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after our loved ones cross over, they are very anxious to let us know they are okay and are aware of what is going on in our lives. if we are not able to feel them around us, they will often give us signs that we cannot ignore. the person who is given the sign usually knows he or she is receiving a message from the other side. i always tell my clients that they do not have to look for signs – the signs will come to them.

the signs our loved ones give us most often are:

1) they come through as an animal. our loved ones are able to use their energy to go inside of an animal, such as a butterfly, ladybug, bird, or dragonfly – for a brief period of time. the animal does something it usually would not do, such as land on us, peck at our window, scream at us, etc.


does this remind you of someone?

2) they place common objects such as feathers, coins, or rocks in our path. our loved ones like to place things over and over again in our path that were significant to them. i have had clients come to me who have had jars filled with feathers, coins, and objects they have found in the most unusual places.


after my grandma died, we found dimes all the time. it was a symbol of the 10 people in our family.


3) they give off fragrances. we can often tell our deceased loved ones are around us when we smell their perfume, flowers, cigar or cigarette smoke, or any other familiar smell they had. there is usually no logical explanation of why the smell is there.

4) they make songs come on at the perfect time. we know they are around when their favorite songs come on at the right time with the exact words we need to hear. often the same song is played in many different places.

5) they come to us in dreams. one of the easiest ways for them to come through to us is in our dreams. all we need to do is to ask them to come, and they will. however, we should ask them to wake us up after they come, or else we will not remember the dream. a dream that is a true visitation will be very peaceful and we will know it is truly our loved one. we will remember this type of dream in detail many years later. (on the other hand, a subconscious dream may be frightening or feel bad. this type of dream is not your loved one.)


who was in your dream?


6) they show us the same numbers over and over. they loved to give us numbers that are relevant to them or you, such as birthdates, anniversaries – or repeating numbers, such as 1111, 2222, 3333, etc. these numbers may appear on clocks, billboards, or any other familiar place.

7) they allow us to feel peaceful for no reason . when our loved ones are in the room, they usually make us feel so loved and at peace. it usually happens at the most unsuspecting time, so there is no logical explanation for our sudden bliss.

8) they place thoughts in our head. because they in spirit form, our loved ones don’t have an audible voice. therefore, they give us messages telepathically. pay attention to thoughts that just “pop” into your head. we can tell the difference between our thoughts and theirs by backtracking our thoughts. if you can find the thought that triggered the thought of your loved one, it is probably your thought. if something your loved one would say just pops in your head for no reason, it is probably him or her speaking directly to you!

9) they love to play with electricity. they turn electricity on and off. they like to flicker lights, turn the television and radio on and off, and make appliances beep for no apparent reason.




10) they make buzzing noises in our ears. because our loved ones speak to us on a different, higher frequency, we may hear ringing in our ears when they are trying to get our attention. this is a sign telling you to listen to what they are saying.

the list can go on and on, but these are the most common ways they let us know they are around. if you haven’t received any of these signs, simply ask your loved ones to come to you to let you know they are okay. tell them to come to you in a dream and to wake you up after the dream.

. the more you are aware of the messages they are giving you, the more they will continue to allow you to know they are present. be patient and persistent, and i promise that they will give you the signs you have always wanted. they really are okay and want you to be too!

karen noe is a psychic medium, the author of “the rainbow follows the storm – how to obtain inner peace by connecting with angels and deceased loved ones,” “through the eyes of another: a medium’s guide to creating heaven on earth…,” and is the founder of the angel quest center in ramsey, nj. learn more at

fair prices LOL League of Legends Star Guardian Miss Fortune Cosplay Shoes Custom Made best reputation


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The four new Star Guardians have been announced. A new feature launched Monday on the League of Legends website revealed Lulu, Poppy, Janna and Jinx will be joining Lux in the Star Guardian line of skins.

The feature includes some backstory about the champions in the alternate Star Guardian universe, along with drawings of the girls in slice-of-life situations.

Clicking on each champion opens up a little biography on them, including their stats, hobbies and favorite school subjects!

The website will also include a quiz to “find your inner guardian,” but it’s not up yet. It seems that there are several secrets to the Star Guardians that we’re all still waiting on the details on.

Here are the splash arts and particle effects for each, via Riot’s KateyKhaos on Twitter.





The particles for these skins look extremely detailed, which would suggest that the skins will be on the more expensive side.

Each champion has their own anime-esque familiar, where Riot stepped back from the poros that they normally use and they released new, freshly designed little creatures.

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Star Guardian Start of Game Music

Star Guardian Jinx HUD - League of Legends


Bullet; Pink Descarga el archivo con el botón Download en la esquina superior derecha.
Bullet; Green Extrae el RAR y mueve los archivos:  Clarity_HUDAtlas, ScoreboardAtlas y Clarity_JungleTimersAtlas a este carpeta:
(Donde está instalado LOL)\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases\(Los NÚMEROS)\deploy\DATA\menu\hud 
Bullet; Purple Y ya! Ahora puedes disfrutar de tu nuevo full hud en juego:D

Se agradece el apoyo vía Comment, +Fav, +Watch Huggle! 

Bullet; Yellow  Facebook:

¿No te aparece la carpeta menú > hud?
Puedes crear las dos carpetas y seguir los pasos con normalidad^^



Bullet; Pink Download the RAR file by clicking "Download" button in the right side of page.
Bullet; Green Extract the archive and move the files: Clarity_HUDAtlas, ScoreboardAtlas and Clarity_JungleTimersAtlas to this folder:
(Where is LOL installed)\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases\(the numbers)\deploy\DATA\menu\hud
Bullet; Purple Now you can enjoy your new hud:D


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The Star Guardians - Upcoming Janna, Jinx, Lulu, & Poppy skins!

[UPDATE: On PBE as of the 9/20 PBE update! ]

Following last week's "You Are Not Alone" teaser, an out of this world promo page has been released for the upcoming STAR GUARDIAN skins, adding Jinx, Lulu, Poppy, and Jannato the line!
Continue reading for more information and previews from social media!

Table of Contents

Star Guardians Page

Four new STAR GUARDIAN themed skins are headed our way soon and Riot has released a STAR GUARDIANS pagewith a slew of previews and profiles for Lux and the four new additions!

"In the beginning of all things, the First Star gave its light to create the universe. New worlds were born—and with them, warriors imbued with the light of the First Star. These protectors are supernovas blazing bright, yet destined to collapse as furiously as they burn.

They are the Star Guardians."

Below you'll find our coverage, a mixture of the promo page, social media, and more!


The Star Guardian page contains  a profile, ability preview, and splash arts for each of the Star Guardian skins, including the previously released Lux and upcoming skins for Poppy, Janna, Jinx, & Lulu!

Star Guardian Lux

"I will protect the light until my last breath."


"Lux is a beacon of the First Star’s light in the darkest times. A born leader, Lux is often tasked with keeping the Star Guardians as one unified team. She understands the price that must be paid for her power and embraces it for the good of the universe. Lux feels no doubts about her calling, but questions how someone as rebellious as Jinx fits into the larger purpose of the Star Guardians."



Star Guardian Jinx

1820 RP

"All this damn light gives me a headache! Just point me toward what needs blowing up."


"The newest member of the Star Guardians, Jinx struggles with the inherited cost of her destiny. She is a natural rebel who rages against anyone attempting to control her life. Her power may be the greatest among the Star Guardians, but Jinx will never fully awaken unless she can accept her place on the team."



Star Guardian Poppy

1350 RP

"I'm a soldier, not a savior. Now get out of my way - I have a job to do."


"There is no cost Poppy is unwilling to pay to fulfill her service. She views the power given to her as a weapon for destroying anything that threatens those she protects. Poppy refuses to accept any Star Guardian who is doubtful about the call and will face any challenge alone if necessary."


Star Guardian Janna

1350 RP

"A Guardian may die, but their spirit never fades."


"Janna is a veteran Star Guardian who must use her experience to mentor the team. Before joining Lux, Poppy, Lulu, and Jinx, Janna led another team of Star Guardians, although she never speaks of her past. She rigorously fulfills her duty, but secretly wishes to complete her service and pass her power to a new Guardian."



Star Guardian Lulu

1350 RP

"The light says hi, and that you're safe with us."


"As the youngest of the Star Guardians, Lulu feels connected to her power and embraces it as a close companion. She is not concerned about trivial feuds or social norms among the team, and instead focuses on the magical world within her. This strange behavior often makes Lulu seem eccentric to the other Guardians. Only Jinx truly understands Lulu’s natural desire to avoid a mundane life."




Along with the champion/skin bios, we also have a four part story called LEGENDS- three parts are available now and one part is coming soon!

Part 1: The Call
"As a Star Guardian fades, their power is reborn in new protectors. Star Guardians are chosen for their strength and resolve, but above all, they are chosen for their courage. It often signals a cataclysmic battle elsewhere in the universe when multiple Star Guardians are chosen to serve at once."

Part 2: Translating Worlds
"Star Guardians must familiarize themselves with the customs and rituals of a planet in order to blend in with its inhabitants, dispelling any suspicion about their true nature. Such activities often help strengthen the bonds between young Star Guardian teams."

Part 3: Shatter
"Star Guardians are imbued with incredible power, but with it comes a lifetime of service to the universe. It is a life burdened by responsibility and fatal consequences. Although rare, a Star Guardian may reject their fate as a protector. However, the results of such an action reverberate across the universe and beyond."

Part 4 (Coming Soon)

A part 4 is also listed but is not currently displayed on the page.

Star Guardian Quiz

A Star Guardian Quiz is also listed as "coming soon" on the SG page - check back in near future!

"Find Your Inner Guardian 

A quiz that will determine which Star Guardian you were meant to be."

[Coming soon]


Star Guardian Lux

Here is hi res artfrom the background of the Star Guardian site from Riot Avari:

[Click here for Imgur mirror]

[Click here for Imgur mirror]

[Click here for Imgur mirror]

[Click here for Imgur mirror]

Twitter & Social Media Previews

Over on Twitter, KateyKhaosconfirmed pricingas:
"Tentative Star Guardian Skin Prices: 
Janna - 1350
Lulu - 1350
Jinx - 1820
Poppy - 1350
*Prices subject to change."

Here are several model and VFX previews from KateyKhaoson twitter!

Star Guardian Jinx

Star Guardian Poppy

[Pictures from RiotKateyKhaos 1/2]

Star Guardian Janna

[Pictures from RiotKateyKhaos 1/2]

Star Guardian Lulu

[Pictures from RiotKateyKhaos 1/2]

Here are some gifs from animator RiotOhmu, showing off the homeguard animations for all 5 Star Guardian skins, as well as the familiars for Janna, Lulu, and Jinx.



Here's an image from Maddy Taylor(Former Rioter) on Twitter, showing that she last worked on Star Guardian Lulu, and updated textures on Star Guardian Lux:
Here's a previewfrom the League of Legends Instagram, showing off the recalls:


All Star Guardian Animated Trailer - League of Legends - Music Video

"Yeah, I got this Star Guardian thing down." - The new Star Guardian content is now available for purchase, including skins for Janna, Jinx, Lulu, and Poppy, new summoner icons, ward skin, and more!

Continue reading for more information, including previews of the new skins, the Star Guardian personality quiz, the Burning Bright music video, more!

Table of Contents

Release Announcement

The release announcement - "Star Guardian Skins now live" includes several previews of the new skins as well as information on bundles available through October 13th!

Two limited time bundles available through October 13th!

Star Guardian Set - Available until October 13th at 23:59 PT

5872 RP (7896 RP if you need the champions)

  • Jinx
  • Janna
  • Poppy
  • Lulu
  • Star Guardian Jinx
  • Star Guardian Janna
  • Star Guardian Poppy
  • Star Guardian Lulu
  • Star Guardian Icon
  • Star Guardian Ward

Burn Bright Bundle - Available until October 13th at 23:59 PT

1502 RP

  • Lights Hammer Icon
  • Radiant Staff Icon
  • Pix Icon
  • Zephyr Icon
  • Shiro Icon
  • Kuro Icon
  • Star Guardian Icon
  • Star Guardian Ward

Star Guardian Site Update

In addition to the announcement above, the STAR GUARDIAN promotion page has been updated to including part 4 of the storyand the Star Guardian Quiz!

Legends - Part 4: Burning Bright 

The Legends section of the SG page has been updated with the fourth and final picture:
"Star Guardians can only defeat the darkness that spreads across the universe if the stand together. They will fight as one or fall as many."


Star Guardian Quiz

The Star Guardian Quiz is also now up! Here you'll answer a handful of questions to determine which Star Guardian you are most similar too. Logging into the site and taking the quiz by October 20th will unlock the Mark of the Star Guardian summoner icon on your account!

[Click here for quiz screenshots & possible outcomes]

[Please Allow 2-3 Days for Mark of the Star Guardian icon to appear in your account!]

Be sure to give the SG site another look for bios on the Star Guardian's, wallpapers, and more!

Burning Bright | Star Guardian Music Video

The full track was also uploaded to Soundcloud!

New Skin Previews

Of course all four of the new Star Guardianskins are now available! Loading in to a game as these skins will trigger the Star Guardian start of game music during 6.21.

Star Guardian Janna

1350 RP

Star Guardian Jinx

1820 RP

[Minigun = Shiro and Rocket = Kuro]

Star Guardian Jinx also has a new voiceover, clocking in at just over 11 minutes:

Non English VO:

Here's Star Guardian Jinx's special interaction video:

Star Guardian Lulu

Star Guardian Poppy

1350 RP

New Ward Skin

The transforming Star Guardian Ward is also now available!

Star Guardian Ward

640 RP (or available in bundles through 10/13)

New Summoner Icons

A total of eight new Star Guardian summoner icons are now available, seven for purchase and one from logging into and taking the Star Guardian quiz !

Radiant Staff Icon, Lights Hammer Icon, Zephyr Icon, Shiro Icon, Kuro Icon, Pix Icon

250 RP each

Star Guardian Icon

250 RP or 1500 IP through 10/13

Take the Star Guardian quiz by  10/20 at 5PM PST to unlock the Mark of the Star Guardian icon!

Star Guardian Lux Updates in 6.20

As mentioned in the 6.20 patch notes, Star Guardian Lux has recently received updated textures and a new homeguard animation to match the new skins!

New Homeguard animation: 

Snag Star Guardian Lux in the shop for 1350 RP or in the SG bundle!

Star Guardian Extras

Star Guardian Minions, Music, and a new login theme are also debuting!

A new set of STAR GUARDIAN themed minions have invaded certain queues on live through patch 6.21! 

Here's a small gallery of model viewer shots to see each up close:

For the Star Guardian patch,  loading into a game as one of the Star Guardian skins will play a short music clip! VonderHamz noted this effect will remain on the skins following 6.21.

Here's the full track that plays at the start of the game:

New login theme to go with the upcoming Star Guardian skins!



Here's a selection of Star Guardian splashes and art in wallpaper form!

Star Guardian Lux

Here is hi res art from the background of the Star Guardian site from Riot Avari:

[Click here for Imgur mirror]

[Click here for Imgur mirror]

[Click here for Imgur mirror]

[Click here for Imgur mirror]

Links and more for Star Guardians:

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