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How far would you go, Naruto?

This is the first Sakura upload; the second still needs its lineart finished and then coloring.

The backdrop is pretty straightforward: After becoming Squad 7 Naruto energetically asks Sakura out to celebrate. While at first she intended to say no, Sakura's brilliant mind comes up with an idea. Now, even if Naruto agrees to lick her feet, Sakura can use the embarrassment against him to keep the loudmouth from bothering her ever again.

While I personally don't like her character, I used Sakura next because growing up I'd thought she was cute in the beginning of the series Sweating a little... I later learned it was the long hair, because after she cut it(add in the introduction of Hinata too lol) and those thoughts went out the window. 

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Feet naruto girl

No, it's not me who is uncomfortable with you, but morally. Do you understand. Of course I understand, I'm sorry. Well then, good night. The woman moved to the wall, and I lay down behind, put my left hand under my head, and my right hand on her shoulder.

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The guy looked at Ksyushin's ass, and when he came close to her, he whispered in her ear: Let's go home already. I want to fuck you. She turned and smiled cheekily at her nephew. Then she kissed him on the cheek.

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