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Description: A channel of videos of all things geek from up here in the Last Frontier (Alaska ... not space ... that's the Final Frontier ;-) )! Battle Reports, product reviews, and more! Warhammer 40,000, HeroClix, and more! This channel is completely unofficial and claims no ownership of any of the copyrights for the products featured on this channel (so please don't sue me Games Workshop!)

A channel of videos of all things geek from up here in the Last Frontier (Alaska ... not space ... that's the Final Frontier ;-) )! Battle Reports, product reviews, and more! Warhammer 40,000, HeroClix, and more! This channel is completely unofficial and claims no ownership of any of the copyrights for the products featured on this channel (so please don't sue me Games Workshop!)


Glacial Ice

Most of the freshwater on our planet is pretty cold. Tiny snowflakes fall, freeze, thaw, and get crushed up with minerals by incredible amounts of pressure for a long time to form blue and beautiful glacial ice. Ours is warmer.

Glacial Ice is a soft turquoise based illuminator with a turquoise sheen and color shifting aqua sparkles. Glacial Ice is shown stippled heavily over our Power Up Primer to show its base color as well as its sheen and sparkle. When applied with a soft bristled fluffy brush it adds a turquoise glow and aqua sparkle to the skin. This beautiful multi-tasker is also useable as an eyeshadow, and is great for use on the brow bone. It can be used to add a touch of shimmer and sheen to the face, decolletage, hair, or anywhere else on your body you'd like a touch of illumination! Glacial Ice is not lip safe.

Glacial Ice as listed is in a 20 gr jar with sifter and screw-on lid.

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No Cost Too High: Private Equity Firm Heating a Glacial Lake Just to Mine Bitcoin

Pier on Seneca Lake with glowing lights at sunset

Seneca Lake is the largest of the Finger Lakes, located in upstate New York. The locals and tourists who normally flock to the lake for a relaxing cool swim will be disappointed this year, as it has been heated up by a nearby gas-fired power plant that’s mining Bitcoin.

“The lake is so warm you feel like you’re in a hot tub,” said Abi Buddington, a local from Dresden, whose house is located near the power plant.

The facility—owned by private equity firm Atlas Holdings since 2014 and operated by Greenidge Generation LLC—is located on the shores of the beautiful lake. Together, they have sharply increased the electrical output of the plant over the past year and a half, pushing out half a billion pounds of CO2 a year, all in the name of mining Bitcoin on computers, an incredibly energy-intensive process that involves verifying transactions to earn rewards (aka Bitcoin).

The plant is currently running 8,000 computers 24 hours a day to “mine” the virtual currency. Meanwhile, the cost of keeping the plant cool is passed onto the local environment. To keep the plant’s turbines cool, an intake pipe pulls in approximately 100 million gallons of water from the lake every day. That water, now heated up to incredibly high temperatures, is discharged into a river, which will undoubtedly impact the wildlife and plants that depend on that water source.

Greenidge has installed thousands of mining rigs that have pulled in more than 1,100 Bitcoin since February of this year. That’s about $37 million USD. The company has plans to install thousands of additional rigs, which will use 85MW of the plant’s total 108MW capacity.

Last December, when Atlas’ plant was running at a mere 13 percent of its total capacity, it produced 243,103 tons of carbon dioxide and equivalent greenhouse gases. That’s a ten-fold jump from January of that year when it first started mining. The plant currently has a permit to emit 641,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions each year, but at its full 108MW capacity, pollution could reach as much as 1.06 million tons in a year.

Sunset on Seneca Lake at Watkins Glen, New York

Seneca Lake is 12,000 years old and renowned for its sparkling high-quality water. It’s also home to a large lake trout population that has maintained the National Lake Trout Derby for 57 years running. Those fish spawn in the rivers that feed into Seneca Lake. The Keuka Lake Outlet is one such river, and the one Greenidge dumps its heated water into.

Trout are incredibly sensitive to changes in water temperature and prefer temperatures around the mid-50s (Fahrenheit) as it holds the most comfortable quantity of oxygen for them. Temperatures higher than that can stress the fish, and when temperatures exceed 70 degrees, the trout stop growing and start dying.

Greenidge has a permit to dump 135 million gallons of water into the Keuka Lake Outlet at temperatures up to 108 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 86 degrees during winter. As this heated water makes its way from the river into Seneca Lake, it can lead to dangerous algal blooms and other serious concerns. Though a study focused on determining the lake’s temperatures and other metrics won’t be completed until 2023, locals say they believe the water is already much hotter.

While there are understandable environmental issues accompanying crypto mining, some of Dresden’s local institutions are happy to see Greenidge back in business. NBC News reported that the company donated $20,000 to local education and enrichment programs, donated a $25,000 jaws-of-life machine to the local fire department, has created 31 jobs, and funded an economic study showing that “the company made payments to local authorities in lieu of real property taxes of $272,000 last year.”

However, many locals like Buddington aren’t interested in these donations and believe that fighting against the company is the only way to move forward. “My concern is if we don’t do something now, it’s going to be so much harder to undo.”

via Ars Technica

Blood Angels VS Space Wolves - Warhammer 40K Batrep - 2,000pts

Maul of Glacial Heights

Part of the Destiny Arms, the artifacts needed to reset the plane of Dal Quor. The maul was found in Xen'drik by Strent, Dex's brother. Belashyrra described it as being "on the top of a mountain."[1]

Physical Description[]

A large maul that seems to be made out of glacial ice.[1][2]


Treated as a +1 greatclub. The user has +2 to saves against psionic powers and is immunte to possession.

When powered by the Silver Flame: Once per long rest, the wielder can call out to the cloud giant spirits and gain a +6 to strength that lasts for 10 minutes. At the end of the duration, the wielder takes 1 level of exhaustion. Has the Icy Burst property: deals an extra 1d6 cold damage. On a critical hit, frost explodes from the weapon, dealing 1d10 additional points of cold damage.[3]


  • Ep. 106:Belashyrra describes where the maul is—on the top of a mountain.
  • Ep. 127:Beric feels the maul moving.
  • Ep. 131:Strent is shown having found the maul.
  • Ep. 133: The party is told by the dragons that they need to hunt down the maul, which is the last piece of the Destiny Arms.
  • Ep. 138: The party gets the maul from where Strent has been keeping it at the Lassite estate.
  • Ep. 142:Booyah puts the powered stone in the maul.
  • Ep. 145: The maul is put into the eldritch machine on Dal Quor.

References and Footnotes[]


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Mask Monday: Timeless Truth Glacial Snow Algae Bio Cellulose Mask

Timeless Truth Glacial Snow Algae Bio Cellulose Mask

I am really struggling with dry skin at the mo, and I’m layering up all the products to try and reduce that horrid, tight feeling that comes with parched skin.  Consequently, I’ve been reaching for sheet masks a lot more frequently and I’m so pleased I decided to give the Timeless Truth Glacial Snow Algae Bio Cellulose Mask a go, as it’s easily one of the best ones I’ve tried for drastically improving hydration levels.

Timeless Truth Glacial Snow Algae Bio Cellulose Mask

As you can see in the picture, it’s generously sized, so if you have a long face like me then you won’t struggle to make it fit, and can easily fold over parts that are too baggy to ensure a clean fit that provides even hydration.  I’m wearing eye patches underneath the mask which are the more opaque white parts under the eye.  The huge plus of the Timeless Truth Glacial Snow Algae Bio Cellulose Mask is that it is really rich and creamy, with lots of lovely hyaluronic acid to provide some serious hydration.  I applied this and left it for around an hour, finding my skin had really drunk up all the moisturising serum after use.  My skin felt and looked plump, soothed and hydrated after use, and these effects were still obvious for a couple of days after use.  My favourite way to use a hydrating sheet mask is to start with a gentle chemical exfoliant (I used the REN AHA Tonic) then follow with a really moisturising mask to reap the benefits.  This is by far one of my favourite sheet masks for a while, and even though it’s a little more expensive than is ideal at around £8 per mask, it’s definitely a decent investment and a good example of getting what you pay for.  Find them here – link – where single sheets are £7.40 and a five pack is £35.15.

*PR Sample

Getting Ready for a Tournament! #shorts

Alice was washing in the shower, she was standing with her back lathered to me, then she turned and I saw her thin shoulders, thin waist, protruding breasts. Alice took the. Watering can, washed off the foam, and began rubbing her clitoris with her finger, because of the noise of the water it was not audible how, she moaned softly, she was jerked like an electric shock and she finished and sat down on her knees.

My penis almost tore my panties from tension.

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