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Apple’s latest advertising strategy might be engineered more to make you tingle than to buy a new iPhone.

The tech giant released four autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos on Wednesday for its “shot on iPhone” campaign. “ASMR, shot and recorded on iPhone, to relax wherever you are,” the videos’ descriptions read. Apple is capitalizing on an established internet trend of videos featuring soft, specific sounds that give some viewers a static-like and tingly feeling.

ASMR accounts have garnered millions of views on YouTube. The popular channel Gibi ASMR has 2.1 million subscribers, and one of her most popular videos, “Dark and Relaxing Tapping and Scratching,” has 13 million views.

In one of Apple’s new videos titled “Whispers from Ghost Forest,” the spooky sounds of a woman telling the story of how the Neskowin Ghost Forest in Oregon came to be are coupled with gorgeous panoramic views of the terrain. Another video titled “Satisfying woodshop sounds” is just what you’d imagine. The similar noises of “Crunching sounds on the trail” and “A calm rain at camp” round out Apple’s offerings for the ASMR-obsessed.

The four videos are directed by Anson Fogel, whose commercial direction credits include Apple, Volkswagon and Amtrak. He filmed the videos with an iPhone XS and iPhone XS, according to Apple.

Watch Apple’s full videos, which range from six to 11 minutes, below — but don’t forget to use your headphones for the full ASMR effect.


Apple Has Released an Oregon-Filmed ASMR Video as Part of Its iPhone Campaign, And It’s a Little Creepy

Apple is capitalizing on the ASMR video trend—that's "autonomous sensory meridian response"—with new ads meant to trigger that back-of-your-scalp tingly feeling.

One of the videos in the "Shot on iPhone" campaign was filmed at the Neskowin Ghost Forest on the Oregon Coast, 10 miles south of Pacific City, where ancient Sitka spruce stumps dot the shore like eerie sentinels.

After a quick disclaimer explaining that the video is "best enjoyed with headphones," a whispering narrator describes the history of the Ghost Forest in a chilling, hushed voice as sound slowly alternates from headphone to headphone—it feels as though your computer is possessed.

"These strange sarcophagi were once trees, and they represent a beautiful, ethereal memorial to the great cataclysm that came before," the narrator says. "People have understandably come to call this place the Ghost Forest."

The appropriately ghostly whispering—which accompanies gorgeous, sweeping shots of the Oregon coast—goes on for over seven minutes.

Another nearly nine-minute-long saga of rain falling on a campsite appears to have been shot at Smith Rock in Bend.

Watch both videos below—with headphones, of course.

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Ghost of Tsushima's photo mode is the closest you'll get to video game ASMR

Video games are relentlessly violent. Ghost of Tsushima is no different, as duels leave enemies staggering, blood spurting from gaping wounds. The island burns as it's pillaged by the hordes, and our hero is bent on brutal revenge.

But in stark contrast, Ghost of Tsushima's photo mode is able to fully exploit the atmosphere, beauty and sound of its 13th Century setting, pausing the violence to transport viewers to a truly tranquil and escapist idyll.

Watch our 20 minute video below to float with the gentle flowing water. Listen to the creaking forests as leaves rise and fall in the wind. Marvel at the lush grass blowing like swirling currents. Drift off to the crackle of a bonfire. Try not to pee yourself as the stream trickles in the background.

You can read our full review of Ghost of Tsushima here. It's Sony's last big PlayStation 4 exclusive and although it has its faults, it's undeniably beautiful.

If this video has pushed you over the edge and you want to buy Ghost of Tsushima, you can pick up the Special Edition on Amazon US, which comes with a steelbook case and lots of in-game extras like skins and charms, as well as a director's commentary. In the UK, the standard edition comes with a custom print cover.

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