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▶ Product Description

The Zybo (Zynq™ Board) is a feature-rich, ready-to-use, entry-level embedded software and digital circuit development platform built around the smallest member of the Xilinx Zynq-7000 family, the Z-7010. The Z-7010 is based on the Xilinx? All Programmable System-on-Chip (AP SoC) architecture, which tightly integrates a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with Xilinx 7-series field programmable gate array (FPGA) logic. When coupled with the rich set of multimedia and connectivity peripherals available on the Zybo, the Zynq Z-7010 can host a whole system design. The on-board memories, video and audio I/O, dual-role USB, Ethernet and SD slot will have your design up-and-ready with no additional hardware needed. Additionally, six Pmod connectors are available to put any design on an easy growth path.

The Zybo provides an ultra-low cost alternative to the ZedBoard for designers that don't require the high-density I/O of the FMC connector, but still wish to leverage the massive processing power and extensibility of the Zynq AP SoC architecture.

If you would like to start projects utilizing Zynq processors but aren't sure where to start, check out The Zynq Book!

▶ Features

  • Xilinx Zynq-7000 (XC7Z010-1CLG400C)
  • 28,000 logic cells
  • 240 KB Block RAM
  • 80 DSP slices
  • On-chip dual channel, 12-bit, 1 MSPS analog-to-digital converter (XADC)
  • 650 MHz dual-core Cortex™-A9 processor
  • On-board JTAG programming and UART to USB converter
  • DDR3 memory controller with 8 DMA channels
  • 512 MB x32 DDR3 w/ 1050Mbps bandwidth
  • 128 Mb Serial Flash w/ QSPI interface
  • microSD slot (supports Linux file system)
  • High-bandwith peripheral controllers: 1G Ethernet, USB 2.0, SDIO
  • Low-bandwidth peripheral controller: SPI, UART, I2C
  • Dual-role (Source/Sink) HDMI port
  • 16-bits per pixel VGA output port
  • Trimode (1Gbit/100Mbit/10Mbit) Ethernet PHY
  • OTG USB 2.0 PHY (supports host and device)
  • External EEPROM (programmed with 48-bit globally unique EUI-48/64™ compatible identifier)
  • Audio codec with headphone out, microphone and line in jacks
  • GPIO: 6 pushbuttons, 4 slide switches, 5 LEDs
  • Six Pmod ports (1 processor-dedicated, 1 dual analog/digital)

▶ Support Materials

▶ What's Included

  • Zybo FPGA
  • Custom Digilent cardboard box with protective foam

▶ Pmods

Digilent는 70여가지의 Pmod 제품을 제공하고 있습니다. FPGA 보드의 Pmod에 커넥터에 Pmod 제품을 연결하면 보드에서 제공하지 않는 70여가지의 다양한 기능을 사용할 수 있습니다. 아래 링크페이지를 통해 다양한 Pmod 제품들을 검토해 보시기 바랍니다.

Sours: https://m.inipro.net/goods/goods_view.php?goodsNo=1000135460


ZYBO™ schematics, VB.3.5/07/15.pdf (947.89 KiB)ZYBO™ reference manual.2/14/14.pdf (1.31 MiB)Embedded Linux hands-on tutorial for the ZYBO. This document provides step-by-step instructions for customizing your hardware, compiling the Linux Kernel, and writing driver and user applications.1/27/15.pdf (3.97 MiB)ZYBO Master UCF File for ISE designs.2/18/14.zip (1.66 KiB)ZYBO Board Definition File for configuring the Zynq Processing System core in Xilinx Platform Studio and Vivado IP Integrator.2/18/14.zip (2.22 KiB)ZYBO Master XDC File for Vivado designs.2/19/14.zip (2.02 KiB)ZYBO Base System Design. A good starting point for custom ZYBO designs, including custom IP cores for VGA output, HDMI output, and Audio codec input/output. Project files included for ISE 14.7 and Vivado 2013.4.4/25/14.zip (18.13 MiB)PetaLinux 2014.2 board support package (BSP) for the Zybo. This allows you to use your ZYBO with Xilinx’s PetaLinux embedded Linux solution.8/06/14.bsp (23.38 MiB)
Sours: https://www.imaging.utk.edu/research/embeddedsystems/zybo/downloads.html
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Zybo Z7

BuyReference ManualTechnical Support
Zynq-7000 ARM/FPGA SoC Development Board
  • Full support for Vivado, including tool integration, example projects and tutorials
  • 667MHz dual-core Cortex-A9 processor with tightly integrated Xilinx FPGA
  • 1 GB DDR3L with 32-bit bus @ 1066 MHz
  • Wide range of USB, Ethernet, Video, and Audio connectivity
  • Pmod connectors for adding-on hardware devices
  • Pcam connector for attaching camera sensors with MIPI CSI-2 interface
  • Programmable from JTAG, Quad-SPI flash, and microSD card
XC7Z020-1CLG400C (XC7Z010-1CLG400C*)
Zynq PLL with 4 outputs
4 PLLs (2 PLLs*)
4 MMCMs (2 MMCMs*)
125 MHz external clock
  • (* -7010 variant value in parentheses when different)
Connectivity and On-board I/O
USB-JTAG Programmer
4 Push buttons
2 MIO Push buttons
4 LEDs
2 RGB LEDs (1*)
  • (* -7010 variant value in parentheses when different)
5V (2.5mm coaxial) supply

The Zybo Z7 is a feature-rich, ready-to-use embedded software and digital circuit development board built around the Xilinx Zynq-7000 family. The Zynq family is based on the Xilinx All Programmable System-on-Chip (AP SoC) architecture, which tightly integrates a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with Xilinx 7-series Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) logic. The Zybo Z7 surrounds the Zynq with a rich set of multimedia and connectivity peripherals to create a formidable single-board computer, even before considering the flexibility and power added by the FPGA. The Zybo Z7's video-capable feature set, including a MIPI CSI-2 compatible Pcam connector, HDMI input, HDMI output, and high DDR3L bandwidth, was chosen to make it an affordable solution for the high end embedded vision applications that Xilinx FPGAs are popular for. Attaching additional hardware is made easy by the Zybo Z7's Pmod connectors, allowing access to Digilent's catalog of over 70 Pmod peripheral boards, including motor controllers, sensors, displays, and more.

The Zybo Z7 is a direct replacement for the popular Zybo development board, which will soon be phased out of production. The designs are very similar, however the Zybo Z7 adds several features and performance improvements. To assist in migrating from the Zybo to the Zybo Z7, Digilent has created a migration guide, available on the Zybo Z7 Resource Center.



Prerelease Xilinx Tools 2020.1 Tutorials

Important:Project and tutorial updates are a work in progress. Tutorials for 2020.1 linked within this dropdown marked “Under Construction” have not been finished or tested.

Example Projects

Additional Resources

Sours: https://digilent.com/reference/programmable-logic/zybo-z7/start
Zybo Zynq 7000 Vivado IRQ sw leds

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Schematic zybo

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Zybo Zynq-7000 DMA Audio Project Demo

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