Streamlabs obs preview

Streamlabs obs preview DEFAULT

Preview Area

On an empty scene you will see the left menu, but if you right-click a visible source in the preview area, you will see the menu on the right:

Add Scene


Allows you to start a fullscreen "preview/projection" of your current scene on a different Monitor.

Fullscreen Preview Mode

Allows you to start a fullscreen "preview" of your current scene on the current Monitor the OBS window is on. You can still edit your scene and view the control panel if wanted.

Scale to fit mode OR 1:1 Mode

Scale to fit means your scene will be scaled to fit the size of your preview, while in 1:1 mode, OBS ignores the preview Area size and uses your Base resolution to render the scene at its original size.

Enable View

Enable or disable the preview.

Enable Control Panel

Enable or disable the bottom Control Panel area.

Source options

All usual source options are available. (Add, order, size, position, etc.)


Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBSis an easy to setup desktop streaming free program, built for professional streamers for Windows PC. Level up your stream with reliable, easy-to-setup PC desktop streaming softwarebuilt for professional streamers. It allows you to view multiple windows like a chatbox, video editor, Stream labs OBS for PCdashboard, etc in one place. This walkthrough will show you exactly what each window provides and how to utilize the window to improve your stream. The app will automatically take you to the editor window after the initial onboarding process, and when you first open the app. The editor window allows you to make changes to your scenes, sources, and mixer and you can see how the broadcast will look like in the video preview. Thousands of streamers love Streamlabs OBS for Desktop. Now’s your turn!

The dashboard window is extracted straight from the website. Once you log in through SLOBS, you will be automatically logged in on your dashboard. You can access everything on the window from widgets, alert profiles, donation settings, account settings and more. You can see the preview of the overlays in the "library" and click on the themes to install them. These overlays (regular and animated) are FREE! Each art frames are adjustable and removable. You can further customize them in the editor window. Live Window (Recent Events) This window is your Recent Events window on the website. You can see the most recent stream events, redemptions, giveaways & polls, and the overlay extension music playerin this window. You can pause, mute, and skip alerts whenever you want with the control buttons on the top right corner.

Features and Highlights

Face Masks - Alerts 2.0
Boost channel revenue by enabling users to trigger Snapchat style facemasks with their donations.

Super Easy Setup & Go Live in 60s
Import everything from OBS with just one click and go live within a matter of seconds.

Four Screens into One
Save 25% CPU and RAM by combining multiple windows like Streamlabels, Twitch Chat, Twitch Dashboard/Video, Dashboard, OBS, etc into a live view.

Up to 2x Better Video Encoding
Reduce CPU usage by more than 20% while giving you the same video quality OR make your video look 2x better with the same CPU usage. It has optimized game-specific x264 & Nvenc encoder settings.


How much does Streamlabs cost?
"Streamlabs for PC is free to use, we do not charge any fees and there is no monthly price. Please note that some services such as Paypal or Stripe charge their own fees that they collect separately. We do not charge you any additional fees on tips & donations."

Which streaming platforms do you support?
The Streamlabs OBS for Desktop platform now supports Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook, with more coming soon including Hitbox.

When I receive a tip/donation, where does the money go?
When a tip is made to a broadcaster, the money is processed directly through the payment option from the donor to the receiver. The funds never actually touch on end, so if you have issues with receiving funds or chargebacks you will need to contact the payment processor directly.

I don't stream with a computer, can I use it on my console?
While you can use still use the software 2021 latest version to raise money from your viewers, it is not currently possible to embed widgets directly into your console. To fully take advantage of the platform, you will need to stream through a computer using popular streaming software.

StreamlabsOBS High CPU usage in Idle
  • Make sure all drivers are up-to-date and are matching 64-bit versions of your system.
  • Almost every source you use uses CPU to be functioning properly. The more you have the higher the total CPU usage would be.
  • Downloaded animated overlays can cause high CPU usage due to the webm video files used as overlays.
  • Using many different browser sources can cause high CPU usage, try limiting them or create references.
  • You can delete the program browser source cache that can cause high CPU usage

Download Streamlabs OBS Latest Version

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If you find that your streams are becoming stale in terms of visual quality or audio quality it is time to investigate what OBS plugins can do for you!

There are many ways in which you can improve your streaming experience for your audience and for yourself on Twitch. You can have a streaming schedule you follow thoroughly, or you can have nice giveaways for your viewers.

Either way, those are the BIG things that everybody knows and talks about. What is something that is not talked so much about, but that can draw a clear distinction between you and the competition? Well, you are in luck because we have the answer right here, and that answer is OBS plugins. 

SLOBS vs OBS Studio

Before we even start discussing OBS plugins it is important to note that not all of these plugins may work as intended in SLOBS. The plugins SHOULD work just fine as Streamlabs OBS plugins but we can only guarantee the 100% performance on OBS Studio. 

This situation could also serve as an encouragement for all of you people that use SLOBS to move over to OBS Studio since it can offer greater expandability through the OBS Studio plugin repository. The rumors of OBS Studio being very hard to learn are somewhat exaggerated since after you have used SLOBS for a while, in our honest opinion moving to Studio is not impossible.

What are OBS Studio Plugins

So what exactly are OBS plugins? OBS plugins are extensions that you can download and use to enhance the default experience of OBS. This is specifically why OBS Studio is considered such a powerhouse when it comes to streaming. 

If in other software you are limited to whatever the developers give you, in OBS Studio you have endless possibilities with community developed plugins.

The Best OBS Plugins You Need to Know About

Without further ado, let’s just dive into what are the plugins we would recommend to any aspiring streamer!

  1. NDI OBS Plugin

This is an extremely neat plugin that introduces NewTek NDI capability to OBS. What this plugin does, is it provides video input and output for OBS over the network, effectively creating a situation where you don’t need a capture card!

  1. OBS Web Camera Plugin

This OBS plugin is useful if you want to use the OBS preview as a webcam in other communications software. This means all of your cool effects and convenient settings from OBS can be used in other programs without having to fiddle with anything!

  1. VST Effects in OBS 

A big separation between a novice streamer and a professional streamer is their audio quality. The VST suite of effects can really level up your audio game once applied as an OBS plugin. This can be an effective Streamlabs OBS plugin and also a great OBS Studio plugin.

  1. OBS Stream Effects Plugin

StreamFX is an absolutely fun plugin for your stream that adds new sources, transitions, and your own personally customized shaders. This will allow you to greatly improve how your stream looks and feels beyond what the default OBS Studio can offer!

  1. OBS Soundcloud Plugin/OBS Spotify Plugin

 Even though these are 2 different plugins we decided to group them since they have similar functions for your stream. What these OBS Studio plugins do is they show the current playlists and songs playing on your stream. 

This is useful for streamers because in many cases the viewers want to know what songs their favorite streamer is playing, so instead of constantly being asked you can just include these plugins for each platform.

  1. OBS Remote Control Plugin

This OBS plugin is extremely useful for the people that do not own a stream deck. This allows them to use their old phone or tablet as a customizable stream deck over their local network. The setup is simple and you really have no drawbacks on this one! 


Overall there is no question that if you want to become a big streamer with a growing number of followers and subscribers you need to look beyond what a stock OBS experience can offer for your stream and invest in finding the best OBS plugins for you!


Question / Help OBS PREVIEW(literally the preview, not recording or streaming) FRAME DROPS.

Riio said:

great question honestly. I have zero idea how it works. I know classic is dead and all but it just blows my mind that the difference in performance with that single checkbox in classic wasnt somehow implemented into studio. its just super disappointing.

Click to expand...

You're still misunderstanding here. The OBS preview is ALREADY not encoding when it's being shown. That checkbox in Classic would do absolutely nothing to help your situation, as even in Classic you'd still be rendering the scene output with the preview active, which is what the issue is. There is nothing else we can do to improve performance here. If the GPU is being maxed out by your gamethen OBS will suffer. There is no option, in Classic or otherwise, to render the scene output without using GPU resources.

Riio said:

I have an alternate pc for streaming. I use a capture card for this but I cannot pass through my capture card as most do for visual to the streaming pc so what I actually do is run my capture card as a 3rd monitor and then project the preview onto that (capture card) monitor.

Click to expand...

Thanks, this is what I was actually afraid of, as there's not really a good workaround (outside getting something like the Elgato 4K60 pro which allows 144hz pass-through).

Riio said:

I would say "unwilling" to spend a ton more money and still sacrifice framerate isnt the proper term for the situation.

Click to expand...

That's just one option. I understand that this is frustrating for you, but the issue here isn't on the OBS side. I'm not sure what your PC specs are, but it sounds like that it's struggling to keep up at keeping a constant frame-rate already, which means that it's likely maxed out. You can either cap FPS at something your PC can hold stable, turn settings down in the game to ease up load so that you can reach the fram-erate limit that you're comfortable with, or as mentioned, purchase a new GPU that can handle the game you're trying to play at the settings you're trying to use. It's a pick your poison situation, yes, but that's what happens when the hardware itself is not capable of keeping up.



Preview streamlabs obs

How To Use Streamlabs OBS

Written by: StreamerStartup

last updated april 2nd, 2020

What Is Streamlabs OBS?

Streamlabs OBS is a free, fast, reliable, and feature-packed streaming application. It runs off the OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) engine with added features from Streamlabs. It comes with over 250+ free themes you can use to get started.

Were you using OBS or OBS Studio beforehand? No problem! Streamlabs OBS comes with an import feature that allows you to import your OBS settings into SLOBS easily. 

If you are starting fresh, they also have a quick wizard that shows up when you first launch SLOBS that will get you up and running in about 5 minutes.

The company itself is an excellent choice if you want to brand yourself as they provide all the tools to do so. One of them allows you to create a custom domain and website through them. 

They have some themes that match, meaning the look of your overlay in Streamlabs OBS can match the similar look and feel of your website. You can also open a store through them to sell merch, including clothing, headwear, stickers, home goods, etc.

Streamlabs OBS
Streamlabs OBS features

What Are Some of the Features of Streamlabs Obs?

SLOBS has game-aware video encoding, which allows a better stream quality for the game you picked while keeping your system’s CPU performance in check.

If you are starting streaming, chances are you only have one monitor. It can be hard to keep up with your chat and interact with them. 

SLOBS comes with an In-Game Overlay so you can read your chat and events directly in-game. Now you can easily stay in touch with your community while gaming on one monitor.

Another neat feature is the 4-screens-in-1, which helps to reduce window/screen clutters. This feature combines all of your essential streaming windows, such as your chat, events, widgets, and SLOBS, into one view.

Furthermore, if your streaming and your recording your VODs at the same time, you can control your audio sources that go into your video to prevent copyright issues. 

Streamlabs OBS has also released Selective Recording. It allows you to specify which sources are shown on stream and in your recording. We will cover this feature further in the guide.

How to Set up Streamlabs OBS

Now that we’ve gotten the nitty-gritty out of the way, you can head to the Streamlabs OBS website, log in with your platform and then download SLOBS for your system. Once completed, install the software. 

You will get prompted to log in with your streaming platform credentials. It makes it easy for you by setting up your stream key automatically and getting all the back end information and stats for your account. All your data will be on your Streamlabs dashboard on the site.

Step 1 - Download Streamlabs OBS

Download Streamlabs OBS

Step 2 - Install Streamlabs OBS

Install Streamlabs OBS

Step 3 - start Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS and the Basics

Now that you have Streamlabs OBS installed and opened, we can take a look at what we will be working with inside this program.


Streamlabs OBS Preview

This section is called the preview section, and it is where you can see what is being broadcasted or recorded. This area allows you to customize what your viewers will see.


Streamlabs OBS Scenes Section

This section will allow you to manage your screen layouts. By changing which view is currently active, it will switch to that specific instance, and it will be what everyone sees.


Streamlabs OBS Sources Section

This section is where you will build or add to your layouts in the scenes you’ve created. This area allows you to add overlays, images, text, game capture, display capture, browser captures, media sources, etc. – pretty much anything you want the viewer to see.

Audio Mixer

Streamlabs OBS Mixer Section

This section is where you can manage your audio coming in and going out. You can change the volume on your speakers/headphones and adjust your microphone. Make sure to go into the properties to select the proper outputs.


Streamlabs OBS Control Section

This section is possibly the most important one. It allows you to start streaming or to start recording your content for your viewers.

Streamlabs OBS Studio Mode

To make sure you don’t get any interruptions in your live stream, Streamlabs OBS has a Studio Mode, which allows you to make changes in a virtual space before implementing it live. 

This feature prevents anyone from seeing the changes you do until you click the Transition button to update the live version of your output.

Streamlabs OBS Studio Mode
Streamlabs OBS Selective Recording

Streamlabs OBS Selective Recording

Selective Recording is a game-changer for content creators. 

It allows you to record and stream two different outputs at the same time. You are now able to select which scene or sources that your viewers see and what your recorded content will display once it gets recorded. 

For example, you can choose only to make notifications, alerts, and widgets show up on live stream and turn them off for your video recording.

To make sure Selective Recording is working, Right-Click on your Preview Section, and select either “Create Stream/Recording Output Projector” and will open up a new window and show you what you will see.

The Ease of Use of Streamlabs OBS Auto-Optimizer

Many people struggle with configuring settings such as bitrate, proper output resolution, canvas sizes, which video encoder to use, etc.

With Streamlabs OBS Auto-Optimizer, all that becomes less stressful as it configures those settings automatically for you. The settings are set based on your answers to the prompts given by the wizard.

You can configure your settings manually by clicking the Settings cog at the bottom left of your software to bring up the Settings window. You can make it easy on yourself, especially if this is your first time using the software and use the Run Auto-Optimizer feature found under the General menu.

Those of you who have likely already tinkered with the optimizer and found no success, I will list other guides for optimal settings at the bottom of this guide. What I am looking for is getting people streaming right away. Then they can look into tweaking their settings to get the desired results they want.

Streamlabs OBS Auto Optimizer

Before we begin, I have written up a couple of guides on retrieving your stream key from some of the most known streaming services out there. 

You can find them in the guides below.

You would enter this key under the Stream menu in the Settings window.

June 27, 2020

How to Find Your Mixer Stream Key (Outdated)

Learn how to find your Mixer stream key with this how-to guide. We have all the information you need to get you streaming on Mixer.

May 1, 2020

A Quick Way of How to Find Your Twitch Stream Key

Learn how to find your twitch stream key with this how-to guide. We have all the information you need to get you streaming on

January 2, 2020

How to Find Your YouTube Stream Key in 2021

Learn how to find your YouTube stream key with this how-to guide. We have all the information you need to get you streaming on YouTube.

Streamlabs OBS Auto-Optimizer Walkthrough

The Auto-Optimizer Wizard is typically good enough to get your settings close to optimal for you to start streaming. The wizard is not always full-proof, and you will likely need to tweak your settings manually later on once you start streaming.

Step 1 - Start the Auto-Optimizer

Streamlabs OBS Auto Optimizer Start

Step 2 - Wait Until It Finishes

Streamlabs OBS Auto Optimizer 100%

Creating Scenes in Streamlabs OBS

Think of scenes as screen layouts. Now to make things more interesting for your viewers, you should have more than one and have good transitions between them. Typically, the average streamer will have at least the following scenes:

1) Stream Starting Scene
2) Intermission Scene (Usually has webcam/chat in it)
3) Game scene (don’t forget this one!)
4) Stream Ending Scene

Streamlabs OBS Scene Create

Stream starting scene

When you want to go live on your platform, make sure you’ve selected this scene before you start streaming. Your followers will get a notification that you have gone online and can join your channel. 

Your viewers will see that your stream is starting soon, and they are more likely to wait around. 

The stream starting scene will also leave a thumbnail if someone is searching for a stream to watch and will be able to tell yours has just started. Here are some example starter scenes from popular streamers on Twitch/Mixer:

Intermission Scene

Streamers like to create intermission scenes, where they can switch to it on the fly while either waiting to get into a game or to chat with their viewers. 

By doing this, it enables them to give their viewers something else to look at while everything else happens in the background. Most viewers appreciate this as its typically done in between games, which provides a small downtime to chat with the streamer. 

The content host usually gets a little break from this, and it lets him catch up with everything. It just gets everyone involved and helps to promote a good community.

Game Scene

The game scene will be the main attraction as it typically includes gameplay. Couple gameplay with a webcam section and a beautiful overlay, and you have a good stream going. 

Don’t add too much clutter as it tends to distract viewers from what is happening on-screen during the game. Keep it simple, and keep it clean!

Stream Ending Scene

Nothing too fancy here, just a little something to let viewers know that the stream is over. Some streamers say goodbye and get off. Both are fine, honestly.

Adding Sources to Our Scenes in Streamlabs OBS

Now that our scenes are set up, we can start adding some sources to complement the look of the stream. We will begin with our game scene. Here we’ll set up three primary sources that every streamer should have:

1. Game Source
2. Webcam Source
3. Overlay/Image Source
4. Alertbox Source

To begin, make sure your game scene is selected in the Scenes section and click on the little “+” icon in the Sources section to bring up the list of sources that you can add.

Streamlabs OBS adding sources

Adding a Gameplay Source in Streamlabs Obs

For your game to be able to get picked up by Streamlabs OBS, you will need it running in the background as you set this up. Otherwise, Streamlabs OBS won’t see the process running and won’t be able to select it. 

You might need to restart your Streamlabs OBS software if it does not pick up the game. Leave the game running in the background and it should get picked up. Ultimately, you can just leave it so that it picks up any fullscreen application instead.

There are currently three methods of capturing your game. The most preferred way to do it is using the Game Capture source as it directly captures the game application (DirectX/OpenGL).

Not all games will need the Game Capture source, as many of them work fine on borderless window mode. In which case, the preferred capture method would be the Window Capture source. The frames are limited to 60 fps in window applications such as fullscreen window/borderless window, and Window Capture works well with this.

Last but not least is the Display Capture source, which is one of the worst-performing sources for capturing games out of the three. It is recommended trying to use either Game Capture or Window Capture before trying Display Capture.

In terms of performance, this is the consensus in ranking for them:

1. Game Capture (always use this unless it won’t work)
2. Window Capture (Borderless window is fantastic with this and super stable)
3. Display Capture (least performing one of all, and your monitor/desktop is shown to everyone when you exit games)

Configuring a Game Capture Source in Streamlabs Obs

Once you add your Game Capture source, you will need to configure it, so select it in the Sources section and click on the little gear icon. Once the properties window opens, you will be able to choose the following Modes:

1. Capture any fullscreen application
2. Capture specific window
3. Capture foreground window with hotkey

Streamlabs OBS Game Source Capture Specific Window Selection

My recommendation for which mode to use is: Capture specific window. 

It gives you the freedom to show what you want to your viewers, and it allows you to select the exact application you want. You can choose the program you wish to display under the Window drop-down list. 

You can also change your Scale Resolution to 720p. With that completed, all that’s left is to click OK.

Streamlabs OBS Game Source Capture Specific Window

Now that you have added your Game Capture source, you are ready to move on to the next step. 

If you have issues with the capture being too big or too small for your preview, right-click on your Preview section, hover over Transform and select Fit to screen.

Streamlabs OBS Preview Fit To Screen

Configuring a Game Capture Source in Streamlabs Obs

Now that our Game Source is set up, we will look into getting our video capture source (webcam) configured. Make sure the Game source is under the Webcam/Video Capture source. If you don’t do this, your webcam won’t show. You should layer your sources in this order to avoid conflicting issues:

1. Overlays/graphics
2. Everything else
3. Webcam Source
4. Game Source

You can change the order of your sources by clicking and dragging them higher/lower.

Similar to adding a Game source, you add a Video Capture source the same way. Click the “+” icon and select the Video Capture Device option. Give it a name, and then hit OK.

The properties window for your webcam or camera should now be open. You can select the device you want to use in case you have multiple cameras. If you are starting out and only have one webcam, it will be already auto-selected.

For starters, unless you are going for a studio-quality production or are doing a big webcam scene for your intermission screen layout, I’d recommend setting a custom resolution of 720p (1280×720). If you are new to streaming, 720p is more than enough, and your CPU will thank you. All that’s left is to resize your webcam source in the preview section.

Pro Tip:When resizing your webcam, if you hold Left-Shift while resizing, it will break your aspect ratio and allow you to resize it anyway you want. Make sure to keep your Webcam source over your Game Capture source.

Streamlabs OBS Adding Video Capture Source

How to Add an Overlay in Streamlabs OBS

Now that we have added a Game Capture source and a Video Capture source, your stream should be looking good. To get your stream to pop off, you will need to add in some images/graphics and overlays. A very simple graphic or overlay to add is a webcam border. There are plenty of these that you can find for free.

The benefit of getting an overlay over some smaller graphics pack is that it includes everything (most of them). 

Overlays come with a stream starting scene with a beautiful background (some even animated), an Intermission scene, and a stream ending scene. Furthermore, it comes with every icon/graphic/sounds/alerts you need. Lastly, some overlays include panels that you can add to your streaming channel itself.

Not everyone is an artistic type. Don’t worry! You can get some free overlays, widgets, icon packs, transitions, and much more from Nerd or Die. They have a Name Your Price section, which allows you to put any price you want for a kit. 

You can put 0.00$ if you wish and get it for free (but it’s always nice to give a little something for their hard work). If you are going to take streaming seriously, spending 10-30$ to have a complete package that comes with everything is very worth it and recommended.

Check out the following overlay reviews we have done: Retrowave

Nonetheless, once you’ve downloaded an overlay pack (I got the Clearview pack), all you need to do is unzip it to a location on your hard drive. With the files extracted, you can start adding some of your overlays.

With Streamlabs OBS, they have an import overlay function, which allows you to load your .overlay file directly into SLOBS. 

The import function is found under Settings -> Scene Collections -> Import Overlay File. Select your .overlay file in the folder you extracted and click on Open. Streamlabs OBS will handle the rest and load everything up in your scenes at the bottom left. It will have loaded its own managed scene selector (similar to a profile for scenes)

Streamlabs OBS Import Overlay
Streamlabs OBS Import Overlay Completed

If you enjoy doing things manually or made your overlay images, follow further below as I will be showing you how to add a webcam overlay.

Adding a Webcam Overlay in Streamlabs Obs

In Streamlabs OBS, select the scene that you want to add your overlay to and add one of the following sources:

1. For a regular image/graphic, make sure you choose Image
2. For an animated image/video loop, make sure you select Media Source

Give it an identifiable name. After, it will prompt you to locate the file you want to use. Make sure you use the correct size (16:9 or 4:3) of overlay for your webcam size. If you are using 720p as a resolution, the 16:9 overlay will be what you want to use.

Head over to the extracted pack you downloaded earlier and select the appropriate image. It will show up in your Preview section. When you are satisfied with your overlay, click Done.

Streamlabs OBS Overlay Setup

With your overlay in the Preview section, you can resize it with your webcam source so that it fits appropriately together.

When resizing images/media files, holding Left-Shift will let you break that aspect ratio and allow you to manipulate the overlay to fit correctly.

Once completed, your Preview section should look close to mine.

Streamlabs OBS Group Sources

Make sure to add your webcam and webcam overlay in a group. There will come a time when you need to move it depending on what you are streaming.

To do this, create a group in your Sources section by clicking the Folder+ icon. Give it a name (ex. Webcam Group) and place this group over your Game Capture source. Make sure the group is above your Game Capture source. Drag your webcam source and border source into the group. You will need to make sure your overlay is above your webcam.

Streamlabs OBS Overlay Setup Completed

Grouping your items will let you scale them together. So if you ever need to adjust your webcam source, select the group, and it will all scale together.

You can also click and drag your files from your folder into Streamlabs OBS and it will properly create the sources for all of them.

in conclusion

With everything that we covered on how to use Streamlabs OBS, you should be able to stream to your preferred streaming platform right away.


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