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BTS is adored by fans worldwide. Fans consider BTS to be the biggest music icons of their time. That being said, BTS keeps updating fans about their personal lives, upcoming music projects, and their playlists too. This time, BTS’ J-Hope appeared on Melon‘s BIGHIT MUSIC RECORD and reveals his favorite songs by Korean artists:

  1. Stay

This is a relaxing and healing slow song released by BLACKPINK. It is included in J-Hope’s list and BLACKPINK fans are happy.

  1. Closer

Closer by OH MY GIRL is also on J-Hope’s list. This song was originally lyricised as a modern-day Christian praise song. However, it was then changed to being about a sad but stunning love story.

  1. Love You To Death

Love You To Death is known to be one of the most well-made songs out of Taeyang’s Rise album. Various reputed artists have praised and liked that song.

  1. Lay Your Head On Me

Lay Your Head On Me is a warm and sweet track released by Crush. This pop track has a sweet melody, lovely lyrics, and a guitar warming your soul.

  1. Permission to Dance

This latest BTS single is without a doubt an awesome number. J-Hope added it to his list and fans agree with him! The song has great vibes along with a nice melody!


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1. “Stay” – BLACKPINK

This week, BTS‘s J-Hope appeared on Melon‘s BIGHIT MUSIC RECORD to share some of his favorite songs by Korean artists right now. Now, you can add them to your own playlist—here are all 10 tracks he mentioned.

Amidst many of the hard-hitting songs in BLACKPINK’s discography, “Stay” is a soothing folk-pop song for easy listening.

OH MY GIRL’s “Closer” was originally written as a contemporary Christian praise song, but the members transformed it into a beautiful track about a sad love story.

Well-known critics like Jeff Benjamin highlighted “Love You to Death” as one of the standouts from Taeyang’s Rise album, with Fuse‘s Tina Xu calling the song “stunning.”

With a similar vibe to the popular “Only Look at Me,” “After You Fall Asleep” featuring Swings was released as part of Taeyang’s first solo studio album, Solar.

In the warm pop track “Lay Your Head On Me,” Crush relays comforting lyrics against a sweet guitar melody.

Released in 2011, “Thank You For Breathing” brings together three epic artists—Tablo, Bong Tae Gyu, and Yankie—for a song full of gratitude.

“And We Go” is the first English song from soloist and television host Sung Si Kyung, who sings in Korea and Japanese too.

“Slander” is one of the earliest songs released by J-Hope Big Hit Music labelmate Lee Hyun, but it still endures the test of time today.

“You in the Memory” was originally sung by Hwang Chi Hoon, but Lee Seung Gi made it his own in this 2008 cover.

And, of course, J-Hope and the members are thoroughly enjoying their latest release, “Permission to Dance!”

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BTS’s J-Hope Shares A Playlist Of His Favorite Songs To “JAM” To With Fans

Following fellow members Rap Monster and Suga, BTS’s J-Hope has also released his own personally curated Spotify playlist entitled, “J-Hope’s JAM.”

On March 6, BTS’s official Twitter account tweeted a link to the playlist, which features artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Troye Sivan, and The Chainsmokers.

Listen to #BTS#jhope's JAM @ Spotify

— BTS_official (@bts_bighit) March 6, 2017

Suga’s playlist, “Suga’s Hip-Hop Replay,” was made up of hip-hop tracks by artists like Kanye West and Drake while Rap Monster’s playlist, “Rap Monster’s Heavy Rotations,” featured artists like Bon Iver and Frank Ocean.

Meanwhile, BTS recently made a surprise visit to a middle school in Seoul ahead of their world tour. BTS recently wrapped up their short promotion period for “Spring Day” and released a surprise dance practice video for fans.

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Sours: https://www.soompi.com/article/957429wpp/btss-j-hope-shares-playlist-favorite-songs-jam-fans
[Full Album] J-Hope(제이홉) - Hope World (Mixtape)

Hot off the heels of Rap Monster and Suga's personallised Spotify playlists, J-Hope has decided to join in on the BTS fun by releasing his own personalised Spotify playlist! 

Fittingly titled "J-Hope's JAM," the playlist features some pretty thumping songs from artists such as Kendrick LamarTroye Sivan, and The Chainsmokers, so there's no doubt that fans will be able to have a jamming time with J-Hope's playlist.

Take a listen to J-Hope's "JAM" playlist and let us know what you think.

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Playlist jhope

j-hope wants fans to listen to more Korean songs as he shares his playlist on Melon Station Bighit Music Record. He said that he thinks there are a lot of great songs in Korean, so he wanted to showcase j-hope’s favorite Korean songs. His songs include;• Crush – Lay Your Head On Me • Sung Sikyung – And we go • Tablo – Thank You For Breathing (ft Yankie), Bong Taegyu) • Taeyang – Love You To Dea • Taeyang – AFTER YOU SLEEP (ft Swings) • OH MY GIRL – Closer • BLACKPINK – Stay • Lee Hyun – Slander

“I welcome you to Melon Station Bighit Music Record, I’m J-hope from BTS. Have you enjoyed Bighit Music Records so far? Now it’s my turn. Thank you for waiting. We’ll also start right away with my playlist.” j-hope

“Here are my playlist themes: “Korean Songs, Hobi Playlist Music, Great Vocals”. How do you like the topics? There is a reason for this choice. There are really many masterpieces of song in Korea. So I wanted you guys to see some of these songs from Korea” j-hope

So I’m going to introduce you to some that I, J-Hope, hear. Let’s start with the first songbefore I start presenting my playlist. The artist of the first song is really famous. I have a connection with him too.” j-hope

“His voice is really nice and cool and hip. It’s CRUSH with the song “Lay Your Head On Me” j-hope

Open his playlist and listen to the songs

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Like this:



Sours: https://kenyabtsarmy.com/2021/07/09/bts-j-hope-shared-his-playlist-of-songs-of-korean-artists-he-often-listens-to-permission-to-dance-on-bighit-music-record-on-melon-station/
BTS JHope, Best of Jung Hoseok (정호석) Playlist

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