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Scotts 1G Black Color Renew Mulch

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Detroit Mall Scotts 1G Washington Mall Black Mulch Renew Color


Scotts 1G Black Color Renew Mulch


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Scotts 1G Black Color Renew Mulch

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How to Use Scotts Deep Brown Mulch

By Rob Harris

Darker mulch makes flowers look brighter.

Scotts mulch that comes in a deep forest brown color can help accentuate your flower beds while protecting them from weeds and pests. The mulch is made of a mixture of woods that are enhanced with the dark brown color meant to last the entire season, rather than fading to a dull gray. The darker color helps your flowers stand out from the rest of your garden.

Benefits of Mulch

Organic mulches, such as the wood chips used in Scotts Nature Scapes mulch in deep forest brown, break down over time and release helpful nutrients into the soil. While this means you must add more mulch each year, it also means your plants are getting the benefit of extra organic material in the soil. The proper amount of mulch helps stop weeds by blocking the sunlight the seeds need to germinate, and it helps hold moisture in the soil for your plants' roots. Scotts Nature Scapes mulch has been treated so water won't bead on the top and travels easily to the soil, where the mulch covering helps it stay.

Measuring Your Space

To determine how much mulch you need, measure the length and width of your flower bed. Multiply the two numbers together to find the square feet. For example, if your flower bed is 12 feet by 4 feet, that's 48 square feet. Then, decide how deeply you want to mulch. Scotts recommends a 3-inch layer of mulch, which is the minimum required to effectively block weeds. Scotts mulch bags typically cover 2 cubic feet, and they recommend six bags to cover 48 square feet at a 3-inch depth. Each bag covers about 6 square feet at the 3-inch depth.

Spreading the Mulch

To spread the Scotts mulch, put on some gloves and old clothes. The coloring process can leave residue on the mulch that can transfer to your skin and clothes, so protect your hands and only wear clothes that you don't mind getting stained. Pour one bag of mulch around existing plants -- never over plant seeds that haven't germinated -- and spread it with your hands or a rake to a depth of 3 inches. Keep the mulch several inches away from the trunks of trees and bushes or your foundation. Water the flowerbed to help the mulch settle and get the soil moist.

Keeping the Color

Because the Scotts Nature Scapes mulch is color-enhanced, it's going to fade some over the growing season, although it's designed to fade less with 60 percent more colorant added during the manufacturing process than other Scotts mulches. Turning the mulch every three to four months can help you retain the deep brown color. Use a steel rake and turn the top inch of mulch over, exposing the darker brown mulch under the sun-baked upper layer.

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Scotts Mulch Color Renewal Red, 1 gal

Scotts Mulch Color Renewal Red, 1 gal


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Order now and get it around Monday, October 25

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Product Details

  • Instantly adds color to faded mulch
  • Extended wand with two fan tips for easy and accurate application
  • Fast and easy curb appeal
  • Battery-powered extended reach wand
  • Rainfast and dry to the touch in as little as 6 hours
Product Dimensions5.5 x 12 x 9.5 inches (14 x 30.5 x 24.1 cm)
Item Weight9.5 pounds (4.28 kg)
Item model number1378104



Few things in your lawn and garden provide instant satisfaction and curb appeal like freshly laid mulch. Scotts Mulch Color Renewal is the perfect solution for times when you have plenty of mulch but not that fresh vibrant look in your landscape beds. Touch up those high visibility areas and maintain the best looking landscape on the block.

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