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Complete source of the Umbraco community site,

Build in Visual Studio

Make sure to allow NuGet Package Restore in VS (Tools > Options > Package Manager). The first build of the project will take quite a while, please be patient, it will finish at some point. Upon build a file will be copied into the project which you can use in the following step.

If you're working on the frontend (the js/css/etc parts in ) then you can either run to build them and have them copied into the site. Or if you have npm/gulp installed on your machine you can run the usual commands in the folder:

Database Restore

Download the SQL Server Database from:

Restore the database to SQL Server 2017 (won't work on earlier versions) and update the connection strings () in .

Logging in

  • To log into the backoffice use / .

  • To log into the frontend use / .

In the web.config you get when you first build the project, you will need to change the following appSetting, from true to false:

Additionally, you will need to set requireSSL in the to false to be able to login to the frontend.

Projects Area

If the projects area seems empty then that's because you need to rebuild the Examine indexes for it through the Developer section of Umbraco.

Documentation Area

If the documentation area seems empty then that's because you need to download the documentation, look for the in the Examine dashboard in the Developer section of Umbraco and Rebuild the index. This will automatically download the latest documentation from GitHub.

Community Area

Following a recent update we've moved the pages to another website. You can read more about the decision here.


Please read our Contributing Guidelines to learn how you can get involved and help with the Umbraco community site.


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Help wanted

The release of Umbraco 9 is almost upon us, and we need to ensure that we have documentation to support it!
There is a lot of documentation that needs to be updated against Umbraco 9, and that's where we could really use your help

A lot of people will be writing and updating documentation for Umbraco 9 over the coming months.
In order to prevent that multiple people start working on the same article or topic, we've created a sheet listing all subsections in the Umbraco Documentation - one sheet for each of the main sections Fundamentals, Implementation, Reference, Extending and Tutorials.

Do you want to help out?

There are multiple ways to let us know that you want to pitch in and help with getting the documentation updated for Umbraco 9.

  • Put a comment in one of the sheets linked to above, showing us which task you'd be interested in helping out with.
  • Let us know which section you'd like to help out with, by adding a comment to this issue.
  • Reach out to us via [email protected] and let us know what you'd like to help out with.

Depending on the task you're interested in, we'll help you get set up

Contribution guidelines

You can find a bunch of resources on how to contribute to the Umbraco Documentation in our Contribute section.

We've also written a tutorial on how to create a new version of an already existing article. This will come in super handy when working with updating the Umbraco 9 docs.
You can find the article here:

How to add a new version of an article

  1. Concelment express
  2. Chicken paprikash wiki
  3. Cerave bad reviews
  4. Merlin lite ultralight
  5. Vicki mann

Umbraco CMS · GitHub licenseBuild statusPRs WelcomeTwitter

Umbraco is the friendliest, most flexible and fastest growing ASP.NET CMS, and used by more than 500,000 websites worldwide. Our mission is to help you deliver delightful digital experiences by making Umbraco friendly, simpler and social.

Learn more at

Umbraco Logo

See the official Umbraco website for an introduction, core mission and values of the product and team behind it.

Please also see our Code of Conduct.

Getting Started

Umbraco Cloud is the easiest and fastest way to use Umbraco yet, with full support for all your custom .NET code and integrations. You're up and running in less than a minute, and your life will be made easier with automated upgrades and a built-in deployment engine. We offer a free 14-day trial, no credit card needed.

If you want to DIY, then you can download Umbraco either as a ZIP file or via NuGet. It's the same version of Umbraco CMS that powers Umbraco Cloud, but you'll need to find a place to host it yourself, and handling deployments and upgrades will be all up to you.


The documentation for Umbraco CMS can be found on Our Umbraco. The source for the Umbraco docs is open source as well and we're happy to look at your documentation contributions.

Join the Umbraco community

Our friendly community is available 24/7 at the community hub, we call "Our Umbraco". Our Umbraco features forums for questions and answers, documentation, downloadable plugins for Umbraco, and a rich collection of community resources.

Besides "Our", we all support each other also via Twitter: Umbraco HQ, Release Updates, #umbraco


Umbraco is contribution-focused and community-driven. If you want to contribute back to the Umbraco source code, please check out our guide to contributing.

Trying out GitHub Copilot for Umbraco

Umbraco Identity Extensibility

An Umbraco add-on package that enables easy extensibility points for ASP.Net Identity integration with the Umbraco backoffice including a simple OAuth token server and snippets on how to incorporate custom OAuth authentication providers for the back office.

This package is for back office users and is not for front-end members. For front-end members ASP.NET Identity support see this community project:


This project contains a few packages:


This is the core package which installs Identity extensisibiliy points. It includes a very simple OAuth token server which can be extended to suit you needs. It also contains documentation and codefiles to allow you to extend the authentication flow of the Umbraco back office.

External login providers

The below packages will help you get started with External login providers (OAuth) for the Umbraco back office.

Each package contains documentation and code files with documentation to show you how to integrate third party logins




What about Identity Server? Yes that will of course work too, here's a great community blog post about setting up that integration.


Umbraco github

Umbraco Documentation project


This is the documentation project for Umbraco. The scope of this project is to provide overviews of concepts, tutorials, example code, and links to API reference.

Getting started

Getting started is an introduction to Umbraco, containing explanations of basic concepts and short tutorials.


Implementation is an overview of Umbraco's structure and pipeline.

Developers Reference

Reference is a collection of API references specifically for developers working with and extending Umbraco.


Extending is documentation on customizing and extending the backoffice.


Tutorials is a collection of the more extensive tutorials used in the documentation.

The Umbraco Documentation uses Markdown for all of the documentation; please read about our Markdown Conventions.

To add version information and extra keywords, every document can be annotated using YAML.

Every new version of Umbraco introduces new features. This means that every document might not work for your possibly older version.

Therefore we introduced 2 different mechanisms:

  1. The YAML metadata describing and .
  2. The possibility to add multiple files about the same topic.

We valuable contributions from everyone who is willing to help. It does not matter to us if it's something trivial like correcting spelling mistakes, raising an issue or writing a tutorial! Every little bit of help counts and it all helps make Umbraco easier to use, for everyone. Otherwise, bug reports, bug fixes and any feedback on Umbraco are always appreciated. Look at the Contributor Guidelines to learn how you can get involved and help with the Umbraco Documentation.

License MIT licensed

This library is released under the MIT License.

How to keep your fork up to date with the master in GitHub (Umbraco example)


This is a WIP UI-library for Umbraco CMS and friends. This means that all elements should make sense in any context.

The elements are built with LitElement and is meant to be displayed with storybook. You can build the library as a single bundle (with dependencies), or you can just import source directly and build yourself.

The storybook knobs and docs are automatically created from the source, so please make sure to add the appropriate jsdoc-comments. See an existing element (eg. uui-button) for inspiration, or checkout web-component-analyzer for docs.

Once the project is "ready", it shall be released on npm for consumption.

Get started


This project uses nodejs, so you should install as the package manager on your machine. See installation guide.

git clone npm install

Run storybook

This command will build the project, start a server running storybook and watch for changes.

Run tests

This command will build the project and run tests.

Scripts overview

  • opens storybook for the elements
  • runs your test suite with Web Test Runner ' runs autoformatter
  • runs the linter for your project


  • Pull requests and Stars are always welcome.
  • Read our contributing guide to get started.

You will also be interested:

Awesome Umbraco! Awesome

A collection of awesome Umbraco CMS packages, resources and shiny things.

Inspired by awesome lists. For general C#/.NET please see the awesome-dotnet collection!


Contributions are always welcome!

Please read the contribution guidelines and quality standard page before making a pull-request. If you see a resource or package here that is no longer maintained, please submit a pull request to help improve this collection.

Thank you to all contributors, you are awesome and this list wouldn't be possible without you! The goal is to build a categorized community-driven collection of very well-known resources.


This list is for Umbraco v8, if you looking for v7, you can find those here.

Please note * indicates that the package is commercial or may require a license to unlock all features.



  • #h5yr - High Five, You Rock!
  • 24 Days In Umbraco - yearly advent calendar for Umbraco content.
  • Blog Posts - blog posts by members of the Umbraco community and Umbraco HQ.
  • Candid Contributions - a fortnightly podcast discussing all things Umbraco and open source.
  • Skrift - a monthly magazine for sharing knowledge in the Umbraco community.
  • umbraCoffee - a weekly YouTube series discussing recent Umbraco news.
  • Unicorner - YouTube series from the Chief Unicorn, Niels Hartvig.
  • Official YouTube Channel - the Umbraco community YouTube channel.

Backoffice extensions

  • Find and Replace - A simple and intuitive package which allows editors to find and replace content.
  • Nexu - Keeps tracks of internal links by parsing property data. Will warn editors when something is "in use" when deleting or unpublishing. It's extensible so you can create parsers for your own property or grid editors.
  • Plumber - adds a heap of useful bits and pieces to Umbraco, to allow multi-staged workflow approval.
  • Robots.txt editor - Edit robots.txt from within the back-office.
  • Translation Manager* - lets you handle all of the steps of the translation process from within Umbraco.
  • UI-O-Matic - Auto generate an integrated crud UI in Umbraco for a db table based on a petapoco poco.
  • Page Not Found Manager - Manage your sites 404 page(s) from Umbraco.
  • Contentment - A handy collection of Umbraco components developed for use in your Umbraco projects.

Form Builders

  • Formulate - Build website forms (contact forms, newsletter sign ups, surveys, job applications) with no coding.
  • Umbraco Forms* - The new Contour, use this to add forms to your site. (Developed by Umbraco HQ)

Grid Editors

Property Editors

  • Meganav - A flexible, draggable link picker for constructing site navigation menus, big or small.
  • OEmbed Picker Property Editor - Property editor to allow embedding 3rd party media like Youtube, Vimeo, ... outside of the rich text editor.
  • Personalisation Groups - allow personalisation of content to different groups of site visitors
  • Skybrud.ImagePicker - a configurable image picker that can be used as either a property editor or grid editor. Each image can be supplemented with a title, description and/or link.
  • Skybrud.LinkPicker - a configurable link picker that can be used as either a property editor or grid editor. Supports selecting content, media or specify external URLs.
  • Styled Editors - A configural property editor to "replace" the generic textbox & textarea properties. It allows for inline CSS as well as adding classes and having placeholder text.
  • Switcher - A simple property editor that works as an alternative to the core true/false datatype.
  • Terratype - A fully featured maps data type supporting multiple map providers (Google Maps, Bing, Leaflet).
  • uEditorNotes - Provides a way to display instructional messages for content editors, at the point of content entry.

SEO Tools

  • SEO Checker* - find common SEO issues in your Umbraco website.

Developer tools

  • CMSImport* - import content or members from any datasource into Umbraco.
  • Optimus - Bundling and minification of your CSS and Javascript.
  • uSync - Syncing tool for reading and writing the database elements to disk.
  • Skybrud.Umbraco.Redirects - Redirects manager for Umbraco.
  • Our HealthChecks - Adds addtional health checks to the back office.


  • Deploy Contrib - Offers value-connectors for the most popular Umbraco community packages. To allow Umbraco Cloud deploy to transfer content/property-data to a target environment. (Maintained by Umbraco HQ)Umbraco Cloud only

eCommerce & CRM

  • Vendr* - eCommerce built on top of Umbraco.
  • uCommerce* - .NET eCommerce platform, seamlessly integrates with Umbraco.

Starter Kits

Website utilities

  • Slimsy - Responsive Images using Slimmage for Umbraco.
  • UnVersion - Removes previous versions of content.
  • Matryoshka - Adding back tabs in Umbraco

Code Libraries

CC BY-SA 4.0

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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