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Is Valorant Coming To PS4, PS5?

Is Valorant coming on PS4, Valorant Release Date PS4, Valorant PS5, Is Valorant Coming To PS5 –Riot Games‘ newly-unveiled tactical FPS released for PC on June 2, 2020. But how about a Valorant PS4 release? Is it on the cards? Well yes! Developer Riot Games has not ruled Valorant coming to PlayStation 4 as it has said that while PC is the focus, it is open to bringing Valorant to console and mobile platforms at a later date (as the leak mentioned below clearly hints toward).

Valorant PS4, Valorant PS5 Release

That said, with the PC full release only just happening, Valorant developer Riot Games still hasn’t said anything more solid about a possible Valorant PS4 release.

However, there’s still that good chance that it might come to consoles, or may even skip this generation entirely and end up on PS5. Regardless, given the popularity of Valorant we would be surprised to see it not coming to Sony’s PlayStation platforms, including both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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It’s just a matter of time at this point we feel – especially as the full PC release of Valorant has happened now, allowing Riot Games to focus on Valorant PS4, Valorant PS5 and Valorant Xbox One.

However, on May 6, 2020 references to Valorant PS4 were discovered in the game files, suggesting that a Valorant PS4 release announcement might happen sooner rather than later. Then, on June 5 2020, Valorant developer Riot Games confirmed that it was ‘aggressively prototyping’ console versions of the game – hardly a surprising considering how popular the game has become.

It is pretty late in the PS4 life cycle, after all, so it would perhaps make more sense for Valorant to come to next-generation systems. Still, there’s nothing official in the pipeline yet. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any new info as we get it, which shouldn’t be very long at all given the popularity of the game.

In another development, it looks like that Riot Games is seriously looking at putting Valorant on PlayStation 5 too, as the developer has said that getting Valorant on PS5 running at 120FPS was an ‘achievable goal’.

What Is Valorant?

Here’s the official blurb from Riot Games:

Valorant is a free-to-play game of precise skill, high stakes, lethal gameplay, and clutch moments that rewards creative gameplay styles. Valorant pits two teams of five players against each other to win a round-based, attackers vs defenders, best-of-24-rounds gunfight.

In Valorant, players choose from a diverse cast of hypernatural, battle-ready agents from real-world cultures and locations, each bringing a set of unique abilities that complement gunplay through tactical information and strategic support, changing the way players approach a situation. Abilities are designed to create tactical opportunities for players to take the right shot.

Valorant Release Date

Valorant released for PC on June 2, 2020, with a console release to be confirmed later. Stay tuned and we’ll update this page as soon as we hear more.

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Here's when Valorant could come to Xbox, PS4, Switch, and smartphones

Valorant took Twitch by storm since the closed beta period for PC began in April, but especially now that the full game has launched on June 2, it's left many players on other platforms like PS4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android wondering when they'll be able to get their hands on Riot Games' hot new first-person-shooter.

Thankfully, a data-mine and comment straight from the developers of Valorant confirm that some of these Valorant ports might already be in the works. Here's what you need to know.

On May 3, Twitter account Valorant Leaks posted their findings after data-mining the game's code. Some of the data hints at new platforms, including PS4, iOS, and Android. As of June 2020, Valorant is still a PC-exclusive title, but brand new comments from one of the game's developers suggest that console and mobile ports aren't out of the realm of possibility.

Riot Games on Valorant console ports

In a June 4 interview with GameSpot, Executive Producer Anna Donlon gave some insight on whether or not Valorant would come to consoles. "We are definitely prototyping that right now," she said. "But there's a way to play this game and there's a way to experience this game that we're not entirely sure translates completely to console play."

She's referring to the "strong level of competitive integrity" in Valorant, as PC players with a mouse and keyboard would have an advantage over playing on a controller or phone. "If we were to do it, it'll definitely be delayed," so don't expect these ports for a bit. Still, her comments prove that Riot Games is definitely interested in bringing the game to consoles like League of Legends.

Will Valorant get a PS4 release date?

While the code featuring a reference to PS4 wasn't shown, Valorant Leaks did say to someone else on Twitter in early May: "From what I found in the strings, I found one for PS4." This seems to confirm that Riot Games' FPS will be making its way to Sony's current-gen console eventually.

This kind of port would be exciting for Riot. As a developer, the company is is not as well-known within the console space. Valorant would be going head-to-head with Overwatch once again on this platform, but wouldn't have to worry about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive anymore. It remains to be seen whether Valorant would be supported on PS5, but it definitely feels like a strong possibility if the PS4 rumors are true.

As for a possible release date window, things are looking up as Valorant for PC is being released earlier than expected. The fact that it's referenced in the game's code suggests we could be getting it this year, though Anna Donlon's comment should keep you skeptical about that.

Will Valorant get an Xbox One release date?

Unless an exclusivity deal has been struck with Sony, it's safe to assume that Valorant will make its way to Xbox One eventually as well. And because Xbox Series X will be fully backward compatibility with Xbox One, you'd be able to play the game on the next-gen console too.

Because Xbox isn't referenced in Valorant's code yet, it may not launch alongside the PS4 and mobile versions. But considering how popular Valorant is, don't be surprised if an Xbox One port comes shortly after the PS5 and mobile release.

Will Valorant get a release date for iOS and Android?

The other major platforms included in early May leaks were Apple's iOS devices and Android phones, and they should all be getting Valorant at some point as well. The code shown off in the data leak directly mentions these platforms, so they may be the furthest along out of any port of Valorant. Which is to say they'll be released after the PC version of the game but probably before the console versions.

The move to mobile makes sense if Riot Games is aiming for the broadest appeal possible. Fortnite and Riot Games' own Teamfight Tactics have found success on mobile devices, and there really aren't many polished shooters like Valorant on iOS or Android.

Its biggest competition would be the likes of Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, though it would be free from more direct competitors like Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The biggest concern with a mobile version would be combating cheaters. Doing so has been a major priority for Riot Games on PC, and they would have to find a way to transition these systems over to iOS and Android well.

Still, anything is possible in the world of game ports, so if Valorant does really well on PC, it's only a matter of time before it pops up everywhere else. As such, mobile ports can likely be expected around the same time as, if not before, the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Valorant.

Valorant should be released on PC sometime during summer 2020.

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World of Tanks Valor: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Download, Rewards, Gameplay & more

Ready up Soldier, the battlefield awaits! Here's everything you need to know and more about World of Tanks Valor!

What is World of Tanks Valor?

World of Tanks, or WoT, is a free-to-play game that is all about that tank on tank combat!

There are an estimated 75 million players registered worldwide!

The game is available to play on PC, Mac,mobile, and Xbox One.

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Players can get involved with massive 15 vs. 15 player tank battles across a number of different maps.

There are literally hundreds of tanks to command, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and roles in battle.

The tanks themselves are all from the mid-20th century and are from numerous countries around the world.

World of Tanks Valor
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CLICK, CLICK, BOOM! Make a lasting impact on the battlefield with some of history's most iconic vehicles

Select from the UK, United States, France, Germany, and many more to find the tank that suits your play-style.

There are game modes, such as Assaults, that keep the gameplay exciting and fresh too.

What's different about WoT Valor?

So there a few unique touches to World of Tanks Valor, however fundamentally it is still the MMO tank warfare title so many have grown to enjoy!

The title focusses on rewarding and engaging with the WoT community.

You'll have access to premium tanks, in some cases worth over $200 (for free!)

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There are also monthly challenges that can earn you even more rewards.

Importantly, however, is the 'tank balancing' feature. Based on feedback from players, there are weekly adjustments to tanks in the game.

What this means is, hypothetically, if there is an immensely over-powered tank, it won't be long until the playing field is leveled again.


World of Tanks Valor is playable on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

You'll be able to download them for free from their respective stores.

For everything you need to know and more about World of Tanks Valor, be sure to check back in with us.

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