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Palicoes are a cat-like combat companion in Monster Hunter World. As hunters' reliable comrades out in the field, they specialize in a variety of offensive, defensive, and restorative support abilities. The hunter's Palico joins the Fifth Fleet with pride, as much a bona fide member of the Commission as any other hunter.

You only get one Palico. The one you customize during character creation will be the only companion Palico. Others will be in the Town or Players Housing but do not accompany the Hunter.

Palicoes are reliable comrades while out on the hunt. They'll support you in numerous ways during quests, from attacking monsters to utilizing useful gadgets.

Palicoes in MHW

  • Palicoes can be outfitted with Weapons and Armor that you make for them in Crafting
  • They can be leveled up according to traits and roles you wish for them to serve
  • In combat, they can support you with offensive and defensive maneuvers
  • They can serve as harvesting helpers for gathering Items in the wild
  • They can communicate with local wild cats and convince them to help hunters by setting traps
  • Only one Palico can be brought on a quest, but the Palico can temporarily recruit wild cats and small monsters to help. Sometimes another player's Palico can be encountered in the wild, and they will aid you--quite useful since they can also use Palico Gadgets.
  • Palicoes can be equipped with gadgets that give powerful bonuses on command
  • The max level for your Palico is 50 (Patch 6.02)
  • The max level of Tailraider Unity is 10. (Patch 6.02)

Palico Gadgets

All Palico Gadgets have two stages and your Palico will use their gadgets semi-frequently on their own. After levelling a gadget to lv5, an icon will appear in your quickbar to use the first stage at the player's command e.g to place a flashfly cage. After reaching lv10 with a gadget, a second icon will become available allowing you to use the second stage of the gadget on command. This can be useful to place things like vigorwasp stations or shock traps shortly before a fight. Gadget proficiency level cap has raised from 10 to 15 since patch 6.02.

  • Vigorwasp Spray: The Palico pulls out a vigorwasp and rides it towards the hunter. It then explodes, healing the hunter. When leveled up, the Palico can also deploy a stationary vigorwasp, like one found in the wild.
    • Acquired by: Starter Gadget.
  • Flashfly Cage: The Palico pulls out a cage with a flashfly in it. The hunter can then hit the cage to create a large flash. Very useful for fighting flying wyverns like Rathalos or Legiana. When leveled up, the Palico can deploy an electric shock trap. Beware, overuse of traps and flashes will cause a monster to become resistant.
    • Acquired by: Bugtrapper Clan Quest in Ancient Forest.
  • Shieldspire: The Palico pulls out a shield with a face on it. The Palico then taunts the monster into attacking it while using the shield to stay alive. The next ability of the Shieldspire is a shield bash which can stagger and stun a monster if it hits.
    • Acquired by: Protector Quest in Wildspire Waste.
  • Coral Orchestra: The Palico pulls out a Coral Instrument. The Palico then plays one of several songs that applies a buff (e.g. Attack Up, Defense Up, Bleeding Resistance, Stamina Drain Down).  Upon levelling up the Palico gains access to a second instrument with some improved buffs, such as the ability to negate environmental damage from lava, giving the player the earplug effect, divine protection or stun resistance/negation.
    • Acquired by: Troupper Quest in Coral Highlands.
  • Plunderblade: The Palico pulls out a Plunderblade and snatches items from monsters (e.g. scales, fangs ...). Items snatched this way go directly to the Palico inventory and will be received at the end of the quest or expedition. Upon levelling up, the Palico is able to throw the Plunderblade. If this thrown blade hits a monster, the monster will drop an item, which may be either an appropriate scale or talon, or a slinger ammo e.g Piercing pods.
    • Acquired by:  Plunderer Quest in Rotten Vale.
  • Meowlatov Cocktail: The Palico pulls out a ceramic pot and throws it at monster causing it to explode and deal damage. The upgraded version has your Palico roll around with a small cannon and shield. These attacks can easily stagger large monsters.
    • Acquired by: Gajalaka Quest in Elder's Recess.

Role in the Main Story/Lore

A Felyne partner that joins the Fifth Fleet hunter in their travels, coming to the New World along with their A-List hunting partner. Palicoes provide support with various weapons and tools used in hunting and, being lynians, can also use their own physical abilities to contribute to investigations in the New World.

The Palico met the Hunter, their present partner, in the Old World and carried out several requests for them. Perhaps because of that long association, the Palico wanted to be taken along on the next fleet so the Hunter could see them making good use of Palico Gadgets. That reveals their trust and affection for their partner.

Many types of Lynians live in the New World. Each has their own culture and linguistic systems, so direct interaction is difficult, but Palicoes are highly active as go-betweens. They can understand human languages, they can actualize interactions with Lynians as they investigate evidence of them. Sometimes they exchange information, and sometimes they join in on hunts. These things forge friendly relationships. Finally, they can also learn the languages of small monsters and can control those small monsters by feeding them. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say they are indispensable in the investigation of the New World.


  • Among the Felynes, who are positive and active in their interactions with people, some have abilities that the Guild desires and so are called Palicoes.
  • Palicoes are permitted to work along with hunters. In the Commission, Palicoes are not designated as A-list, but they take part in the Fifth Fleet as accompanying partners.
  • Felynes are omnivorous. Palicoes eat the same foodstuff as humans, but the hunters give them things like meat that has been processed for their consumption. It is said that Felynes that coexists with people have definitely developed more gourmet tastes than when they were wild.
  • A small Lynian that inhabits the Old World and outwardly looks like an animal. Lynians have their own culture and customs, but many of them wish to interact with other species. They are intensely curious, and their ability to learn languages of other cultures is excellent.
  • Palicoes have a strong trust in their hunters, due to having worked together for a long time. They show obedient responses to instruction and have an extremely amiable personality.
  • Perhaps due to their curiosity, Palicoes tend to run about all over the place and work hard when gathering materials on investigations, taking advantage of their physical abilities and environmental adaptability.

Palico Gallery




Strengthening and Equipping Your Palico

Training Your Palico

Training Your PalicoTraining Your Palico

Your Palico's health and attack power will increase as it gains levels.

To increase your Palico's level, you'll need to take them with you on hunts and expeditions. They'll gain experience by helping you hunt monsters, and periodically level up after gaining enough experience.

If your Palico is on standby, they will automatically perform training while you're out on quests and expeditions. They'll gain less experience than when hunting, but this is handy for when you can't take your Palico with you.

Palico Equipment

Palico EquipmentPalico Equipment

You can increase your Palico's attack and defense by equipping them with a weapon and armor. Palico equipment can be forged at the Smithy, and requires materials and research points to make.

You can change your Palico's equipment by:
- Speaking with your Palico in your room
- Entering the tent at any field camp
- Choosing "Change Equipment > Palico" while at the Smithy

Palico Gadgets

Palico GadgetsPalico Gadgets

Palico Gadgets are unique tools that Palicoes can equip to enable unique support abilities.

The first Palico Gadget available to your Palico is the Vigorwasp Spray, which summons a Vigorwasp to restore some of your health.

Palico Gadget Proficiency

Palico Gadget ProficiencyPalico Gadget Proficiency

Your Palico has a degree of proficiency for each Palico Gadget. Proficiency improves every time your Palico takes the gadget out on a hunt or expedition.

Your Palico will learn new ways to use a Palico Gadget as they become more proficient with it.

Signaling for Palico Gadgets

Signaling for Palico GadgetsSignaling for Palico GadgetsSignaling for Palico GadgetsSignaling for Palico Gadgets

Once your Palico gains enough proficiency with a Palico Gadget, you'll gain the ability to signal your Palico to use it on command.

You can select Palico Gadget signals from the item bar.

There is no limit to how many times you can use a Palico Gadget signal, but each time you use a signal you will have to wait a short time before you can use the same one again.

Checking Your Palico's Status

You can check your Palico's status by accessing Button Start Menu > Info > Palico Info.

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Palico Guide Banner
This is a guide to the Palicoes, a returning, cat-like companion in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn more about the Palicoes in Rise and all their mechanics.

MH Rise - Palico Support Types

The Palico can use one of five Support Types. You can choose to scout for Palicoes which have the Support Type of your choice, so be sure to pick the one which best suits your playstyle.

Best Palico Support Type and Equipped Moves

MH Rise - Recruiting Higher Level Palicos

The Buddy Scout allows players to recruit new Palicoes and Palamutes according to a host of specifications. It's possible to specify a Palico of the Support Type and even appearance of your taste, and they can be freely renamed when they are recruited. This is a great tool for finding a Palico with your ideal set of Equipped Moves and Skills!

Each time you depart on a Quest, the recruited Palicoes at the Buddy Scout will be refreshed. Even if you choose to return from or abandon the Quest without completing it, the Palicoes will refresh for a new set with different Equipped Moves and Skills, so rerolling for your ideal Palico is not overly difficult.

Buddy Plaza Guide

MH Rise - Buddy Dojo

In addition to leveling up Palicoes and Palamutes by taking them on Quests with you, it's possible to passively level up Buddies by having them train at the Buddy Dojo.

While you're away on Quests, the training here will continue automatically, for a cost of 100 Points per training round or a single Lagniapple for a full 10 rounds.

Multiple Buddies can level up here at once, so be sure to keep your backup Palicoes and Palamutes training to keep them up to par for when you need them!

Buddy Dojo Guide | How to Train Buddies

MH Rise - Palico Ears Customization

Just like the hunter and the Palamute, the Palico's look can be edited in the character creation. The patterns, the colors, and many more can be edited for the Palico!

In addition to appearance, the Customization stage also allows you to choose the Support Type of the Palico.

You can change your Palico's name and innerwear color anytime after character creation. However, its coat and voice can't be changed anymore, so be careful in making your Palico!

Character Creation Guide

MH Rise - Rakna-Kadaki Palico Armor Set

The Palicoes can be equipped to modify their looks in battle. This isn't just for looks, as these armor and weapon provides stat bonuses to further your palico's capabilities in battle.

List of Armor Sets and Armor Skills

Large OnlyPalicoes exclusively target large monsters.
Large FirstPalicoes prioritize attacking large monsters.
BalancedPalicoes attack all monsters indiscriminately.
Small FirstPalicoes prioritize attacking small monsters.
Small OnlyPalicoes exclusively target small monsters.

You can choose what your Palico targets during hunts, whether it be large monsters or small monsters.

To set this up, go to the Buddy Board and choose the Behavior tab. You can choose between Palicoes and Palamutes (for this guide, choose Palico!), then you can choose which Palico you want to change the behavior of. From there you can choose from the options we listed above.

You can also equip or unequip your Palico's skills from the Buddy Board, depending on what monster you're hunting! For example, you might want the Negate Sleep skill when going up against Great Baggi, but it definitely won't be as useful against Magnamalo.

MH Rise - Forest Cat Layered Armor Set (Palico)

The Palicos can also equip layered armor, these are the armor that can be worn over your current armor. Think of them as cosmetics so you can modify your palico's look and adjust it to your liking.

As mentioned earlier, Palicoes can gather items. This makes them a more gathering oriented ally as opposed to the Palamute's high mobility.

Similar to the Plunderblade from Monster Hunter World, Palicoes in Monster Hunter Rise which have the Pilfer Equipped Move are even able to directly steal Materials from enemies.

MH Rise - Felvine Bulb

The new item Felvine Bulb will enhance the Palico's capabilities. This item is always accessible to the player, and does not expire, but has a significant cooldown period after use.

Under the effects of the Felvine Bulb, the Palico will gain the following boosts to its abilities. Since this action is easy to activate, be sure to use the Felvine Bulb whenever you're about to enter a tough battle!

  • Health restoration
  • Increased support action frequency
  • Evasive maneuvers against attacks
  • Stronger attacks

MH Rise - Use the Felvine

The Felvine Bulb can be used by selecting Use the Felvine! from the Action Bar, and can also be set to the Radial Menu for easy access.

MH Rise - Playing with Palico
Players can have a fun time and wind down from a long day of hunting with several available interactions with the Palico, including an extensive secret handshake.

CheckmarkFight monsters alongside the hunter

CheckmarkComplements the Palamute's abilities

CheckmarkHire Buddies and dispatch Meowcenaries at the Buddy Plaza

MH Rise - Palico and Palamute Helping Hunter from Paralysis

As a companion, the Palico will aid the hunter in battle against Monsters using their own weapons, armor, and even unique Equipped Moves. Although they are capable of traditional attacks, their main specialty lies in supporting the hunter by providing healing items, setting traps and bombs, and gathering rare items.

In Monster Hunter Rise, Palicoes are grouped into five Support Types which determine their Equipped Moves, and are fully customizable to suit the player's tastes.

MH Rise - Palamute
Palamutes specialize in moving you around the field and attacking monsters with you. With that in mind, what do you want your Palico to specialize in?

Do you want your Palico to compensate for the lack of the Palamute's support abilities with the Healer or Assist Support Types, or to further add to your Palamute's offensive power with the Attack and Bombardier Support Types? It's completely up to you!

How to Ride Palamutes

MH Rise - Buddy Plaza Overview
All things Palico or Palamute can be found at the Buddy Plaza! Hire the Buddy of your choosing or dispatch Meowcenaries over here.

Buddies Partial Banner.png
Buddy Plaza Guide

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Palicos are Godlike - Best Palico Type + Moves - Perfect Palico Breakdown - Monster Hunter Rise!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Palico Guide

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - Palico Guide

What are Palicoes?

Palicoes are feline comrades that accompany hunters on quests. They assist hunters in a variety of ways, like picking up items, befriending grimalkynes, and setting up traps to using gadgets in and out of combat. Like hunters, palicoes can also be outfitted with weapons and armor with elemental attributes.

You will be partnered with one palico at the start of the story. Decide on its name and appearance carefully, as you will not be able to change it later. Note that there is currently no way to bring multiple palicoes into quests.


Palicoes level up as you take them on quests. This grants them more attack power and defense. When left on standby at home, your palico will train by itself. It will still gain levels this way, though at a slower pace. A palico’s level caps at 50.


Armor and Weapons

You can equip your palico with armor and weapons forged at the smithy. As with hunter gear, palico equipment require monster materials to make. The crafting cost, however, is paid with research points rather than money.

Palico armor sets consist of a piece of headgear and body armor. While armor does not grant your palico any skills, it can give elemental resistances for fighting different monsters.

Palico Armor List

Palico weapons are used to inflict elemental damage and status ailments. They are separated into two damage types as well: severing and blunt.


Palicoes have access to special gadgets that have a variety of uses. These can do things like provide healing, steal items from monsters, or throw explosives.

Each gadget has two stages of use. At first, your palico will use these two actions on its own. Through constant use of a gadget, your Palico will gain proficiency levels, allowing it to use actions on command. Your Palico can be told to use stage 1 and 2 actions at proficiency levels 5 and 10. Gadget proficiency level caps at 15.

Gadgets are obtained by completing Grimalkyne sidequests found around the different maps.


Palicoes primarily assist you in combat by drawing a monster’s attention. You can then attack monsters without much risk of a direct counterattack. Since palico weapons can do either severing or blunt damage, they are capable of helping you cut off or break monster parts.

Certain palico weapons can weaken or immobilize monsters by inflicting poison, sleep, or paralysis. This makes palicoes extremely useful for taking on troublesome foes, especially in high-rank quests.

Your palico will come to your aid if you yourself get stunned, paralyzed, or fall asleep. Your companion will knock you out of the condition to avoid a fatal blow coming your way.

Grimalkynes can be befriended during hunts by having your palico talk to them. These peculiar wild cats will set up traps to immobilize monsters, rendering them helpless to attacks.

Once your palico faints, it will disappear to recover its health. You will then have to take on the monster alone until your palico returns.


Level palico

How do you level up Palicoes?

How do you level up Palicoes?

To increase your Palico’s level, you’ll need to take them with you on hunts and expeditions. They’ll gain experience by helping you hunt monsters, and periodically level up after gaining enough experience. If your Palico is on standby, they will automatically perform training while you’re out on quests and expeditions.

What is the max Palico level?

When left on standby at home, your palico will train by itself. It will still gain levels this way, though at a slower pace. A palico’s level caps at 50.

How many Palamutes can you have?

21 Palamutes
Limited Buddy positions You can have 21 Palamutes and 21 Palicos, which gives you plenty of room to hire all of the cool Buddies you see. If you run out of room but still want to hire more, then you’ll need to select Dismiss Buddy and choose a fur friend to say goodbye to.

What is the max HR in Monster Hunter Rise?

HR 999
What is the current High Rank cap in Monster Hunter Rise, and how do Hunter Rank points work? At launch, Monster Hunter Rise had a High Rank cap of 7 – also known as HR7. Following the April 2021 2.0 update, this raised the cap to HR 999, as with previous Monster Hunter games.

What does intense training do MHGU?

Intense Training If you hand over a Training Guide, they can earn even more experience. This effect lasts until their training is complete, so make the most of each Training Guide by having the Palico train for a long period of time.

Which is the slowest way to level up Palicoes?

Taking them with you is dependant on many factors (like rank, monster, how many times they faint, etc), and it is probably the slowest method of the 4 next to basic training (palico food skill helps a lot, but still much weaker than the other methods)

What do you do with a palicoe in Monster Hunter rise?

Palicoes are reliable comrades while out on the hunt. They’ll support you in numerous ways during quests, from attacking monsters to utilizing useful gadgets. They can also be sent out in Mewocenaries expeditions to get you loot, and trained at the Buddy Dojo while idle.

How many support moves can a Palico learn?

Each Palico can learn up to five Support Moves, which are pre-determined upon creation or hiring of the Palico. Each Palico specializes in one of five Support Types. A Palico’s type pre-determines their Level 1 and Level 20 Support Moves.

What’s the max level for a Palico in Fortnite?

Sometimes another player’s Palico can be encountered in the wild, and they will aid you–quite useful since they can also use Palico Gadgets. Palicoes can be equipped with gadgets that give powerful bonuses on command The max level for your Palico is 50 (Patch 6.02) The max level of Tailraider Unity is 10. (Patch 6.02)

All Palico Gadget Upgrades : MHW Iceborne

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