier. However, this kind of cheat is exceedingly rare to find, especially if you are looking for free downloads for AFK Arena, since the developing and coding skills required to create such an advanced mod are rare and the people willing to do it for free are even more so. So if you ever find a working mod menu for AFK Arena, make sure to thank the creator for their awesome work.

Exploits & Glitches

Glitching and Expliting is the use of game bugs to cheat, get free Diamonds, Gold / Money, free summons and other goodies. - While exploits are potentially extremely powerful, making cheats that are usually impossible possible, such as money hacks, free purchases, god modes and similar, they are also extremely temporary in nature as the underlying bugs that make any exploitpossible will inevitably be patched or hotfixed once the developers of AFK Arena become aware of them. – So while this kind of cheat is potentially the most powerful kind available, it requires quite some dedication to keep an eye on the relevant game hacking forums and catch active exploits as they become available and before they get patched out of the game forever.


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