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Organization of Revolutionnary Workers of Iran (Rahe Kargar)- (سازمان کارگران انقلابی ايران - راه کارگر) is a marxistIranianpolitical organisation formed in 1980. The organisation has been calling for social justice, human rights and a revolution in Iran; they are considered central left on the Iranian political spectrum.[1]

The organization was founded by a number of ex-Fadaian Marxist activists in July 1979, following the Iranian revolution.[2] Their member -activists changed and abandoned their views on armed struggle and guerrilla warfare while adapting new means of resistance through "public awareness and grass-roots movements".[2]

Some of the well known founding members of this organisation include "Ali-Reza Shokouhi", who was executed in summer of 1982 by the Islamic Republic, "Ali-Reza Tashayod" who was executed in the event of "1988 mass executions of political prisoners in Iran by the Islamic Republic" and "Mohammad-Reza Shalgooni" who currently lives in exile in Germany, he is one of the top analysts of the organisation.[3][4]

Their first official newsletter of Rahe Kargar was established by the name of "Rahe kargar" in early 1979.[5]

They were one of the first Marxist organisations to oppose the Islamic Republic and their authoritarian policies in a famous article by the name of "Fascism: a nightmare or the truth?" published in October 1979.[6] Rahe Kargar was one of the central political opposition organisations in the 1980s and as a result many of their supporters, activists and members were detained or executed in the summer of 1988 by the Islamic Republic.[7] The organisation approximately lost a total of 300 members in the 1980s. Due to heavy losses and serious threats to member lives, the organization is now working in exile. In August 2009 the organization was split on the basis of minor internal disputes.[8]


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Iran: Information on a Marxist group called Rahe Kargar


The following information was provided during a 4 April 1997 telephone interview with the researcher on Iran at the Middle East Economic Digest (MEED), a London-based publication that reports on economic and socio-political events in the Middle East.

The source stated that Rahe Kargar (or Organization of Revolutionary Workers of Iran) is an old Marxist group that started-up in the 1970s. The group has considerably toned down its activities in recent years and today is very quiet. The bulk of its membership is currently living outside Iran, with fewer than 100 members inside Iran. The group's main office is in London, England. During the 1980s the group was based in Iranian Kurdistan.

The following information was provided during a 4 April 1997 telephone interview with a specialist on Iran in England.

The source stated that Rahe Kargar is an old group that was active in Iran in the 1970s. During the Iran-Iraq war the group was based in Iranian Kurdistan. The source added that the group is not a functioning organization in Iran today. Since the beginning of the 1990s the group has been unsuccessfully trying to amalgamate with other organizations. If the group was to conduct any activities in Iran today they would probably be directed from Iranian Kurdistan.

The group has published some of its material through radical bookshops located  throughout Europe. The group has no more than 5,000 members, with about 100 of these living inside Iran. The majority of the group's active members are in Europe, Turkey and Iraq.

Although some members of the group have been arrested in the early and mid-1980s, the source stated that there has been no evidence of systematic mistreatment of group members since that time because the group is no longer active. Only members who conducted violent activities in the past would currently face difficulties in Iran.

This Response was prepared after researching publicly accessible information currently available to the DIRB within time constraints. This Response is not, and does not purport to be, conclusive as to the merit of any particular claim to refugee status or asylum.


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Syriza’s Call for German Reparations

A Bolivaran Tsipras?


The question remains to what degree will Tsipras continue to confront Germany despite the risks involved, whether he is doing so in order to prepare the people for a Plan B, and whether he will be willing to compromise after receiving compensation, assuming this is granted, rather than demanding an entire restructuring of the debt conditions.....Tsipras, at least for now, is pursuing the same line led out by Marti, Bolivar, Fidel and Chavez. Indeed, privately-owned television channels in Greece have already began their demonization campaign of Tsipras, reminding one of the Venezuelan corporate media campaign against Chavez.....

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Rahe Kargar

Worker's Way

Political party in Iran

Organization of Revolutionary Workers of Iran – The Worker’s Way (O.R.W.I; Persian: سازمان کارگران انقلابی ايران – راه کارگر‎, romanized: Rāh-e kārgar) is an Iranian Marxist-Leninist political organisation formed in 1978, by former affiliates of other leftist groups. It is currently exiled in Germany.

The organization was critical of other leftist groups, including Tudeh Party, factions of People's Fedai Guerrillas and Peykar. However, it did not have a broad power base like its leftist rivals.[2]

It considered the post-revolution establishment a "fascist" regime, while respecting the clergy for its ability to mobilize the masses. In 1981, some of leading members were executed, including ʿAlī-Reżā Šokūhī, Ḥosayn Qāżī, and Mahdī Ḵosrowšāhī.[2]


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