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Zoom Trivia Night! (Live) - Centennial Edition: Sarasota History!

Want to test your trivia prowess? Join us for online trivia using Zoom and Kahoot! These questions will challenge your brain and keep you entertained!


The theme for this week: Sarasota Centennial - Sarasota History!


This virtual program will be hosted in Zoom. Once you register you will be sent a confirmation email with information about using Zoom, as well as the Meeting ID and Password.

This virtual program also uses Kahoot!, an online quiz game. You may access Kahoot! through any device by going to in an internet browser, or by downloading the Kahoot! app to your mobile device. When you are in the meeting, simply enter the Game PIN to join; no account needed!

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Sarasota Trivia & Game Shows

Sarasota Trivia Night

Welcome to Sarasota Trivia, the home of Sarasota Trivia Night & Game Shows in Sarasota, Florida.

We host weekly and monthly Trivia Night events at locations all over Sarasota.

In addition, we also host corporate events with the versions of classic TV Game Shows like Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and even have a kid’s Game Show called Campardy. Love music? For instance, you could have a night of Jukebox Bingo? You can call Jim Casey at 941-227-5900 for more information.



However, if you simply like to get some more information about us, click the date checker below and fill out the form afterwards.


See our live Sarasota Trivia events schedule for the Smartphone Trivia Game Show and Music Experience below…


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Join us for Team Trivia EVERY Tuesday! Bring in your friends, order up a round of beers and let that brain burn off those extra calories!

1st Place, 2nd Place & 3rd Place!


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Sarasota (Florida) ᐈ Things to do - Best Places to Visit - Top Tourist Attractions ☑️


Hello and welcome to Game Show Trivolution, Sarasota Trivia Entertainment, a division of Jim Casey Entertainment of Sarasota, Florida. We are the premier LIVE trivia and game show company for Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Brandon, Riverview and Tampa, Florida. Whether is is a corporate party, a homeowners association get together, school function or even a grand opening, Game Show Trivolution has what you are looking for.

My name is Jim Casey and I host the area’s premier live Sarasota, Bradenton, Brandon, Riverview and Tampa Trivia events.

If you are the owner or decision maker for a restaurant, pub, tavern or bar that may be looking to add out weekly trivia to your lineup, click here to see a 2 minute video about what we can do for your location.

If you are a trivia player, we offer the most exciting LIVE trivia nights on a weekly basis from Venice to Sarasota to Bradenton and Brandon and Riverview. Are you tired of being forced to use 17th century technology (pen and paper) to participate in a trivia night or waiting three minutes for an answer while your neighbor looks up the answers?  Step up to the 21st Century with our revolutionary Smartphone Trivia Game Show, produced by locally owned Game Show Trivolution and powered by Speedquizzing.

Please click any of the boxes to get more information about our Game Show and Trivia Night offerings.


Sarasota trivia

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Sarasota (Florida) ᐈ Things to do - Best Places to Visit - Top Tourist Attractions ☑️

Come to us. Moving over to the table, I sat down on an empty shelf. Although Kolka did not see her face at night, he immediately recognized her. Looking at her face point-blank - sitting down next to him - he noted to himself that she was ten years older than him, but in his compartment she was.

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