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8 Romantic Arab Films to Watch

Ever wondered how Faten Hamama and Omar Sharif fell in love? It was on the set of Youssef Chahine’s The Blazing Sun. The 1954 film still stands as one of Arab world’s most legendary love stories, having led to the couple’s marriage a year after its release.

And in the decades that followed Arab cinema hasn’t let us down when it comes to romance, perfecting the art of love tales that left us swooning after some of the most iconic on-screen couples, from Egyptian classic rom-coms to modern Tunisian dramas. 

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, we rounded up the best romantic Arab films for you to watch.

Inhebek Hedi, 2016

Inhebek HediHedi, caught up in an arranged marriage, falls in love with Rim, a woman he meets while away on business one week before his wedding. The duo begin a passionate affair as the wedding preparations continue back home.

When Monaliza Smiled, 2012

When Monaliza SmiledMonaliza, a Jordanian woman, who sees no reason to smile, falls for an Egyptian man living in the country’s capital. The classic rom-com tackles the issues surrounding multi-ethnic couples.

Abi Foq Al Shagara, 1969

Abi Foq Al ShagaraIconic Egyptian actress Nadia Lutfi plays the lead alongside Abdel Halim Hafez in his final film appearance. Hafez’s character falls in love with a dancer, played by Lutfi, only to be shunned by his friends.

The Blazing Sun, 1954

The Blazing SunIf you’re a fan of the great Sharif-Hamama pairing, then this is the perfect film for you. The Youssef Chahine-directed production marked Omar Sharif’s acting debut, starring alongside Faten Hamama as the lead. It tells the story of an agricultural engineer who falls for the daughter of a greedy landlord.

The Light of My Eyes, 2010

The Light of My EyesThe Egyptian romantic comedy-drama film directed by Wael Ihsan stars Egyptian heartthrob Tamer Hosny as a composer who’s still madly in love with his formerly blind ex. When she returns to Egypt engaged to his childhood friend, the doctor who restored her sight, things start to escalate.

The Empty Pillow, 1957

The Empty PillowSalah, a young college student played by Abdel Halim Hafez, spends his nights dreaming about Samiha, his first love, envisioning her face in the “empty pillow” beside him. She then goes on to marry someone else leaving him forever haunted by her memory.

The Lady of the Palace, 1958

The Lady of the PalaceThe great Faten Hamama as a working-class girl, and Omar Sharif playing the role of an heir to a huge fortune, have a meet-cute at an auction that leads to a whirlwind marriage.

Cairo Station, 1958

Cairo StationThe list would not be complete without ‘Bab El Hadid’. The Youssef Chahine film, set in Cairo’s central train station, follows Kinawi, a newspaper vendor obsessed with Hannouma, a beautiful attention-seeking woman illegally selling drinks at the same station.

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10 must see Arabic films For Valentine's Weekend

File- A scene from Do'aa Al Karwan.

File- A scene from Do'aa Al Karwan.

CAIRO - 15 February 2020: Whether you are single or in a relationship everyone at some point enjoys a romantic film, for the escapism it offers and for the fact that we all like a bit of romance especially if it has a happy ending. Egypt Today has come up with 10 classic romantic films that are a must watch if you regard yourself a movie fan.

The Nightingale Prayers – Do'aa Al Karwan

One of Egypt best classic films, The Nightingale Prayers – Do'aa Al Karwan, starring Faten Hamama, Ahmed Mazher, Zahrt Al Oala, Mimi Shakeeb, Amina Rezq and Rajaa El Jedawy in her first ever appearance as an actress, adapted from Taha Hussein's novel and directed by Henry Barkat the film was produced in 1959. It tells the story of Amna played by Hamama who watches helplessly as her sister Hanady portrayed by Al Oala being killed by their uncle to 'wash' their shame, after Hanady fell in love and gave herself into temptation with her employer, the engineer played by Mazher. Amna swears revenge on the culprit – the engineer, who she regards as the one that should have been killed and not her sister, the victim. As she goes to work for him, plotting to murder him once she seizes the chance, Amna soon finds herself falling in love with the engineer, the cause of her family's misery. Its an essential watch that will keep you gripped, just don't expect a happy ending.

I Am Leaving – Eni Rahela

Another classic novel that was turned into a film, I Am Leaving – Eni Rahela written by Yousif Al Seba'ee and directed by Ezz Eldine Zulfekar was premiered in January of 1955. A love story marred by social class, betrayal and greed with tragic consequences. There are few films that can bring a book to life and do it justice and I Am Leaving – Eni Rahela certainly fits the bill and one of the best. Starring the elegant Madeha Yousry as Aida who is in love with Ahmed played by the 50s leading star of romance Emad Hamdy, who are soon separated by the prejudice and greed of her father who is portrayed by Saraj Mounir. Again it is not a happy ever after ending but a powerful one that will stay in your memory for years.

She Lived For Love – A'asht Le El Hob

Some of the best films are the ones that are based on a classic literature and this is another film that was taken from a novel by Muhammad Adel Halim Abdullah though the film took a different title to the book but the plot remained faithful to the original story. Produced in 1959 and directed by Al Sayed Badir the film follows the story of Hosni played by the heartthrob of the time Kamal Al Shenawy, who has is weary and distrustful of women, he can almost be described as a misogynist, but all this is pushed aside when he moves to Cairo and falls in love with his neighbour Zainab portrayed by the beautiful Zobeida Tharwat. But this relationship is soon tested when Hosni's old demons return and he pushes Zainab away. Unlike the previous films this one has a heart warming end that will give the viewer the feeling that yes, sometimes love can overcome everything even inner demons. The film also stars Lalya Taher, Abdel Moneam Ibrahim, Wedad Hamdy, and Aziza Helmy.

The Empty Pillow – Al Wesada Al Khalyea

Carrying on the theme of literatures based films,The Empty Pillow – Al Wesada Al Khalyea is one of Ihsan Abdel Kodous most loved novels and the fact that it starred Abdel Halim Hafz, every girls' dream at the time, makes this film a must watch. Produced in 1957 and directed by Salah Abu Seif, the film explores the myth of one's first love and its impact on an individual, the fact that the film is partially musical adds to the romantic factor effect. Hafiz is joined by Lobna Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Ramzy, Omar Al Hariri, Zahrt Al Oala, and Abdel Moneam Ibrahim. The film has an unusual end, though it is a fairly happy one but it does not reunite the lovers or the stars of the film.

My Heart's Reply – Rad Qalbi

Yes, its another film based on Yousif Al Saba'ae novel of the same name. Produced in December of 1957 and directed by Ezz Eldine Zulfekar, My Heart's Reply – Rad Qalbi is probably one of the first films that explores life before and after the 52 revolution. The film follows the love story of the gardener's son, Ali played by Shukri Sarhan and princess Anji, who is played by Maryam Fakher El Dine, their love seems to be doomed due to their social status but things are soon changed when the revolution takes place. The film host a galaxy of stars; Hussein Readh, Ahmed Mazher, Salah Zulfekar, Fardoos Muhammad, Hind Rostom, Roshdi Abaza, and Zahrt Al Oala . A feel good film with a bit of history, definitely worth watching.

The Palace Lady – Sayedt El Qasr

It is just not possible to list romantic movies without including the king and queen of romance; Omar El Sharief and Faten Hamama, their films alone can create a list but we have chosen one of their lesser famous one, The Palace Lady – Sayedt El Qasr, because it represent a simple love story of a poor hard working orphan played by Hamama and the care free rich Adel (El Sharief) and how their love is tested by Adel's lifestyle and friends. The film is directed by Kamal El Sheikh, written by Hussein Helmy El Mohands, produced in 1958 and other co-stars included; Estefan Rosti, Zuzu Madhi, Omar El Hariri and Fardous Muhammad. The film is simple with a happy ending, a perfect choice if you just want to block your thoughts and relax.

Barefoot On A Golden Bridge – Hafyea Ala Jesr El Dhab

Hamama and Sherief might have dominated the world of romance during the 50s and 60s but the 70s definitely belonged to the new golden couple; Mervat Amin and Hussein Fahmy. Barefoot On A Golden Bridge – Hafyea Ala Jesr El Dhab, directed by Atef Salm in 1976, written by Ibrahim El Wedrany, revolves around Camila played by Amin who dreams of becoming an actress where she meets the director Ahmed portrayed by Fahmy and a love story is soon ensued by both until Aziz the influential and powerful figure played by Adel Adaham decides he wants Camila for himself and threaten her with Ahmed's life. It is a powerful love story that gives the viewer the other side of what love entails; sacrifice and selfless devotion.

A Love That Does Not See Sunlight – Hob La Eara El Shams

Not many would associate the late Mahmoud Abdel Aziz as a romantic figure but during the 70s and 80s he formed a couple with few actresses on screen that made him the ideal love interest. In 1980 he starred in A Love That Does Not See Sunlight – Hob La Eara El Shams, alongside Najla Fathy, Sofia El Omary and Farid Shawky, directed by Ahmed Yehyea and written by Mahomud Abu Zeed. The film focuses on divided loyalties that love can bring, Ahmed played by Adel Aziz is happily married to Amal (El Omary) but is forced by his father (Shawky) who is obsessed with having a grandchild, to marry another who can bare children. The father finds the suitable wife, Ahlam (Fathy) a poor girl in need of money to pay for her mother's medical treatment and so she agrees. Ahmed at the start reject Ahlam but with time he finds himself falling in love with her and that is when he is torn between his love for his father, Ahlam and Amal. Prepare yourself a box of tissue as this film guarantees that tears will be shed.

Lost Love – El Hob El Thayea'

Directed by Henry Barkat in 1970 and based on Taha Hussein novel, Lost Love – El Hob El Thayea' is probably on the most powerful films in this list because of its unconventionality. Not often the viewers are left neutral, not taking sides between the characters and understanding the action of each one without judging them. The is about friendship and love and how when they are pitted against one another; one will have to be lost. Layla played by Soad Hosni has been friends with Samia portrayed by Zubaida Tharwat since childhood but this friendship is thrown into turmoil when Samia's husband played by Roshdy Abaza and Layla fall in love, and the friends are faced with the choice of sacrificing their friendship or love. One of the best and most complicated romantic film you are likely to ever watch.

Snakes and Ladders – El Silam Wel Tha'ban

Written and directed by Tarek El A'rian in 2001, some claim that Snakes and Ladders – El Silam Wel Tha'ban is based on El A'rian's own personal experience but this has never been confirmed. The film revolves around Hazm played by Hani Salama, a playboy figure who after his divorce just does not want to commit to any girl, opting to play the field instead but when he meets Yasmen portrayed by Hala Shiha he can't seem to win her over like all his other conquests. Although he eventually falls in love with her, he still struggles with the idea of commitment and giving up his freedom. When it was released Snakes and Ladders – El Silam Wel Tha'ban created a new direction within the film industry and in particular in romantic films, the inclusion of songs by Khalid Salem though he was not acting in the film, opened the door for films to add more effect to the romantic factor by having songs. The film also stars Ahmed Helmy, Rajaa El Jadawy and Tarek El Tolmansani.

There are so many other films that we could not include in our short list but we chose to focus on films that are often overlooked by the mainstream media.

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Arabic Romantic Films You Must Binge Watch With Your Valentine’s Date

What other way is more perfect to end date than watching a classical, romantic Arabic film with your significant other. These films are sweet and full of nostalgia; it will have you laughing, crying, and most of all, creating memories during favorite day.

Perhaps, after all is said and done, a moment together watching these films no matter how cheesy would be the best way for you to express feelings to one another.

So, make sure to grab some popcorn, find a cozy couch, and watch any number of these Arabic romantic films.

Al-Selm W Al-Te’ban

A heartbroken woman, a man trying to redeem himself, and all the drama in between, Al- W Al-Te’ban is one of the most classical Egyptian romantic films ever to be made. Hazem, played by actor Hany Slama, is a womanizer, with conflicting feelings, who falls for Yasmine, played by actress Hala Shiha, and their mutual liking grows into something bigger; all , however when he returns to his old habits, and to know the end you will have to watch it yourself.

There has been a rumor circulating that the cast could be working on a part 2! We will just have to wait and see.


ِAn Egyptian romantic comedy, Ahwak is a film about Sherif, a plastic surgeon, who feels attracted to a young woman named Passant, but when he gets the chance to meet her single mother Rana, it is love at first sight. The film hilariously shows how the story unravels as he tries to get to Rana through her daughter.

The film stars the singer Tamer Hosny as Sherif and the actress Ghada Adel as Rana.

Rasayel Al-Bahr

Yehia, a medical student with a speech impediment, is suffering from constant bullying, he flees the city and heads to the coast of the Mediterranean to work as a fisherman. There, he falls in love with Nora, a sex worker, and the story picks up from there.

The amazing duo Asser Yassin and Basma take on the roles of this damaged couples.

Sehr Al-Eeyoun

Two young women played by the prominent actresses Hala Shiha and Nelly Kareem fall in love with two guys played by the actors Amer Mounib and Mohamed Lotfy. Desperate that the two young men are not in love with them, the female duo resort to the extreme of going to a shaman who instead of making Amer Mounib fall for Hala Shiha and Mohamed Loty for Nelly Kareem, he switches it all up, and the story simply goes on from there.

Leh Khaletne Ahebak

First released in 2000, Leh Khaletne Ahebak is a romantic comedy film about love and heartbreak. The film follows Dalia, played by Mona Zaki, regretting her decision of dumping her boyfriend Hesham, portrayed by Kareem Abdelaziz, and actively working to ruin his upcoming engagement party with his new fiance Noha, played by Hala Shiha; it is one of the most classical romantic films of the 2000’s that will make you laugh and cry.

Bahebak, W Ana Kaman

Bahebak, W Ana Kaman is a film that tells the story of Nour who is a talented singer that grows up in fame and by coincidence gets work with the talented, well-known star Farida Fathy. They have a rocky relationship at start marked by jealousy and misunderstandings, but as time goes by, things gradually change for the better.

The amazing duo Mostafa Amar and Somaya Al-Khashab played the two young stars.

Eza’et Hob

A film about wearing masks and hiding who we really are on the inside, Eza’et Hob explores concepts of love, insecurity, and most of all trust. The film follows the love story between Hassan and Layla played by Sheriff Salama and Menna Shalaby, and how they invented unrealistic characters to swoon one another, hiding their insecurities behind masks.

Everything unravels however when they discover by coincidence that they both work at the same radio and that they were both dishonest about their .

Ahlam Omrena

A film about the struggles of achieving one’s dreams, Ahlam ‘ tells the story of Khaled, played by Mostafa Sha’ban, who is trying to travel overseas to find a better opportunity; he falls in love with his best friend Nada, played by Mona Zaki.

The two protagonists then travel to the Egyptian coastal city of Marsa Alam, where they meet a defeated woman who inherited a plot of land from her parents and wants to open a cafe there, but her uncle pressures her to sell it. Khaled and Nada together try to help her, and for the ending, you will have to watch the movie yourself.

An Al-Eishq W Al-Hawa

An Al-Eishq W Al-Hwa explores how societal concepts pressure us into taking unwise decisions in terms of our love life. Omar and Alyaa, played by Ahmed Al-Saqqa and Mona Zaki respectively, are in love with one another, but everything goes south when Omar discovers that sister Fatma, portrayed by Ghada Abdelrazik, works at a nightclub. He grows weary and calls the whole thing off.

Distraught, Alyaa finds comfort in the arms of her neighbor who had loved her since their childhood and marries him. Soon, both her and Omar realize that they have made a terrible mistake. Things spiral out of control as he falls in love with his boss, played by Menna Shalaby, and the messy love triangle keeps getting messier and messier.

WE SAID THIS: Check outFarida Zahran’s Short Movie “Youth” Is on Its Way to SXSW 2019 Film Festival!

Scandal - Islamic Movie with English Subtitles

1- Mosul (2019)

Are you looking for the Best Arabic Movies on Netflix? Ok, then This article is going to suggest to you these Arabic Movies Netflix 2021 like: Mosul (2019), The White Helmets (2016), Very Big Shot (2015), El Naser Salah el Dine Aka Saladin (1963) that need binge-watching. This is one of the best collections of Arabic movies. Most of the Arabic movies are not much famous but soon you will see many new Arabic movies in the theater.

Netflix is one of the best platforms for those who are looking for amazing things like Movies, dramas, TV Series, Shows, and Comedy special then this platform for you. But in this article I,m going to tells you some movies that really impress me and also hope you will enjoy watching these movies.

16 Best Arabic Movies on Netflix

The consummation is satisfyingly elegantly composed. The story is new and unique setting in a genuine situation. The cast is stunning and talented persuades the crowd to feel associated with all of them. Totally suggest. Mosul shows up as an undervalued gem waiting to be discovered that separates itself from the ocean of surface-profound conflict dramatizations that plague Netflix.

Allow me to introduce this audit by taking note of that “Daesh” or ISIS is putatively one of the most exceedingly terrible and the most mercilessly unruly bunch ever. This is Arabic Movies on Netflix. A small bunch of fearless men in the “Nineveh SWAT” group getting arms against this unpardonable bunch is the focal point of this stunningly piercing and quick film.

In Aleppo, the most important thing to remember is that all life is precious. The White Helmets search for survivors among the wreckage as bombs continues to fall. These ordinary men are extraordinary heroes. Arabic Movies on Netflix. Now Streaming on Netflix. they’re saving people in Aleppo? Looks like they really did when most people who had escaped from East Aleppo had never heard of this propaganda organization.

Looking to go straight, three coke-smuggling brothers are coerced by their crooked boss into a very dangerous last score, in this boldly comic first feature from Lebanon’s Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya. Arabic Movies Netflix. Hope you like this Arabic Movies Netflix. The film has just won the best film at FIFOG in Geneva Switzerland.

Mexican Movies on Netflix

An incredible epic, Symbolizing the battle between the religious European system and the majority rule at the time Islamic Empire. Here you can see the Legacy and great heart of Great Sultan Saladin. Depicting the significance of king Saladin and KING RICHARD. I trust you will going to adore it, subsequent to watching this film.

Trapped in a dimly lit prison cell (a Zinzana), in a remote police station, a man is tortured by visions of his beloved ex-wife and son as he waits to hear his fate. An unofficial visit from an officer from local police quickly turns into a bloodbath. You’re quite the artsy one, Netflix Arabic Movies, aren’t you? Fandango MOVIECLIPS FILM FESTIVALS & INDIE TRAILERS is the destination for well.

The prisoner waiting to make bail quickly realizes that being incarcerated is the least of his problems as he is forced to play a madman’s game to save his family’s lives.

Saudi Arabia’s first rom-com features comedian and social-media superstar Hisham Fageeh as a mild-mannered civil servant who runs up against his society’s strict mores when he sets out to romance the outspoken daughter of a wealthy couple. Netflix Arabic Movies.

As a film, on the whole, it is beautiful. It tells a story of a young woman who just wanted to become something or someone but it also shows the predicament that normal Israeli women go through on a daily basis. This is amazing Arabic Movies on Netflix. It makes u feel as a woman how lucky you are to make your own choices and decisions without it affecting a village.

Portuguese Movies on Netflix

Sand Storm is a necessary film to watch–especially if you have amnesia about the blessing we have even in our troubled political times.

You truly need to peruse the book before you watch the transition to get the plot, For me being a major Stephen King fan it was a decent film. however, the book is better. You Still appreciated the film. These surveys are for the 2000 film The Cell. This is an Egyptian Arabic film with a similar name. Totally extraordinary film. The real film was extraordinary. Loaded up with tension and relatable characters. I unquestionably suggest it.

In this realistic excursion through Gaza, we unfurl a representation of its conventional individuals who endeavor to have significant existences past the rubble of enduring clash. Arabic Movies on Netflix. Gaza unites an articulate, versatile and gutsy gathering of spirits, whose battle.

Flexibility and feeling of the family go to the very heart of humankind. A people whose lives are molded by strife yet not characterized by it.

When a Bedouin patriarch takes a second bride, his first wife chafes against her changing status while his daughter chases her own dreams of autonomy. The ending was so weird. Arabic Movies Netflix. I loved the mom’s acting. For all those who are here for the track that you heard at the end, it is Sud El Ayon (Dark eyes) feat.

I loved it, just as good as any American movie of that kind. Movie garbage teens I have watched now I wish I could return the flowing time. It makes you feel stupid so why did I choose it from the movie in the world. This is one of the best Arabic Movies on Netflix. The subject will be of interest, but don’t be fooled.

That flag appears as though a momentous b-film action film. Regardless, there is something different completely to it that at first seems to contact the surface. This pits panic-based manipulation and other amazingly serious subjects against the movement and what the watcher may expect or needs to discover when in doubt.

A stunner master, a street pharmacist and a botching progressive end up in the grasps of a fanatic gathering in the wake of the meeting on a plane to Lebanon.

Ismail (played by Ramez Galal) works as a makeup artist at a beauty salon in Cairo. He has recently got divorced and is now raising his son on his own. When he learns that an advertising director is looking to hire a young lady, Netflix Arabic Movies, he uses his professional makeup skills to disguise as a female and he wins the role! He then falls into comic situations.

Brazilian Movies on Netflix

One in which he gets harassed (by Hamdy El-Wazir), which humorously highlights some women’s sufferings in today’s society.

With the help of his friends, a man breaks out of prison to reestablish a lively club. Dismal Al-Saghir, Starring: Taher Farouz, Soleiman Eid, Ahmad Faloks, Hesham Ismail, Mahmood El-Laithi, Nermin Maher, Shaima Saif, Sofinar. This is Egyptian Movies on Netflix.

The announcer said the name of the actors like anyone besides their family is supposed to know who they are. The 1980s called, they want their script back. A school is being fumigated, so, naturally, students are educated in an abandoned prison – such a plausible and well-developed scenario. This is all about 12 Best Arabic Movies on Netflix | Arabic Movies Netflix 2020. I hope you will love it, after watching these movies.

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