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Second Skin Video


Kai'Sa's basic attacks stack Plasma, dealing increasing bonus magic damage. Allies' immobilizing effects help stack Plasma. Additionally, Kai'Sa's item purchases upgrade her basic spells to have more powerful properties.

Icathian Rain Video


8/7.5/7/6.5/6s Cooldown55 Mana

Kai'Sa shoots a swarm of missiles that seek out nearby targets.

Living Weapon: Icathian Rain is upgraded to shoot more missiles.

Void Seeker Video


22/20/18/16/14s Cooldown55/60/65/70/75 Mana

Kai'Sa shoots a long range missile, marking enemies with her passive.

Living Weapon: Void Seeker is upgraded to apply more passive marks and reduce cooldown on champion hit.

Supercharge Video


16/15/14/13/12s Cooldown30 Mana

Kai'Sa briefly increases her Move Speed, then increases her Attack Speed.

Living Weapon: Supercharge is upgraded to briefly grant Invisibility.

Killer Instinct Video


130/100/70s Cooldown100 Mana

Kai'Sa dashes near an enemy champion.

Sours: https://www.championcounter.com/kaisa

Kai'Sa Counter Stats

Kai'Sa Counters

Kai'SaDaughter of the Void | Ranked #34 out of 38 in ADC

Discover all ADC champions who counter Kai'Sa. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Kai'Sa in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Kai'Sa Data for all roles taken from matches.

446 Tipsfor countering Kai'Sa below

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Bottom Lane (97%) Kai'Sa Bottom Lane Counters: matches, 26 counter champions

Counter RatingCounter rating is an expression of how strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.

Worst Picks Against Kai'Sa

Counter RatingCounter rating is an expression of how strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.

Tips Against Kai'Sa in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

LegendaryOstrich says “This lane matchup goes completely even until Kai'sa hits level 6 because her ability to reposition around to dodge all of your culling makes her a very hard matchup after 6. Due to that, I don't recommend trying to 1v1 her because she will always win it. Try to use your abilities through minions and poke her down because she is also a low ranged champion. Don't let her Q+auto you for free early because it chunks you down a lot.”0
koog says “You can actually win most 1 on 1 trades with kaisa as long as she doesn't get all of her hail of blades autos off on you. Just don't let her support CC you. ”0
Urason says “This matchup is also fairly skill dependent and volatile. You'll lose early trades if Kai'sa hits you with her Q but you can poke her from afar. All of her early game damage is in her W + passive proc, be sure to avoid it and you'll win the fight. Once she get's Q evolve, it's harder.”0
Dealersz says “Avoid trading when she has Hail of blades and don't get hit by W ”0
A_Drunk_Carry says “The other part of the ADC holy trinity. I much prefer this matchup to Jhin. She's pretty close ranged, fairly immobile without her ult, and you outdmg her with this build late. Honestly I laugh a little when Kai'Sa ults in on me. She gun die. ”0
tokyodamonsta says “Can ult to the other side of you and remove any chance of flash E to hit your feathers. Try to win Pre 6, and snowball.”0
WayOfTheTempesst says “If Kaisa lands W on you post 6 or has an engage support she can follow up with R and easily kill you. Early lane is fine as Ziggs outranges her but later stages of the game are quite difficult.”0
LostFishEU says “Kai'sa could become a major threat if you let her. Kai'sa's Q deals massive amount of damage if you are isolated. She has a pretty good all in with her ultimate and depending on her build she could deal a massive amount of burst damage which you as a Vayne player should be afraid of. I would put her between even and major threat”0
tokyodamonsta says “Ezreal succeeds as an adc because of the ability to kite away and poke from range! Kaisa can completely turn your escape into a close 1v1! Try not to 1v1 her. You should focus on poking her out of lane and not letting her scale!”0
A_Drunk_Carry says “Another champ that excels at farming safely against Ezreal due to her Q waveclear. After she hits 6 in teamfights a good Kai'Sa will wait for you to Arcane Shift and then ult towards you, destorying you 1v1. Try to poke her out as she is fairly short ranged aside from her W.”0
ELOSANTA says “Lucian outdamages Kai'sa early on, but once Kai'sa gets her evolutions she is pretty much unbeattable in duels, unless you have a winning support avoid dueling her after her Q evolution (upgrades at level 8-10)”0
Coldsong says “Kai'Sa has been toned down a bit, which makes her a much easier matchup for Samira. Try to play around your minion wave so her Q does not entirely focus you, and dodge her W at all costs, since it deals a lot of damage, gives her free passive stacks, AND allows her to dash to you post 6. She has no crowd control, however, so if you can get on top of her when she is vulnerable you will destroy her with Inferno Trigger.”0
Doody_tco says “Kai'sa deals a lot of damage and in 1vs1 she can easily win miss fortune”0
NikkiTT says “Going for a surprise ER before she can AA/use a spell on you is how you just win her because then she lacks the R dash, otherwise just ignite and walk/AA a lot in DRealm saving Q a bit until she uses R/flash etc. Missing your own Q can allow her to win/get away.”0
PowerPointpptx says “It can be easily countered with some thinking, but sometimes it can be a hard matchup”0
Amberdragon says “You are stronger than her in lane as you can poke her with Q and trade with W, but support matchup will be very important, as if she has an engage support she will have more kill threat than you. She outscales you and can dodge your feathers with her ultimate and E. Avoid getting hit by her W, stay close to minions to avoid isolated Q damage and don't trade when she uses E aggressively unless you have a huge minion wave to back you up. Don't trade with her when your W is down. Trade with her when she uses Q in minion wave or has lost her Hail of Blades.”0
Simon Uchinora says “Kai'sa will have alot of problems to deal with you, she dosen't have any offensive against you without her support, just like Jhin preassure her under the tower to make her lose CS's, because just like caitlyn she has a tiny attack speed in the beginning of the game, just be careful to not let her explode her mark on you, becase will hurt a little bit, and by this she can turn the lane against you easily.”0
Rihh says “While there is outplay potential for Jhin, a good Kai'Sa will prove a difficult matchup. It is difficult to land a W or R shots on her without a good engage from your support, and even then her turn potential with Kai'Sa R is very high. Beware of her immense burst damage and turn potential though and Jhin should be able to survive until later in the game where Kai'Sa will likely faceroll Jhin.”0
Urpog says “Pretty unplayable, good Kaisa's can space between your autos and it's just uninteractive, go for tradeback and she goes invisible, has a dash to dodge your R, MS steroid to dodge E. Not dodge advised but still very painful to play vs.”0
Melyn says “Max Q and abuse her auto attack range early. Once she hits level 6, the lane turns to her advantage. Post-6, do not blow your full combo unless you're sure you can immediately kill, as her ult gives her a shield and lets her jump out of your plants. Exhaust can be powerful here.”0
Penguto says “Kai sa can break your E with just one bullet of her Q, you will get bursted in an instant, and she is too op at the moment so potential ban in my opinion.”0
MouayadD says “she has wave clear but she can get zoned off very easily, and can be poked easily under turret”0
SillyRaccoom14 says “Kaisa is very similar to Vayne. I would consider it a Skill Matchup.”0
Swearing Roomba says “You lose against Kai'Sa when she reaches 3 items. Completely avoid her in a 1v1, or you WILL get killed.”0
22Drift says “Skill matchup, test her and see how she is at dueling. If you poop on her, keep abusing her. If it's not favored towards you, farm it out and hyper-carry into late.”0
R3Veal says “You can crush her in lane because of her poor trading abilities kit. She can kill you really fast later in the game but if you win early game she won't be high threat to you until you start to try to 1vs1 her.”0
Urason says “Honestly this match up favors Akshan if you're able to get her with your E damage. The issue is once she get's Q evolve, she can nuke you pretty easily. Both of you have good skirmish so it's honestly difficult to win lane consistently but it's possible. ”0
Nixxen47 says “Kai'Sa is an easy matchup due to her low range and with my common used build you can 1v1 her at most stages of the game because wits end denies alot of her dmg and this is the first item you rush.”0
SopTop says “Kai'Sa, huh? Welp, time to dodge. Since Kai'Sa has been Op these last few patches because of Collector and the insane damage on her Q, it's no surprise she counters you as well. ”0
9thRose says “A very good counter to twitch and she's one of the top adcs this season so it's always good to ban her”0
Inoriboob says “Broken champion, always outtrade you with HOB and a q. I would play safe and make them overpush/over extend. If ahead impossible to 1 v1.”0
VeronyV says “Pretty even fight, she has high burst damage, if your sup doesnt have cc its very hard to fight her, otherwise her Q and W both blocked by your W.”0
im_zeno says “This can be a though lane (depending on her support), respect her hob (Hail of Blade) early damage, play safe till level 3 for wind wall and engage with your support. Post lvl 6 she can ult your E Q so save it till she uses her ult. Late game (which is when she becomes really strong) ALWAYS aim for her since her invisibility from E can be annoying to deal with, and her ult can also make her fly into a teamfight with no fear. Just focus on her instantly when you see her. REMEMBER you wind wall all of her Q (which is her main ability).”0
IHaveNoName says “Don't underestimate her damage and survivability, as her E grants her benefits of surprise and her R shields her massively. Even bigger threat late game, massive damage spike with Guinso's.”0
snowcard says “Kaisa is really good this season (praying for nerfs), with her double evolve after two items. You can't block her passive proc either. She also may E around your Q. One positive is that her aa range (525) is closer to yours (500), so you may be able to weave in some autos if she gets close. What you can block: One bolt of her Q, her W.”0
singed best adc says “Ban her. You can't escape, she will catch if you she hits you with her spell. Playrate is somewhere at 20-25%, so just ban her or dodge.”0
Pengwan says “Early its anyones game, late however she can shred you if you play poorly, but you do have range advantage with q. Outscales you however though”0
Elresser says “Has good early dps and has a good midgame. Find opportunities to engage at lvl 3 before she gets her Q upgrade”0
Lucifer6 says “Kai'sa first becomes a threat if shes fed before that you can easily poke her and win lane if you play it right and dont rush to hard to the point where you start making way to many mistakes. ”0
m0rfeazz says “Kinda easy lane,nothing special kaisa is really week rn and big cooldowns,”0
Tiilisk1v1 says “You can poke her out of Lane to get your adc Minion advantage. Upgrade blinding dart first.”0
Alvatorz says “Great all in, great damage but super support dependant, carefull on the 1v1 sittuation, Kai'Sas probably one of the best adcs to revert bad situations in good situations for her.”0
Bungo_T_Baggins says “She can dodge your ult with her ult, but you generally outrange her and can bully via that range advantage.”0
bustas333 says “Her W can spot you even if you're invisible + she can catch up with her R.”0
Ekezun says “Play with a CC heavy support so the support can engage and you can stand a bit away to try to burst her down with Hail of Blades, do NOT engage if she has stacks on you”0
Sours: https://www.counterstats.net/league-of-legends/kaisa
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When playing against Kai’Sa, the best way to counter her is to wait for her stacks to go away before you engage her. Kai’Sa’s most significant counters are ADC’s that out-range her. Caitlyn and Kog’Maw can bully Kai’Sa in a lane.

Aggressive support can help control Kai’Sa in the lane. Kai’Sa does not have any real escape outside of using Flash.

If your support can stun/knock-up her, then you have an excellent chance to defeat her. Pressure from the jungler can also set Kai’Sa back.

Draven can all-in Kai’Sa and overpower him. In a 1vs.1, his damage output is higher than hers, and he can win the trade.

Kai’Sa Counter Picks

Kai’Sa Counter PicksWin RatePlay RateBan Rate
  • Stay close to your minions during a battle so that Icathian Rain won’t strike you.
  • Avoid Void Seeker to stop Kai’Sa from attacking your backline with Killer Instinct.
  • If Kai’Sa hits you with four stacks of Plasma, do not engage, her passive rupture deals more damage at low health.
  • Kai’Sa lacks an escape ability, but she can still disengage with Supercharge. Quick follow-ups can be vital to keeping her in check.
  • Kai’Sa is good at defeating single enemies. If you group with your teammates, it will make it difficult for her to assassinate you.
  • Her abilities work in tune with her items. Keep an eye on the items that she builds to understand her playstyle.



Sours: https://lolcounterpick.com/how-to-counter-kaisa/
How Kai'Sa Works (Under 2 Minutes)

Counter Kai’sa

This guide will explain how to counter her Kai’Sa easily. Without a doubt, this ADC is quite strong because of its excellent combination of skills that make it a champion with many possibilities to make good moves, feed and carry.

Kaisa Counter

Nevertheless, doing the counter-a Kai’Sa is relatively easy, and here we explain how.

Champions counter Kai Sa

Tips to face Kai’Sa


With Caitlyn you can keep the scale of Kai’Sa and besides you have the possibility of pokearla constantly, you also have the traps of Caitlyn that make it very difficult for Kai’Sa to move, besides that Kai’Sa can be revealed if you step on one of the traps of Caitlyn.


Jhin is one of the few champions against whom Kai’sa makes it very difficult to beat him 1v1. Jhin can also use the flowers so that Kai’sa can be revealed in the wings of becoming invisible.


With Ezreal you can keep him away from her and poke her constantly, when he is worn out enough to face her directly and beat her. Also, Ezreal with his leap is very easy to dodge W a Kai’sa. This ADC combined with a champion like Janna or Soraka has a lot of chances to win.


you can get a good CC Leona, with a, E, Q and then the ulti if you have it, and all that’s left is for your allied ADC to give you the final blows and goodbye Kai’sa.

Items that counter Kai’sa

Calling the executor

With this item you can halve your healing by causing serious injuries.


The same as with the previous item, receiving damage from Kai’s causes him serious injury and magical damage.

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Sours: https://counters.lol/en/counter-kaisa

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