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The anklet is an ankle string, ankle bracelet, or ankle chain that women, as well as girls, wrap around their ankle. Anklets are made of various kinds of materials such as shells, beads, nylon, plastic, leather, silver and gold and can of different designs. Formal anklets (gold anklet and silver anklets) are highly preferable as among married girls and women. Basically, anklets belong to the fashionable piece of jewellery and an integral part of the accessories that women wear. Especially Indian women use to wear such jewellery pieces because India is the only country that highly emphasized on them from time immemorial. The anklet is the ornament that holds top-rated social and spiritual significance in Indian culture. Also, anklets are known as Payal that women wear on their daily basis after marriage.

History Of Anklets:

Anklets with toe rings have been worn in India from the ancient times. The trend of wearing anklets design is quite bit pre-historical as it was noticed first in the Mesopotamia civilization. Anklets mainly originated in Arab, Egyptian, and Indian cultures for centuries. In those cultures, girls and women from the just dominant class of society used to wear silver anklets and gold anklets design in order to flaunt their status as well as wealth. During those days, women wore a variety of anklets designs to let people know about their presence around them when there was the purdah system, especially in Arab countries. Later, women belonging to the American culture started to wear this ornament just as a fashion statement. Anklets were known as the simples, lighter as well as smaller anklet piece that was not enough to show off about wealth. However, it was used to express lots of things in the ancient times. Anklet underwent several changes in its appearance such as look, form, styles, designs, etc. Anklets designs evolved in fashion and look as it traveled across several civilizations over countries. In the past years, it expressed the marital status of a woman and was mandatory to wear it at any cost just because of its regional and cultural influences. But, such tradition has dried out according to the tremendous modesty changes. During this time, it is a favourite ornament as countries like Europe, U.K, the U.S contributed to making it much modern and slicker.

Today, in this modern time, girls and women prefer wearing silver anklets design as well as gold anklets design to a great extent to signify their outfit, especially in Western and Indian cultures. Now, women wear anklets designs not only on special occasions but also complete their ethnic wear such as Kurti, Saree, etc. The silver anklets designs, as well as gold anklets, grab the attention of a woman to be a point of attraction for the upcoming special event. Thus, anklets make itself one of the most wearable accessories.

Why Women Wear Anklets And How To Choose A Right Anklet Piece:

Women wear gold anklets that enhance their beauty. Anklets also provide a melodious sound that makes girls do love to wear various anklets designs. Furthermore, people from several cultures live together in such traditional country, India. Women make men to welcome her with more respect and do not allow for any kind of misbehave as they are indicated before reaching there just because of anklets sound. Also, the sound that anklets produce removes all the negative energy from surroundings, mind, and soul as well. Women also experience benefits of wearing gold and silver anklets because metallic anklets keep rubbing against your bone that makes them much stronger. There is a lot of variety of anklets designs that you often find in the market. You should have to buy that only anklet design that suits your attire perfectly. When you buy a metallic anklet such as gold or silver anklet, you have to keep the standard of event that you are attending soon. You should wear the tight anklet designs that stays above your ankle bone while wearing western clothes. If you cover with traditional attire, you should go for the latest anklets design that is above your ankle bone. You should be careful with the anklets design according to the footwear. Moreover, silver anklets design for bride is highly recommended on the day of her marriage.

Online Shopping With Craftsvilla:

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For other uses, see Anklet (disambiguation).

An anklet, also called ankle chain, ankle bracelet or ankle string, is an ornament worn around the ankle.[1] Barefoot anklets and toe rings historically have been worn for at least over 8,000 years by girls and women in South Asia, where it is commonly known as pattilu, payal and sometimes as nupur. They have also been worn by Egyptian women since predynastic times. In the United States both casual and more formal anklets became fashionable from the 1930s to the late–20th century. While in Western popular culture both younger men and women may wear casual leather anklets, they are popular among barefoot women. Formal anklets (of silver, gold, or beads) are used by some women as fashion jewellery.[citation needed] Anklets are an important piece of jewellery in Indian marriages, worn along with saris.

Occasionally, anklets on both ankles are joined by a chain to limit the step. This practice was once prevalent in Southeast Asia, where the effect was to give a "feminine" short tripping step. Today, a few Western women follow this practice, but rarely in public. More rarely still, some people wear "permanent" (e.g., soldered) ankle chains and even connecting chains.



Anklets were worn as an everyday ornament by Egyptian women of all social classes in ancient Egypt from as early as predynastic times. The name for anklets was not much different from that of bracelets being menefret (mnfrt) except by adding a phrase to denote connection to the feet. They were made of different metals and in multiple shapes, with more expensive metals like gold being more common among the rich, while less expensive ones like silver and iron more common among lower social classes. During the fourth, fifth, and sixth dynasties, anklets were usually made of beads threaded in several rows held together with spacer-bars. Anklets were also worn by dancers like those shown in the tombs of Kagemni, Ti, and Akh-hotp.[2]

In the early–20th century, anklets were commonly worn by Egyptian women of inner cities. They were called kholkhal (pl. khalakheel) and were most commonly worn by women of Alexandria, along with a traditional dress covered by a one-piece black cloth called melaya leff.

Today, anklets are not commonly worn by Egyptian women in public due to increased Islamic conservatism that has spread in Egypt where wearing anklets in public is generally perceived as being immodest. Anklets are still commonly worn by dancers in public events.


Bronze anklets are visible as early as the Bronze Age in temperate Europe, in an area roughly along the Danube, in the Alpine foreland, up the Rhine to the Atlantic, and also down the Rhône (Sherratt, 2001). These were found among hoards in these areas, along with other bronze items characteristic of this time (c. 1800 BCE onwards), and are attributable to the Tumulus culture that spread across this region.

South Asia[edit]

Neolithic and chalcolithic periods at Mehrgarh indicate use of anklets.[3] Jhon Marshall describes dancing girl statue as being adorned with armlets, bangles, and anklets[4] A first-century CE epic of Tamil literature called Silappatikaram (The Story of the Anklet) dealt with a woman whose husband was killed while trying to sell one of her anklets to a dishonest goldsmith. The anklets are described in great detail in the poem.

Rajasthani women wear the heaviest type of anklets, which are silver and signify tribal adherence. The women wear these as costume jewelry, but also to show their bravery as a tribe against other rival tribes. The fashion for heavy anklets is declining in India now, but is still common in rural areas.

In the eastern Indian state of Odisha, which is known for its traditional jewelry, there are varieties of anklets known as Paunji Nupur, which are worn by women. Another variety, which covers the entire foot, is known as Padapadma. In ancient times men also wore anklets. Traditionally, only Kshatriya (royal/warrior caste) persons can wear gold anklets, and other castes wear silver anklets.

The word "payal" (payalak) is a word for the anklet in Hindi and Punjabi.

In Bengali language anklet is called "nupur" and widely worn in Bangladesh

Sri Lanka[edit]

The dancers wear anklets. Anklets are worn on both ankles.[5]

As an ornament[edit]


Anklets can be made of silver, gold, and other less precious metals as well as leather, plastic, nylon and other such materials.

Metal anklets are of two types: "flexible" and "inflexible". Flexible anklets, often called paayal, pajeb or jhanjhar in India, are made by tying links in a chain. Subsequently, sonorous bells can be attached to the chain, so that the wearer can make pleasing sounds while walking. Inflexible anklet are usually created by shaping flat metal sheet to the ankle.

Salangai or ghunghru[edit]

Salangai or Ghunghru are small bells that bharatnatyam, kathak, kuchipudi, and odissi dancers tie around their ankles.

  • A dancer performing an Indian classical dance: Odissi

  • A pair of ghungroo, a musical accessory

  • A set of Ghungru, with small bells

Left or right?[edit]

In Eastern cultures, particularly India, anklets are worn on either or both ankles.[6]

Other anklets[edit]

Scuba divers sometimes wear lead anklets to stop a tendency for their legs to float up when diving in a drysuit. Convicted criminals may wear ankle monitors as electronic tagging devices while being confined to a specific venue.

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Silver Anklets: Beauty On Your Feet

Silver anklets are charming in its unique way, and a wonderful addition to one’s jewelry collection.

Anklets reflect back to the traditional culture of our country, and this is the very reason it has been popular among women. You can wear it for all occasions such as a wedding or a festival, and even tag it along with their casual attires. Silver anklets come in various designs and detailing. They offer a variety that is both diverse and elegant at the same time. Anklets are designed for every age group, from small girls to little women. They have been a favorite ornament since centuries, and have always been an enhancement to a woman’s beauty.

Styles Of Silver Anklets

Ankle bracelets come generally in pairs, but a single piece can be bought also. Anklets are available in different styles which range from designer, contemporary, fashion, casual to traditional anklets.  The designs, the patterns, width, weight, and the gemstone may vary but the charm that they add to your attire, is surely mesmerizing. If you have a wedding coming up, you can select anklets from brands like Silver Shoppee and Jewel99. Silver ankle bracelets have been more popular since ages, and provide a royal look. They make you look attractive, at every place you wear them to. In modern world, single piece anklets are more common, and can be worn on any casual day or even to the office (if allowed). They look beautiful and augment your personality, and can be worn with a ethnic attire like sarees, kurtis or lehenga and western attire too.

Get Silver Anklets Designs Online

Times change, and with it our style of shopping has also changed. Everything can now be got online, and in that anklets are no exception.  Choose from numerous options online, and buy anklets that suit your style. Ankle bracelets are available in different price ranges, brands, colors, sizes and designs with different types of gemstones embedded on it. You can choose from brands like Payalwala and Kataria Jewellwers who are popular in the manufacture of silver anklets. 

There are anklets that are available for baby boys, baby girls, girls, and women. From the varieties, one just needs to choose a style, order it and get it delivered without any hassle. In case you do not like the pair, get it replaced or returned with easy return policies  like earrings, bracelets, necklaces.

Ankle Bracelets: Gemstones and Colors

There are a variety of gemstones that add grace to your silver anklets. The gemstones available include crystal, diamond, onyx, peridot, quartz, ruby, topaz, zircon, garnet, emerald, pearl, cubic zirconia, citrine, amethyst, beads, and mother of pearl. There are various colors that are also available that include—beige, green, pink, copper, yellow, silver, purple, red, maroon to many others. The price range for ankle bracelets is quite affordable and there are several discount options that are available, so you can choose and buy the twirling anklets, from the collection that is distinctive and beautiful.

Silver Anklets For All Occasions 

An ankle bracelet looks elegant and beautiful in silver, and it is the material that looks neither over-worn nor simple. It is just elegant. Anklets can be worn on various occasions like weddings or festivals, and they look best when worn by brides. Traditional and contemporary designs are generally heavy and they are uniquely crafted. That is what makes them stand out. On the other hand, the lightweight anklets are perfect for casual wear, and they can be worn on any day, and even to the office. Simple and the lightweight designs are specifically designed for daily wear. They are crafted keeping in mind the modernity, and the choices of today’s women. 

Single piece anklets are the new trend today. There are a wide range of anklets from which you can choose from online. 

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