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Oblivion: The Best Birthsigns, Ranked

Oblivion is the fourth installment in the Elder Scrolls franchise. Set in Cyrodiil, a province of Tamriel, this epic RPG allows you to do whatever you please in this mysterious fantasy setting.

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You begin Oblivion by customizing your character. All these decisions, such as your specific skills and class, help to shape your playstyle. You might specialize as a stealthy thief or perhaps a magic-wielding sorcerer. A vital part of this process is deciding what birthsign you were born under. Each one offers a specific blessing or sometimes a curse. There are 13 birthsigns to choose from, but which is best?

13 The Tower

Birthsigns influence how you decide to level up, so choose one that suits your playstyle. Unfortunately, the Tower isn't the most useful. Its abilities can easily be outdone, such as by finding the Tower Doomstone.

The Tower lets you instantly unlock an average lock once per day. Although handy, you can pick any lock yourself with some practice. The Tower also lets you reflect five percent of damage for 120 seconds. This is a little more useful but can still only be used once per day.

12 The Shadow

The Shadow allows you to turn invisible once per day for 60 seconds. This power can be handy for escape attempts. As long as you do not interact with any items, you can easily slip away undetected.

Although offering a fun ability, this birthsign pales in comparison to the Jone Stone. The Jone Stone can be found to the north of Skingrad and, once activated, grants you the ability to turn invisible for 120 seconds instead. Alongside this, you gain fortified sneak, acrobatics, and athletics.

11 The Serpent

The Serpent is quite a mixed bag. You gain the Serpent Spell, which can injure an enemy you touch for 60 points over 20 seconds. Simultaneously, it will dispel any magic effects you are suffering from and cure you of any poison. The downside is that you also receive 100 points of fatigue damage.

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The effects of this spell are pretty weak against your foes. Alongside this, the fatigue loss can be frustrating, especially during combat. This birthsign is more trouble than it is worth.

10 The Steed

If you want to run around Cyrodiil at speed, looking out for secrets and hidden details, the Steed could be a good fit for you. This birthsign provides you with a permanent 20 points of speed. This makes you incredibly fast, especially early on.

But this isn't too useful overall. Speed is one of the easiest stats to level up, so you can soon reach the same speeds of this birthsign anyway. With no other perks offered, there are far more exciting birthsigns to consider.

9 The Ritual

The Ritual grants you two powers. Blessed Word causes undead foes to run away from you farther than fight. This lasts for 30 seconds and costs 40 Magicka. This ability can be useful for avoiding combat in caves.

The second power, Mara's Gift, can be pretty helpful in emergencies. This power restores 200 points of health, which is usually your full health in the early game. Unfortunately, this is a once-per-day spell. You're better off relying on health potions and healing spells than this birthsign.

8 The Lover

The Lover gives you a once-per-day power that can be incredibly useful: the Lover's Kiss. This isn't an ability to help you charm NPCs. Instead, you paralyze an enemy for ten seconds. This is great for when you are facing a formidable opponent. One kiss, and they are immobilized for a short while.

The downside that makes this birthsign risky is that you also receive 120 points of fatigue when you perform this power. This can mean fainting during a battle if you are not careful. So, use this ability with caution.

7 The Apprentice

Those joining the Mages Guild (One of Oblivion's factions) might feel that the Apprentice will suit them well. The Apprentice will give you two permanent effects. The first one is 100 extra points of Magicka to make use of, so you can keep casting for longer.

It is the Apprentice's second permanent effect that you must be careful of. You have a 100 percent weakness to magic attacks. This can be deadly, but with the right playstyle, you can make it work. For example, focusing on summoning spells to avoid being the target of attacks. The Apprentice is fun but dangerous.

6 The Lord

There is a blessing and a curse granted if you pick the Lord. As a benefit, you are gifted the Blood of the North power, which restores your health by 90 points over 15 seconds at the cost of 50 Magicka. This is a far more reliable healing ability than the Ritual provides.

The downside of this birthsign is that you suffer from Trollkin. This means a permanent weakness to fire. Oblivion gates will become exceptionally tricky unless you equip fire-resistant items to counteract your newfound curse.

5 The Mage

The Mage is an excellent option for those just getting started with Oblivion for the first time. Although not as exciting as some of the other birthsigns, The Mage is a reliable source of additional Magicka without forcing you to deal with any curses or other disadvantages.

The Mage grants you an extra 50 points of Magicka permanently. This is not as much as the Apprentice or the Atronach birthsigns provide, but still a decent bonus to allow you to cast more spells than usual.

4 The Thief

If you plan on joining the Thieves Guild (A faction that Oblivion did a far better job with than Skyrim), then the Thief is an excellent choice. You gain permanent bonuses to agility, luck and speed. These three skills are all beneficial for stealth builds.

The Thief provides the largest point boost out of all the birthsigns. Agility, luck, and fortify all receive ten points, totaling 30 points overall. This bonus is a great headstart for your character, especially in terms of luck, which is usually one of the more difficult skills to upgrade during a playthrough.

3 The Lady

The Lady will fortify both your willpower and your endurance by ten points each. Although this is not as high of a bonus as the Thief provides, the bonus to endurance and willpower is more beneficial overall. For example, you'll have more fatigue and magic resistance straight away, thanks to the Lady.

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Having a boost to your endurance is invaluable early on. Each time you level up, your total health points are determined by your endurance level. So, with the Lady, you ensure you will have a lot more health. With how tough Oblivion can sometimes be, this is only a good thing. The additional willpower is also great for spellcasters as it decreases the rate at which your Magicka replenishes.

2 The Warrior

When heading into the realms of Oblivion, you need to be strong to battle the Daedra. The Warrior is quite similar to the Lady as it also provides a ten-point bonus in endurance, allowing you to build up your health faster when leveling up.

Instead of willpower, The Warrior provides a ten-point increase to your strength stat. This is fantastic for melee combat builds, as it ensures you deal more damage with your weapons. Even non-melee classes benefit from a strength increase as it will expand your carrying capacity. In an RPG full of loot, this is invaluable.

1 The Atronach

The Atronach gives you a permanent 150 points of Magicka. This is far more than the Apprentice and the Mage provide. You also gain 50 percent spell absorption, which allows you sometimes to regain Magicka from a spell attack rather than take damage. Overall, the Atronach is excellent for any character wanting to defend themselves from magic.

What makes this birthsign a challenge is that it also stunts your natural Magicka regeneration. Instead of recharging over time, you must instead use Restore Magicka potions and other alternatives, such as Wayshrines. But, as long as you are prepared before you go off adventuring, this downside can be easily managed.

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In Tamriel, a birthsign is the constellation under which a person is born. Each bestows upon those born under it unique magical powers - either passive or active - and may be perceived as either a "blessing" or a "curse".

General Tips[edit]

The birthsigns can be categorized into three general groups: those that give Attribute bonuses, those that affect your Magicka, and those that provide lesser and/or greater powers:

  • Attribute bonuses: Lady, Steed, Thief, and Warrior.
  • Magicka effects: Apprentice, Atronach, and Mage.
  • Lesser/greater powers: Lord, Lover, Ritual, Serpent, Shadow, and Tower.

All attributes are capped at 100. The Warrior, Thief, Lady, and Steed birthsigns won't allow you to go above this cap.

A character's chosen birthsign cannot be changed in-game (without the use of the console), but Doomstones can provide additional powers - sometimes even permanent ones - that are similar to, and in some cases better than, those offered by the birthsigns. For example, the Shadow birthsign offers invisibility for 60 seconds, while the Jone Stone offers invisibility for 120 seconds.


The Apprentice is a birthsign which affects your Magicka, bestowing the Apprentice Birthsign ability (FormID ), which has two permanent effects:

In-Game Description: The Apprentice ability confers a 100-point bonus to your Magicka attribute, but gives you a 100% Weakness to Magic.
Load Screen Description: Those born under the sign of The Apprentice have increased Magicka, but also have a weakness to it.
Emperor's Commentary: "Today the Apprentice shall serve you at the forge of destiny."

  • Conjuration is very valuable in providing cover, especially by taking blows from magic for you. An Apprentice caster is going to be fragile against all forms of magical attack, so learn to love your pets.
  • Remember that an Altmer already has a weakness to fire, frost and shock magic. Altmer weaknesses + 100% Weakness to Magic = quick death against a spell caster. However, if you can find a way around these weaknesses, e.g. a resist magic or absorb magic spell, this can be a very good combination.
  • A Breton's natural resistance to magic can effectively halve the Apprentice's disadvantage and add 100 Magicka to their already substantial Magicka reserves.
  • One distinct advantage of this birthsign is that it gives you access to the Weakness to Magic effect for spell making and enchanting. Custom Weakness to Magic spells can be used to devastating effect, especially if you cast them one after the other. The only buyable Weakness to Magic spell in the game requires Journeyman level in Destruction, one of the most difficult magic skills to raise.
  • When you get access to the Arcane University, customize all self-target spells with a marginal ailment (e.g., Drain Fatigue 1pt). This will render the spell "harmful", thus causing it to be magnified 100% by your Weakness to Magic. This is a wonderful way to turn your glass cannon "weakness" into a unique and fun advantage, effectively doubling the power of healing, protection, and fortify spells on yourself.


The Atronach is a birthsign which affects your Magicka, bestowing the Atronach Birthsign ability (FormID ), which has three permanent effects:

In-Game Description: With the Atronach ability you don't regain Magicka over time. Instead you have a 50% Spell Absorption to recharge your Magicka. Your base Magicka is also increased by 150 points.
Load Screen Description: Those born under the sign of The Atronach cannot regenerate Magicka, but have a chance of absorbing any magic cast at them.
Emperor's Commentary: "Today the Atronach shall aid you with your appointed burden."

  • To overcome Stunted Magicka and effectively regenerate magicka, you will want to take full advantage of various techniques and tips. See:
    • Restore Magicka potions, Welkynd Stones, Ayleid Wells, etc.
    • Spell Absorption: Reach 100% Spell Absorption, thus allowing you to absorb all possible spells. This includes Telekinesis spells you cast yourself.
      • Wayshrines and Altars of the Nine in chapels provide some of the largest magicka boosts when absorbed.
      • The Lucky Old Lady statue can be activated an infinite amount of times, making it a reliable method to completely restore your magicka, with or without 100% Spell Absorption.
      • Ayleid Wells can also be used to regenerate up to 400 points of Magicka and grants a Fortify Magicka 50 boost to your bar. These can be used daily and can be found all across Cyrodiil.
    • Absorb Magicka: Enchant weapons or, at high Restoration levels, cast spells.
      • Certain summoned creatures (like the Faded Wraith) have a larger reservoir of magicka than is required to both summon them and drain them completely of it using an Absorb Magicka spell. This can be used to completely restore magicka at any time, as long as you are not run completely dry, albeit at the cost of some time and repetition.
  • Even if you never intend for your character to cast magic, you can still benefit from the Atronach's Spell Absorption. As a warrior, for example, you would simply absorb half of the spells cast at you, making combat much easier against spellcasting opponents. If you can increase your Spell Absorption to 100%, you will have a character who is immune to most magic.
  • It is a terrific choice for an Altmer, as the Magicka bonus allows for the highest base Magicka in the game while the Spell Absorption mitigates the Altmer's weaknesses to elemental magic.
  • Choosing the Atronach birthsign will make the Willpower attribute useless apart from increasing your fatigue, which many magic-oriented characters do not rely on.


The Lady is a birthsign which affects your Attributes, bestowing the Lady's Blessing ability (FormID ), which has two permanent effects:

In-Game Description: The Lady's Blessing confers bonuses of 10 points to your Willpower and Endurance attributes.
Load Screen Description: Those born under the sign of The Lady have increased Willpower and Endurance.
Emperor's Commentary: "Today the Lady shall fortify you in your quest for glory."

  • The total Health points you gain each level is determined by your Endurance at the time you level. Thus, increasing your Endurance as quickly as possible early in your character's life will give you the highest potential Health later on. This early 10 point boost can be a big help.
  • If you don't want to use the Atronach birthsign but are still planning on playing as an Altmer (High Elf) spell caster, this is another good choice (along with The Mage Birthsign). It boosts your Willpower and Endurance to 50 each (if you are a male, but is still useful for the more frail female Altmer).
  • This birthsign is also very useful to battlemages - the +10 Endurance bonus will help you survive longer in combat, and the +10 Willpower modifier can be helpful to boost your Magicka regeneration. If used in conjunction with a powerful Breton battlemage, you can also survive much longer against other spellcasters due to the health bonus and your latent resistance to magic.


The Lord is a birthsign which provides a lesser power, balanced by one permanent weakness:

  • Blood of the North lesser power (FormID ): Restore Health 6 points for 15 seconds (90 points total) on Self, multiple times per day at a cost of 50 Magicka
  • Trollkin ability (FormID ): Permanent Weakness to Fire 25% on Self

In-Game Description: Being born under the Lord gives you the Blood of the North lesser power to regenerate up to 90 points of Health. However, you also gain the Trollkin curse, a permanent 25% Weakness to Fire.
Load Screen Description: Those born under the sign of The Lord can regenerate Health, but are vulnerable to fire.
Emperor's Commentary: "Today the Lord shall prove a faithful patron as you confront your fate."

  • Blood of the North allows the player to cast a Restore Health effect at magnitude 6 for 15 seconds (90 points of healing) for an incredibly low cost of 50 Magicka. This is by far the most efficient healing spell in the early and middle game, until you achieve a high Restoration skill. The next most efficient healing spell is the one that all characters get at the beginning of the game (Heal Minor Wounds) which is far less effective. A Lord gets a Journeyman-level, Magicka-light healing spell right from the start of the game.
    • This sign is especially useful for combat based characters, as the spell may be cast multiple times to top up your health levels in the middle of a fight, and it would take a long time to gain a high enough Restoration skill to cast an equally effective healing spell.
      • This healing ability is also a Lesser Power, so it is unaffected by any armor your character may be wearing.
    • Conversely, this sign is not recommended for magic based characters, especially if Restoration is a major skill, because you do not gain experience by using Lesser Powers.
  • The 25% weakness to fire can be countered by wearing a piece of armor with a Resist Fire enchantment. You could either custom-make this, find it in random loot, or use a Sigil Stone. Dunmer characters have a natural resistance to fire, so are particularly suited to this sign. Altmer characters on the other hand will probably want to avoid this sign, due to their innate weakness to fire.


The Lover is a birthsign which provides a greater power:

  • Lover's Kiss greater power (FormID ): Paralyze 10 seconds on Touch and Damage Fatigue 120 points on Self, once per day

In-Game Description: Use the Lover's Kiss power once a day to paralyze an opponent for 10 seconds at the cost of 120 points of Fatigue.
Load Screen Description: Those born under the sign of The Lover can paralyze others with a kiss.
Emperor's Commentary: "Today the Lover shall sweeten your journey as you confront your fate."

  • The Serpent Birthsign Doomstone grants the Cobra's Dance greater power, which provides Paralyze for 5 seconds, accompanied by Damage Health 4 points for 20 seconds on target (80 points total). There is no Fatigue penalty associated with Cobra's Dance. Although shorter in duration, some players may prefer to use the Doomstone effect to obtain a paralysis greater power.
  • The Lover's Kiss power grants the Paralyze magical effect at spellmaking altars if you are having difficulty finding the spell.
  • Your character might faint when this spell is cast if your fatigue is already low from jumping or swinging weapons, so you might still be on the floor when your angry victim gets back up and takes vengeance on you.
  • Imperials can use their Star of the West greater power to absorb 100 points of Fatigue, mostly compensating for the damage caused by casting Lover's Kiss.


The Mage is a birthsign which affects your Magicka, bestowing the Mage Birthsign ability (FormID ), which has one permanent effect:

In-Game Description: The Mage ability confers a permanent bonus of 50 points to your Magicka.
Load Screen Description: Those born under the sign of The Mage have increased Magicka.
Emperor's Commentary: "Today the Mage shall light your way on the paths of glory."

  • This birthsign is well suited for mages who want a Magicka bonus without any side effects - the other birthsigns that provide Magicka bonuses (Apprentice and Atronach) both have negative side effects.


The Ritual is a birthsign which provides two powers:

  • Blessed Word lesser power (FormID ): Turn Undead up to level 25 (100 points) for 30 seconds on target, multiple times per day at a cost of 40 Magicka.
  • Mara's Gift greater power (Form ID ): Restore Health 200 points on Self, once per day.

In-Game Description: Those born under the Ritual use the Mara's Gift power once a day as a powerful Restore Health spell. The Blessed Word can turn the undead.
Load Screen Description: Those born under the sign of The Ritual can heal themselves and turn the undead.
Emperor's Commentary: "Today the Ritual shall speed you on your star-patterned path."

  • Blessed Word allows the player to craft additional Turn Undead spells at spell making altars without the need to have previously known another Turn Undead spell.
  • The Restore Health for 200 points is an instant effect much like a strong potion of healing (better in fact). This is quite useful in a pinch especially at lower levels, where it completely heals most characters. While its effects are less pronounced at higher levels, it maintains its usefulness throughout the game.


The Serpent is a birthsign which provides one greater power, Serpent Spell (FormID ), which can be cast once per day, simultaneously casting all four of the following effects:

In-Game Description: Gain the Serpent spell to cause a slow but potent poison on touch, while simultaneously curing yourself and dispelling magic on yourself. Casting this spell costs 100 points of Fatigue.
Load Screen Description: Those born under the sign of The Serpent can poison others at a loss of their own Fatigue.
Emperor's Commentary: "Today the Serpent shall sting the foes who seek your blood."

  • The Serpent Birthsign Doomstone gives the player the Cobra's Dance greater power. This power provides a stronger poison spell than the Birthsign, for the same duration. It is accompanied by Paralyze for 5 sec on target, and there is no fatigue penalty when casting the Cobra's Dance greater power.
  • The Cure Poison on Self effect is very useful for non-Argonians.
  • The Dispel 90 points on Self effect is most helpful.


The Shadow is a birthsign which provides one power:

  • Moonshadow greater power (FormID ): Invisibility 60 seconds on Self, once per day.
    • As with all invisibility effects, the power is immediately dispelled if the player interacts with any item (doors, containers, etc.).

In-Game Description: Use the Moonshadow power once a day to become Invisible for 60 seconds.
Load Screen Description: Those born under the sign of The Shadow can make themselves invisible.
Emperor's Commentary: "Today the Shadow shall hide you from destiny's cunning hounds."

  • Once your combined Fame and Infamy is 10, you can visit the Jone Stone and acquire the ability to become invisible for 120 seconds, once per day. This is twice as long as the Moonshadow power granted by the Shadow, making this birthsign of limited value.
  • Like other birthsigns with spell-like powers, this birthsign allows the caster to craft lower-leveled Invisibility spells at spell crafting altars.
  • Very useful for thieves and assassins, although only being able to cast Moonshadow once per day can be a significant limitation.
  • In the Black Marsh, Argonians born under the sign of the Shadow are called "Shadowscales;" they are given to the Dark Brotherhood at birth and are trained to be assassins. This is part of the back story behind The Renegade Shadowscale, but it does not otherwise affect game play. In particular, the player is not treated differently if the player chooses to play an Argonian with the Shadow birthsign.


The Steed is a birthsign which affects your Attributes, bestowing the Steed Birthsign ability (FormID ), which has one permanent effect:

In-Game Description: The Steed ability grants a bonus of 20 to your Speed attribute.
Load Screen Description: Those born under the sign of The Steed can move faster.
Emperor's Commentary: "Today the Steed shall speed your progress on the road to destiny."

  • While some would not consider this to be a good birthsign, the proof is in the numbers. A Bosmer (Wood Elf) with a class that has Speed as a focus (such as Thief or Rogue) would have a starting Speed level of 75 when taking this birthsign. Early in the game, the Speed attribute is very easily increased. By level 6, such a character has the potential of 100 Speed. This rivals the effects of using horses. Since Speed (along with Acrobatics) affects how high you can jump, this can give you access to places to snipe your enemy from safety.
    • Fortifying Speed past 100 is even more beneficial for similar reasons. Races with low initial values for Speed - such as Orcs - may also find the 20 points boost to Speed useful in order to overcome the deficiency. Also if you hate the drag down of Heavy Armor, this could be a helpful birthsign for you as well.


The Thief is a birthsign which affects your Attributes, bestowing the Thief Birthsign ability (FormID ), which has three permanent effects:

In-Game Description: The Thief ability grants a 10-point bonus to your Agility, Speed, and Luck attributes.
Load Screen Description: Those born under the sign of The Thief have increased Agility, Speed, and Luck.
Emperor's Commentary: "Today the Thief shall guide your steps on the road to destiny."

  • Luck is the slowest of all the attributes to raise, since unlike the others, it is not associated with any skills. This 10-point boost means you could potentially have all your stats maximized 10 levels earlier than you otherwise could. And since Luck can only ever be increased by 1 point per level, this combined with a custom class that has Luck as a class attribute saves you 15 levels of luck boosts.
  • Because Luck affects all skills, the 10 point boost in Luck is handy. It equates to a 4 point boost in all of your skills as far as effects (but not perks) are concerned. If you customize a class to have Luck as a class ability and combine that with this birthsign, you start the game with every skill having an effective boost of +6. See the Efficient Leveling +5/+5/+5 vs +5/+5/+1 information in the character building tips for more on this.
  • The Thief birthsign gives a player the greatest possible total bonus in terms of attributes of any birthsign. It adds a total of 30 points to attributes, while other birthsigns which raise attributes add only 20 total points.


The Tower is a birthsign which provides two powers:

  • Tower Key greater power (FormID ): Open Average Lock (40 points) on Target, once per day
  • Tower Warden greater power (Form ID ): Reflect Damage 5% for 120 seconds on Self, once per day

In-Game Description: With the Tower Key power, once a day open a door or container of Average lock level or less. The Tower Warden reflects five points of damage for 120 seconds once a day.
Load Screen Description: Those born under the sign of The Tower can unlock doors magically, and the Tower Warden power reflects damage from attackers.
Emperor's Commentary: "Today the Tower shall prove a stout refuge in time of need."

  • The Tower Birthsign Doomstone grants the Warden Key greater power, which provides Open Hard Lock in 15 feet on Target, once per day, and therefore provides a more powerful open spell. The Tower Stone also provides The Master's Hand greater power, with FortifyArmorer 20 points for 120 seconds on Self, once per day.
  • This birthsign is the only (non-Shivering Isles) way for your character to access Reflect Damage at the Spellmaking Altar to make custom spells. However, you still cannot make custom enchantments with it.
  • This is not a great sign for any thief-like character as any amount of skill in security coupled with a high agility will make easy work of any average lock. Also, any good thief will want practice in Security to help boost his agility modifiers.
  • You can pick any lock in the game with a little patience as long as you have lockpicks on hand, rendering this ability of little use. It's also possible to quest for an artifact called the Skeleton Key - an unbreakable lockpick - that will allow any character to open any lock with a little patience.


The Warrior is a birthsign which affects your Attributes, bestowing the Warrior Birthsign ability (FormID ), which has two permanent effects:

In-Game Description: The Warrior ability grants a bonus of 10 points to your Strength and Endurance attributes.
Load Screen Description: Those born under the sign of The Warrior have increased Strength and Endurance.
Emperor's Commentary: "Today the Warrior shall prove a stalwart companion when fortune fades."

  • The total Health you gain each level is determined by your Endurance at the time you level. Thus, increasing your Endurance as quickly as possible early in your character's life will give you the highest potential Health later on. This early 10 point boost can be a big help.
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I have played through the game several times and decided I wanted to mix it up a bit and try a character that would force me to play through the game differently.

Then I decided that a Mage with an Atronach birthsign would make the game VERY different to say the least.

I already know that it will take plenty of patience, potions and welklynd stones to try to overcome that stunted magicka. I plan on raising my alchemy very quickly and being able to make plenty of magicka potions.

I also plan on going for 100% spell absorption eventually.

But is the Atronach birth sign simply TOO frustrating to play with?

Any tips, secrets, strategies, do's, don'ts for how to play with the Atronach sign?

Here is the current character build I am working on. Would this work well with an Atronach birth sign?

High Elf


Hand to Hand

Well, if you want to be cheap, you can summon a creature, like a scamp, and then attack it causing it to aggro, and since scamps use flare, you can "farm" them, so to speak.

Raid a few Alyeid ruins for Welkynd stones
Get a good alchemy skill and make lot's of restore magicka potions
Buy a telekineses spell (you reflect more magicka then you spent back at yourself for some reason)
Visit the luck old lady often
Same with chapels and such.

Provided you aren't using the unofficial patch or anything like that all those recommendation should be correct.

Your build is a bit bad.... assuming you are using the vanilla leveling system. It'd not a good idea to really go "all in" with skills that govern a single attribute, it's best to diversify it and not have so much focus on a single thing. Though willpower is kind of useless when having Atronach so I guess it's not that bad.

Your build is a bit bad.... assuming you are using the vanilla leveling system. It'd not a good idea to really go "all in" with skills that govern a single attribute, it's best to diversify it and not have so much focus on a single thing. Though willpower is kind of useless when having Atronach so I guess it's not that bad.

I'm using a custom leveling system where each time I gain a level, it gives me +3 to my choice of three attributes, regardless of what skills I used or how often I used them during that time period.

So it still lets me pick what attributes I want to increase upon leveling but I don't have to worry at all about making sure to get certain multipliers.

well, except in vanilla you can get +5's, but that seems a bit fairer i guess since you don't have to work for it.

i use mod that marks ayleid wells on the map, and travel to them as i go by on my way somewhere.

farming scamps might be easier though

it's certainly a different gameplay mechanic not regenerating magic, but definitely doable (and preferable IMO).

& learn to recognize flax
it's everywhere

use an auto gather ingredients mod & an auto make potion mod

In vanilla, can you get +5s to three different attributes?

or is it +5s to two different attributes and then a +1 to another one?

It will be just like morrowind!!

I hate rushers...i mean why rush? the game just started, if you already ready to end it, then maybe you shouldn't have joined the game...

If you are making a Atronach mage you absolutely positively completely utterly totally entirely need Alchemy!

In vanilla, can you get +5s to three different attributes?

yes, but requires some planning.

Oblivion - Absorb Telekinesis

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How to Make an Atronach Build in Oblivion

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