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25 year old Madeon just hosted a AMA on the r/electronicmusic subreddit, as a celebration for his brand new album “Good Faith”.

The Frenchman doesn’t require any info whatsoever. A rule of thumb in dance music is usually “everyone loves Madeon”. And this has rung true in most scenarios, with the Nantes native ascending to the top of the dance music world.

A lot has changed since the innocent young lad who uploaded a mashup Launchpad video that became viral on Youtube, Madeon’s first sign of greatness. Since then, Madeon experienced an astronomical rise to fame: from his debut single “Icarus” – which is still a fan favorite today – to his first album “Adventure”, to what is arguably his best hit to this day: “Shelter”, his collab with Porter Robinson, a track that has inspired hundreds of remixes and covers.

Madeon is now a smash hit machine, but one that has always remained loyal and true to himself and his fans, sharing the love and using his talents to the best of his abilities. Many have tried to copy his style, but none have managed to do it so far. And to put this claim to the test, he just released his sophomore album “Good Faith”, and what better way to celebrate it than a Reddit AMA?

The fans were avid for a taste of Hugo’s perspective and he definitely didn’t disappoint, talking tech, inspiration for “Good Faith”, videogames, and many more. He spoke of his “return” to the stages after a small “hiatus” of sorts, claiming “I feel vindicated and grateful. It’s a real privilege to have the chance to take the time you need.”Hugo also raised the curtain on the thought process behind “Miracle”, saying he “redid the production from scratch over a dozen times”, but that in the end, it was Porter Robinson who decided the final version.

Hello ! My name is Madeon and I just released my new album Good Faith. AMA! from electronicmusic

All this and many more in a fascinating yet wholesome AMA, his fans really went all out so check it out. Down below you’ll also find Madeon’s new album, a musical journey for any and all fans of dance music.


8 Things we learned from Madeon’s ‘Good Faith’ Reddit AMA

Madeon has recently stunned the dance music world with his highly-anticipated sophomore LP, Good Faith. That statement almost goes without saying. Just days after the LP release, Madeon stopped by r/electronicmusic for a good old fashioned Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (AMA).

The hour-long session yielded some rather exciting news straight from Madeon himself, especially around the making of his newest artistic concept with Good Faith. From the peers he turned to for feedback, to the visual canon he developed for the tour, to his overall inspirations, here’s everything learned from Madeon’s recent Reddit AMA.

Read the full AMA here.

1) Lido was pivotal in helping Madeon develop the theme around Good Faith.

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 2.27.58 PM.png

2) Porter Robinson was also hugely important in the feedback process…

…as is to be expected. One can actually hear the sounds of “Shelter” in subtle nuances on the album, especially in the anime sampling on “Hold Me Just Because,” which is obviously a huge Porter influence.

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 2.58.47 PM.png

3) Daft Punk has always been a source of inspiration for Hugo.

Also, “Miracle” took the longest to write. As the album’s midway point, this has been the most well-received song off of the album.

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 2.31.01 PM.png

4) Fans kept asking Hugo to elaborate on a recently vague tweet of his, to which he blatantly ignored every time…

…perhaps good things come to those who wait. All will be revealed in good time.

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 3.06.32 PM.png

5) Good Faith initially had 11 songs, with Hugo scrapping the track, “Love You Back.”

The track will see a release at a later date. Madeon just decided it didn’t fit with the theme of the album.

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 3.10.16 PM.png

6) Madeon has been listening to Bon Iver, Prince, and Kraftwerk lately.

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 3.17.49 PM.png

7) Madeon began planning the visuals for his Good Faith tour back in 2016…

…and the process was extremely involved.

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 3.20.03 PM.png

8) The vision for Madeon’s Good Faith artistic concept came to him like a lightning strike and he decided to run with it.

Although he says it took a long time to develop thoroughly. Oh, and Rin is doing just fine.

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 3.26.15 PM.png

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Adventure (Madeon album)

2015 studio album by Madeon

Adventure is the debut studio album by French DJ and record producer Madeon. It was released on 30 March 2015 through popcultur and Columbia Records. The album features talent and vocals from Kyan, Dan Smith from Bastille, Passion Pit, Mark Foster from Foster the People and Aquilo and was produced entirely by Madeon himself.

The album was promoted by five singles: "Imperium", "You're On", "Pay No Mind", "Home" and "Nonsense", while the deluxe also includes "Icarus", "Finale", "The City", "Cut the Kid", "Technicolor" and a bonus track in collaboration with Vancouver Sleep Clinic. The album received positive reviews from critics.


In May 2013, Leclercq stated in several interviews that he had begun working on his debut album with it being in a very early stage. At this time, the release was still expected to be in early 2014.[1][2] He revealed his intention to release at least eleven new tracks in 2014, further hinting a possible album release in 2014.[3] In May 2014, he predicted a release date for the second half of 2014.[4]

In early 2014, Leclercq took several months off touring "to focus on writing [his] album".[5] Leclercq began creating "an Adventure sample pack and a collection of a few signature sounds to use throughout album [...] before writing more songs".[6]

In June, Porter Robinson, a good friend of Leclercq,[7] answered a question regarding Adventure in his Reddit Ask Me Anything as: "i've heard madeon's album and it's FUCKING magificent. i've been singing one of them all goddamn day [sic]".[8] Leclercq later confirmed on Twitter that Robinson was referring to the third single "Pay No Mind".[9]

Later in 2014, Leclercq gave out first details about the album. In July, he answered a question on Tumblr on how to describe his album as "start[ing] somewhere and tak[ing] you somewhere else. It goes from euphoric and pop to emotional and widescreen".[10] In an interview, Leclercq revealed that the album will feature "not just club tracks [but] songs and music that touches [him. It] uses electronic elements, but goes beyond the DJ-role format", also suggesting a new show after the album.[11]

In November, Leclercq promised new music, hinting the release of "You're On", and finished the official artworks for the album a few days later.[12][13]

Leclercq announced the album's name, Adventure, on 8 December 2014 and premiered of the second single "You're On".[14]

The official album announcement followed on 19 January 2015, which included a release date of 30 March, the official track listing in standard and deluxe edition, both artworks and pre-order links for all editions.[15]

Madeon's press release states:

With Adventure, I wanted to capture the feeling and sensibility of my teenage years. I wanted the album to start very vibrant and pop and end with a more contemplative tone. In making the record, I both collaborated in the studio with some of my favourite musicians, and wrote and performed vocals on songs myself, two things I hadn’t really done before with my own music.[16]

In February, Leclercq tweeted that he was working on his new live show Adventure Live.[17] The show began on 10 April 2015 in San Francisco, and is a 22-stop tour in North America.[18] The show premiered in London on 31 March.[19]

On 18 March 2015, the Adventure Machine[20] was launched as a promotional tool. The web app allows anyone to mix selected stems from Adventure together using their phone, tablet, computer or Novation Launchpad. Madeon posted on Facebook, stating, "You can combine samples from my album and create new mash-ups/mixes."[21] The app was nominated for a Webby Award.[22]

On 24 March 2015, Adventure premiered on Spotify and iTunes for streaming.[23] On the same day, Leclercq did a Reddit AMA.[24]


The Madeon alphabet used for most cryptic messages.

Like his previous releases, Leclercq designed all artwork himself, with the depiction of "escaping a city to reach the desert" in each single's artwork.[25] The album cover consists of a red desert and blue sky. The single artwork includes the artist name Madeon, and track name written in the 'Madeon alphabet' in the top right corner.


Music videos[edit]

A screenshot from Madeon's music video for "You're On". The centered person is Asteria. On the building in the back, a code written in the typical Madeon alphabet is visible (in addition to its translation).

According to a press release, the premise of the music videos is as states:

Set in a remote city, in an undefined future, Asteria is restless to see more of the outside world. She finds a friend in Icarus, who shared her desire of leaving.[26]

"You're On" is the first video in a music video trilogy. The video follows a young woman, Asteria, through a futuristic city. She meets a young man named Icarus and together, they activate an object embedded in a wall. The video ends with a "To Be Continued" message, written in the Madeon alphabet. Leclercq has a brief cameo performing live with Launchpads.[27] The second music video in the trilogy was released for the third single "Pay No Mind" on 20 February 2015. The video follows Icarus and Asteria as they decode secret messages and find an escape from the futuristic city. They successfully find an exit out of the city, and are last seen outside the walls, heading towards the tower in the distance. The music video for "Pay No Mind" was released on Leclercq's newly created Vevo channel.[28] The finale of the trilogy, set to "Nonsense" follows Icarus and Asteria on a long journey through the desert to a tower reminiscent of that on the album artwork of Adventure. As they open the doors to the tower, the Madeon logo forms.

Similar to preceding music videos, the Adventure trilogy includes many cryptic messages written in the typical Madeonalphabet.[29] This code together with hidden messages in preceding releases has not been publicly decoded yet, though several forums are trying to.[30] The ending of "Technicolor" includes a morse code stating "Icarus fell". The website to download Technicolor includes a morse code at the bottom of the page translating to "type it" (originally "- -.-- .--. . .. -"). When directly typing "Icarus fell", the top image of the website will change to "The secret is inside the Pixel Empire". The transition from "Innocence" to "Pixel Empire" shows the Adventure diamond when seen in a spectrogram.


In September 2014, a new song by Leclercq called "Imperium" was released unofficially as the part of the soundtrack of the video game, FIFA 15. On 18 October 2014, the lead single was officially released as a free download through an interactive puzzle on his website, similar to the release of "Cut the Kid."

On 8 December 2014, Leclercq released the second single titled "You're On" featuring singer Kyan. Leclercq claimed "You're On" was "inspired by my love of pop music, cool chords and chopped up diva vocals."[31] An official music video was released on 15 December 2014, as the first of a music video trilogy.[32][33][34] The song was featured in Konami game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.[35]

On 18 January 2015, Leclercq announced the third single as "Pay No Mind" featuring Passion Pit in a BBC Radio 1 interview by Alice Levine.[36] On 3 February 2015, Leclercq tweeted the single artwork and the release date.[37] Like with previous single "You're On", Leclercq posted a low quality preview of "Pay No Mind" on his Instagram.[38] The single was premiered by Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 as the Hottest Record on 9 February 2015.[39] The official music video was released on 20 February 2015 as the second part of the music video trilogy.[40]

On 9 March 2015, the fourth single "Home" was premiered by Annie Mac's new BBC Radio 1 show.[41] It is the final track from the standard edition and the first track released in which Leclercq wrote and performed vocals himself.[42]The Fader described "Home" as "a pulsing surge of anthemic electro-pop".[43] Leclercq described the process behind the track:

"I have this thing I do about once a year. I lock myself in the studio for 24 hours and make two or three new songs from start to finish. By the 18th hour, the combination of sleep deprivation, creative frustration and isolation put me in this weird vulnerable state. I kind of felt like giving up on music at the time to be honest, so I made a song about that. Because I was alone in the studio and had a microphone, I ended up recording it myself and finished producing it in the few hours remaining. I dont see myself as a singer but I thought it would be weird to have anyone else do the song so I kept it the same as the demo on the album."[44]

On 24 March 2015, a day after Adventure premiered on Spotify for streaming, "Nonsense" featuring Mark Foster from Foster the People, was released as the fifth single.

Critical reception[edit]

Adventure received positive reviews. Sputnikmusic stated that while many debut albums by other dance music artists received poor recognition, Madeon has made a solid effort. While criticizing a little on the lyrics, Sputnikmusic said that "All of these songs [in the album] have the potential of breaking into the EDM stratosphere and becoming a hit... This is certainly an album that needs to be in your upcoming summer playlist."[45]Digital Spy declared that Madeon managed to put his own style of music into the album. Digital Spy further stated that "'s his steely determination to not compromise his art that will serve him best in the long run – and it's that boldness that makes his debut album the strongest of starts to his Adventure."[46]Pitchfork meanwhile said that Adventure is "a strikingly versatile collection." and further stated that "Adventure" provides Madeon with many different ways for him to choose from for his future music. EDM Chicago meanwhile remarked that "Adventure is proven to be a catalyst for both pop and dance fans alike... it serves an emotional and meaningful purpose that hands-down has propelled it into being definitively one of the best produced records this year."[49] In a five-star review, We Got This Covered said that the album is "...One which is filled with good vibes, catchy pop sounds, and a lasting state of euphoria."[48]The Fader's author Larry Fitzmaurice commented that the album is an "...expansive, impossibly beautiful landscape that evokes sounds from electronic music's past and present...all coalescing into one of the most radiant pop albums in recent memory."[50]

Track listing[edit]



Release history[edit]

External links[edit]


Madeon - Nirvana/Hypermania @ ACL Oct 10 2021 (different audio)

Madeon spoke out about his extraordinary sophomore albumGoodFaith and much more in a recent Reddit AMA, which addressed fan questions about production, visuals, underlying meanings and more.

Along with Good Faith came a great deal of self-discovery for Madeon. He expands on his journey here in a recent interview and dives into the themes and inspirations behind the album via Reddit below.

From DaftPunk influences to learning (and unlearning) new production tricks, Madeon covers it all. As a bonus, he reveals one of his favorite artists to work with (other than Porter Robinson) and his favorite collaboration to date.

Read on below and dig through the full Reddit AMA here for more.


Madeon Reddit AMA

Garagebasswobble: Do you think you could explain a little more about what some other themes and inspirations went into this album?

Comment from discussion Garagebasswobble’s comment from discussion "Hello ! My name is Madeon and I just released my new album Good Faith. AMA!".

impyreane:i wanted to ask about heavy with hoping !! that song really really stuck out to me and im fully in love with it. how did that song come together and how was working with audra mae?

Comment from discussion OfficialMadeon’s comment from discussion "Hello ! My name is Madeon and I just released my new album Good Faith. AMA!".

feastandexist: Three questions for ya: 3 years ago you tweeted this. What was ‘THAT song’? What made you decide this was going to be an ‘artist’ album instead of a ‘producer’ album? How involved was Porter Robinson in the feedback process? Did he contribute to any of the songs in some way?

Comment from discussion OfficialMadeon’s comment from discussion "Hello ! My name is Madeon and I just released my new album Good Faith. AMA!".

Circa923: GF is brilliant, thanks for the tunes 🙂 One of my initial observations was how much the album feels “live” already, and almost like it’s a rock album from the future based on some of the instrumentation and production choices. Was there a focus you can share with us on your vision for the instrumentation and production?

Comment from discussion OfficialMadeon’s comment from discussion "Hello ! My name is Madeon and I just released my new album Good Faith. AMA!".

somecat225: Hello!! How long ago did you start planning the visuals for GFL, and how did you choose them?

Comment from discussion OfficialMadeon’s comment from discussion "Hello ! My name is Madeon and I just released my new album Good Faith. AMA!".

OfficialJeremyXY: What was the song that took you the longest to write? Who were the kids in the choir you recorded? Was there a daft punk influence on the song Miracle?

Comment from discussion OfficialMadeon’s comment from discussion "Hello ! My name is Madeon and I just released my new album Good Faith. AMA!".

Miles5x5: Are there any artists that you’ve worked with over time that you’ve enjoyed the most? What’s your favorite collab song?

Comment from discussion OfficialMadeon’s comment from discussion "Hello ! My name is Madeon and I just released my new album Good Faith. AMA!".


Photo via Diego Andrade


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