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Cake Maker - Purble Place Pastry Simulator

Ready to bake delicious cakes?
Our creamy chocolate cake factory are waiting for you here in our cake making factory game.
We will be making yummy, delicious chocolate cakes with different toppings and cake frosting. We will also be making delicious wedding cakes and birthday cakes in this cake factory. We will be decorating with beautiful decorations.

We have sophisticated machines for fabrication of yummy cakes in our cake factory.
We have 6 types of machines: the cake form creator, the automatic dough mixer which mixes the batter mixture chocolate, vanilla or strawberry, the cream machine with milk cream, blueberry cream and apple cream, the cake frosting machine with delicious tastes of chocolate, cherry and lime, the machine for decorate your cakes and of course super-duper cake upgrader 3000 - just like it is done in purble place cake game on laptop, now you can play it on your mobile! The cakes move on a conveyor belt by swipes or buttons in bottom-right side. You should create your cake stack based on the cake order you received from the customer.
Now lets started with this interesting cake making games for kids, girls and boys. For the first you need to know that you will deal with many levels and different cake orders in cake kitchen. To start making your yummy, delicious cake you need to go to kitchen, and look at the TV, there is your first order for baking! Start cooking immediately.
Step by step use machines for create your first, delicious cake!
If you will get stuck with recipe you can use hint which help you to understand what the next step of cake is!

Sours: https://play.google.com/

purble place cake maker- cooking cake game

Ready to make creamy chocolate cake, we welcome you to our creamy chocolate cake factory here in our cake making factory game. we will be making yummy, delicious chocolate cakes with different toppings and cake frosting, In this cake factory we will also be making delicious wedding cakes and birthday cakes, we will be decorating with beautiful frosting decorations and icing,this is like purble place apk the windwos pc game, but you can now download on android phone.remember it can also be played online.

now contains purble pairs like game

We have sophisticated machines for fabrication of yummy cakes in our cake maker factory, we have the automatic baking pan ejector, we have the automatic dough mixer which mixes the batter mixture, mixing butter , flour, eggs milk and vanilla or chocolate flavour, then we have the automatic frosting machine and the cake toppings, strawberry and all, just like it is done in purble place cake game on laptop.Now you have something similar on mobile.

The cakes move on a conveyor belt and they can can be automatically stacked, Make different cake stacking then send it to the oven to bake .you can create your cake stack based on the cake order you received from the customer. Make your baked , cooked cake in this cooking simulation game, then proceed with your cake delivery in style in this cake cooking game.

Now lets get started with this blitz cake making games with many levels and different cake orders in cake kitchen.

To start making your yummy, yum yum delicious cake with chocolate cherries and berries, tasty sugary frosting, which you will make in our creamy chocolate cake factory simulation game , transfer to our cake shop and deliver to the customer, hey chef and baker, read on....

First you look at the cake order given by the customer shown in the television (tv). you will be using our fabricated, automatic batter mixer, which will help you to mix your butter, vanilla, chocolate cherries, flour, sugar and baking powder . We have an array of cake machines for cooking and baking cakes.

The cake machines in our cake making factory games are good for dessert making even with cheescakes or strawberry flavour. After taking a look at the tasty cake order from the customer in the cake factory to make and cook games kitchen, press the automatic cake pan ejector, with different shapes, circular or cylindrical, square or heart(love) shaped baking pans, press the control to move to the automatic cake batter mixer with stirrer to mix cakes, the cake mixer mixes the eggs , milk ,flour, butter, flavour , cocoa powder with whatever added flavouring, to cook and bake your cake.

To make your cake even more tasty cooking cake , we press the control to move to the cake frosting and icing machine , the icing machine creates a sugary sugary frosting to create sweet cooking games ,beautiful and delicious cake decorations.
Add cake decorating toppings. Use creamy, chocolate toppings,according to the customer order
Transfer to the oven and then bake. Make sure you get your mixed cake ingredient correctly. Do not waste too much time and ingredients, make sure to match the customers order, then your cake is ready
for delivery to a happy customer.

Added purble pairs second house, tile matching memory game. Alzheimer

Now let the world discover how amazing, fast and professional you are. Hey Chef Go bake some wedding, birthday cream chocolate cake

Sours: https://play.google.com/
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Purble Place

Purble Place is a game that is aimed at teenagers and pre-teens. However, I feel that there is actually enough fun here that anyone can have a go and enjoy themselves with Purble Place.

Windows Vista

Am I really talking about Windows Vista right now? Well, that is the origins of Purble Place. It originally started life as a free game that was part of the Windows Vista OS. It built up a bit of a cult following (kind of like Minesweeper and that weird skiing game did) and now it can be played on Windows 10.

Three In One

The shtick of Purble Place (often misspelled as Purple Place) is that it is actually three games in one. These are puzzle based games and I would say that there is a high chance that there is at least one game out of the three that you will like. Presentation wise, Purble Place is not going to blow you away (and this was the case when it was first released too) but it is pleasant enough. Gameplay is available at different difficulty levels. While this is a “kids” game, the harder difficulties are rather challenging.

Purble Pairs

The first game I want to talk about is Purble Pairs. As the name suggests this is the classic game pairs. It starts off simple with just a few pairs, but as you progress more pairs for you to find get added. What I like about Purble Pairs is that first of all pairs is a game that I have always found very relaxing. This version though also has special cards that do special things. Joker cards, for example, will find another pair for you. A clock card gives you more time, Master Chef who will find all the pairs that are food! These are fun and when you get the chance to use one it is actually quite exciting.

Comfy Cakes

This reminds me of a more basic version of the game Overcooked. The idea of Comfy Cakes is that you are a chef and you will be needing some Spider-Man levels of hand-eye coordination when you get to the later levels. Orders come in for some delicious cakes and you need to get all of the ingredients off the conveyor belt. You need to get the right shape of cake, the color of batter and so on. You can only mess up three orders before it is game over. The higher the level, the faster and more complicated things get. This is one of those games where you have to try and think two or three moves ahead. It is fun and one of the more nerve-wracking games in Purble Place.

Purble Shop

I would say that Purble Shop is my least favorite of the three games. The idea here is that you need to help a little dude look sharp. The AI is going to decide the colors of up to five different aspects of the person. These are their eyes, nose, mouth, clothes, and hat. It is not all five on the earlier levels. The AI will give you the colors and then you need to figure out what body part is what color.

The early levels are super simple as if you guessed a couple right but got some wrong, the AI tells you what ones you got right. On the higher levels, this is not the case. It will tell you what color you got right, but not for what body part. This is pretty tough and gives you a real mental workout.

I think that Purble Place is a pretty neat game and back in the day it was something fun that as included with windows. I can see why it has a bit of a cult following with people who had Windows Vista a few years back and I do actually think there is a fair bit of charm here. If you ask me Purble Pairs and Comfy Cakes are two games that are actually really fun, Purble Shop, on the other hand, was not something I really enjoyed.



  • Charming presentation
  • Three games in one
  • You may get some strong nostalgia feelings
  • Purble Pairs is a fun take on pairs
  • Comfy Cakes is exciting, fun and nerve-wracking


  • Purble Shop is kind of boring
  • Not exactly a new game
Sours: https://gamefabrique.com/games/purble-place/
Cake Cooking Game - Play Fun Cakes Kids Game - My Bakery Empire Bake, Decorate

Purble Place

2007 video game

2007 video game

Purble Place is a suite of three computer games.[1] Developed by Oberon Media for Microsoft, it was introduced in Windows Vista and is also included in Windows 7. It is no longer available starting with Windows 8.


Purble Place was publicly introduced in Windows Vista build 5219,[2][3] along with Chess Titans and Mahjong Titans.

Games in Purble Place[edit]

The collection has a single home screen that offers three packs of games: Purble Pairs, Comfy Cakes, and Purble Shop.[4]

Purble Pairs[edit]

Purble Pairs is a pattern recognition and memory game similar to Concentration. The object is to clear the tableau in the fewest turns. As the skill level progresses, the game becomes timed, the grid size increases, and more similar pictures are used. The Beginner level has one 5x5 grid, Intermediate has two 6x6 grids, and Advanced has four 8x8 grids to solve per game (Shamrocks, hearts, smiley faces or gumdrops). In addition to a jester that automatically finds another match of an exposed card, numerous special pairs are present in the higher levels: such as a card of the cake batter station in Comfy Cakes that shuffles the board when paired, a clock that adds more time to the timer, and a Comfy Cakes Chef that automatically finds and matches pairs of cards containing cakes. A sneak peek coin bonus allows the player to expose all remaining cards for a couple of seconds, but every card exposed in this way is counted as a turn. This game is not available in v0.4.

Comfy Cakes[edit]

Comfy Cakes is a hand-eye coordination game. The object is to fill orders in a bakery by assembling a cake to match a given cake specification on the TV, by controlling a conveyor belt that brings the cake to various stations. Elements of the cake include cake pan shapes (square, circular or heart-shaped), flavor of batter (strawberry, chocolate or vanilla), 3 cake layerings (Red, green or white), optional icing (strawberry, chocolate or vanilla), and other decorations (e.g. sugar may be sprinkled on top of the cake, and in rarer cases, flames are applied to iced cakes to create a smooth glaze). If the cake does not match the specification on the TV, the player is penalized and the cake gets thrown in the trash. If the player sends two or three incorrect orders, the game is over. After a certain number of correct orders are shipped in the box, the player wins the game, and the score is tabulated. The final score depends upon the number of cakes baked, the number of incorrect orders sent and the efficiency of the player in baking. At higher levels the specifications become more complex and multiple cakes must be manufactured in parallel on a single conveyor belt. The player makes about 5 or 6 cakes in one of the difficulty levels. When you do not get the features in the plastic paper, the computer tells you the move is not allowed.

One of 3125 possible looks for a purble with five features

Purble Shop[edit]

Purble Shop is a code-breaker game. The computer decides the color of up to five features (topper, eyes, nose, mouth and clothes) that are concealed from the player. you can choose from an assortment of colors (red, purple, yellow, blue or green), and a color can be used once, several times or not used. The player then attempts to deduce or guess the right feature colors in a limited number of guesses (not available in beginner difficulty). There are three difficulty levels: Beginner with three features in three possible colors; 33 = 27 different possible solutions, Intermediate with 44 = 256 solutions, and Advanced with 55 = 3125 solutions. The beginner and intermediate levels are guessing games where after each move the computer tells the player which items were right, so there is little scope for deduction. At the advanced level the computer doesn't tell the player which specific items were right, reporting only the count of picks in the right color and position, and the count of picks in the right color but the wrong position. This level is similar to the colored peg game Mastermind where success requires logical reasoning (although, there is a small chance of succeeding through lucky guesses).

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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purble_Place

Bakery game purple

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