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Word Family Unit (-ap Words)

Print and cut out the 22 word cards. Use card stock for best results. Have the students pair up to take turns trying to find matches between the word cards.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Use this spinner to have small groups of students take turns writing down the words they spin, or try another game.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Word Slider, Flashcards, and Word Wheel

Practice reading the 11 words in the
-ap word family unit by printing out these handy flashcards.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
List of More Word Family Units

This page has a full listing of our various word family units. Contains (but not limited to): -ail, -am, -at,
-ed, -eep, -end, -in, -ip, -oat, -op, -ow, and -ug.

Short-A Printables

Print out many short-a worksheets, including: mini-books, build-a-word worksheets, word ladders, and coloring activities.

Sours: https://www.superteacherworksheets.com/word-family-ap.html

Short Story. What does Pam like?

Alesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:35:01-04:00

Help your kindergartener get more confident with her reading skills. Word families encourage students to see letter-sound patterns.

Short Story. What does Pam like?Alesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:35:01-04:00

The AP Word Family Workbook

Alesia Netuk2021-05-25T11:23:46-04:00

Kindergarten kids expand their vocabulary, learn the short a words from the AP word family.

The AP Word Family WorkbookAlesia Netuk2021-05-25T11:23:46-04:00

CAP Worksheet | The AP Word Family

Alesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:34:47-04:00

Help your child get confident with her reading skills. Here she will practice phonics short a sound and the ap word family.

CAP Worksheet | The AP Word FamilyAlesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:34:47-04:00

AP Word Family Reading Comprehension

Alesia Netuk2021-07-12T17:34:40-04:00

AP word family reading comprehension simple story for kindergarten kids! This worksheet has 6 activities, including reading passage and focuses on words ending -ap.

AP Word Family Reading ComprehensionAlesia Netuk2021-07-12T17:34:40-04:00

NAP Worksheet | The AP Word Family

Alesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:34:59-04:00

Looking for short a words worksheets? Here is an excellent hands-on activity that helps children build strong phonics skills.

NAP Worksheet | The AP Word FamilyAlesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:34:59-04:00

MAP Worksheet | The AP Word Family

Alesia Netuk2021-05-25T09:31:48-04:00

Looking for short a vowel sound activity? With this worksheet, kindergarten students get lots of hands-on learning experience.

MAP Worksheet | The AP Word FamilyAlesia Netuk2021-05-25T09:31:48-04:00

Cut and Paste AP Word Family Words

Alesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:34:51-04:00

Looking for ap word family activities for your next class? Here is a great one! Sort out the ap word family cards (pictures and words!).

Cut and Paste AP Word Family WordsAlesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:34:51-04:00

AP Word Family Review Worksheet

Alesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:34:45-04:00

The ap word family worksheet is excellent for reviewing short a words. Kids are encouraged to read, build and write short a words.

AP Word Family Review WorksheetAlesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:34:45-04:00

TAP Worksheet | The AP Word Family

Alesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:35:04-04:00

Looking for short a sounds words activity? With this worksheet, your students get lots of hands-on learning experience.

TAP Worksheet | The AP Word FamilyAlesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:35:04-04:00

AP Word Family Flashcards

Alesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:35:00-04:00

These short a sound pictures cards get your child to learn and read new words! Help your kindergarten student build phonics skills.

AP Word Family FlashcardsAlesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:35:00-04:00

AP Word Family List

Alesia Netuk2021-08-24T11:07:53-04:00

Teach beginning spellers that words contain and share patterns. Use this word family list to introduce the sound of words ending with -AP.

AP Word Family ListAlesia Netuk2021-08-24T11:07:53-04:00

Sorting Words From the AP & AB Word Families

Alesia Netuk2021-05-23T14:32:06-04:00

This sorting activity helps kids to recognize word patterns. Words from the AP & AB word families: cab, cap, dab, gab, gap, jab, lab, lap, map, nab, nap, sap.

Sorting Words From the AP & AB Word FamiliesAlesia Netuk2021-05-23T14:32:06-04:00

AP Word Family Poster

Alesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:34:47-04:00

This colorful classroom poster covers the word family ap and includes five CVC words: tap, cap, gap, nap, and map.

AP Word Family PosterAlesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:34:47-04:00

AP Family Words Spelling Worksheet

Alesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:35:01-04:00

Learn to spell the ap family words! This dictionary is excellent for building reading, writing, and spelling skills.

AP Family Words Spelling WorksheetAlesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:35:01-04:00

GAP Worksheet | The AP Word Family

Alesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:34:52-04:00

Help your child get confident with her reading readiness skills. Short a sound words example on this page GAP.

GAP Worksheet | The AP Word FamilyAlesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:34:52-04:00

AP Family Words | Chunk Detective

Alesia Netuk2021-08-24T12:58:56-04:00

This worksheet helps young students read words by using chunks. Students break down AP family words. They apply these skills to read each word aloud.

AP Family Words | Chunk DetectiveAlesia Netuk2021-08-24T12:58:56-04:00

Reading AP Word Family Words

Alesia Netuk2021-05-23T14:32:18-04:00

This Four-in-a-Row game is ideal for helping young learners read AP word family words: cap, map, tap, nap, lap, sap, gap, zap.

Reading AP Word Family WordsAlesia Netuk2021-05-23T14:32:18-04:00

AP Word Family Clip Cards

Alesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:34:49-04:00

With these short a sound words with picture cards, kids will look at the picture and find another one from the same word family.

AP Word Family Clip CardsAlesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:34:49-04:00

AP Word Family Clip Cards | Clip the Picture

Alesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:34:50-04:00

Learning words with short a vowel is one of the first steps in phonics instruction. Learning to identify the word family can be so fun.

AP Word Family Clip Cards | Clip the PictureAlesia Netuk2021-05-23T13:34:50-04:00

Building Words – AP Word Family Printables

Alesia Netuk2021-09-16T11:29:13-04:00

With this worksheet, kids write eight words ending AP. Examples of AP word family words: wrap, clap, map, nap, tap, gap, trap.

Building Words – AP Word Family PrintablesAlesia Netuk2021-09-16T11:29:13-04:00

AP Word Family Activities – Roll Read Trace

Alesia Netuk2021-09-16T11:29:27-04:00

Practice reading and spelling AP family words in interactive and engaging way. AP word family words: nap, wrap, map, gap, tap, trap, clap.

AP Word Family Activities – Roll Read TraceAlesia Netuk2021-09-16T11:29:27-04:00

Making AP Word Family Sentences

Alesia Netuk2021-09-16T11:29:17-04:00

Kids learn to write sentences with AP word family words using the word bank. Encourage kids to share their writings with classmates. 

Making AP Word Family SentencesAlesia Netuk2021-09-16T11:29:17-04:00

Read and Spell AP Family Words

Alesia Netuk2021-09-16T11:29:22-04:00

With this printable activity, kindergarteners learn to read and spell AP family words. Great addition to your literacy center and AP word family word work.

Read and Spell AP Family WordsAlesia Netuk2021-09-16T11:29:22-04:00
Sours: https://primarylearning.org/subject/ap-word-family/
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Word families are groups of words that have a common pattern in them.  apword family worksheets have common words with ending ap sound. These words help children identify the sound and word patterns as they begin learning to read and write. Wordlist worksheets help develop phonological awareness, reading, and spelling skills in children.

“ap” Word Family word list worksheet

Download “Worksheet : Grade 1 word family word list - ap” Kindergarten-ap-Word-Family-words-list.pdf – Downloaded 430 times – 547 KB

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Spell out and read ap ending words 

  1. Use your forefinger to point the letters as you read.
  2. Read the letters correctly with their individual sounds and _ap sound together as you spell the word.
  3. Learn words from ap word family
Sours: https://www.kidzezone.com/word-family/word-list/ap-word-list-2/

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Worksheets ap words

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Read and Write 'ap' words

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