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We currently ship in the USA only from our website (International shipping is available on phone orders). Most products are shipped by UPS and FedEx Ground within 1-3 business days of your order. Small orders can be sent by the US Postal Service in their Flat Rate boxes. Our copper sheets are handmade to order and usually ship out in 4-7 business days of purchase from the central warehouse located in Kansas City. Large orders are shipped by truck. Shipping is FOB: out of our warehouse is Kansas City at our cost plus a modest handling/packing charge. Most orders ship out within 2 weeks of purchase from the central warehouse located in Kansas City. You will receive a tracking number once your order has shipped. Copper sheets over 8 and 10 foot long must be shipped flat in a wood crate via Freight. Our online system does not calculate the correct shipping as trucking rates are currently in flux. There will be additional freight charges on these sizes so it is best to order them over the phone. We will contact you within one business day via email or phone with your freight charge. 

Canceled Orders
Orders that are canceled before shipping are subject to a 15% re-processing fee to cover the time and expense of canceling the order and issuing a refund.

Products may be returned within 14 days of purchase as long as they are unused and unmarked. You are responsible for paying the return shipping charge. Upon our acceptance of the merchandise in like new condition, the purchase price will be credited to the credit card used for the original purchase minus a 25% restocking fee. Your return will be processed within 2 weeks (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) after receipt of the item.

Sending Your Return
You can return your items with a few simple steps:
1. Contact us for an RMA number and we will provide you with a return shipping address.
2. Please pack the items securely with plastic wrap to ensure the products are not damaged during shipping.
3. Items must be returned by a shipping service that issues a tracking number and must be insured for the complete purchase price.
4. Please allow 2 weeks processing time after we have received your item for credit.


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We're happy to assist you with pattern selection - offering Copper Sample Packs that feature all our decorative copper backsplash sheets. We'll also provide quick pricing based on your measurements down to fractions of an inch. Just call 1-888-334-2177

Choose from a large selection of standard-cut copper sheet metal - in-stock and ready to ship. Plus, will custom cut your exact back splash design from any style of copper sheet. From 110 Mill Finish Copper Sheet to a bolder pattern selected from our Liberty Series of decorative copper sheets.

Standard Copper Sheet


Liberty Series of Decorative Copper Sheet

Decorative Copper Swatches

1. Georgia Pattern

A vibrant enhancement to ordinary copper textures, Georgia is a great choice for diffusing bright or direct light on countertops, bar tops, fireplace surrounds, wall panels and more.

2. New Jersey Pattern

A subdued yet dignified copper texture, New Jersey makes a great choice for muting bright or direct light on countertops, bar tops, fireplace surrounds, wall panels and more.

3. Virginia Pattern

A bold, textured design that's equally durable and scratch resistant., Virginia will brighten countertops, bar tops, fireplace surrounds, wall panels and more.

4. New Hampshire Pattern

Textured with small, round hammered indentations, the New Hampshire pattern provides a subtle yet glowing surface to enhance reflection and color on countertops, bar tops, fireplace surrounds, wall panels and more.

5. New York Pattern

Textured with medium, round hammered indentations, the New York pattern provides a smooth bubble-like surface to embolden reflection and color on countertops, bar tops, fireplace surrounds, wall panels and more.

6. Connecticut Pattern

Hammered Connecticut Style Hammered copper sheet is one of the more popular styles of hammered stainless sheeting. This hammered stainless sheet is commonly used in decorative applications, including light fixtures, sinks, and several other ways.

7. Delaware Pattern

Art-Deco Style Hammered copper sheet used in retro and other decorative applications, including light fixtures, sinks, and several other ways.

Call 1-888-334-2177 or email us for help in ordering.

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Copper Backsplashes & Copper Panels

Want to elevate a kitchen backsplash or add a warm metal accent to a furniture restoration piece? Whether you plan to add a copper backsplash or need decorative copper sheets for making period-style lampshades, you’ll find numerous patina hues at Van Dyke’s Restorers. We carry a small collection of copper panels and copper backsplash sheets, available in multiple patina hues, like bright Azul blues and mottled deep blacks. Copper panels not only add an attractive touch to a home, but they're also highly durable, resisting dings and scratches. You can add a luxurious metallic shine to fireplaces or range hoods without worrying about potential scrapes.

Choose from stunning designs, such as distressed, mottled and Rojo style patinas. Looking for a more textural appearance to your project? Consider distressed and mottled patinas. Pick a Rojo style patina that undergoes a controlled “Earth Burial” process to create its unique color. Whichever copper panels you choose, you will have a beautiful one-of-a-kind look, as no two pieces are alike.

Decorative Copper Wall Panels

How to Install a Copper Sheet Backsplash


  • 30 gauge true copper sheeting (not copper-toned aluminum sheeting)
  • 1/2-inch thick MDF board the size of the intended backsplash
  • Contact cement
  • Spray lacquer
  • Construction adhesive or silicone caulk
  • Self-leveling clear epoxy (if needed)

Instead of installing the copper backsplash directly on the wall, it is easier to install the copper on a solid board, such as 1/2-inch MDF. After installation on the MDF board, the board will then go in the intended place, such as behind the counter as a backsplash. This gives you more control over the installation, allowing you to wrap the copper around the sides and back of the board for a smoother look.

  1. Cut the Copper Sheeting

    Cut the copper sheet to size with scissors or tin snips so that it is the size of the MDF sheet, plus another 3 inches on all sides.

  2. Apply the Contact Cement

    Apply the contact cement to the MDF and the back of the copper sheeting. Wait a few minutes, or as long as the manufacturer recommends.


    The contact cement has to be tacky, not wet, for it to stick properly.

  3. Put the Pieces Together

    Lay the 1/4-inch dowels on the surface of the MDF. Place the copper sheet on the dowels. Line it up carefully with the MDF to ensure it will fit properly, covering all of it, with the 3-inch clearance on each side for further work.

    Remove the dowels one at a time, starting on one end and working toward the other end. As you remove them, smooth down the copper with the roller.

  4. Complete the Edges and Sides

    Cut the copper diagonally (45 degrees) at the four corners. Carefully fold the copper over the edges of the board.

    On the back, staple the copper onto the MDF board. Gently tap down the staples with the hammer to flatten them.

  5. Finish the Surface

    Spray lacquer on the surface of the copper. If this is will be for creating a counter, pour self-leveling clear epoxy on after spraying the lacquer.

  6. Finish the Installation

    Mount the completed panels to the backsplash wall using construction adhesive or silicone caulk.


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Copper Sheet Thickness Guide 10 mil (30 gauge)

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