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Get Your Garage Into Shape

For those who are lucky enough to have a garage, why not make this the year that you actually put your car inside to avoid the elements? Just follow the tips below to help transform your garage into a more functional and useful space for your home.

Are you using your garage space efficiently? To free up precious space where you typically park your vehicle, try expanding upward around the perimeter. Sterilite's Shelving Units can help you make better use of your wall space and get items off of the ground where they can become wet or damaged. Sterilite's Shelving Units are versatile and offer ventilated or solid surfaces that are great for organizing and storing containers that hold liquid, small tools, sports equipment, and other supplies typically stored in the garage. Designed to last, the durable plastic shelving is manufactured not to dent, chip, peel, or rust, making maintenance a breeze.

Maximize the organization of these shelving units by purchasing Sterilite's ShelfTotes. Available in two sizes, ShelfTotes are specifically designed to fit on Sterilite's 5 Shelf Shelving Unit to create a custom shelf storage system. Each tote is available with both clear and opaque bases, offering the option to easily identify or hide contents.

Do you wish to store your gardening supplies, woodworking tools, summer toys, or sporting equipment in your garage more effectively? The 4 Drawer Unit offers large capacity drawers that are ideal for organizing tools and supplies and helps to keep clutter out of sight. Each drawer is equipped with hidden rollers to ensure drawers glide smoothly even under heavy loads. Want easy-access storage solutions? Stacking Utility Bins help to contain clutter and offer an easy access solution for organizing small- to medium-sized items. Stacking Utility Bins can hold such items as recyclables, sporting equipment, gardening tools, or cold weather gear. By using the flip-in-handle feature, multiple bins can be stacked creating a distinctive vertical storage solution for commonly used items.

Are tools taking over your garage space? With more than 50 tool slots, Sterilite's Tool Rack neatly organizes a number of common long-handle lawn, garden and household tools helping to contain and reduce clutter around the garage. The Tool Rack is made of durable plastic construction offering a simple solution for tools gone astray.

Now you're making some headway and your garage has started to transform into a functional and organized area of your home. You may not be able to get everything in your garage behind closed doors and out of sight, but Sterilite's 2 and 4 Shelf Cabinets can help you get one step closer. The cabinets feature doors that swing open easily, close securely and can even accommodate a standard size padlock. They also come standard with adjustable solid shelves and ample space for keeping supplies and equipment neatly organized and out of sight.

While there are no guarantees that you will be able to park your car in your garage after following these tips, we do hope you've picked up some helpful tips for organizing your garage and getting clutter under control.

Shelving Units help to maximize vertical space around the perimeter keeping items organized and off the floor.

Full custom storage solutions can be created with a combination of Totes, Shelving Units, Drawer Units, and Cabinets that are modular and coordinate together.

Solid shelving is ideal for organizing such items as shoes, backpacks and other frequently used items in a mudroom or entryway from the garage.

Cabinets are ideal for organizing paint, auto supplies or extra pantry supplies in the garage or basement.

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