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Welcome to Omega Tower Defense Simulator [OTDS]! 👍 Thanks for 40k Likes! Use codes 'Yo40k' & "Shinzo" for some FREE gold! (new code at 50k likes!) 💰 Buy and collect all of the different towers! ⚔️ Use your collected towers to defend yourself from various enemies! 🌀 Work together with your friends! 🏆 Prove yourself in the Hall of Heroes! 🔥 UPDATE 2 - 6 new towers! (NEW Ultra Rare, NEW Legendary) - New Map "Hell's Arena"! - XBOX WORKS! - Balancing changes. (FULL GAME REBALANCE) - Various bug fixes. 📢 Follow the developers on twitter for updates & CODES! ⭐ Premium users are given more currency from the time chamber (1.5x) and more from their login reward. FOLLOW our game so you can be notified when we drop a new update!
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Secure. Contain. Protect. Area - Omega is a containment facility based in Russia. Due to it's classified nature, hidden far from the public's eye, the SCP Foundation has categorized the facility as an "Area". Brace yourself, as the objects placed within' are not ones the world is ready to see. Be ready. - Consistent rioting WILL result in Solitary Confinement. - Do not risk the exposure of classified information. - Non-Personnel should not enter spawns nor put on any morphs. - Do not pose as others with or without the Class Disposable "No Uniform" Pass. - Wall-shooting is not permitted. - Exploiting or any other violations of ROBLOX Terms of Services will result in a ban. New updates every day! All you have to do is leave a like on the game. Make sure to report bugs in our comms. Founded by the Administrator, Swift Updated daily by the Manufacturing Department
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Our Roblox Omega Tower Defense Simulator Codes has the most up-to-date list of OP codes that you can redeem for gold and gems. You'll need all of the free in-game currency in order to strengthen your towers and prove yourself the mightiest of heroes!

All Omega Tower Defense Simulator Codes List

We'll keep you updated with additional codes once they are released. You should make sure to redeem these as soon as possible because you'll never know when they could expire! All of these codes have been tested on the date that this post was released. If you find one that is expired, please let us know the exact code in the comments below so we can remove it!

Make sure to enter the code exactly as it is listed or it might not work correctly!

Update Aug. 26

  • Many codes expired
  • New code added

Omega Tower Defense Simulator Codes (Working)

Here's a look at all of the working Omega Tower DefenseSimulator codes.

  • Yo40k - Redeem for gold (NEW)
  • 10Mil - Redeem for 350 Gems
  • SHINZO - Redeem for 2,500 gold
  • SubScoobyBr - Redeem for 500 gold
  • ROBALL - Redeem for 1,000 gold
  • Coco - Redeem for 500 gold
  • ToadBoi - Redeem for 500 gold
  • Queenluffy - Redeem for 500 gold
  • sub2sensei - Redeem for 500 gold
  • sub2existensy - Redeem for 500 gold
  • SubTigreTV - Redeem for 500 gold
  • SusMinusMic - Redeem for 500 gold
  • SubToInfernxo - Redeem for 500 gold
  • SubToNoodleGames - Redeem for 500 gold

Omega Tower Defense Simulator Codes (Expired)

These Omega Tower DefenseSimulator codes no longer work.

  • 5MVisits - Redeem for 300 gems
  • FreeGems - Redeem for 150 gems
  • Pog30k - Redeem for 2,000 gold
  • MIZU - Redeem for 2,500 gold
  • Release - Redeem code for 2,500 Gold
  • 20kLikes - Redeem for 2,000 gold
  • 15kLikes - Redeem for 2,000 gold
  • 10KLikes - Redeem for 2,000 gold
  • 1MILVISITS - Redeem for 1,000 gold
  • 2.5kLikes - Redeem for 1,000 gold
  • 5kLikes - Redeem for 1,500 gold
  • 1kLikes - Redeem for 1,000 gold
  • FoxPanda - Redeem for 500 gold
  • JOVI - Redeem for 500 gold
  • sub2arthes - Redeem for 500 gold
  • sub2hygorl - Redeem for 500 gold
  • sub2numerous - Redeem for 500 gold
  • sub2OPG - Redeem for 500 gold
  • sub2timbo - Redeem for 500 gold
  • sub2jakobhd - Redeem for 500 gold
  • sub2kiddstan - Redeem for 500 gold
  • sub2adriansky - Redeem for 500 gold
  • subbolinho - Redeem for 500 gold
  • SubChicoPL - Redeem for 500 gold
  • SubHyzer - Redeem for 500 gold
  • SussyRexon - Redeem for 500 gold
  • SubShuarisley - Redeem for 500 gold

How to Redeem Omega Tower Defense Simulator Codes

It's easy to redeem codes for free rewards in Omega Tower Defense Simulator. Just launch the game and press the Twitter button on the left side of the screen. A new window will appear where you can enter each working code into the text box. Press Redeem to receive your free reward.

Game Description & Recent Update

Buy and collect all of the different towers!
Use your collected towers to defend yourself from various enemies!
Work together with your friends!
Prove yourself in the Hall of Heroes!

- 5 new towers. (including a new legendary tower Swarm!)
- New spider mountain map!
- Balancing changes!
- MASSIVE bug fixes.

If you're looking for codes for other games, we have a ton of them in our Roblox Game Codes post! You can also get a bunch of free stuff via our Roblox Promo Codes page.

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