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Cloud - The Black Rabbit — This is my birthday present for a friend of mine!...

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I stole my brother’s tablet 👀

Katsuki commissions a strawberry plushy based on Deku, so he can cuddle a mini nerd when the original one is away on a mission. After seeing his mini, fruity version, Izuku does the same.

When the two are both at home, the plushies are either on the bed or on the sofa, together.

(When they have noisy guests - former 1-A - at home, Katsuki hides them in the bedroom, door locked)


It’s on Redbubble btw

Listening to Saturn of Sleeping at Last and-

Fantasy AU bkdk where Katsuki and Izuku are Princes from two neighboring countries and betrothed to other people. They are childhood friends and fall in love over the years.

They send letters to each other by using their trusted hawks, they meet at night in the quiet, benevolent countryside.

But they can’t love each other freely, because they have a duty to perform.

And so they both promise absolute loyalty to each other’s wedding, swearing that their country will be a faithful ally in peace, in famine and in war.

And I’m fucking tearing up.


Cw: blood, double MCD


“Soldiers from both armies found them like this, finally together in sacred silence. One life ended by a hammer, the other by a broken heart”

Izuku was first hit in the side, then in the abdomen. Katsuki saw him fall to the ground and turned into a fearsome beast, killing enemies without stopping as his heart was pounding.

When he finally reached Izuku and hugged him, his heart simply couldn’t take it.

Katsuki could have survived the battle, but the pain was too great for him and the world too empty without Izuku.

The strength behind a wish - PART 1

cw: death, drowning


Okay, so… this is going to be a little comic, three parts I think. I’m not really sure about the ending, I’m torn between a sad ending or an open (happy…?) ending.

I’ll update slowly, ‘cause I have things I want to do and my project to finish, so you have to wait ><

I’m stealing my brother’s tablet too many times doksksksks



Red eyes opened at the sound of that voice and a smile greeted them warmly.

“Stressful day, baby?”

A grunt as a reply and, with herculean effort, Katsuki got up from the sofa and sat down on it.

The day had certainly been hard and long. Quiet, sure, with no incidents during patrol and only a few civilians to help, but all the paperwork to sign and events to organize? Katsuki was exhausted, his hand ached from all the papers signed and approved for future internships, and he swore he could still hear the barking of all the extras he had talked to for the next charity gala. And after work, on the way home, Katsuki had also booked a table for two at that restaurant Deku loved, but this was a surprise.

A faint touch on his forehead brought him back to the present.

“Do you have a headache?” Deku asked, gently brushing his cheek with his half-closed hand.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head nerd, I’m fine” he replied. He leaned into the touch like a moth attracted to the light and he allowed himself to enjoy the attention, safe behind the closed doors of home - Katsuki loved feeling the warmth of his fiancé on his skin, because it meant they were fine, that they were still alive and that they would overcome everything, together -.

“What about you, hm? You were on patrol all day, /alone/” he inquired and with his eyes he began to look for bruises, gauze or any trace of possible injury. Katsuki hated lone patrols, they had a high risk of danger, but as much as they could be organized, it still happened to be on duty all alone.

Izuku laughed and the blonde found himself smiling slightly.

“It was fine, just a few small clashes, nothing big,” he reassured him.

The greenette took his face oh-so-tenderly in his hands and Katsuki sighed at the cool kiss of their engagement ring on his cheek.

I’m glad you’re ok

He hummed and kissed the scarred hands, first one palm and then the other.

I missed you

They remained silent, happy to be together for another day. Katsuki adored lying still and basking in the attention of his beloved, but, to be honest, the blond wanted something else.

“Izuku, dear…” And the other looked at him immediately, alerted by his voice. “Could you play for me?”

A tender kiss was the immediate response. Sure he was in safe hands, Katsuki closed his eyes, settled back on the sofa and sighed.

A click, metallic noises. He heard footsteps returning to him. He felt the sofa bend under Deku’s weight, a knee touching his.

A breath. Long, low notes of a transverse flute filled their living room, small leaps to practice fingers and respiration.

And then, finally, the music. A quick scale of notes and Katsuki felt his body relax, suddenly free from a terrible weight. He breathed in at the first, long note and, as the melody continued slowly, Katsuki finally felt at peace.


Good morning 🧡💚


How can Kacchan not fall in love with this Empress? uwu

Based on Ayame’s post!

Here a lil’ warm up ♡


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Today was bakugou katsuki's birthday and deku wanted to give him a special gift for the year.


Izuku didn't know what to give him though. Then something came into mind. The one thing bakugou hadn't claimed yet.

His virginity.

But what would be a good way to seduce the angry but sometimes sweet blonde.

He searched his closet. about an hour later he found bunny langire that uraraka had given him to seduce the blonde.

He remembered how he yelled at uraraka that day after he got this because, of course he was going to keep his virginity.

Izuku knew his boyfriend would be home from hero mission soon. He soon rushed and got ready as he slipped the black and orange langire on himself.

It showed his thick curves throughout his thighs and hips. He fluffed up his green and black hair and waited patiently for his loving boyfriend to get home.

When he heard the door open and the words "I'm home baby!" He quickly skipped out in front of his boyfriend.

Katsuki's mouth watered a little at the sight of his seductive looking boyfriend in front of him." Mhm you look good baby~" katsuki said. he walked up to izuku and put his hands on izuku's hips.

Izuku Blushed but stopped katsuki Midway. "Ah, ah go change out of your hero costume before I give you your very special present~."

Izuku said lustfully and katsuki went to the room and only change into boxers and some sporty shorts.

Katsuki quickly got back out to his boyfriend and quickly pinned him to a wall. Katsuki wanted to be sure izuku was comfortable but he saw there was no need for that now.

Izuku let out a tiny squeek as he blushed a very deep red. Katsuki than started to kiss izuku softly soon turning rougher.

Izuku let out tiny moans as he wrapped his thick thighs (UwU) around katsuki's waist. "Oh deku~ why don't you strip for me~"

Izuku's face became a burning red as he did as he was told. As soon as izuku was done striping katsuki pushed izuku against the wall with a mighty force.

Izuku Blushed as katsuki suddenly grinded his hips against izuku's.

Izuku let out a tiny moan making katsuki more hard than ever before. Katsuki grabbed izuku's hips and turned him into facing the wall. "W-wait what are you doing ka-"

That's all izuku got out before he slammed his cock into midorya. "Ahh~ yes kacchan!"

As katsuki thrusted at a rapid speed izuku moaned his name. Katsuki suddenly got even bigger and izuku felt himself close to climax. But who said that would stop bakugou katsuki.

Izuku came all over the wall and katsuki pounded even harder. Izuku kept moaning at the force of bakugou's dick. Eventually katsuki came and slowly pulled out.

Izuku panted before laying his head on katsuki's chest with a Smile. "You know deku your gonna be the literal death of me one day" katsuki said chuckling.

Izuku giggled and Smiled "I know but you love me". Katsuki grinned and nodded "that I do deku"

((Omg this fucking took forever! But enjoy and put in the comments a ship you'd like in here and mabye a oneshot idea bye my yaoi and Yuri fans!))

  1. K swap transmission
  2. Oneplus bluetooth earphones
  3. 65536 game

Childhood Friend Complex (Bakudeku)

Childhood Friend Complex (Bakudeku) - Chapter 3: Happy Birthday Kacchan!

It was night-time. Stars were adorning the night-sky as if a painter had accidentally spilled drops of white paint, on a navy-blue canvas.

I knocked on the sash door, on which the name 'Bakugou's' was engraved. I heard my mom call my name, as she lifted me up in her strong arms, so that I could reach the door-bell.

Tringe. The bell creaked as a shiver went through my spine, because of the cringe sound.

The door opened, and revealed a tiny boy with ash-blonde hair as spiky and pointed as porcupine fur and luminescent crimson eyes, standing in front of his mother who looked like an upgraded version of her son. 'They look like the family of pomeranians which lived near my previous house,' was the first thing that crept my mind, on seeing the duo.

"Kacchan, did you shrink on your birthday? Why are you so small?"

"You are in your mother's arms, Deku. Are you an idiot?"

"Kacchan, I think I am an idiot, then."

My mother put me down on the ground and I walked towards Kacchan and gave him a bear-hug. "Happy Birthday Kacchan!" 

"Thanks Deku," he smiled showing his ceramic-white teeth. I was kinda curious about the toothpaste brand that he used to brush those teeth. I had been whetting my teeth with a toothbrush three times a day, to the extent that it had become as sharp as a razor-blade but my teeth were as yellow as a sunflower.

I broke the hug and let my mother wish him. 

After that, I walked into the sitting room, where Tsubasa and Saburo were sitting on a sofa and chatting among themselves. I waved out to them. The fact that I wasn't the first to visit his house kinda made me sad. 

"Katsuki, let's wait for papa to come. Till then play with your friends."

"Okay mom," he obeyed and turned towards us. "Let's not play and talk instead. I am feeling tired and sweaty, because of this birthday-suit," he said as he tugged his black overcoat, which had white and red geometrical designs embroidered on it. He was wearing a plain, off-white t-shirt under it and crimson-black jeans. "I wanted to wear an all-might onesie but my mother forced me to wear this black and white mess. I am stinking like caramel, right?"

"Bro, who in their right mind would wear an all-might onesie on their birthday?" Tsubasa asked.

"People can wear whatever they want as long as their clothing doesn't tamper with the optical-safety or the mental stability of the people around them," Saburo said as he protested against his twin. 

"Man, then I am going to wear my dragon onesie on my birthday," the chubby, bald-head squealed, as he put his arm around his fraternal twin.

"Don't mind me if I drench your dress with my puke, then." I guess Saburo loved to bully his brother a lot!

"Didn't you say-"

"Your dragon onesie is a potential threat to my vision."

"Shut up, you idiots," Kacchan turned towards me. "Deku, why did you move here? Cause you know I am kinda curious."

"Me too, Deku."

"Couldn't say the same."

"Shut up Saburo, stop killing the mood."

"Umm, I got a transfer into Musutafu Primary School because I...aced my grades."

"So, you are a nerd...," Katsuki spoke as a disappointed expression, crept into his eyes. Shoot! Why did I say that? People have always hated me because of the fact that I was a nerd.

"Katsubro, don't forget the fact that you are one too," Tsubasa muttered softly.

"Do you want my birthday to be your death-night?"

"Chill, anger issues, don't speak about my brother in that way. I know you have ten shelves full of educational books and encyclopedias in your room."


"Sabu-chan, I knew that you cared about me."

"No, I was just worried about the fact that I would have to carry your corpse, if you died."

"You are so mean, Sabu-chan."

"So you are going to attend our school from tomorrow?"

"Yes," I nodded.

"Yay, I am eager to study and play with you," he had genuine interest in his eyes.

"I never thought Katsuki would say such a sweet thing."

"Well after all, he is a sweet person, with a sweet scent."

"Tsubaka and Saburo," he said as he gave them an intimidating glance. "Do you play any sports, Deku?"

"No. Since, nobody allowed me to play with them...I don't know how to play. I mean...I have never tried."

"Bruh, you are boring, then," he shrugged.

"But didn't you say that you would teach me?"

"Y-yeah. You better learn properly and don't disgrace your mentor in the future, okay?" he grinned.

"Aye, sir."


"Shut up, Tsubaka."

Tringe. A shiver creeped through my spine, once again.

"Katsuki, your father has come. Let's cut the cake, without further ado."

"Happy Birthday Katsuki," his father said as he lifted him up and hugged him.

"Papa, I am not a baby. Please put me down," Kacchan spoke, as his father put him down. He was totally different from his son. He had beige hair and matching brown eyes, and he wore rectangular glasses. 

When his gaze fell on me, he marched towards me and spoke, "You must be Izuku, right?"

"Y-yeah," I usually had a tendency to cry when I saw strangers, but it didn't happen this time. He was a warm and kind person like my mom.

"Izuku, I am offended," Aunty Mitsuki spoke as she made a gloomy expression.

"Mom, he must have been terrified of your face," Kacchan spoke.

"Katsuki, you literally have the same face as your mom," Kacchan's dad spoke back to his son.


It seems like I had made her sad with my wimpy behavior. I ran towards her and looked up at her.

"Don't be sad, Aunty. I cried because...I was kinda shy," I tried to console her.

"Aww, Izuku," she smiled as she hugged me. "I wish my son was as soft and sweet-hearted like you." Three hugs a day, record broken.

"Aunty Mitsuki, Kacchan is a really sweet person. He's a Soon-drey, as they say."

"I know, Izuku. He just won't admit it."

"It's Tsundere, Deku. Not Soon-drey," Tsubasa spoke as he switched on his otaku-mode.

"Shut up, idiots, I ain't a Tsundere and let's cut the cake. The birthday boy is feeling hungry, you know."

Aunty Mitsuki opened the box which preserved the cake and placed the cake on the table as we surrounded the birthday boy. We sang the happy birthday song as he blew the candles out and cut the cake.

Now, it was finally time for us to return to our homes. 

"Kacchan, here is your birthday gift," I said as I handed an all-might themed keychain. 

"It's awesome, Deku," he said as his ruby-red eyes sparkled with glee.

"I am glad to know that. I crafted it with my own hands."

"Wow, Deku. You are so talented. Can you teach me how to make one?"

"Umm, I can teach you tomorrow, probably."

"Deku, can you teach me too?"


I smiled with satisfaction as I realized that people have finally started accepting me and my talents.


Upon reaching my home, I opened my diary and started scribbling on it, with a lime-pencil.

Dear Diary,

I finally made friends. Their names are Kacchan, Saburo and Tsubasa.

Out of them, I like Kacchan the most. I feel like I have known him for many years. Although, I am sure I am meeting him for the first time.

He might appear rude and aggressive from the outside but he has a heart of gold. He is a Soon-drey, I guess.

Today was his birthday.

It was a very happy day. I was finally able to attend a joyous occasion. People have finally started accepting a useless nerd like me.

His family is also very wholesome and heartwarming, just like mine.

I am extremely happy. Now, I can talk to people other than my diary and myself. Tomorrow, he will teach me to play ball and I will teach him to make all-might keychains in return.

I am really lucky and gifted, after all like my mom said, right?

I hope I and Kacchan can be friends fo...

The nib of the pencil broke due to the excessive pressure, that I exerted. I sharpened it again and completed the word, 'forever'. 

"Izuku, go to bed. Don't stay wake, this late at night."

"Okay, mom," I squealed as I jumped into the bed and looked at the space-stickers stuck on the ceiling. I silently made a wish, before falling into a deep sleep.

I am so happy...I wish I can be friends with him forever.

But I immediately had a feeling that something wrong was there about the wish...

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Happy Birthday katsuki bakugou! - (bakudeku version) - emy la fujoshi uwu - bnha gacha life

I was asked to do the same, but I politely declined. Later, the guys switched to vulgar jokes, and all the time tried, as if by accident, to touch the open parts of my body. I got up from the bench and said that it was time for me to go home. Artem grabbed my hand and dragged me into the bathhouse.

Birthday bakudeku

Well, and a blowjob, can you at least do me. - Max asked hopefully Stop it, I said. No, I won't. You know how I feel about it.

kacchan’s birthday// 🧡💚bakudeku/bkdk- bnha/mha - gacha club

I was like an electric shock. I tensed, but I could not turn, and did not even want to. He stood and waited for what would happen next.

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The damp, sparse hair on his head was stuck together in a shapeless ball. In general, no ice. And how did I suck such a sniffy and completely ugly man.

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