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Josh Holloway on Joining 'Yellowstone' Season 3, How 'Colony' Was Supposed to End, and the 'Lost' Finale

By Christina Radish


"They had it all planned, but they didn’t get to do it."

Co-created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson, the Paramount Network drama series Yellowstone follows the Dutton family, led by John Dutton (Academy Award winner Kevin Costner), who controls the largest cattle ranch in the United States. But with the ranch always in constant conflict with an expanding town, it’s no surprise that antagonistic hedge fund manager Roarke Morris (Josh Holloway) shows up with an interest in the land and a readiness to cause trouble.

During this 1-on-1 phone interview with Collider, actor Josh Holloway talked about joining a TV show that he was already a big fan of, the appeal of a project like Yellowstone, how much his character changed by the end of the season, why this is a guy who’s always up for a challenge, and getting to go toe-to-toe with Kevin Costner. He also talked about where things would have gone if his last TV series Colony had gotten a fourth season, how he feels about the way his story arc concluded on Lost, and the animated feature that he’s looking to get made.

COLLIDER: This is a great show, but the scenery is also a big appeal.

JOSH HOLLOWAY: That’s one big reason why it was my favorite show on TV. It just took me there. It takes you to the Rockies. It takes you out there. You’re like, “Oh, my god, I wanna be there.” That’s what attracted me to the show. They create such a beautiful world and do a hell of a job with that.

When this came your way, you were already a fan of the show and had already watched it. Because of that, was it an immediate yes for you?

HOLLOWAY: Yeah, I immediately started jumping up and down and going, “Yes, it’s my show! I’m on my show!” I loved it. I was so shocked. I remember, I was riding in a car to go on a fly fishing trip with my buddy in Oregon, and we got the call and I was like, “Wow, yee-haw!,” in the car. I love to work on things that I’m inspired by. Probably a week before, I was sitting on the couch with my wife going, “Babe, I’ve gotta get on a show like this. This is what I like.” We were just having that conversation, so it was pretty funny when I got the call. And I was all excited thinking, it’s been 17 years and no one has booked me as a cowboy yet. I’d ridden horses with Taylor [Sheridan] all day, a couple of years before. I was like, “Finally, he knows I’m a cowboy. I can do this.” And he cast me as a hedge fund guy. I was like, “Really, bro? You bastard.” But it’s awesome. I love being on the show, in any capacity. This is an interesting one. It’s not stereotypical for me, Josh Holloway, so I really appreciated him trusting me to handle it.

Does it feel different when you join something where you know the characters and you’re trying to figure out how your character fits into these characters that you’ve been watching?

HOLLOWAY: Yes, it is. As an artist, you got can’t prejudge things too much and you’ve gotta let them let them live, but it’s also great ‘cause I know their triggers and viewpoints. When you’re doing any sort of scene with anyone, the more secrets you know, and the more you know about them but they don’t know about you, it’s good. You can use that in a scene. But I was shocked when I went in. I was like, “Okay, this Beth character, I wonder what kind of person she’s gonna be to work with. My god! She’s been hard.” And then, I met Kelly

[Reilly] in the trailer and she was this sweet, wonderful English lady and I was like, “Oh, my god, this is not what I expected, at all.” So, that was cool. That was great. So, I knew a little bit about them, which to me, is an advantage. I enjoyed it.

Were you aware of the full story arc for your character, from the beginning, or was it something that you continued to learn about, as you played him?

HOLLOWAY: I continue to learn about it. This is a projection, ‘cause I don’t know this, but like on Lost, as the season goes on, they were tailoring the characters to our personalities, in a way, and that kind of happened with this. That’s the sign of an amazing writer, who’s very agile. They will adjust to the actors they’ve got, and pull out their strong points. So, Roarke grew, as it went on because he is not where Taylor and I discussed him being, at the end. He’s taken a different direction than what we discussed, in the beginning, which I love. I’m like, “Right on, man. You’re the writer. I’ll do it. You throw it on a paper, I’ll bring it alive.” It was cool.

This is a guy that seems to like and even enjoy people who give him a bit of trouble. Is that because he sees it as a challenge, and he’s somebody who’s always up for a challenge?

HOLLOWAY: It’s his comfort zone. This is what he does, every day. He goes to war with people. He is the inevitable progress. He’s the velvet steamroller. He will not stop, and you can’t stop it. He’s very confident in that because that’s what he does, every day. It’s like a surgeon. If I think about a surgeon, I’m scared to death, but if you’re a surgeon and you do it, every day, that’s your comfort zone, cutting somebody open. It seems messed up, but that’s what we are, as human beings. Our comfort zone becomes what we do, every day. So, yeah, he likes a little challenge and he likes something different. He’s always getting challenged, but if it’s by a beautiful woman, who is actually super smart, then he’s like, “Wow, I’m challenged and intrigued. I like this. Okay, let’s go!” That’s what he’s found in Beth, and that’s what he likes.

A show like Yellowstone seems particularly fun because it’s about the character drama and there isn’t a mythology there. It’s just these humans having interactions, which is a different kind of storytelling and doesn’t leave you with unanswered mythology questions.

HOLLOWAY: That’s true. There are all sorts of layers to Yellowstone, but it’s immediately understandable to our psyche will and our emotional body. Whereas when you have all of the mythology, everyone’s got a different idea about it, which is what I love. That’s what mythology does. With Yellowstone, they lay it out and tell you, this person represents this, this person represents that, and we understand those things ‘cause we deal with them, all the time. I was extremely attracted to this show ‘cause I’ve had a cabin in Jackson Hole for the past nine years, and I know all of these issues that are being discussed on Yellowstone. They’ve been around forever, from the clash with ranchers and environmentalists, and big oil and gas, and the Native Americans. All of those issues are real and they’re happening right now, and Taylor knows all about that. He’s got a place that’s not far from my place, and I could throw a rock and hit his mom’s house. He’s intimate with all of that and knows all of these issues, so the show is real and rich, in that way.

What’s it like to get to go toe-to-toe in a scene with an actor like Kevin Costner? What have you enjoyed about working with him and the way that he approaches the work?

HOLLOWAY: I love working with legends ‘cause it’s just so intimidating. Strangely enough, I’ve gotten comfortable being uncomfortable in this business. A lot of time, I get some nerves, but it doesn’t really shake you like that. When you work with a legend, you’re shaking in your boots for the first 15 minutes. I’m like, “Damn, I hope I don’t fuck this up!” Kevin Costner is a legend, and I’m one of his biggest fans. You don’t wanna be a fanboy. You wanna be professional and kick some ass. It was wonderful working with him because he was very present, very humble, and still doing the work and not phoning it in. I just have huge respect for that. I had respect for him already, but this is TV and not even a big movie, and he’s doing the work and very present. I was just happy to see that. When you meet a legend who just blows you off, and if they don’t care about the work, it’s disappointing, but this was not that. Kevin was awesome, and on fire.

The last time that we spoke was for Colony, and that show very much ended on a cliffhanger and didn’t really get to have the wrap-up that it would have had, if it could have wrapped up how hit wanted to. Had you ever had any conversations about what a Season 4 for that show would have been about and where things would have gone, in the story, if there had been time to plan a proper ending?

HOLLOWAY: Yes, they had a plan through Season 5, and we were all, of course, pretty bummed. Artistically, you bring a character to life like that and you want some redemption and some closure with it. So, it was about to be the big war. He was gonna be shot up to space and altered in a Jason Bourne kind of way, and come back as a bad-ass and have the big war. And then, Wayne Brady’s character had a redemption plan for the whole world, so that we would reset the world. It was a great ending. They had it all planned, but they didn’t get to do it. He got shot up to space in a rubber diaper. That’s how we got to end. Fantastic!

Is that hard, as an actor, when you play a character and invest yourself in that character, and then you don’t get to have that conclusion?

HOLLOWAY: It’s frustrating because that’s where you’re left. If I think of Will Bowman, I have a sinking little jab right in my bread basket. It’s right in my gut, like a knife jab ‘cause it’s not finished. They left my family, going on a death mission. Anytime I think about it, that’s where I’m left, right there. I’m like, “That don’t feel good.” But that’s my job, so you deal with it and it’s all good. They have a life. There are a lot of characters running around in this body of mine.

At the same time, Lost had its conclusion, but it’s a conclusion that will probably forever be debated and discussed. Are you personally happy with how your character arc concluded on that show?

HOLLOWAY: Yes, I am. He survived. There came a point where Sawyer just didn’t understand any of the shit that was going on and didn’t care. He was like, “I don’t give a shit. I’m gonna survive. I’m gonna survive this shit, and I don’t even know why.” But he did, and he made it. I have closure there, with that. Of course, we all didn’t know how they were gonna end that show and whether they needed to run for the hills, if they did it wrong. The problem with a great hit show, with an amazing, intricate, layered story is that there’s no way out of it. Look at The Sopranos, it just ended. Shit, how do you do it? That’s why I’m not a writer. I can always point my finger and say, “They did it. I just did what they wrote.”

When you get to do a job like this, where you’re doing scenes delivering dialogue while fly fishing and you’re just out in nature like that, is it hard to find the next thing to follow that up with that doesn’t take you back inside of a studio soundstage? 

HOLLOWAY: This changed me, a little bit. When you fly into Salt Lake City and drive up to Park City, you’re in the beauty of it. I was like, “How can I shoot in this studio, right here in Utah?” I don’t know. I’ll go wherever my career takes me, but would I love to do an outdoor Western, or anything outside? Yes, I would. I enjoy the hell out of it. I thrive in the outdoors more than the indoors. Have you got any ideas?

At this point, with the fact that nobody seems to know quite how to get back to production, I’m just recommending animation projects.

HOLLOWAY: Yes! As a matter of fact, I just finished writing an animated thing because we were like, “Well, damn, what are we gonna do? Let’s do an animated feature.” So, I’m about to start pitching that. I’ve got that covered, but I’m not in that one, so far.

What kind of animated feature is that?

HOLLOWAY: I wrote a thing with a buddy, that’s called Califurnia Dreaming because it’s all animals. It’s basically about this little kid, like Natalie Portman in The Professional. It’s this little L.A. grommet, and her story of trying to get her life and family back together. And it’s about all of these friends from all over the world, so you’ve got a chef from Paris and a boxer from Cuba, and they’ve all come to Hollywood to try to make it, in their own way, but what they end up doing is forming an amazing friendship, and they facilitate the dream of this little girl. It’s awesome. It’s about that journey, when you come to Hollywood to try to make it. It’s a fun romp. It’s fun to write an animated thing because the rules change a little bit. You can make characters do things that humans can’t do, so it’s fun. And I’ve realized, with my friend, who’s an animator, we already did the journey. If it gets sold, that’s fine and that’ll be another journey. But to write it and to see it done and to be proud of it, we already got that moment. We did it, and it’s awesome.

Yellowstone airs on Sunday nights on the Paramount Network.


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The colony is available on Netflix! If you want to know all about the Season 4 release, read on! The futuristic series followed the Bowman family's journey and their survival after a band of humanoid aliens sought refuge and took control of Earth following an attack by an even worse alien species.

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Overall, the series is well crafted and shows that, even in the event of an alien invasion, it is “the foreign agents who instill fear and hide in humanity. Those who pit us against each other, often in pathetic and violent ways, are the most dangerous. If the occupation you witness in Colony reminds you of historical events, you are not wrong, as the Causes said the series was intended as a metaphor for France during the Nazi occupation. "

The colony is one of those American series that portrays a dystopian storyline and includes elements of drama. It was designed by Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal, the former being known to have directed Lost. After its recent release on Netflix, fans want to know if a Colony Season 4 will be released soon on the streaming platform!

Colony Season 4: Netflix release date?


The third season was released on Netflix on May 2, 2021. It featured 13 episodes of approximately 40 minutes! However, Colony Season 3 premiered on May 2, 2018. On July 21, 2018, USA Network announced that the series had been canceled. There have been many calls for Netflix and Amazon Prime to resume the series. Currently, there have been no renewal or cover announcements made for Colony Season 4!

The report suggests that audience ratings may have played a role in the USA's decision to end the series and not to. It began airing on Wednesday after airing on Thursday evening. Colony’s audience figures have fallen to an average of 1.3 million viewers. Which is a drop from its start to around 2.2 million viewers.

USA Network has not confirmed additional reasons for the series being discontinued. But the fans are not happy with this news. You get it, you won't be seeing Colony Season 4 on Netflix right now, if any announcements are made we'll keep you informed.

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As of now, every fan has been kept away from the news about the fourth season of Colony. In this article, we will connect you with the answer that you deserve to know: Is Colony coming back for the fourth season?

A Peek Into The Storyline


One of the most loved science-fiction is based on the invasion of Earth by aliens. The sudden arrival of the aliens spreads panic among the civilians. The moment everyone decides to make peace with the invasion, aliens begin to establish their dictatorship. This is when the Bowman family gets separated from their son, Bram Bowman.

Bram Bowman allegedly gets abducted by the aliens on suspicion of him being a member of a group that is fighting the alien invasion. Will Bowman decides to fight back by becoming a part of Redhat’s which is a collaboration of humans and aliens. He is tasked with killing all the members of the Resistance.

Resistance is a group of humans who are secretly working to free their land from invasion. Unaware of the fact that Katie Bowman, wife of Will Bowman, is a member of the Resistance, Will sets out on the mission to kill the members of the Resistance.

After discovering that Katie is a part of the Resistance, Will and Katie join forces to exchange critical information and bring their son back.

The Cast


The three main characters of the Colony series were Will Bowman, Katie Bowman, and Bram Bowman played by Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Alex Neutaedter, respectively.

Will Bowman takes up the job to act as a member of Redhat due to his prior experience of working as an FBI Special Agent. Katie Bowman, apart from being a secret member of the Resistance, works as the owner of a New Orleans-themed bar called, The Yonk. Bram Bowman is the teenage son who gets abducted by the aliens. In an attempt to return home, he tries to find a way of crossing the wall and returning home.

When Can We Expect The Release


The creators of the series, Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal, have not announced the expansion of the series in its fourth season. An official announcement was expected to be made; however, USA Network canceled the series on the day it premiered the finale of the third season.

The series currently stands canceled by USA Network as the third season is the conclusion of the series.

Things You May Want To Know About Colony Season 4


After USA Network announced the cancellation of the series, fans went to a hyperactive mode and started demanding the network to come back with the fourth season. While the rough storyline or cast has not been talked about anywhere on the internet, fans have started a petition asking USA Network to bring back the Colony Series with the fourth season. The online petition has collected more than 48,900 signatures till now.

Fans have also requested all the OTT platforms to revive the show. The request has been made in the online petition.

Summing It Up

Getting separated from family is tough. If it happens because of an alien invasion then the situation gets tense. The creators may seem excited to come back with the fourth season but USA Network is still firm on its decision. We can only hope for an OTT platform to do justice.

Alex Neutaedter, Cast, Colony, Josh Holloway, release Date, Sarah Wayne Callies, Season 4, series, Storylines

Josh Holloway on Conan O'Brien

When it comes to sci-fi TV series, one of those brilliant masterpieces is the Colony web series.

The show had three seasons that aired in 2016, 2017, and 2018. In 2018, the USA network broke the bad news that there will be no Colony Season 4.

As of now, no official reasons have come to light regarding the cancellation. However, there are some believable speculations regarding the same.


The viewer count of the show had declined drastically from 2.2 million to 1.3 million.

Moreover, some speculate that the show’s storyline had lost its focus. This is because Carlton Cuse, the show’s co-creator, has diverted his focus towards his Jack Ryan TV series.

Some also suggest the reason behind the cancellation to be the change in production location. The production was moved to Vancouver from Los Angeles.

The above points provide a rough idea about the cancellation of the show.

Nothing has been communicated verbally by the USA network. However, the executive producer of the show, Ryan Condal, said that the reasons are complicated.

What was Colony all about?


Colony depicts the trials and tribulations of the Bowman family during the Alien invasion.

Season one was majorly an intro toward the characters. Will is the head of the Bowman family, consisting of his wife Katie, elder son Bram, and younger son Charlie.

Charlie gets separated from the family during the Alien invasion.

Season two is entirely focused on the ideological differences between Will and his wife, Katie. While Will is forced to work for the invaders, his wife is part of the resistance.

Although the motive of the couple is similar, yet their methodology of achieving it is strikingly different. Charlie is finally reunited with the family.

Season three is set several months ahead of the incidents of season two. The family is hiding in a log cabin for six months. Soon they are attacked and forced to leave.

The Bowmans find a resistance camp. The rest of the season is pretty dramatic based on ensuing battles and the dilemma to be on which side.

Will Colony 4 air anytime in the future?


Well, there are fans that have launched a petition to convince the USA Network. However, the odds of the show starting again are pretty low at the moment.

Colony 4 can only be revived if it is picked up by other streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. This is possible, but the main deterrent in this is the high production cost of the show.

Some suggest that the Colony web series should be given an appropriate ending via a movie. We don’t know what will happen, but as of now, there is no season 4 of Colony.

If you are a die-hard fan of the science fiction TV series, you can rewatch the previous seasons. Moreover, let’s hope that streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime will pick up the show.

AuthorPavneet Kaur

Online journalism and the expanse of the digital platform is what intrigued Pavneet to move towards the development of content over the internet platform. As a movie buff, she loves to read and write about the latest developments in the field of entertainment, especially about the latest TV series.

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5 colony season

Fans of the post-apocalyptic drama series Colony on USA Network were devastated when the series was canceled on July 21, 2018, after three successful seasons. The series premiered at Comic-Con in 2015 and attracted immediate attention for its gripping storyline and well-drawn analogies to the French Resistance during WWII.

Not Likely

Read the article for more information

Critics praised the show’s fresh take on a genre that has grown saturated with brainless “young adult” dystopian worlds and at first Colony earned good ratings, with 2.2 million viewers. Over the first two seasons, Colony was the #1 scripted cable series on Thursday nights.

Unfortunately, the show’s ratings declined in the third season. Fans and critics speculated that this occurred partially because after failing to win a California tax credit for shooting in Los Angeles, filming was moved to Vancouver BC.

The show may also have lost some focus as one of its co-creators and executive producers, Carlton Cuse, left the show to concentrate on his new Jack Ryan series for Amazon. During the third season, the show dropped to 1.3 million viewers, one of the lowest average viewerships for dramatic programs on cable. On July 21, 2018, the cancellation of Colony was announced; there would be no fourth season.

Is it possible that Colony will be brought back from the dead by Netflix, Amazon Prime, or some other streaming service?

Colony TV Series

Quick Links

The Colony TV series was well-written, with industry veterans Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal penning many episodes. The premise of the show was relatively simple: Earth of the near future has been occupied by alien invaders who have taken over the entire planet, sealing off entire cities with enormous structures and essentially enslaving the populace.

The main characters were the Bowman family, separated from their child and trying to survive while reuniting the family. The family patriarch, Will, (ably portrayed by Josh Holloway) is coerced into agreeing to work for the invaders, while his wife Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) has become a member of the resistance.

Season one of Colony began by setting up the background and establishing the characters. The storyline was credible and balanced a swift-moving plot with good character development. The main plotline followed the struggle of the Bowman family to stay together while fighting against occupation.

Season two of Colony started by filling in some gaps about the invasion and about what happened to Los Angeles at the time of the alien incursion, before moving back to following the Bowmans as they struggle to find their son. The tension escalates as Will and Katie come into conflict, pursuing similar goals but by different methods.

Season three of Colony skips ahead several months and reveals that the Bowmans left Los Angeles and are now hiding in a cabin in the woods before being forced on the run. They discover a Resistance outpost which leads to a dramatic season (and series) finale as they must face a choice about what side to be on.

Colony Character & Season Summaries

We don’t want to give away too much for those who haven’t watched the show, but here is basic information about the characters and the plotlines of the first three seasons.

Major Characters

Will Bowman – Played by Josh Holloway. Will Bowman is a former FBI Agent and Army Ranger who is searching for his missing son, Charlie.

Katie Bowman – Played by Sarah Wayne Callies. Katie Bowman is Will Bowman’s wife, who secretly works for the Resistance.

Alan Snyder – Played by Peter Jacobson. Snyder is the initial governor of the Los Angeles area and works openly with the aliens.

Maddie Kenner  – Played by Amanda Righetti. Kenner is Katie Bowman’s younger sister.

Eric Broussard – Played by Tory Kittles. Broussard is a resistance operative and is Katie’s contact.

Bram Bowman – Played by Alex Neustaedter. Bram is Will and Katie Bowman’s teenage son.

Grace Bowman – Played by Isabella Crovetti. Isabella is Will and Katie Bowman’s preteen daughter.

Charlie Bowman – Played by Jacob Buster. Charlie is Will and Katie Bowman’s younger son, who was away from the family when the aliens invaded and the wall went up.

Recurring Characters

Alexander Quayle – Played by Paul Guilfoyle. Quayle is a leader of the LA resistance.

Amy Leonard – Played by Peyton List. A physician in the resistance.

Betsy – Played by Keiko Agena. A worker at Homeland Security.

Bob Burke – Played by Toby Huss. Will Bowman’s partner at Homeland Security.

Bolton Miller – Played by Carl Weathers. Bolton is a Homeland Security officer who works with Will Bowman.

Charlotte Burgess – Played by Kathryn Morris. Maddie’s boss.

Dan Bennett – Played by Christian Clemenson. The head of Homeland Security.

Eckhart – Played by Charlie Bewley. A member of the LA resistance.

Everett Kynes – Played by Wayne Brady. Head of the Seattle colony.

Helena Goldwyn – Played by Ally Walker. Goldwyn later becomes governor of the LA colony.

Hennessey – Played by William Russ. A former spy.

Hudson – Played by Cooper J. Friedman. Hudson is Maddie Kenner’s son, who has diabetes.

Jennifer McMahon – Played by Kathleen Rose Perkins. A Homeland Security Agent.

Lindsey – Played by Erin Way. Gracie Bowman’s tutor.

Morgan – Played by Bethany Joy Lenz. A member of the LA resistance.

Noa – Played by Meta Golding. A member of a resistance cell from outside LA.

Nolan Burgess – Played by Adrian Pasdar. An important figure in the occupational government.

Phyllis – Played by Kathy Baker. Phyllis is Will Bowman’s boss at Homeland Security.

Rachel – Played by Kim Rhodes. Rachel is a resistance member and physician.

Scott Garland – Played by John Hoogenakker. A military officer hunting resistance members in California.

Sgt. Jenkins – Played by Mac Brandt. A guard in a labor camp.

The Plot Of Season 1

In season 1, we are introduced to the Bowman family, most of whom live in the occupied Los Angeles colony. Will is coerced into working for Homeland Security as an agent by threats to send his family to the Factory, a lunar outpost where slave laborers work to mine radioactives for the aliens. Kate Bowman sides with the Resistance and begins working against the occupiers and spying on her husband. Will begins to question Kate’s loyalties as events unfold. At the end of the season, the resistance captures a high-valued hostage and the LA block is placed on lockdown.

The Plot Of Season 2

Power dynamics inside the LA colony shift as various factions make different plays for power. Charlie Bowman returns home, while Katie struggles with whether or not to stay part of the Resistance. The Bowmans begin looking for ways to escape from Los Angeles. The family discovers that the entire colony is scheduled to be sent to the factory on Luna, and escapes into the wilderness.

The Plot Of Season 3

The Bowmans are living a simple existence in the mountains when an alien ship under attack flies past their cabin. Will and Katie attempt to re-establish contact with the resistance and seek out the Seattle colony. Civil war looms as the season ends on a cliffhanger note.

Why Did Colony End?

Fans of the show never got a clear-cut answer as to why the show came to an end, although speculation about causes was rampant and the show’s falling ratings speak for themselves. Showrunner and executive producer Ryan Condal sent out a Tweet regarding the reasons for the cancellation, but provided little hard data, saying only: “Colonists, Thank you from the bottom of my stone heart for all your passion and effort. But, sadly, #Colony is dead. The reasons are complicated, mostly dumb, and would provide little comfort. But know that @WesTooke and I shall return with new things from new places.”

The efforts refer to the multiple petitions and activities the fans, or ‘Colonists’ launched to try to convince USA Network to change its mind.

Den of Geek had this to say:

Colony got off to a strong start for USA. It was the most-watched scripted cable series on Thursday nights for its first two seasons. Then the show lost a crucial California tax credit and was forced to relocate to Vancouver, and ended up changing its storyline to accommodate the move. Since then, ratings slipped to among USA Network’s lowest.”

What’s The Likelihood Of Netflix Picking Up Colony?

It isn’t flatly impossible that Netflix, Amazon Prime, or some other streaming service will pick up Colony and resume making episodes. Streaming services are always hungry for content, and picking up an existing program with a pre-existing fan base is a decision that’s been made before.

It certainly seems true that USA Network is not interested in reviving the property; they are putting their time and energy into their new Purge series partnership with SyFy. There is a hardcore Colony fan base who have attempted to pressure the networks into a reboot with at least twodifferent petitions.

On the negative side of the ledger, shows like Colony are relatively expensive to produce. They use expensive special effects and are heavily reliant on location shooting, which adds to the budget. And although Colony attracted strong critical support from its audience, the loyal fanbase remained relatively small. Critical success is great for a cable show, but it isn’t what pays the bills.

Still, those loyal fans haven’t given up. The Colony community’s petitions of 37,000 signatures should be compared to the pre-Internet petition by hard-core Star Trek fans who successfully petitioned to win the classic show a reprieve from cancellation in 1968 and 1969. The Star Trek campaign generated more than a million letters – letters, written on pen and paper and sent through the mail. Unfortunately, Colony’s fans, though steadfast and loyal, haven’t demonstrated the kind of public support that makes streaming network executives want to risk money on a show that has already failed.

What Do We Know Now?

As of November 2020, there are no networks talking about picking up the show to produce the missing seasons. The last we’ve seen is an article in SyFy where Josh Holloway discussed his reaction to the showing ending so abruptly. Holloway did state that the producers did have a five-season plan rather than only four seasons.

TechJunkie will, of course, continue following the story, and if there are future developments we will definitely report them. For now, Colony is dead, and there are no signs of resuscitation on the horizon.

So you should be able to find something great to enjoy even if Colony doesn’t come back!

Josh Holloway Got in a Fight That Ended in THE BEST Way

Colony canceled at USA Network: What’s next?

Though fans of the show had been hoping for a renewal, word came out this weekend that Colony has been canceled. Is there any hope for the show to be saved?

Fans of Colony had their fears become a reality yesterday when it was announced that Colony has been canceled. The sci-fi drama went through its first two seasons as the number one scripted cable series on Thursday nights. However, major changes took place going into season 3.

First, the show was forced to move to Canada, which meant a change in the story as well. Then, one of the creators (Carlton Cuse) stepped away to focus on his new show. The third change was a move from Thursday nights to Wednesday nights. On top of all of this, the third season also started at a different point in the year. Season 1 and 2 began airing in January but the third season was delayed until May.

Wes Tooke was humble in saying that the mistakes were theirs but I have a different take.

What happened?

An outsider could look at the above changes and single out any one of them for being the reason the ratings dropped and the show was canceled. As a fan, I can tell you that the move from LA did not hurt the show. The change of scenery has been great and the creators did an amazing job of making the Seattle colony interesting. The move felt natural and advanced the story.

I can also tell you Cuse stepping away didn’t hurt the show as I felt this season may have been the best so far creatively. The flashbacks at the beginning of each episode, adding context to the situation, have been a welcome addition and enhanced the show. Getting out of LA also made the world larger and allowed us to see that things weren’t the same everywhere which allowed for some hope.

COLONY — “Mixed Signals” Episode 303 — Pictured: (l-r) Josh Holloway as Will Bowman, Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie Bowman — (Photo by: Eric Milner/USA Network)

The third and fourth pieces are the biggest culprits in my opinion. First of all, changing the day matters. If the show was a success on a certain day of the week, it doesn’t make sense to move it. You change the shows that it’s up against by doing that alone. Add in the 4-month delay for the start of the new season and now you’re facing an entirely different set of circumstances.

New competition and a longer period of time between episodes would be enough to hurt any show’s ratings and Colony was not the exception. While the drop off in total numbers wasn’t huge, it was a drop. Enough of a drop to make Colony the least watched show on USA Network in the key demographic (adults 18-49). If the network plan is to always drop whatever the lowest show is then this move is understandable despite being unfortunate.

What happens next?

A lot of shows have been canceled over the past few months and several, most notably Brooklyn Nine-Nine, have had successful campaigns around saving them. Currently, fans of the show are pushing for Netflix, SyFy, or Amazon to pick up Colony but none of these campaigns seem to have much traction.

The biggest complaint by most fans is that the show will seemingly not have a conclusion. This Wednesday’s episode is the season, and now series, finale and there had been speculation that they may have been somewhat prepared for it to come to an end. It appears that the war between the humans and the alien species is set to begin at some point in the episode so we’ll at least leave off on a new chapter beginning.

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If the show isn’t picked up some fans are also pushing for the writers to conclude the story with a novel or comic. There is plenty of story to be told and I think that this would be a great way to go. There were probably at least two more seasons of story left to tell and the 1.5 million or so fans of the show will want to get that conclusion. We’ll stay tuned for any updates on the show being picked up or continued via another medium.

Colony returns for its final episode on USA Network Wednesday, July 25 at 10/9 Central. 


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Science fiction drama that’s what a colony is all about it shows the story of family and their true to life difficulties, it is a family that’s torn by resisting forces and tries to maintain the balance between the family members with every difficult condition and decision that could lead to paying off their life. A story set in Los Angeles where occurs the state of livelihood by the troops of outer intruders. Some people rebel and suffer from the outcomes and soon the other hand some people co-operate and took the benefit.

Will Bowman worked as an FBI agent in the past who got the proposal to work for the occupational government for the existence of his family, this proposal will force him to break down the continuous growing opposition activity in Los Angeles. Josh Holloway features as a Will along with Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie Bowman wife of will and mother of three brave kids who is as courageous as their father and struggles to keep their family alive and safe.

The first season of the show consists of all over ten episodes which were premiered layer in 2015. This science-fiction drama is directed by Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal. All the three seasons of the show distributed on the USA Network. Three seasons of the show released by 2018 and now 4th season’s journey is in doubt if it is happening or not.

Colony Season 4 Release Date

The last season of the show premiered in 2018 and left so many questions unanswered. All the seasons of the show were a commercial hit and also earned hugely fanbase, the audience enjoyed watching this exciting science fiction series. Now season 4 of the show is one of the hot topics among the others.

The audience wants to know if Colony is renewed for another one or season 4 is still under production. Here we have to face a huge disappointment, season three was released in 2018 then after the makers of the show came up with a decision that the series is canceled after season 3, Colony Season 4 is Not happening. And therefore there is no Colony Season 4 Release Date.

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Colony season 3 Recap

Colony Season 4

Everything was going well when Bowmans and Snyder successfully escaped from Los Angeles now they were far away from all the outer troops and both of them enjoying their simple and beautiful life in the mountains until in a blink of an eye and everything changed. However, Will and Katie tried as hard to make contact with the resistance.
Katie attempts to get much more involved and will analyze the Resistance Camp’s safety. Their life comes to be more risk when the Resistance camp put in lockdown. Under interrogation, both of them try to cover their secrets. While going towards their new home the Bowman family confronts danger.

Will comes to know about a risky secret about the Seattle colony after following the clues he got. Katie assists a refugee and later she suspects there is something wrong with her refugee casework. Broussard and Amy go to an operation with the help of will. Then all of the three guys along with Bram together makers the plan to kidnap the IGA officer. Apart from that will makes a sacrifice to protect his family and Katie moreover races to protect all the refugees. Bram and Gracie both making a big decision. Snyder endeavors to control a Colony amidst the turmoil of war. Here Colony season 3 ended in 2018.

Colony season 3 Cast

The main cast of the show includes Josh Holloway who characterized as Will Bowman former U.S. Army Ranger as an FBI special agent. He started functioning under the alias Billy “Sully” as a truck driver and machinist. Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie Bowman is Will’s wife apart from that she is a secret Resistance operative. She occupies and regulates The Yonk. Peter Jacobson highlighted as Alan Snyder The Proxy Governor of the Los Angeles Bloc as well as an unashamed Collaborator.

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