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Discover the world's largest professional cordless outdoor power equipment system.* Makita® LXT® Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment is a complete system that will let you rule the outdoors. Get the job done with lawn mowers, string trimmers, blowers, chain saws, hedge trimmers, and other tools. Each piece of equipment eliminates the hassles of gas, offering lower noise, reduced maintenance and zero emissions. If you are ready to experience new levels of efficiency and productivity, then the time is now to explore Makita's cordless power equipment. *with 18V lithium-ion slide-style batteries

Makita® LXT® Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment is the world's largest professional cordless outdoor power equipment system,* offering more solutions in more categories. The Makita® Collection ranges from lawn mowers to string trimmers and from blowers to chain saws. With the variety of cordless power equipment and accessories at your fingertips, how will you rule the outdoors?*with 18V lithium-ion slide-style batteries

The Makita® LXT® Cordless System takes you from power tools to outdoor power equipment to get the job done. Utilizing 18V lithium-ion slide-style batteries, the LXT® System works with over 275 cordless products ranging from drills to lawn mowers. With over a 100 years of experience in motors and over 40 years in cordless technology, Makita is a leading innovator with motor and battery technology that's leaving the competition behind. Makita’s fast-charging LXT® Lithium-Ion Batteries, efficient Rapid Optimum Chargers, industry-leading brushless motors, and Star Protection Computer Controls work together to create the LXT® Advantage. Makita’s cordless outdoor power equipment delivers unmatched performance and innovation.


Watch how the direct-drive brushless motor delivers unstoppable power, increased torque and trims non-stop for over a mile in the LXT® X2 Cordless String Trimmer


  • Makita® Lawn Mowers offer efficient grass cutting and mulching in self-propelled or push options, but without the hassles of gas mowers.

  • For trimming or edging, Makita® Cordless String Trimmers combine efficient cutting performance with the convenience of battery-powered operation.

  • Clean-ups just got easier with the powerful, quiet Makita® Cordless Blowers.

  • For demanding tree-cutting jobs, Makita's Cordless Chainsaws are ready to work anytime, anywhere.

  • Makita® Cordless Hedge Trimmers feature superior balance and are built for performance with the run time and blade speed to get the job done.

  • The Makita® Power Head and Attachments are a welcome solution over gas-powered equipment for a range of trimming and cutting applications.

  • Transport materials with ease using a Makita 18V X2 LXT® Brushless Power-Assisted Wheelbarrow.

  • Power Supply
  • Get longer run time with this portable power supply. The power supply backpack provides up to 4X the run time with 18V LXT® Products and 2X the run time with LXT® X2 products.

  • Dig even and consistent holes with the cordless earth auger. It delivers power equivalent to a 36cc gas earth auger without the hassles.

  • Makita® Cordless Pole Saws deliver power of 30cc gas pole saws to handle commercial-duty applications, including trimming and pruning.



Since building our first motors over 100 years ago, Makita® continues to innovate and perfect our engineering craft. The result is an expanding range of professional outdoor power equipment built to help you tackle your toughest jobs. With power and experience at your fingertips, how will you rule the outdoors?



Makita has the industry’s widest line-up of outdoor power equipment, and it’s driven by over 100 years of engineering and innovation. Makita milestones include the first 18V lithium-ion cordless tool system, the first brushless motor tools for contractors, the world’s first 4-stroke engine power cutter, and more. Today and tomorrow, professional users will seek new ways to solve problems and work more efficiently, and Makita is focused on new innovation to meet this demand. Put Makita technology to work for you.




Makita is meeting demand with more solutions for trimming, cutting and clean-ups. The industry’s widest line-up of outdoor power equipment includes cordless solutions that deliver gas performance without the hassles, efficient 4-stroke engine equipment with no oil mixing, 2-stroke engine chain saws and power cutters that start easier and work harder, and corded solutions with proven motor technology. Makita gives you a wide range of equipment with power and efficiency to rule the outdoors.

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Every day you count on your power equipment, so count on Makita to deliver the power, efficiency, and reliable performance you need to get the job done. When you put Makita power equipment to work, you're unleashing over 100 years of innovation including the industry's best lithium-ion battery technology, leading engineering in 4-stroke engine power equipment, and a shared legacy in professional 2-stroke engine equipment that includes Dolmar, the world's original manufacturer of gas chain saws. The unmatched quality and durability of Makita products is driven by engineering, not marketing, and has earned the trust of professional users worldwide.

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The Future of Outdoor Power Equipment Looks Quiet and With Fewer Emissions

We jumped on the horn with a team of experts from Makita to talk about the future of outdoor power equipment. Why Makita? They’re one of the leaders in cordless technology with more than 40 years of cordless tool expertise, but they go much deeper than that.

They’re not just a power tool company that has an OPE line. Makita has an impressive breadth of products and competencies that bracket the needs of nearly every user from homeowners to professional lawn care crews. With battery, gas (including 4-stroke), and corded products available, Makita can go toe-to-toe with the biggest names in the outdoor power equipment industry—and come out ahead.

We’ve collected the best parts of that conversation to share with you what Makita sees in the future of OPE

The Case for Battery-Powered OPE

Makita XRU09 18V X2 LXT Brushless String Trimmer

In the gas vs battery debate, the many benefits of cordless OPE are no secret. In Europe and the US West Coast, communities want the lower noise and emissions that battery-powered products offer. Some local municipalities are writing ordinances, while HOAs and universities are beginning to require it on their properties.

As a response, more and more landscaping companies are offering cordless lawn care as part of their business plan. They’re also looking at the cordless trend and trying to get ahead of the curve.

As just one example, California is considering legislation that would eliminate gas OPE products by 2025 in the entire state.

The way Makita looks at cordless OPE fits in with this trend. Rather than comparing how their cordless products compare to other brands, they test it against gas products to move toward full gas replacements. They’re constantly striving for products that truly compete with gas.

Of course, there are other benefits of cordless as well. No winterizing and no gummed-up carbs are just a couple. Just pop a charged battery (or two) in your equipment and get to work!

Sluggish Adoption – The Issue of Too Little Noise

Tradesmen really started the cordless transition. Even masonry is on board now. Makita made the jump with AVT (Anti-Vibration Technology), although it wasn’t a quick adoption. The technology made Pros working with concrete feel like the tool wasn’t hitting as hard when in fact, they just weren’t feeling the effects of the impact energy in their arms like they were used to.

As the construction industry moves from simple cordless drills to cordless rotary hammers, chop saws, and more, it’s primarily framers that are still holding out.

Future of Outdoor Power Equipment is Runtime Makita XCU03 chainsaw

OPE may be suffering from a similar hesitation as masons. Cordless chainsaws, string trimmers, and blowers don’t sound as powerful as gas-powered ones. When the noise level doesn’t match what Pros are used to, it may cause them to think there’s less power.

The challenge is convincing them that power and sound aren’t directly related to each other.

Future of Outdoor Power Equipment is Runtime

Runtime is another concern for the future of outdoor power equipment. Ideally, you don’t want to stop to recharge and that means having enough battery capacity to make it through the day. That’s a lofty goal and great when you can hit it. Keep in mind that you’re already stopping to refuel on larger properties. Swapping batteries is even faster. If you can get runtime that’s close to how long a tank of gas lasts, that’s a win.

Makita XCU03 18V X2 LXT Chainsaw

If you’re maintaining a facility or campus, you can go back to the shop and cycle batteries on chargers. Lawn care crews need to have enough batteries with them when they leave for the day.

Future Cost of Outdoor Power Equipment

For both Pros and homeowners, the cost of switching is a major obstacle. However, Makita sees programs coming into play such as SCAQMD. It’s a program for Pro landscapers that allows them to trade in their gas equipment for discounts up to 50% from participating manufacturers. Makita is part of that program and similar opportunities may help usher in battery power as the future of outdoor power equipment.

Makita XML08 mower future OPE

Under programs like this, homeowners can scrap their gas mowers and get up to $250 off a battery-powered model.

Behavior Modification Required

Even though we can make the case for cordless, there’s still a major hurdle: behavior modification. You simply can’t run cordless tools the same way you run gas.

To get the runtime you need from your batteries, you can’t run your string trimmer at full speed and take the guard off to let two feet of line out. You have to manage the power you have available to let the tool do the work it’s capable of.

Makita XRU15 future of outdoor power equipment

Are there times where you need the absolute most it can give? Definitely. However, you can do the job well with much less most of the time. Once you learn the best practices, you’ll find out just how capable a fully cordless OPE line can be for professional crews.

The (Often) Unnoticed Cost of Gas

We can do the calculations of how long lithium-ion batteries last by counting on replacing them every 3 to 5 years. We can then compare that to the cost of gas, oil, and maintenance on your equipment. But there’s another cost not everyone considers—refueling stops.

We’re not talking about stopping to put more gas in the fuel tank of your string trimmer, we’re talking about filling the mowers and portable tanks at the gas station. Your entire crew is on hold while one of you fills up. In the meantime, you have guys running in to hit the restroom, grab and eat some breakfast, talk to Bob about the weekend fishing trip… You can lose an hour just getting gas if you don’t nip it in the bud.

But what if you didn’t need to stop and could add another property or two to the day? How quickly do those batteries start paying off?

This gives us some food for thought as we consider the future of outdoor power equipment.

Voltage Isn’t Everything

While Makita strives to compare its cordless products to gas equivalents, it’s not as easy when you’re looking at different cordless voltages. It’s easy to compare engine sizes, but voltage isn’t quite as simple.

Even though 36V (40V Max) doesn’t sound as powerful as, say, 54V (60V Max), you can actually get the same amount of power out of both. It’s in the relationship that volts time amp (current) equals watts (power).

Let’s say you need to run a mower at 2000 watts. Both voltages can get there.

36V x 55.6A = 2000W

54V x 37.0A = 2000W

It’s just a matter of compensating by adjusting the amount of current each battery has to deliver.

The relationship holds true for the amount of energy you have at your disposal in the battery(ies). Take a 54V (60V Max), 3.0Ah battery and compare it to a pair of 18V, 5.0Ah batteries in a Makita 18V X2 product.

54V x 3Ah = 162Wh

(18V x 2) x 5Ah = 180Wh

Even though 54V is a significantly higher voltage than 36V, it’s possible to have more available energy in the lower voltage battery. There’s still resistance (Ohm’s law) and other factors in play, but that’s the basic idea.

The Future of Outdoor Power Equipment Looks Cordless

It’s pretty clear that Makita sees the future of OPE as cordless. When will that transition take place? Will lithium-ion batteries still be the go-to power source? Will it be government-regulated or consumer-driven?

We don’t have answers to those questions just yet. However, Makita has some of their top guys and gals keeping an eye on the trends and creating the products to get us there.

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