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College is a stressful time in your life. Most students feel like there is not enough time in the day — you're plagued with late nights, pages of assignments, piles of reading, and anxiety.

By the time you reach graduation, you are a completely different person than when you first started, both physically and mentally.

There are two ways to look at college: As a whole or by semester. I’m going to look at both because they have the same sequence of events — one on a smaller, semester-based scale and the other on a larger scale, encompassing the whole college experience.

The first-year freshmen walk through the doors bright and excited to be there. Freshmen are so innocent and have no idea what they are getting themselves into. But sophomore and junior years open your eyes to the reality of college life.

You gain experience, learn and grow into yourself. Then you buckle down and push through to the end.  

Senior year comes before you know it and changes everything. 

By the time you reach finals at the end of the semester, it feels like you’ve been put through the wringer. Your brain hurts, your eyes hurt. You’re hungry, tired, cranky and feel like you need to sleep for a year.

Once finals are finished, your nerves are shot, your anxiety is through the roof and you are so worked up it's hard to concentrate and even sleep — even though you want to sleep for centuries. Though you still feel that you have a million things due, you don’t.

It’s bittersweet when you get to the end of the semester or graduation. Some people know exactly what they want to do after college and others have no idea.

Everyone experiences college in their own unique ways, but these relatable college memes perfectly explain the experience.

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1. "Freshman Year / Senior Year / College life in a nutshell."

2. "First year of college. Final year of college."

3. "My thoughts during finals week: A lot of people go to college for 7 years."

college meme

4. The life of a college student, freshmen year, sophomore year, junior year, senior year, looking for your first job and realizing your degree is worthless."

college meme
Daily LOL Pics

5. "Me starting my first semester of college vs me starting my last."

college meme

6. "When u are graduating and u don't even remember what u studied."

college meme

7. "College in four pictures. I have $3."

college meme

8. "Expectation: Freshman year: a whole new world! Sophomore year: Watchoo wanna do tonight?? Junior year: Let's get down to business Senior year: Hakuna Matata Reality: Freshman year, Sophomore year, Junior year, Senior year."

college meme

9. "Me fall semester: wakes up at precisely 6am each morning, uses a planner, color codes notes, interacts with peers, has an overall positive outlook for the future. Me spring semester: lying face down on the floor surrounded by overdue assignments, fiber one brownie crumbs stuck to my face, not sure if it's wednesday or sunday, waiting for the sweet release of death."

college meme

10. "My teacher / Me / the project I did midnight last night."

11. "We're dead! We're dead! We survived but we're dead!"

college meme

12. "Stress level: Princess Mia driving the stang."

college meme

13. "Freshmen year: Senior year: I can't be worried about that shit. Life goes on, man."

college meme

14. "Brags about skipping class four times. Brags about going to class four times."

college meme

15. "Freshmen vs. Seniors."

college meme

16. "Do you like my paper, professor? I wrote it with my tears."

college meme
The Funny Beaver

17. "When you know you did a bad job but you're just proud you finished your assignment."

college meme
Daily LOL Pics

18. "Final exams are right around the corner. Are you ready to go crazy?  I'm already hearing voices."

college meme
The Meta Picture

19. "Last five minutes of exam."

college meme

20. "Soon I will rest. Yes. Forever sleep. Earned it I have."

college meme
Grade Calculator

21. "Incoming Freshmen: I'm going on an adventure!! Graduating Seniors: It's over, It's done."


At the confluence of being chronic meme aficionados, internet research scholars, and educators to cohorts of young people, in 2017 my colleague Kristine Ask and I began a project to consider seriously the types of memes students share online.

Memes have been established as objects that bear meaning beyond mere internet frivolity. Studies in vernacular cultures have framed memes as “the propagation of content items such as jokes, rumours, videos, or websites from one person to others“, and as a form of “pop polyvocality” or “a pop cultural tongue that facilitate[s] the diverse engagement of many voices“. Other studies from media and communications have found that memes are a “shared social phenomenon“, and still others from the socio-cultural perspective have asserted them as a “common instrument for establishing normativity“.

Specifically, we studied the popular Facebook page “Student Problems” on which over 7 million subscribers participate in producing, circulating, gatekeeping, and consuming memes focused on mental health issues, student debt, racism, sexism, and other struggles associated with student life. Aside from the humour proliferate on the Facebook page, the Student Problem brand’s flagship website also dishes out tips via (moderately sincere) Student Guides and an online shop of blatantly self-ironic merchandise, such as a “Cry Cushion” with the inscription “place head and cry”.

Evidently, self-deprecating relatability is the order of the day, in which condescending, pessimistic, and vulnerable displays of student struggles have arisen in opposition to the rise of pristine, prestigious, and celebratory content propagated by social media Influencers and everyday humblebraggers. As vehicles of emotive visual display, Student Problem memes allowed users to build a sense of community, camaraderie, and commiseration, albeit clouded in the language of humour and wit. Although our study also considered findings from a workshop with undergraduate students in two batches, and a media watch of press coverage on student issues over several months across the world, in this post we focus on the content analysis of just the Facebook page and briefly discuss three themes from our sample of 179 memes collected between March and May 2017.


Student Problem memes characterise the average student as one who is overwhelmed, stressed, and ashamed. In these narratives, the primary directive is to display and highlight one’s agony to solicit acknowledgement and publicity rather than to seek practical solutions. This is especially because the tone of the memes frame student problems as ubiquitous, impossible to change, and an inescapable experience of student life, to the extent that the only option is to endure the agony. This pain spills over to outside of the classroom, impacting the quality of a young person’s life in general, and their ability to juggle other responsibilities such as their part-time jobs, family duties, and friendship circles. As a placeholder for the non-student aspects of a young person’s life, the memes often reference a leisurely pursuit – such as watching Netflix – as so guilt-ridden a recreational aspiration that students no longer have the allowance to enjoy downtime without being overwhelmed by the omnipresence of stress and anxiety. Yet, alongside this perpetual undercurrent of stress, students also feel that their suffering is to be confined to self-management or silence, out of fear of shaming oneself in front of fellow peers, authoritative educators, or oblivious family members. As such, despite the structural and institutional nature of student problems, students generally internalize their pain as individual battles.

Apart from communicating student pain, the overtone of successful student problem memes that register high circulation and reaction from users tend to convey self-deprecating humour. Meme producers use self-deprecating humour to craft a flexible repertoire of potential interpretations to amplify their meme’s resonance with a potential audience. For the more casual users who may only glean the surface of a meme for humour – unaware of the subtext and code-switching in which structural and generational problems of student life are embedded – student problem memes may come across as mere humour. But for users who are “in the know” and able to identify more deeply with a meme’s interpretive depth, collective effervescence from laughing-and-crying together allows for depressed students to share in a networked collective identity through self-selection and declaration into the “in group”. Further, self-deprecating humour is usually employed in tandem with the rhetorical device of exaggeration as silliness, enabling students to comment on the severity of their problems from a more emotionally-distant and consequentially-safe space. As such, while Student Problem memes are keyed in emotional tones of humour and entertaining irony, they also solicit empathy as a statement of commiseration.

Finally, between the self-exposed vulnerability of student struggles and the self-celebratory irony of competitive memeing, students demonstrate a meta-commentary of powerlessness and loss-of-control by using internet media and lexicon to communicate that memes are all they have to convey and cope with their pain. Student Problem memes tend to highlight a semblance of self-awareness that procrastination is a casual root and also a subsequent amplifier of student problems. The narrative structure of these memes describe a gradual decent from safe leisure to feared future, in which students identify relatable moments of delaying work, proceeding to feelings of helplessness as procrastination extends, culminating in insurmountable consequences from prolonged procrastination that has grown too overwhelming to repair. Yet, these initial roots of procrastination are fuelled by deep-seeded feelings of guilt and shame or structural problems such as poverty and discrimination, all of which cannot be easily or swiftly addressed. In the vein of internalizing self-blame, students then condition themselves to identify all non-study time as procrastination, even if these were necessary downtimes for recuperation or recreation. As such, Student Problem memes are regarded as an illusionary if transient safe haven from the realities of student life, in which cyclical struggles are refocused as humorous helplessness and ironic celebrations of a life out-of-control.


To learn more about our findings on how Student Problem memes are an important communicative vehicle, read our journal article “My life is a mess: Self-deprecating relatability and collective identities in the memification of student issues”in full from Information, Communication & Society here.

Dr Crystal Abidin is a socio-cultural anthropologist of vernacular internet cultures, particularly young people’s relationships with internet celebrity, self-curation, and vulnerability. Her forthcoming book, Internet Celebrity: Understanding Fame Online (Emerald Publishing, 2018) critically analyses the contemporary histories and impacts of internet-native celebrity today. Reach her at or @wishcrys.

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20 Memes that sum up the student experience

What do you meme students have it easy?

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When social media gave us memes, we decided to pull together our favorites to brighten the day of our students. So, here are our top 20 memes on student life…

1.When you go back into education

Getting back into education is an excellent idea if you want to change your career, develop new skills, or just meet new people. Although, it’s always good to have an idea of what you want to do before you start…

2. When you look at your syllabus for the first time

What’s that you’re reading? No, it’s not a foreign language. It’s your new syllabus! Because the workplace is always evolving, there’s no surprise that some parts of your program might appear a bit alien at first… Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

3. When procrastination wins

Yep, we’ve all procrastinated. Sometimes, after a long day, the last thing you want to do is sit down and do more wor… Ugh, I’ll finish this part later.

4. When panic ensues

Ah, the panic spiral. Luckily our learning coaches are on hand to help limit this. However, we’re all human and sometimes we stress out. So, it’s important to stay calm, take deep breaths and picture your happy place.

5. When you get told you can finally go back and learn on campus

After months of hibernating at home, it’s not surprising that most of us probably looked like we’d been stranded on a desert island when we were told about returning to campus.

6.   When somebody else makes it look easy

Ugh, the class show off. Sure, you’re giving a supportive smile on the outside, but there’s a grumpy cat inside of all of us pulling this face whenever they get something you’ve been struggling with spot on first time.

7.   When you make the grade

After months of hard work, have you ever just had everything you’ve revised come up in an exam? Honestly, it’s the best feeling ever.

8. When you miss the simpler times

Sometimes students have to fit in learning around their busy schedules. It’s not uncommon for people working full-time while taking one of our programs to learn at obscure hours. So, if people ask when you last had a good night’s sleep, show them this.

9. Taking notes in class nowadays

Remember when people used to write things with pens and pencils? We aren’t sure storing pictures of your lecturer’s white board next to photos of your pets and a couple of old selfies really count as note taking… But hey, whatever works for you.

10. Did you really just call your teacher mom?

If you’ve ever experienced the crippling embarrassment of calling your teacher mom, you’re ready to take on anything. Don’t worry, it’s happened to the best of us. we’d like to think your peers are mature enough now not to make a big deal out of it like they would in high school. But still, it’s quite funny.

11. When it’s your first day back in education

Unfortunately, homework is sometimes a necessary evil. To motivate yourself, just remember your goals and why you started your program. As the saying goes, short-term pain for long-term gain.

12. When you’re used as an excellent example to everyone else

If there was ever a ‘mum I made it’ moment, this would be it.

13. When you’re feeling stressed and turn to your learning coach

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. One of the best things about studying with a learning coach’s constant support is that they give quick feedback, continuous motivation and clear guidance throughout the program.

14. When you hear the student next to you sneeze

Anti-bac at the ready. We all know that bugs spread like wildfire at school. Campus life will have some sensible guidelines for everyone to follow thanks to the pandemic – we’d recommend a mask rather than your tshirt.

15. When the lecturer asks if you have any questions

Sometimes we just don’t get it, and that’s fine! We’ve all been in situations where we haven’t wanted to ask a question through the fear of sounding silly. But it’s better to ask now and find out the answer, instead of leaving it until assessment time.

16. How students get through their program

Coffee is the lifeblood of all adults, let alone students. It may not give us superpowers, but it certainly perks us up. Plus, it’s pretty difficult to work when our eyes are closed…

17. When you know you’re right, but you just want to be sure

Have you ever got to the end of your work and thought, “Let me just check I’ve done this right? Ah, good… actually, just one more time.”

18. Celebrating achieving your diploma

Hurray, you’ve finished. All the hard work has finally paid off! It’s time to celebrate what you’ve achieved. You are, indeed, a success!

19. Learning coaches when they hear you’ve achieved your diploma

At Academy of Learning, all of our learning coaches care about their students’ happiness, wellbeing and life beyond the classroom. So, when you win, we win too!

20. At the end of the year, when you’re reflecting on all the support you received from your coaches

After your program is over and you realize how many questions you asked your learning coach… don’t worry, no problem is too big or small for them.

The history of the meme:

The fancy description for a meme is ‘a unit of cultural information spread by imitation’. But we just see it as something that brings us together even if we can’t be with each other physically. If you didn’t know, the word ‘meme’ was coined by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book, The Selfish Gene and the term actually comes from the Greek phrase, mimema, meaning “imitated”. According to Instagram, over one million posts mentioning memes are shared on their site each day 1 .

If you’re interested in developing yourself personally or professionally in a supportive and flexible learning environment, get in contact with your nearest Academy of Learning Career College:

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