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This page is out of date (v0.20).

Slayer is a Combat skill that allows players to earn access to unique equipment and combat locations. Slayer experience can be earned by killing monsters in Slayer Areas or through Slayer Tasks. Killing monsters assigned as a Slayer Task also provides Slayer Coins.svgSlayer Coins, which can be spent at the Shop to purchase equipment that gives a boost to slayer experience rates or allows the player to access new Slayer Areas.

Some Slayer Areas require the player to wear specific equipment during combat in order to deal damage to monsters within the area (can be bypassed with the Slayer Skillcape (item).svg Slayer Skillcape), while others have area effects that negatively impact the player while in combat. For more information, see: Slayer Areas.

Slayer Tasks

Slayer Tasks are randomly assigned in the combat page of the game, and are completed by killing the displayed monster. Monsters killed for Slayer Tasks earn Slayer Coins.svg Slayer Coins and Slayer experience points equal to 10% of the slain monster's hitpoints.

Tasks are available in five different tiers of increasing difficulty:

A Slayer Task can be completed by killing the specified number of the assigned task monster, when complete a new task in that same tier will be automatically picked at no cost to the player. Optionally, the current task can be extended before it has been completed (increasing the number of monster kills required for task completion), or a new task of any tier can be chosen. Both extending a task and choosing a new task costs Slayer Coins.svgSlayer Coins, the costs for each are listed in the above task tier table.

The number of monsters assigned per task is a random number that generally increases as the task's tier and the player's Slayer (skill).svg Slayer level increase. Formulas used to determine both the minimum/maximum possible task size and the increase when extending a task are included within the Slayer Task Mechanics section.

In addition to killing monsters for Slayer Tasks, Slayer experience can be earned by killing monsters found in Slayer Areas, at a rate equal to 5% of the slain monster's hitpoints. If the player's Slayer Task is for a monster from a Slayer Area, the experience rates will stack, giving 15% of the monster's total hitpoints as experience. Slayer experience gained can be increased further by equipping Slayer armour, which can be purchased from the Shop.

Below lists the XP and Slayer Coins.svg Slayer Coins earned (before bonuses are applied) under various scenarios:

Yes Yes 15% 10%
Yes No 10% 10%
No Yes 5% 0%

Slayer Task Mechanics

The number of monsters assigned per task is defined as [math]C_r = \left ( \text{Tier} + 1 \right ) \times 10 + 4 \times \left \lfloor r \times \text{Slayer Level} + 1 \right \rfloor[/math], and the increase in task size when extending a task can be calculated as [math]E = \left( \text{Tier} + 1 \right ) \times \left (10 + \left \lfloor \frac{\text{Slayer Level}}{5} \right \rfloor \right )[/math], where:

  • [math]0 \le r \lt 1[/math] is a random number
  • [math]\text{Slayer Level}[/math] is not the virtual skill level, and therefore has a maximum value of 99
  • [math]\text{Tier}[/math] is defined as:
    • Easy = 0
    • Normal = 1
    • Hard = 2
    • Elite = 3
    • Master = 4

Therefore, the task size (before extension) is between [math]\left ( \text{Tier} + 1 \right ) \times 10 + 4[/math] and [math]\left ( \text{Tier} + 1 \right ) \times 10 + 4 \times \text{Slayer Level}[/math] monsters (inclusive).

Auto Slayer

Auto Slayer is an unlock that can be purchased from the Shop for Slayer Coins.svg 150,000. Once unlocked, it adds a checkbox to the Slayer Task panel on the Combat screen labelled "Automatically fight new Slayer Task?" Once purchased, the option can be toggled off and on freely without needing to spend any additional Slayer Coins.

While this option is checked, after killing the final monster in a Slayer Task the player will automatically swap to fighting their next Slayer target. Only monsters in areas the player can currently access can be rolled while auto-slayer is enabled. For example, a player who does not have either a Mirror Shield (item).svg Mirror Shield or a cape such as the Slayer Skillcape (item).svg Slayer Skillcape that bypasses slayer area requirements equipped would not be assigned Strange Eyed Monster (monster).svg Strange Eyed Monsters while auto slaying.

Players looking to take advantage of Auto Slayer should make sure they have gear equipped that will allow them to survive facing all of the monsters in a given category, even after Combat Triangle modifiers to Damage Reduction are taken into account.


The skillcape can be purchased from the store for Coins.svg 1,000,000 after the player reaches Slayer Level 99.

Slayer Skillcape (item).svgSlayer Skillcape+5% Damage To Slayer Tasks,+25% Flat Slayer Area Effect Negation and Bypass Slayer Area item requirements


The Slayer pet has a chance to be unlocked when damage is dealt to a monster on a Slayer Task.

Asura (pet).pngAsura+20% Slayer Coins

Slayer Tier Monsters

This section lists all possible tasks for every tier of Slayer.


Tier 0, also known as Easy.


Tier 1, also known as Normal.


Tier 2, also known as Hard.


Tier 3, also known as Elite.


Tier 4, also known as Master.


Slayer in OSRS: Why Train It & What Are The Benefits?

Slayer is a combat related skill where players will kill specific monsters designated to them by a slayer master. The slayer master will ask that a specific number be killed, and each kill will provide slayer experience. Once you complete a slayer task, you’ll need to re-visit a slayer master for a new assignment.

As you level up the skill, new monsters will be available to kill, such as Kurasks at level 70 slayer, and Hydras at level 95 slayer.

Ultimately, slayer is slow to level up.

However, it is easily the most rewarding skill in the game, because the drops from high level slayer monsters can be worth a lot of money.


So Why Train Slayer?

Slayer’s important for almost everyone in OSRS, but especially for ironmen, because there’s a variety of best in slot gear that’s locked behind certain monsters in the skill.

So to truly max out your setup, you’ll need to train slayer.

Not to mention that a high slayer level is a requirement for quests such as Monkey Madness II.


Which Slayer Master Should You Use?

There are a total of 9 slayer masters in OSRS, all of which offer different levels of tasks, and are each designed for particular combat levels.

Of these 9 masters, I would recommend only using Turael, Krystilia, Konar, and Duradel.

Turael is likely the first master you’ll ever use as a beginner, and has no requirements to obtain a task from. He offers very low level tasks which are perfect for beginners. And he has the unique ability to reset any task.

This ability is often used by high level players to farm for slayer points.

Krystilia only offers tasks in the Wilderness. And she grants the highest amount of points out of any of the slayer masters.

These tasks also have a chance to drop Larrens Keys, which are a fantastic money maker.

Konar requires a minimum of level 75 combat, and is located at the top of Mount Karuulm. She’s unique in that the tasks she assigns must be done in specific places.

For example, she might assign Bloodvelds and ask that they be done in the Slayer Tower. So only those Bloodvelds will count towards the task.

All of her tasks have the ability to drop Brimstone Keys too, which can be used on the Brimstone Chest next to her for extra rewards.

She’s also the only master to assign Wyrms, Drakes, and Hydras.

And the highest level slayer master (and best for consistent experience) is Duradel.

He’s located in Shilo Village, and he’ll normally only assign very high level monsters as slayer tasks – such as Hellhounds and Black Demons.

He’ll also assign his tasks in large amounts. But Duradel also requires you to have a minimum combat level of 100, and a slayer level of at least 50.


Ankou OSRS Slayer Battle Screenshot


What Are The Benefits of Training Slayer?

Slayer is a great skill to train because higher level slayer monsters (such as Skeletal Wyverns and Gargoyles) all have very lucrative drop tables, which can make you very rich.

In fact, slayer is probably the best money maker in all of OSRS.

For example, you can expect to farm almost 500k per hour killing Gargoyles. And this is a relatively low level slayer monster, only requiring level 75 slayer!

Players can even take this one step further and fight Slayer Bosses such as Kraken, Cerberus, Thermonuclear Smoke Devil, and the Alchemical Hydra.

Killing these bosses requires a very high slayer level, but you can make anywhere from 1m – 3m per hour.

Going beyond the money making element, slayer has some of the rarest drops in OSRS all locked behind this skill.

Examples include the Occult Necklace, Primordial Crystal, Dragon Hunter Lance, and the Trident of the Seas.

Ironmen need to obtain these items to remain competitive, and normal accounts will want them for their excessively high values!


Untrimmed slayer cape with bloodhound pet in OSRS


What Are Slayer Points?

Slayer Points are obtained each time you complete a task with some masters, like Krystilia giving 25 per task, and others like Duradel giving 15.

You’ll also get bonus points every 10th, 50th 100th 250th and 1000th task.

These points are used to upgrade your gear, make slayer tasks easier, unlock new slayer tasks, and can be used to skip or lengthen certain tasks.

Some of the most useful slayer gear (such as the Slayer Helmet and Slayer Ring) can only be unlocked by obtaining Slayer Points – the helmet and ring cost 400 and 300 points, respectively.

And you can only unlock boss tasks and special tasks (like Jad tasks) via Slayer Points. They provide you with a great advantage against some of OSRS’s toughest challenges too, since you’ll be able to use your slayer helmet bonuses against bosses!

Ultimately if you’re training slayer, these points are extremely useful. And you’ll want to unlock as many goodies as you can with them.

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Theoatrix's 1-99 Slayer Guide (OSRS)

What’s going on guys! My name is Theoatrix, and welcome to my complete level 1 – 99 Slayer Guide.

Slayer is a skill that is trained by killing monsters that are assigned as tasks from various Slayer Masters.

Leveling it up unlocks monsters that you cannot normally deal damage to,

with some higher level Slayer monsters being some of the greatest money makers in the game.

This guide will take you through all of the basics and knowledge of Slayer, as well as tips, items and mechanics that you will need to know in order to train effectively.

I will be going over 5 main training styles of Slayer. If you miss anything, or need to freshen up your knowledge on something more specific, just scroll and find the heading that you need.

1. How Slayer Works

Training your Slayer level is a great skill for your account for a number of reasons. On your way to level 99 Slayer, you will get or be very close to level 99 in a lot of the Combat Stats.

Also, you can take advantage of the massive damage and accuracy boost of the Slayer Mask, which gives higher XP rates than attacking normal monsters.

Speaking to one of the 8 Slayer Masters will assign you with a number of a certain monster to kill. This is called a Slayer Task, and you can only have one Slayer Task at a time.

Upon getting your first Slayer task, you will receive an Enchanted Gem, which allows you to check your current Slayer Task, as well as how many you have to kill.

Each Slayer Master in Old School Runescape assigns monsters from their own task list, and high level Masters give harder and longer tasks.

Some Slayer Monsters require items and gear in order to be able to kill them. For example, Killerwatts – you need to be wearing Insulated Boots.

These items can all be bought from any Slayer Master.

Upon killing a monster on your Slayer Task, you receive Slayer XP equivalent to the total number pf Hitpoints that the monster has. So, this means that you will need to deal around 13 000 000 damage points to your Slayer Task monsters to get level 99 Slayer.

By right clicking any Slayer Master, you can view the available Slayer rewards, and these range from new tasks unlocks to item unlocks, and Slayer perks. But, I will talk a lot more about these further into the article.

2. Slayer Masters

There are currently 8 Slayer Masters.

Two of them have no Slayer, or Combat level requirements, while the rest gradually move their way up in Combat requirements. Each Slayer Master has its own benefits and reasons for choosing to get tasks from them. These are the most important things you need to know about the masters.

Turael can be used to replace another harder Slayer Task at the expense of resetting your Slayer Task streak.

Krystilia assigns Slayer Tasks that can only be completed within the Wilderness, and her tasks have a separate task streak to regular Slayer. Despite the fact that she has no requirements, she assigns very difficult tasks. So, even as a level 3, you could get something really hard like Black Dragons.

Mazchna is a good option for low level players, since he will mostly assign Slayer Tasks in the Morytania Slayer Tower or close by to him.

The guy you first meet on Tutorial Island, Vannaka, fills the gap between 40 and 70 Combat.

There is Chaedlar. With level 70 Combat, this is the first Master that gives a good amount of Slayer Points per task.

There is the newly introduced Konar, assigning Slayer Tasks at a specific location, with a twist of dropping keys to the Brimstone Chest that has a range of rewards useful for Ironmen.

Nieve, or Steve if you have done Monkey Madness 2, assigns high level tasks, and is one of the only 3 Slayer Masters that can assign Boss tasks.

This leads me to the last Slayer Master, requiring 100 Combat and 50 Slayer, Duradel.

3. Useful Quests and Unlocks

Slayer itself can be started at any Combat level and has no requirements to start, apart from being a Member. Leveling the skill up is a great way to train at any Combat level. But, to be effective and get fast Slayer XP, I recommend having at least a Combat level of 70, using Chaedlar.

There is a large variety of Quests in Old School Runescape that will contribute to speeding up your Slayer XP, as well as unlocking new tasks and teleports.

On the screen right now are all the quests that unlock new Slayer Tasks. As you can see, there are 2 categories – recommended, and optional. You should definitely do the recommended quests, since those monsters are vital for getting the fastest possible XP rates. With the optional ones, they are actually more likely to slow down your XP rate, with more tedious tasks. So, these ones should be avoided unless you have already done the quest, or you are going for the Quest Cape.

There is also a range of quests that unlock things that are very useful for your Slayer training. First and foremost, completing the Dwarf Cannon Quest allows you to use the Dwarf Multi-cannon, which considerably speeds up the efficiency of Slayer. The Lost City, Priest in Peril and Shilo Village Quests all unlock different Slayer Masters.

Fairy Rings teleportation from Fairytale Part 2 is extremely useful in Slayer, and the Elemental Shield from the Elemental Workshop is needed for Wyverns. Lunar Diplomacy can allow you to use NPC contact, allowing you to contact your Slayer Masters from anywhere, and I also highly recommend completing the Slug Menace Quest to unlock the full Proselyte Armour set.

For new or low level players, by completing the Varrock Museum Quiz, you can gain 1000 Slayer XP, which takes about 5 minutes to do. I really recommend doing this at a low level, as it takes you straight to level 9 Slayer. To get started on that, make your way downstairs in the Varrock Museum.

Along with the quest, there are 3 non-combat skills I recommend you train in order to speed up your Slayer.

Firstly, having a high Construction level with a complete Player Owned House will really increase your efficiency.

On the screen, I have included the most important house components when relating to Slayer. The most note-worthy one is the Occult Altar for swapping between Ancients and Lunars for Bursting and NPC Contact.

With 54 Crafting, you can create the Slayer Helmet, and that also costs 400 Slayer Points at any Slayer master to learn how to make them.

Having at least 71 Crafting allows you to boost with mushroom pies to level 75 in order to create Slayer Rings, which must first be unlocked from a Slayer Master as well.

These rings provide super close teleports to lots of Slayer locations, as well as one right next to Nieve or Steve.

The final skill that can speed up your Slayer XP is Agility, and by getting 87 Agility or 82 if you use Summer Pies, you would have unlocked every Slayer shortcut in the game.

Some of the higher level ones can save you a lot of time in the long run – like theFremennik Slayer Cave shortcuts,

the Kalphite Queen shortcut,

or the Baby Green Dragon shortcut.

4. Combat Training XP

As I mentioned, you will be doing a lot of Combat training through to 99 Slayer. Most players choose to use Melee when they are slaying due to its high damage and usually 0 cost per attack.

Ranged is also a great option for those that can afford it. Although, solely doing Magic for Slayer training will drain your money.

If you cannoned as many tasks as possible going from 1 – 99 Slayer, you would get around 90 – 95 Ranged.

There are also a variety of tasks that can be Bursted or Barraged for faster XP rates, since they can be stacked and killed really, really quickly.

5. Slayer Gear/ Weapons

Moving into the Slayer Gear and Weapons.

Firstly, one of the most important items for Slayer are Expeditious Bracelets and Bracelets of Slaughter.

The Expeditious Bracelets will overall shorten the number of monsters in your task by 25%, with 30 charges per bracelet.

On the flip side, Bracelets of Slaughter will increase the length of your task.

These are fantastic for a number of reasons. Being able to shorten your task lets you do tasks that are not worth blocking or skipping, but are still decent XP.

Whereas, the Slaughter lets you extend fast XP tasks like Burstable tasks.

In terms of armour,

first and foremost, you should at all times be wearing a Slayer Helmet or Slayer Mask. A Slayer Maskcan be bought off the Grand Exchange, whereas the Slayer Helmet is an unlock-able reward, as I explained earlier.

The benefit of the Helmet is that it combines the Slayer Headgear with the boost of the Slayer mask, allowing you to use it for things like Aberrant Spectres or Banshees.

Wearing it gives a 16.667% Melee and damage accuracy boost on your Slayer task monster.

The helmet or mask can be imbued at the Nightmare Zone with 1 250 000 points, it gives the helmet an additional 15% damage and accuracy boost to magic and ranged as well.

When it comes to armour, there are 3 categories I like to place gear into – Melee and Ranged Defence, Magic Defence and Prayer Gear. I’m not going to go through every item slot. But, I will give you a good idea of how you should be gearing up for Slayer.

For Melee, at least Runite Armour is best for Ranged and Melee Defence, and you should focus on increasing your Strength bonus, with items like the Torso or Bandos Chestplate.

For Magic Defence, your best Dragonhide or Karil’s gear works great.

Although, avoid using Armadyl because it gives a negative melee bonus.

For Prayer, Monk Robes are a good start. Then, Proselyte gives the highest bonus in slot.

For the Ranged attack style, it is recommended to safe spot monsters that deal a lot of damage, and you cannot be very Melee or Ranged Defensive when using Ranged. So, for Magic Defence, most Ranged gear, including Void, gives a great Magic Defence.

For Prayer, Blessed Dragonhide provides a small Prayer bonus with a great Ranged bonus or some players choose to use the God Vestment Robes or Monk Robes for considerably higher Prayer bonuses.

For Magic, it is best to focus on Magic damage boosting gear like the Occult Necklace, Tormented Bracelet and Ancestral. You do not really need a defensive setup for Magic.

You should focus on a combination between Prayer bonus and Magic bonuses, since for your burst-able tasks, you will certainly be using Protection Prayers.

God Vestment Robes give both a Magic and Prayer bonus, as well as a lot of other Magic gear like God Books, God Capes and the Tormented Bracelet.

You should also try and get your Imbued Rings. The three best ones are the Imbued Berserker Ring for Melee, Imbued Archers and Imbued Ring of the Gods when you are using Prayer.

Weapons wise for melee, there are two categories of training weapons – strength training weapons and attack or defence training weapons.

For strength, the Rapier is the best in slot. For the others, I have made some of them in red so you can distinguish between the ones that degrade and cost money per attack. Personally, I think the Abyssal Dagger is a good middle ground weapon in terms of price and damage. But, it really depends on the best one you can afford.

For attack and defence, you have some better options. The trusty Abyssal Whip can be used for attack or defence training. But, it cannot solely be used for strength. The Hasta is great for tasks weak to stab, especially Dragons. Once again, the Saradomin Sword and Dragon Scimitar with the Dragon Defender are good cheap options.

When it comes to Ranged, you are going to have to spend a bit more money, since good ammo costs a lot. The Blowpipe costs approximately 120 coins per shot, and that is only in scales. The Karil’s Crossbow is an awesome cheaper alternative, whereas a lot of lower level players and Ironmen will choose the Rune Crossbow with Broad Bolts or Bone Crossbow.

As for Magic, you should aim for Staves and Wands, giving the best Magic damage boost. The Ahrim’s Staff is a great cheap option now, since it is only one handed and also has a 5% damage boost. For those that can afford it, the best in slot is the Kodai Wand.

Along with your regular armour setups and weapons, there are few more useful items that you should bring along.

Firstly, Guthans can be used as a healing setup. With the 1 in 4 chance of your damage healing you, it allows you to stay at your tasks longer, and also make them semi AFK.

A better, however more expensive alternative, is the Saradomin Godsword special attack, which heals 50% of what you hit plus 25% of what you hit goes to your Prayer Points.

As I have mentioned, a Dwarf Multi-cannon will also considerably speed up your kills, and in your inventory of course, you will need to bring cannon balls.

I like to bring at least 1000 at the start of a task. Also, when slaying, for the best XP rates you should bring along super combats or ranging potions, along with Prayer potions, a one click teleport, preferably to your house, and some high level food. My favourites are Monkfish, Potato and Cheese, and Chocolate Cakes, which heal 5 per slice.

6. Slayer Tasks and Info

Moving onto Slayer Tasks, and in terms of where you should kill monsters, it depends on your training style, which I will talk more about soon.

There are a lot of Slayer Task only areas across Runescape, as well as a lot of great Slayer locations that do not need you to be on task. I am quickly going to go over the best areas now.

Firstly, is the Slayer Tower, located west of Canifis, and it holds a wide variety of Slayer monsters that can be killed off task.

If you go down the ladder near the entry, you can find the Slayer only part of the cave, with 4 different Slayer monsters.

There is the Slayer only Kalphite Lair, located west of the Shantay Pass, and does not require a rope upon entry.

The Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, located west of Rellekka or north of Camelot has a lot of monsters that can only be found in that dungeon – like Kurasks, Turoths and Cockatrice.

There is the Chasm of Fire, containing Lesser, Greater and Black Demons, with a lot in a cannon-able area.

The Stronghold Slayer cave, located next to Nieve or Steve used to contain almost every Slayer monster until an update a couple of years ago, where now it contains 5 different Slayer monsters.

Lastly, the Catacombs of Kourend, a non-cannon-able multi-combat area great for bursting your Slayer tasks.

While these areas are the Slayer places to do your Slayer Tasks, there are a lot of alternative monsters you can kill on your task that will still give you Slayer XP and count towards your total kill count.

Things like Demonic Gorillas can be killed instead of Black Demons for a far bigger profit.

Greater Demons count as the Zamorak Boss, K’ril Tsutaroth, and Trolls can be done at Ice Trolls for great loot.

Deciding whether you want to kill an alternative monster depends on your Slayer training style, whether you want XP, money or AFK tasks, which I will talk more about soon.

On the topic of Slayer Tasks, there are a few monsters that you might find yourself running past or going near that you should avoid at all costs. Aberrant Spectres, Banshees, Dust Devils and Smoke Devils will drain your stats very quickly if you do not have their respective piece of Slayer equipment. So, if you are ever running past these for example the Spectres or Banshees in the Catacombs, always keep in mind that you will be completely drained and might die if you do not have these pieces of equipment with you.

7. Slayer Points

Upon finishing 5 Slayer Tasks in a row, you begin gaining Slayer Points.

The number of Slayer Points you get varies a lot with each Slayer Master, with the most points coming from Duradel, Konar and the Wilderness master.

You get extra points for every 10th, 50th, 100th, with each one being a different multiplier to the base number of Slayer Points.

With the points, by right clicking any master, you can view the rewards,

and there is a variety of things you can buy.

They fall into 5 categories – task extensions, task unlocks, item unlocks, buying items and task management.

Task extension is pretty self-explanatory. You can make some tasks longer in exchange for Slayer Points.

Task Unlocksallow Slayer Masters to assign tasks they could not normally assign.

You can unlock items like the Slayer Ring, Slayer Helmet and its recolours as well.

Task management includes blocking and skipping your Slayer Tasks without penalty to your overall task count.

In terms of unlocking these Slayer rewards, I advise a few specific ones to unlock first. The most important one at the beginning is Superior Slayer monsters, known as Bigger and Badder in the rewards shop.

This unlocks a small chance that the monster you kill on your Slayer task will turn into a Superior Slayer Monster, which has some very valuable drops. But, more importantly, it give thousands of XP on death – 10 times its Hitpoints. These foe can be a little harder, and since they have more Hitpoints than their normal version, each kill is almost 30 kills in Slayer XP, which is a lot.

Next on the unlock order, you should block Slayer Tasks, which I will talk about in the training section more. But, basically, you should choose tasks that have a high task waiting, depending on your Slayer training style.

Then, you should unlock Slayer Rings or the Slayer Helmet next, depending on your Crafting level.

OSRS Slayer Money Making Guide For Beginners 2021

This article is about the Slayer skill. For information on training Slayer, see Slayer training.


Players with 99

as of 20 April 2019

Players with 200M XP

as of 20 April 2019


Slayer is a skill that allows players to kill monsters that may otherwise be immune to damage. Players must visit a Slayer master, who will assign them a task to kill certain monsters based on the player's Combat level. Slayer experience is roughly equal to a slain monster's Hitpoints, and is awarded each time the player kills an assigned monster.

Many players primarily train Combat by completing Slayer tasks, as Combat experience is still given as normal while fighting Slayer monsters. Slayer is a very profitable skill to train, as high levelled slayer monsters such as slayer bosses have a multitude of both rare and valuable drops.

As of 12 December 2013, players can earn Slayer points by completing assigned tasks.

Listen to audio.
Slayer level-up music(link)

The first music that can be played when levelled up.

Listen to audio.
Slayer level-up music(link)

The second music that can be played when levelled up.


To receive a Slayer task, players must visit one of seven Slayer masters throughout RuneScape. All but two Slayer masters have a Combat level requirement, and the final Slayer master also has a Slayer level requirement. The tasks assigned are generally appropriate for the Combat level of the player, assuming he or she uses the highest level master available. Players may be assigned normal monsters to kill, or they may be assigned monsters that require the use of Slayer-specific items to deal damage or Slayer-specific armour to prevent stat reduction.

The Slayer equipment necessary to kill slayer monsters can be purchased from any slayer master. When you get your task, you can ask the master for advice on killing the assigned monsters, and they will tell you if special equipment is required. If no special equipment is necessary, they will give you other tips or advice such as if the monster is weak to poison or Magic.

One of the things the masters sell is an enchanted gem. Once you start training (this involves some begging from your chosen master), you get one for free. Afterwards, you can buy them for 1 coin each. These allow you to contact your Slayer master, ask for tips, ask who the monster is and where it is located, and most importantly, see how many monsters you still have to kill before completing the task. The gems cannot be used to get a new assignment; for that, you must see a master in person. An alternative to the gem is a Combat bracelet, which will update the player every 10 kills while worn.

Players who have unlocked the Lunar Spells can also use the NPC Contactspell in order to receive a new assignment from a Slayer master of their choosing. The Slayer gems automatically put you through to the Slayer master who will be best for training you; this may not be the one who gave you the assignment. It is advised to use the master the Slayer gems contact you to.

Players may also partner up with another player to receive the same slayer task by right-clicking an enchanted gem, slayer ring, or slayer helmet and selecting the "Partner" option. Players will only be given a slayer assignment that they have unlocked, have the slayer and combat level to complete and do not have blocked. If one partner meets these criteria and the other doesn't, only the one who meets them will receive the slayer task. Players can dismiss their partner by using the above items to do so.

The masters vary in the level of difficulty of their assignments; several of them require certain combat levels before you may get assignments from them. If you go to a Slayer master that is too hard for you, Turael in Burthorpe may consider giving you an easier assignment if the task is something that he doesn't normally assign. For example, if Duradel assigns you Desert lizards, then Turael cannot change your task, as he too assigns desert lizards. All slayer masters can assign the same monsters as the masters below them; however, as their difficulty increases, there is a substantially higher chance of getting a more difficult monster. The masters are shown on the map with a yellow skull Slayer Master icon.pngicon.

Note: Skipping assignments through Turael is not a recommended choice, as it's better to gain Slayer points from doing tasks in a row and spending it on blocking or skipping your current task without breaking your task streak, as Slayer points also allow you to buy useful items and perks.

Slayer masters

A handful of Slayer masters dot the map; each master gives assignments oriented towards a general range of Combat levels.


Southeast Burthorpe - Games necklace teleport or Hot-air balloon

Requires: None

Turael's assignments are simple, small, and easy to find. These assignments are excellent for the slayer with a low combat level, but his assignments yield such low experience that most players find him unsatisfactory. However, Turael is willing to replace an assignment given by another Slayer master with an easier one, if the task to be replaced wouldn't normally be given by him (for example, he will replace a player's Black demon task but not a Crawling Hand task). This ability results in more players using his services than normally would.


Edgeville - Amulet of glory teleport

Requires: None

Krystilia's assignments are monsters found within the Wilderness. Only monsters slain within the Wilderness count towards her tasks. She will assign players any task on her list without regard to the player's Combat level. Monsters killed during her tasks have the ability to drop slayer enchantments and tier 1 mysterious emblems to compensate for this.

Assignments from her have a separate task completion counter to standard assignments, so players will have to complete five of her slayer assignments to begin earning slayer reward points.



Levels slayer

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Side to side like a hungry cat.

Runescape 3 - 1-99/120 Slayer guide 2019

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