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First, let's take a look at Anko:

Then let's take a look at a relatively short list of characters who wear the same material:

Akatsuchi, Kurotsuchi, Onoki:


Fourth Kazekage:




Jiraiya, Oro, Saru, Tsunade:

Jiraiya (Older):


Konan, Yahiko, Nagato:



Minato (And possibly Kushina):



All shown wearing the same "fishnet" material. Many of them in several different shades, but all dark, and all remarkably similar to other metal materials such as their forehead protectors, zippers, kunai, shuriken, etc. It's also curious that in those where several characters are standing next to each other, the "fishnet" is typically the exact same color and shade, even when the characters in question have drastically different skin tones.

Now let's take a gander at Temari.

Note the distinctly different appearance between Temari's clearer fishnet, and the dark grey, silver, and black garments worn by so many others, most of which are completely filled in with that single color.

Another thing to note is the locations where most of these are worn, often in separate pieces rather than in one large piece: Chest, knees, shins, forearms, elbows...the kind of places used to strike and block. The same kinds of areas where multiple ninja are seen placing wrappings (Ex: Lee) or heavier pieces of armor (the flak jackets). I mean heck, even their summonshave been seen donning the stuff:



So either they are a metal mesh serving a practical defensive purpose of some kind, or there is a fishnet obsession in this world seen only among ninja that transcends generational gaps, national boundaries, and even entire species.

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Naruto: Naruto's Costumes We Loved (& 5 He Should Never Wear Again)

Since its introduction in 1997, the Narutoseries has been a favorite of Shonen fans. Naruto Uzumaki has gone through dozens of costume changes over the years. From the manga and anime series to movies and video games, he has seen his fair share of good and bad styles.

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Since there are so many to choose from, this list only encapsulates a fraction of the different outfits Naruto has worn. From his classic look to his Boruto days, the knuckleheaded ninja has gone through a lot of oranges, black and sometimes green to get to where we are today. Comment and tell us your best and worst Naruto costume too.

10 Never Again: Green Jumpsuit

More interesting than a goth phase, Naruto rocking Guy and Lee’s green jumpsuit was a bit of filler that we could have done without. Of the three, Naruto wears it the worst and that is probably because he doesn’t deserve the mantle of the green jumpsuit as the other two do. They made it work for them, but Naruto’s wearing of it was to fit in for the training he was doing.

This piece of clothing is so iconic that the pose above features a Lee style face on Naruto’s head. It is crystal clear that this isn’t his look, but then again once Guy and Lee grew up, they accessorized, so maybe this look isn’t for anybody.

9 Loved: Summer Look

One thing that wasn’t clear until Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom was whether the heroes of the shinobi world had seasons outside of winter and spring. Then Kakashi, Rock Lee, Sakura, and Naruto showed up in their summer outfits and changed the game.

Realistically, the only thing that changed was Naruto’s jacket went from the puffy long sleeve jacket to a vest. This costume also added an Uzumaki clan wristband on both arms. While this change wasn’t huge, it was necessary for his character. It allowed him to seem much more real by changing his outfit based on the weather, aside from the times he throws on a thin cloak in the cold.

8 Never Again: Childhood Outfit

This outfit was definitely inspired by children everywhere. It harkens back to a time in early school days where all the kids wore the most interesting combinations of clothing possible. There was always at least one boy wearing gym shorts and a tee-shirt. That is exactly what this is.

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The tee shirt went through several phases of color over the early years, but it was always an Uzumaki clan symbol on the front. It was just too basic to enjoy and it didn’t even include the lovable goggles that people have come to expect from early Naruto. Not a return anyone would like to see.

7 Loved: Sage Mode

Sage Mode took several parts of Jiraiya’s character and transferred them onto Naruto in the coolest way possible. The red flowing cloak lined with black at the bottom accented extremely well against the Shippuden costume. The gigantic scroll gave some weight to the costume and lastly, the eye shadow made the whole outfit work.

Seeing Naruto in this outfit was important for fans of the series as it comes off the back of the tragic death of Jiraiya. This costume not only pays homage to the great ninja, but it comes as a sort of “I’m watching over you” vibe that Naruto needed in his fight against Pain.

6 Never Again: A Strange Transition

This was a confusing choice for Naruto’s costume to go in. Firstly, it is supposed to be a transition outfit between the end of Shippuden and the beginning of Boruto, where Naruto is wearing his Hokage outfit. While those two are well designed, this one doesn’t have much of a goal for the knuckle-headed hero.

Doing away with all of the orange except the zipper which is, inexplicably, bright orange. On his arm, he wears the Uzumaki band as usual, though it does look awkward as the sleeves are wider and more relaxed, yet the band is smaller. He also wears two different scarves, but they don’t add much to the ensemble as a whole.

5 Loved: School Hoodie

Almost identical to the summer look above, this version of the classic suit come before Naruto became the Naruto we all know and love. This version features a zip-up hoodie on a blue tee-shirt, likely with the Uzumaki symbol again. This one differs from the other two costumes as it features two black wristbands and green cargo shorts.

The reason this is an outfit that should make a comeback is that it toes the line between fantasy ninja anime character and realistic young outfit. It isn’t hard to imagine kids today wearing this costume casually and having fun while doing it.

4 Never Again: Classic

Before the uproar, the classic Naruto costume has all of its merits in hand. Without anything to go by, this outfit was perfect for Naruto. However, after seeing dozens of outfits that he has worn over the years, the classic look doesn’t stand up to the test of time. Perhaps it is because it is the one that has been seen the most and for the longest.

That’s not to say we should get rid of the classic look, but it doesn’t need to make a comeback (or time jump) anymore. Some classics should stay in the past, and this happens to be one of them.

3 Loved: Shippuden

Time skips in anime are hard to do, especially when your skip includes a three-year gap. When Naruto: Shippuden was announced, fans were excited to see how things changed. The biggest and most obvious change was the outfits of almost all of the main characters, especially Naruto.

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This costume changed a lot of the negatives of the classic, switching from mostly orange with some blue to black with orange throughout. The headband was widened and there was more character added to the outfit as intricacies to the design. This costume was the masterclass of time skip changes, at least until the most loved costume on this list made its debut.

2 Never Again: Dragon Blade Chronicles

What is the one thing that Naruto just did not have enough of? If you guessed medieval fantasy and dragons, but also futuristic technology, then that is a weird but ultimately correct choice as far as Naruto: Shippuden Dragon Blade Chronicles, the Nintendo Wii exclusive Naruto game. With this game came new costume designs for several characters, including Naruto.

Once again, this costume kept the same pants but added a new belt, shin guards, and scroll holsters. The typical shirt and jacket were replaced by a skintight black undershirt and tight orange midriff open jacket that was laced by string to the shirt and padded with armor pieces all around. Dragon attacks have to be extremely precise for this outfit to make sense, and playing that game brings the knowledge that they are not.

1 Loved: Hokage

From the early days of Naruto, fans speculated about what Hokage Naruto’s costume would be. Needless to say, when the time did come around, fans were not disappointed. Naruto’s Hokage costume is the perfect mix of all of his old outfits merged into one.

The darker hue of orange throughout the costume accented by black lines is exactly the kind of upstanding outfit that can be expected from the grown-up knucklehead ninja. This is shown off especially in its breathability during fight scenes and its mixing with the official Hokage uniform of the cloak and hat. The costume has a perfect balance of being something that Naruto would wear and being a good outfit.

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