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​Stephanie Rivet was born in Montreal in 1972.

She displays a strong interest for the arts and painting at a very young age, but she also had an interest for everything related to sciences and mathematics.

Her desire to express herself through paintings was always present. After studying mathematics, she redirects her studies and obtains a Fine Arts degree from the Université du Québec à Montréal. Since 1998, she exhibited her paintings in several art galleries. The desire to create full‐time appeared as a revelation. In 2008, she left teaching mathematics to devote herself entirely to her art.

Stephanie works are inspired by nature, and her paintings are mainly abstract. ” Working in an abstract style allows me to use my creativity freely. For me, creativity is to accept the unknown, to welcome the unexpected as an opportunity, and to not be afraid of failure. Believing that the result will be even more beautiful than what I had originally planned, encourages me to make exciting discoveries. ”
She applies the paint to the canvas entirely with a palette knife, often mixing the color directly onto the canvas. This method promotes spontaneity, and allows her to be guided by intuition as the artwork begins to take shape.

​Stéphanie Rivet has presented her work in various galleries and cultural centres all across Canada, in the United States and Europe. We may also find her paintings in private and corporate collections worldwide.


Artworks by Stéphanie Rivet

Composition lyrique 721
Composition lyrique 721 by Stéphanie Rivet
Acrylic painting


October Inspiration
October Inspiration by Stéphanie Rivet
Acrylic painting


Flow 2320
Flow 2320 by Stéphanie Rivet
Acrylic painting


Promesse de bonheur
Promesse de bonheur by Stéphanie Rivet
Acrylic painting


Vert d'eau
Vert d'eau by Stéphanie Rivet
Acrylic painting


Always Happy
Always Happy by Stéphanie Rivet
Acrylic painting


Joie 4
Joie 4 by Stéphanie Rivet
Acrylic painting


Flow 59
Flow 59 by Stéphanie Rivet
Acrylic painting


Exploration 519
Exploration 519 by Stéphanie Rivet
Acrylic painting


Turquoise - Grey
Turquoise - Grey by Stéphanie Rivet
Acrylic painting


Flow 51
Flow 51 by Stéphanie Rivet
Acrylic painting


Flow 48
Flow 48 by Stéphanie Rivet
Acrylic painting


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Stephanie Rivet

CanadaBorn in: 1972 Emerging artists

Born in 1972 in Canada, Stephanie Rivet has been interested in painting and arts since her childhood. After studying mathematics at university, she changed directions and obtained her high school diploma in visual arts at the Quebec University, Montreal. She began to exhibit 1998 onwards but it was only from 2008 that she stopped teaching maths and dedicated herself to artistic creation solely.

During her studies, she explored different techniques, but painting remained her favorite way of expression. Natureis one of her biggest sources of inspiration, like the creative process in itself, which explains the use of her palette knife, an approach which leaves room for spontaneous emotions. Through the years, she has begun to use free energetic strokes where figuration andabstraction get along in a peaceful manner.

Since fifteen years, she has been exhibiting her creations in several regions of Quebec and various galleries and cultural centers in Canada and U.S.A. One can see her paintings in private collections and in Quebec and North-American company collections.

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