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If you are looking to buy a new shed, you are going to want to find a good manufacturer. There are many companies that make and manufacture sheds and shed products, so choosing the right one can sometimes be difficult. You need to find a company that is trusted and reliable, and that creates a durable, high quality shed. Arrow sheds do just that.

Benefits Of Owning An Arrow Shed

If you’re more inclined to build your own shed, but not sure if it’s worth it, take a look at the benefits of getting an Arrow shed first. In this day and age, where everyone lives in the fast lane, building your own outdoor storage shed is unnecessary and may be a bit impractical.

Here’s how Arrow sheds can benefit you:

  1. They come in different materials that will suit your preferences. If you’d like the classic beauty of wood sheds or prefer the sturdy flexibility of steel, arrow sheds have something for you. There is a wide selection of materials used in their sheds: wood, steel, vinyl, etc. Whatever material type you’re looking for in your ideal shed, you’d find it with Arrow.
  2.  Arrow sheds come in DIY kits. If you want the experience of “building it”, get a DIY kit and put your garden or storage shed together.
  3. These sheds combine features you like in several types of materials. You like the durability, and flexibility of steel sheds. However, you prefer the look of wooden sheds. Need a solution that meets both requirements quite well? Arrow has a line of wood-finish steel sheds just for that. Its Woodbridge shed line, available in DIY kits is a fantastic choice that gives you the outer beauty of wood and the inner strength of steel. You need not figure how to do that on your own. This saves you hours of frustrating research or failed attempts.
  4. Arrow sheds have optional kits for accessories. You can get window kits or floor foundation kits to enhance your shed. You can do without these or make the windows yourself and save a few bucks. Check out these 5 storage shed accessories every shed must have!
  5. This line of storage buildings is reasonably priced. Being one of the largest manufacturers of storage buildings in North America, Arrow sheds are very competitive. All in all, buying a prefabricated Arrow shed and customizing it to suit your requirements would ultimately be more economical than building one from scratch.
  6. The shed sizes are varied to allow for flexibility. Does your community have zoning rules about outdoor storage? Does your homeowner’s association have height limitations on outdoor fixtures? Do you foresee needing to expand your current planned size for an outdoor storage shed in a few years? Go for steel Arrow sheds. They’ve got a range of sizes to choose from and have steel sheds that are expandable if you need more room.

Arrow sheds are simply a practical, smart option. Besides giving you a wide range of materials to choose from, it allows you to contribute to the finished product by making accessories, like windows, optional.

It removes the hassle of materials preparation with prefabricated parts that are nicely labeled to fit together. Practicality and economy: two reasons Arrow Group Industries make building your own storage building from scratch unnecessary.

Arrow group industries

Arrow Group Industries, the Arrow sheds official site, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of sheds and shed accessories. It is a company that is well known and well trusted among consumers.

Arrow is an industry leader in the manufacture of storage sheds. They provide sheds that range in any size required by the homeowner. Additionally, Arrow provides carport kits. Arrow products are easily assembled using simple hand tools and all parts are number coded and identified.

When you purchase an Arrow shed, everything required for the assembly of the shed is provided with two exceptions:

  • shed floor
  • method of tying down the shed.

For the floor,  the consumer has three choices:

  1. a concrete pad you pour yourself
  2. a wooden floor or deck
  3. Arrow can provide a floor frame, which can be finished with plywood

In all cases, the floor must be square and level for the shed to sit properly. Any outdoor storage building must be anchored properly to prevent high wind damage. To facilitate this Arrow provides anchor kits as an optional item.

For those living in areas where severe weather is experienced, Arrow provides a shed with a heavy gauge steel frame and vinyl siding. This shed “The Homestead” complies with the 2004 Florida Building Code along with the 2006 supplements. The adherence to this code ensures that it will meet the Miami Dade building code requirements.

Arrow buildings come with a variety of roof styles and sidings. Barn, peak, and slanted roof styles are all available depending on the homeowner’s taste. Different sidings are also available. These include Electro-galvanized Steel Vinyl, wood-grained steel and wood. Arrow provides the homeowner these choices to allow the shed to fit into any architectural style.

Enhance The Backyard Experience With An Arrow Shed

Arrow Oakbrook High Gable Steel Storage Shed

Arrow buildings are easy and quick to assemble. They can easily be placed as stand-alone structures or set up against another building for a quick and appealing add on. Different sizes of Arrow sheds can provide storage for all kinds of yard and garden items from lawnmowers and bicycles to firewood and shovels.

Arrow metal sheds

If you prefer a metal storage space, you might want to look at Arrow’s metal shed. A metal shed has a few advantages over wooden sheds. Metal buildings are: 

  • less expensive
  • easier to transport
  • require less maintenance
  • last longer

10' x 8' Arrow EZEE ShedArrow 10′ x 8′ EZEE Shed Cream with Charcoal Trim Amazon buy buttonHamlet Storage Shed 6' x 5'Arrow 6′ x 5′ Hamlet Storage ShedAmazon buy button10' x 8' Newburgh Eggshell Arrow Storage ShedNewburgh Eggshell with Coffee Trim Low Gable Electro-Galvanized Steel Storage ShedAmazon buy button

But, if you live in a hot area, be aware that a metal building will get hot a lot faster than a plastic or wooden shed.

Small Arrow sheds

Small garden sheds are a popular choice due to their cost and size. Arrow offers 8’ x 3’ buildings, a perfect size for gardening and yard maintenance tools.

Arrow Garden Shed Kit, 4' x 3' x 6'Arrow Garden Shed Kit, 4′ x 3′ x 6′Amazon buy buttonSteel Metal with LockSteel Metal with Lock Amazon buy button

Where to buy Arrow sheds

Arrow sheds and buildings are not available directly from Arrow Group Industries. However, due to the popularity of the company’s buildings and sheds, many distributors offer Arrow products.

Accessories for Arrow sheds are also available from Arrow building distributors. Hardware and gardening retail locations are a good place to check for Arrow sheds, buildings, and accessories.

Ready for an Arrow shed?

If you need extra storage space because your home is overstuffed with trinkets, family memorabilia, tools, equipment, and a whole range of supplies you either can’t do away with or use occasionally, you might be ready for a shed.

Here are steps to take before ordering your arrow shed:

1. Know the rules. Check with your homeowner’s association for zoning or other rules about outdoor fixtures. There could be height limitations or other restrictions that apply to you. If you require permits, get the paperwork done first.

2. Have an idea about what you plan to store in your arrow shed. Are you going to put your lawnmower in along with boxes of old family collections? How much space will you need to fit everything in? You need to know the volume of storage space you require so that you’ll know the approximate dimensions of the arrow shed that would fit your needs.

3. Decide where you’d install the shed. It’s definitely going to be outdoors. So is it going to be in the middle of your garden? Or is it going to be off the side of the house? You need to know the approximate location of your shed relative to your home and garden, so you’ll know which design or décor to match it with. Arrow sheds carry a selection of various material types and designs to suit various garden themes or design décors.

4. Have some criteria before choosing your storage building. Are you looking for durability, practicality, economy, longevity, or aesthetics? Which of these features is most important to you? Although every arrow shed can satisfy these requirements, the variety of materials used causes variation to some extent.

For example: 

  • wood sheds are more prone to damage caused by harsh weather conditions than say, steel sheds.
  • the cheaper end of metal sheds may be more prone to rusting than those made with stainless steel
  • vinyl sheds don’t require regular maintenance except for occasional power-washing

Costs, longevity, maintenance … these are just some of the items that define the suitability of your choice of arrow shed.

5. Check prices. Google up arrow sheds and see the price range of your selection. You may also want to check if there are applicable product codes,  online discount coupons, for your selection; these can knock a few dollars off an online price. When you’ve narrowed your choices down to the top three, check them out at your local home improvement store to get a feel of the material.

With that, you’d likely have picked your perfect arrow shed. Compare the price online and at your local store. Don’t forget to include the value of your promo code, if you found any. If you’re getting the same item, it wouldn’t make sense to pay any more than you have to.

Arrow shed FAQ

What type of products does Arrow Group Industries manufacture?

If it has to do with sheds, you will be able to buy it from Arrow. Arrow makes 4 different sizes of sheds; small, medium, large, and extra-large.

They also manufacture shed accessories including:

Why choose an Arrow shed over other brand names?

Arrow sheds are made of steel. This means that they use the sturdiest of all shed materials and at the same time are the cheapest to buy. Arrow sheds offer a choice between 2 different qualities. The lower quality sheds come with steel panels that have an enamel finish. They come with a 12-year warranty guarantee. The higher quality sheds are made of galvanized steel coated with vinyl. These are backed by a 15-year warranty.

Are Arrow sheds easy to put tougher?

Absolutely! Most Arrow sheds only require a minimum number of tools (generally a set of pliers and a screwdriver) and can be put together by even the least experienced people. These sheds, of course, come with step by step instructions that make putting your metal shed together quickly.

What else do you need to know about Arrow products?

When purchasing an arrow shed, it is important to know that you will have to choose your own flooring. Your flooring will not be included with your basic metal kit. For the easiest assembly, it is generally suggested that you purchase an Arrow floor kit along with your shed kit.

Arrow Sheds FB109 Floor Frame Kit for 8'x8', 10'x 7', 10'x8', 10'x9' & 10'x10' Arrow Sheds

Where can you purchase arrow products?

Arrow sheds and accessories can be purchased in a wide variety of retail stores worldwide. They are available in the United States, in Canada, in Europe, and in many other countries around the world. Arrow products can also be purchased online and delivered directly to your house.

How do you know that you are getting a good quality shed with Arrow Group Industries?

The best way to put your mind at rest is to conduct your research online. When searching for the quality of different brand names, the best place to search is in online review websites. These websites provide information about brand names and specific products.

The best part? The reviews are written by real consumers. So, with online review websites, you can research both the positives and negatives of a brand name, allowing you to determine whether or not you are getting a good product. And, let me assure you, that with Arrow Group Industries, you are getting a good product!

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Arrow Metal Sheds
Arrow Metal Outdoor Sheds: Our lowest costing solution for backyard storage!
Shop our full line of Arrow sheds and utility storage buildings. Arrow sheds and buildings come in galvanized metal and vinyl coated galvanized steel options. Arrow gives you the diversity to choose your cost effective storage solution with metal sheds and vinyl coated steel sheds. Arrow sheds meet every type of backyard storage need whether it be small, medium, large or extra large! Our Arrow shelters come in sizes ranging from a small 5'x4' garden shed to a whopping 14'x31' utility building and everything in between. Buy an Arrow brand shed and get the lowest costing storage solution our online store has to offer! All Arrow kits are made in the USA and backed by a 12 or 15 year warranty! For helpful information and answers to frequently asked questions about our shed kits read articles about our sheds.

Why choose to buy an Arrow brand shed for your new steel storage shed?
1. No cutting or drilling! Everything is pre-cut and pre-drilled. No carpentry skills needed!
2. Easy assembly! Assemble with common household tools. Step by step illustrated assembly manual included.
3. Strong & Durable! All Arrow sheds are built from hot dipped galvanized steel.
4. Choose your finish! Double baked-on polyester enamel or vinyl coated (5 times thicker than normal paint).
5. Optional shelving, flooring, work bench, anchors and roof strengthening kits let you build your own shed package.
6. Optional floor framing kit gives you the flexibility to save even more money!
7. All Arrow products are backed by 12 and 15 year manufacturer warranties!
If you have questions about our Arrow storage buildings please contact us and we will do our best to assist you!

Free FAST Shipping & Warranty! No Sales Tax *in most states
(Our Arrow sheds are brand New in their original packaging.)

View our Arrow metal shed assembly videos below to see how easy building your shed can be!

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EZEE Shed® Steel Storage Shed

Meet the EZEE Shed: the all-galvanized steel shed that builds in half the time! Featuring our revolutionary patented Snap-It™ Quick Assembly system for a stronger shed with faster assembly. The EZEE Shed's unique design cuts hardware down by 50% - and 50% fewer parts means faster assembly! The EZEE Shed's unique assembly system also reinforces the steel walls of the unit making for a stronger shed overall. The overlapping Snap-IT™ panels connect every 12" for a tougher building that is better at resisting dents and damage. A more attractive and modern take on outdoor storage units, the EZEE Shed features an updated color pallet that will serve as a compliment to your outdoor living space. The shed is also fully framed, so there are no exposed panel ends. You'll have the option to purchase a unit with same panel and trim color, or to highlight the trim by choosing contrasting colors. With swing doors that are 33% larger than the competition, the EZEE Shed makes getting large, bulk items in and out of your shed easier than before. The EZEE Shed offers extra headroom, added storage space and a steeper roof pitch for more headroom and storage space. The unit also features gable vents that allow for better air circulation throughout the unit, reducing humidity inside your shed in hot summer months. Its pad-lockable handles are constructed entirely from steel and are zinc plated to resist corrosion and rust. The EZEE Shed is a strong and modern alternative to your standard backyard shed, and the next step up in steel shed assembly and design.

  • 50% less hardware than the standard leading shed for 50% faster assembly
  • Assembly is easier and improved with the Snap-IT Quick Assembly system: simply snap panels into place and use the steel channels to bond the panels and walls of your shed together
  • 2x stronger design: the EZEE Shed's unique bonding process means panels overlap every 12", increasing both the thickness and overall strength of the unit: making it more resistant to denting and damage.
  • New swing doors offer up to a 33% larger doorway, making storing large, bulky items easier than before. The swing doors feature a heavy-duty frame for a more durable doorway, and 3 door hinges for improved durability.
  • Improved roof assembly process compared to standard sheds: assemble your shed's roof on the ground for easier, safer (and faster) roof to panel attachment
  • Gable vents allow for better air circulation and temperature regulation within your steel shed unit
  • Improved Handles All-steel door handles are zinc plated for superior corrosion and rust resistance. Handles are pad-lockable to make safely storing items
  • EZEE Shed is a registered trademark of Arrow Storage Products. The Snap-IT Quick Assembly System is trademark of Arrow Storage Products.
Time Lapse Shed Build by Arrow Storage

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Time Lapse Shed Build by Arrow Storage

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