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Joel Goran
Dr. Joel Goran in 'The Great Randall'
TitleDoctor (MD)
NameJoel Goran
OccupationOrthopedic Surgeon
AffiliationHope Zion
Cause of deathDied of a bomb explosion
RelationshipsAlex Reid Deceased (on/off girlfriend (True Love/Soul Mate)
Maggie Lin (ex-girlfriend)
Dana Kinney (slept with)
Sonja (ex-girlfriend)
Selena (slept with)
ParentsBurt Goran (father)
ChildrenLuke Harris/Luke Goran (possible son with Alex Reid)
Portrayed byDaniel Gillies
First AppearancesPilot
Last AppearancesAll the Pretty Horses

Dr. Joel Goran, was the new orthopedic surgeon at Hope Zion. He was promoted to chief of surgery after Dana Kinney didn't apply for a permanent term. However, he stepped down, giving his position to Dawn Bell, after deciding to go to court when a malfunctioning hip piece killed one of his patients.



When he was a resident at Harvard, he met Alex Reid that was a medical student there at the time.

Season 1 Joel was a witness to a suicide, got drunk after witnessing it and got into a fight which broke his hand.

After his hand got better he tried to do a surgery but his hand was shaking and he was unable to perform the surgery. He took some time off and went on a road trip with Dana and they slept together.

He was trying to get back together with Alex by getting Charlie to stay away from her because they have broken up. Charlie punched him for saying that.

Season 3[]

Joel is really worried about Alex, who was stabbed with scissors by a confused patient. In the second episode of season 3, Alex is still in a coma, but Joel kisses her and she wakes up. In 3x3, Joel is talking to Alex, who is really appreciative of this, because she can't remember anything and he is the only person who does not talk to her like she has to remember anything. (She had amnesia).

In episode 10, Joel accidentally killed Brian, Selena's husband, who attacked him in his car after he and Selena had just slept together. He was charged with manslaughter. In 3x13 the charges were dropped after a video from the parking lot proves Joel's innocence.

In the last episode he dies by trying to save a patient who had a bomb attached to them.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He's from Indiana
  • He did his medical residency at Harvard
  • He did a fellowship in Mexico City
  • He did a fellowship in microsurgery
  • He has been into refugee camps in Ethiopia
  • He has worked to Toronto General Hospital

Sydney & Maggie — Peppermint, a saving hope fanfic | FanFiction

I’m kind of obsessed with Maggie and Sydney and so I wrote something  

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Oh God, I miss you too
It’s all I ever do
I’m coming back to you
And I won’t let go

- I miss you by Gabrielle Aplin (requested by heartunderfire)

promise me you’re not going anywhere.

i promise i’m not going anywhere without you.

The last time we saw Dr. Sydney Katz and her glorious return

Saving Hope 3x18 // 4x10

This is my favourite maggie and sydney scene, not the kisses or the flirting, because this is the first time we see the potential for a real relationship. Sydney turns to the floor in dismay because she has just confirmed how hopelessly she’s fallen for Maggie and Maggie shrugs becasue Sydney has opened up and shown her real feelings and Maggie is starting to think that maybe she shares what Sydney’s feeling. She’s no longer chasing for an explanation but developing a genuin connection to Sydney. From this scene forward there’s no turning back from their relationship, whether it ends great or terribly, there’s got to be a major conclusion. I can’t wait.

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Bedroom Yoga

Disclaimer: Sadly, I own neither Saving Hope nor Daniel Gillies.

Pairing: Alex & Joel (Jalex)

Rating: T

Summary: Joel comes home late after Alex has already gone to bed.

Joel Goran unlocked the front door and went into the house after midnight on a Wednesday evening in December. He knew the kids would already be asleep at this hour. But part of him hoped that Alex would still be awake. They'd both been so busy between shifts at the hospital and the kids, that it felt like they'd barely seen each other in weeks.

It felt like they barely had enough time to kiss each other goodnight, let alone make love.

And he missed her.

God, he missed her.

Joel closed his eyes for a moment, suddenly overcome with the desire to be near Alex. She was all he could think about as he hung up his coat, locked the front door behind him, and removed his boots.

Alex Reid.

His wife.

The mother of his children.

The love of his life.

He longed to touch her and feel the softness of her skin beneath his fingertips.

He needed to kiss her and feel the familiarity of her lips against his.

He wanted to fall asleep, tangled in her arms exhausted from their lovemaking.

But as Joel walked quietly up the stairs, looking in on Luke, Charlotte, and Theo, who were all fast asleep, on his way to the master bedroom, he had a feeling his beautiful wife, was already asleep as well.

There were no lights on in the house.

No empty wineglasses anywhere.

And the bedroom was silent as Joel entered it, pulling off his clothes and throwing them in the hamper as he headed directly to the shower.

Ten minutes later, he came back out into the bedroom, and was about to fall into bed beside Alex when he realized that she was sleeping on his side of the bed.

Joel smiled to himself, and was about to leave a trail of butterfly kisses along her spine, until he pulled back the covers and saw the ice pack against her back.

He pressed a kiss against the back of her neck instead, and whispered, "Hey Reid, are you all right?"

At the sound of his voice in her ear, she stirred, "Joel, baby, you're home." She said, softly, her voice thick with the haze of sleep, the words running together.

"Yes ma'am I most certainly am." Joel replied, still standing over Alex as she lay prone on his side of their bed, on his side, her gorgeous dark hair that had finally begun to grow back after her surgery fell in gentle waves over his pillow.

"How was your day? She mumbled, her words muffled by the pillow.

"Long." He replied, kissing the back of her neck once more and exhaling against her skin. "How about yours?"

"Same," Alex whispered, turning her head, slightly and reaching one arm out to pull him towards her. "Come to bed. Your must be exhausted."

Despite the darkness, Joel flashed her one of his trademark grins. "I would but it seems like someone has made herself quite comfortable on my side. Were you so exhausted that you forgot which side of the bed to sleep on?"

Alex shook her head, still reaching for him in the darkness. "No. This side smells like you. I missed you. I was going to move when you got home. But now, I'm so tired I don't think I could move if I tried."

Joel laughed, still standing over her as she lay in bed, "The feeling is completely mutual, Reid. I've missed you too. I can't remember the last time we had a dirty weekend."

"It's been too long." Alex whispered, still trying to pull him to her, where she lay on the bed. She managed to kiss his bare shoulder, but Joel knew she was trying to distract him so he wouldn't ask his next question.

"Yes it definitely has, Doctor Reid. Would you mind telling me why you're sleeping with an ice pack?"

Alex shrugged, "Because my husband wasn't available."

Alex Reid, you saucy minx.

Joel smiled, but he vowed not to let her beauty or her wit distract him.

If his wife was hurt he wanted to know about it.

"Very funny, Reid. I'm serious. What happened?"

"I was transporting a patient on a cart. One of the wheels got stuck. I must have pulled it the wrong way because by the time I got it moving again it was going one way and I was going the other. By the time I got home, my back hurt so much, there were tears in my eyes.

Joel winced and gave her a sympathetic look, "Ouch." He whispered.

He was all too familiar with how unruly those hospital carts could be.

Especially if you were rushing during an emergency.

Especially if you were pushing it alone.

Which if he knew his wife, and he did, was probably exactly what she was doing.

"Yeah." Alex answered softly, "Hence the ice."

Joel nodded, pulling back the covers, already in full orthopedic surgeon mode. "Let me take a look at it."

Alex shook her head, "No, Joel, it's fine. We're both tired. Just come to bed."

"Alex, you could've seriously hurt yourself. Just give me two seconds to figure out what's wrong."

Alex sighed, knowing she wasn't winning this argument. "Okay fine, Doctor Goran you win."

Alex could hear the smile in his voice, even in the darkness as he replied, "Why thank you, Doctor Reid. I promise to be gentle."

As Joel spoke he pulled back the covers and gently moved Alex completely onto her stomach so he could examine her back.

"Are you flirting with me or examining me, Doctor Goran?"

"A little bit of both to be perfectly honest, Doctor Reid. Inhale and exhale for me when I tell you to, okay?"

"Mhmmm." Alex answered, and he knew she was drifting off to sleep.

He pulled the ice pack away and set it on the nightstand. He was mesmerized by the sight of his beautiful wife even as he touched her back looking for signs of serious injury.

"Inhale," Joel whispered, once again kissing the back of her neck.

Her long gorgeous neck.

The space between her neck and her shoulder that he wanted nothing more than to kiss at that precise moment.

"Exhale," Joel urged softly as his steady hands moved down her spine. "And tell me if anything hurts. Alex, love are you still with me?"

The curve of her shoulder.

Her perfectly beautiful spine felt, well perfect beneath his hands.

She was silent until his hands reached the middle of her back. Then she jumped a little and whispered. "That hurts."

"Sorry, love." Joel whispered placing his lips over the area in a gesture of apology. "I'd get an X-Ray tomorrow. But it doesn't feel like you have any slipped or bulging discs. You probably just strained it. Can you stand up so I can get a better look?"

"Not right now. I'm too tired." She replied, pressing her face deeper into the pillow.

Joel chuckled, "Fair enough. You know your core muscles might just need some strengthening."

At this Alex lifted her head to look at her husband, "You mean lifting the baby at least fifty times a day doesn't count?"

Joel shook his head. But before he could speak, Alex went on, "Joel, baby, I love you. But if you kept me awake all this time just to tell me I should be doing Pilates, I'm going to kill you."

Joel flashed her another one of his trademark grins, and it was only then that he finally climbed in on the opposite side of the bed and pulled her towards him. "No, Doctor Reid, I think I'd like to prescribe something else."

It was Alex's turn to smile as she pressed her lips to the mole behind his ear and whispered, "Oh really? And what's that, Doctor Goran?"

"How about a little bedroom yoga?" Joel answered, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her lips.

The sound of Alex's laughter made his whole body tingle with desire.

God, I love this woman.

She was everything he ever needed.

She was everything he ever wanted.

She was his everything.

And he was reminded of why the moment she pulled him into her arms and whispered, "I think I just got my second wind."

His wish to fall asleep tangled in his wife's arms exhausted from their lovemaking was going to come true after all.

Nathan and Nashton baby Luke saving hope

ElejahFanfic — FANFICTION Part 2 A Joel Goran x Elena Gilbert _a...



Part 2

A Joel Goran x Elena Gilbert

_a crossover fanfic, but still tvd

_AU of course

a/n: Elena leaves Mystic Falls to live in Toronto. There she meets Joel, who if course us Elijah’s doppelganger…

_song is I just Wait by Paloma Faith

link to part 1

tag_ @[email protected]@[email protected]


Toronto, Canada

Hope Zion

“I don’t know if I could describe it as love at first sight. I think there’s an energy that some people have where they elicit all of the stuff from you and you suddenly become the best version of yourself around them. It’s as terrifying as it is magical.” Joel said to Alex as they were discussing his recent great interest in one particular woman that seemed to have changed his behaviour, finding him ordering flowers for that special someone.

“Where have you read that?! There is something so strange about you lately. It’s like you have become this calm and colkected and soulful person. No flirtations. The nurses are bewildered. It can’t be that this woman out of nowhere just changed everything… and you are actually dating her the old-fashioned way?! That is so not your style?!” Alex said.

“Maybe I will start believing that some women do possess the gift of witchcraft. I have to prepare for the OR!” Joel  his fellow collegue behind the OR prep.

Whatever it was Joel Goran was mesmerized by Elena Gilbert. They had a lenghtly talk in the cafe and asked her out for lunch straight out. And they did have lunch, as well as dinner and they didn’t even kiss let alone end up in bed, which for him was like eating breakfast. And he sent her flowers, big bunch of red tulips.

“Maybe she has just awaken the gentleman in him!” another nurse remarked to Meg. The gossip wouldn’t stop and everyone was eager to meet her.


In Elena’s apartment, Elena answered Bonnie’s call.

“So, what have you found out? He can’t be a doppelganger, can he?!” Elena said.

“We have resurrected old witches, and you saw your own doppelganger, why is it weird to believe that Elijah couldn’t have a doppelganger?!” Bonnie said.

“He is - yeah- totally looks like Elijah, but he is different. I made a mistake and aaid Elij…oel to him.”

“Elijoel, ha?!"Bonnie remarked.

"Oh, I will take a photo of him and send it tonight. He is taking me out to a jazz club! Figure that.” Elena said,

“I wanted to say no… and just leave Toronto, all this is too much, and then, I just can’t. I find myself in this weird moment when I look at him and he is so normal and I want to tell him about Elijah, but then I see him run a mile if I tell him that witches and vampires exist.”

“You don’t have to tell him anything. You are free of Klaus and you only now have a witch friend and a vampire friend.” Bonnie exclaimed.

“Just one vampire friend.” Elena said.

“I thought Stefan left?!” Bonnie asked.

“Yes, but we still kinda speak,” Elena confirmed,“why does everything always have to be complicated?!”

“Nothing is complicated. Just go out with Elijoel and… have fun! I will call you if something weird happens!

"Ok. Talk to you later.” Elena said and hung up.

She looked at the flowers. It screamed Elijah to her.

“Huh” Elena huffed a little. It felt like fate played a trick on her and the tables were turned. 

Hours later, Joel was in his office, the night had fallen and he just finished with his daily paperwork. He turned to look outside the window. It was a supermoon night. 

“Hey. mate!” Joel said jokingly to the moon,“ are you going to cause havoc tonight?!" 

As he turned away his eyes caught a reflection on the window of himself but something was unusual. It was as if he saw himself in a suit and yet he was wearing a T-shirt. He looked back and then shook his head.

"I am too tired!” he said picking up his phone, pressing the speedial with Elena’s number.

“E-Joel?!” Elena said as she picked up the call.

“Elena- are we still on for tonight?"Joel said.

"We are.” Elena replied.

“Good. Shall we grab something to eat, first?!” Joel suggested.

Elena agreed with all and they soon met in a bistro to Joel’s liking. The place or the time was not important to Elena. She wanted to get to know him. And he was pleased to tell her some of his life story. Elijah with a New Zealand accent and so cool- Elena thought. And the mannerisms were all Elijah. Elena flashed back to a day ago when she followed him to the hospital. He was wearing a suit and she watched him talk to a hub nurse, explaining something official. 

It was so Elijah. When it came to her to tell how she came to travel the US and Canada for two years, Elena found herself masking the truth, telling white lies and omitting the supernatural part of her life.

At one point her looks swayed to the supermoon outside. He noticed some strange longing in her gaze.

“Don’t tell me you believe in all the crazy superstitions about the moon?!”

“Ha?” Elena looked back at the surgeon, “sorry-uhm- it looks beautiful -superstitions?! Me?! But I believe in vampires, werewolves-I am only joking,” she said chuckling a bit and then thought, “if only you knew.”

“A friend of mine has a theory that moon does affect some people deeply. She said something about the blood moon after the harvest- anyway, I have nothing against folklore and myths. The stories are deep and carry  great morals.” Joel said.

The waiter came to offer desserts but they declined. Soon they were on their way to the club.

They were ushered to their table as they got in. They  ordered their drinks. The show had already started. The singer was introducing the next song. 

“Oh, I’ve seen her in Chicago!” Elena remembered.

“She is really good, I heard- from the nurses!” Joel smirked cutely.

Elena laughed a little now, “ so, this date thing was the idea of the nurses?!”

“No. I just heard them talk about Paloma Faith and…”

“It’s fine. I will tell you something you probably wouldn’t believe” Elena said but Joel cut her off midsentence.

“Oh, don’t tell me- your ex was a werewolf and I should actually be beware of him because we have a supermoon outside”

“Yeah!” Elena chuckled a little,“no-it’s- I can’t remember when I was on a date the last time?!”

“Ok. Let’s then do the whole date thing- do you want to dance?” Joel offered his hand.

Elena nodded. They walked to the dance floor.

…..The twinkling in your eyes makes me wonder if I’m dead or alive,

And I, I just wait.

How many clues you need me to leave you?

I feel like I leave ‘em all the time.

Spending days together, I just,

Can’t help wondering when you’ll be mine.

If I could hold your hand, yes I would,

Be with you every day, if I could ….

Joel looked at Elena as if she was this mysterious woman, as he thought. There was something magical about her and although he kept denying it, his soul knew it was love at first sight, the moment she turned and looked at him at the cafe. Again, she was looking at him with familiar eyes that twinkled with a strange invitation making him wonder if he was dead or alive and he now pulled Elena into a gentle kiss as his hand glid up her neck feeling her skin tremble with sweet sensation of the union.

When you gonna open up your eyes and see,

That you and I could always be.

Put your palm into mine,

And stop wasting time.

My heart is breaking, without you,

I don’t wana live another day.

And tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, I’m waiting.


Fanfiction saving hope

Sydney's Baby Girl 💙

This is my second blog made specifically for Lintz 💙 ForeverLovingLexa is my main blog


This is another reason you should watch saving hope if you haven’t seen it already. This tv show changed a characters entire storyline of the 5th season to not add on to the bury your gays trope. They admitted to stopping an educating themselves on this matter and fighting for a different story line to character that wasn’t even a main. In doing so, They changed the entire course of the show for one of my favorite characters dr Maggie Lin. Later the writers and creators of saving hope created The Lexa Pledge. I have been watching this show for years and I never knew this. Just makes me fall in love with it anymore. It’s on Hulu and I totally suggest watching it 💙💙


Originally posted by juliachansource


I love rewatching Saving Hope over. Maggie just broke up with Gavin because she didn’t feel that kind of love, the kind that you break out in to a fight in the hallway or bust into an OR ranting like a mad person, but I know she find that with Sydney.


Originally posted by fangirlintheattic

Y’all I still love this chick like it’s my job 😍 childhood crushes never go away!

  • Clarke: Are you a big spoon or a little spoon?
  • Lexa: I’m a knife.
  • Anya, from across the room: She’s a little spoon.

My wifeys 😍😵 can I please just be a mrs Sara Lance 😂😂👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Source: arrow-positivity

Dear Lintz fans, I have a few oneshots heading your way soon. Building them off of my last oneshot, remembrance. It should be up within a week hopefully! Excited to hear what you think. If you haven’t already read my other oneshot you can read it here

Dr. Reid and Her Patients - Saving Hope

I stood with cancer, and their members plunged into my mouth and vagina. The pleasure was inconceivable. I moaned and waved like the last whore. The light took video camera and began to shoot us.

Now discussing:

On Gunther's advice, I came up with a business trip and rented a wonderful house right by the sea. I licked my wounds, walked along the foggy, autumn coast, enjoyed the waves and cries of seagulls. A smile never left my face, and my thoughts kept returning to the Inspector. I dialed his number several times.

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