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Optimise how your enterprise mobile devices are stored, accessed, tracked and managed to harness the most efficient use of devices and workers with Zebra Intelligent Cabinets.

Designed and developed with over 15 years of experience, Zebra-validated cabinets, racks, cradle locks, and customized carts and trolleys help ensure assets and workflows function in tandem at high performance and optimal security to accelerate business in warehouse, transportation & logistics, and retail operations.

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets offers an adaptable portfolio of end-to-end device storage solutions, software automation, security applications, and ongoing support to maximize the use and productivity of your devices—such as mobile computers, mobile printers, tablets and scanners.

Zebra also offers a wide range of Professional Services from initial concept through to smooth deployment, successful adoption and cost-effective operations throughout the life of your Intelligent Cabinets solution.

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Device Management and Performance

Maximize mobile device performance and management with the Intelligent Cabinets. Cabinets can be equipped to charge the batteries of the mobile devices and manage software updates while the devices are docked. After the devices are checked out through secured distribution access, a remote program monitors the battery change and the health of the device.

The traceability and authorized only access to reduce lost devices. Increased accountability also saves your company money by minimizing unnecessary repairs and replacements. The enhanced software-driven management reduces the human error rate while more accurately allocating devices.

Design Your Intelligent Cabinets

Create the right Intelligent Cabinet system to best suit your operational needs with standardized modular portfolios and custom portfolios. Intelligence Cabinets come in a variety of sizes from compact for 5 devices to extreme for up to 100 devices. You can get a base stand for bending ergonomics.

Racks can be single or double-sided, depending upon how many devices you plan to store. Cradle locks have mechanical locking for TC5X/TC7C charging cradles. Carts can be tailored to suit your unique environmental conditions.

Our friendly team can talk with you to help you determine whether Zebra Intelligent Cabinets can help your company. Contact us today!

Sours: https://imprint-e.com/zebra-intelligent-cabinets/
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UPS Carbon neutral shipment
 Available Accessories:Zebra power cord, C13 (sycab2meu - CS-CAB-EU-MLEAD)
Power cord, C13, 2 m 9.28 $
(≈9808.15 AED)0Zebra power cord, C13, UK (sycab2muk - CS-CAB-UK-MLEAD)
Power cord, C13, UK, length: 2 m 9.28 $
(≈9808.15 AED)0Zebra power cord, C7 to C14 (sycabcc6 - CS-CC6-IEC)
Power cord, C7 to C14, 0,5 m 9.28 $
(≈9808.15 AED)0Zebra power extension cord, 0,5 m (sycabiec - CS-CAB-IEC)
Power extension cord, 0,5 m, C13 to C14 8.43 $
(≈9808.15 AED)0Zebra power extension cord, 1 m (sycabiecl - CS-CAB-IEC-L)
Power extension cord, 1 m, C13 to C14 8.34 $
(≈9808.15 AED)0Zebra IEC cable (sycabiecuv - CS-UV-IEC)
IEC cable EU/UK, PDU to UVC 51.62 $
(≈9808.15 AED)0Zebra Mounting Bracket, Small / Medium (syecabmount - CS-CAB-MNTG-C6)
Mounting Bracket for CC6000, fits for: Small Cabinet, Medium Cabinet 94.46 $
(≈9808.15 AED)1Zebra Mounting Bracket, X-Large (syecabmount2 - CS-CAB-MNTG-C6-R2)
Mounting Bracket for CC6000, fits for: X-Large Cabinet 266.92 $
(≈9808.15 AED)1Zebra stadium shelf (syecabshelf2 - CS-CAB-SHV-SS)
Stadium shelf, incl.: screws, fits for: Small to X-Large Cabinet 96.14 $
(≈9808.15 AED)1Zebra power cord, C19, EU (syraceu - CS-RAC-EU-MLEAD)
Power cord, C19, EU, length: 2 m 16.67 $
(≈9808.15 AED)60Zebra wheels, 4 pcs. (sywheels - CS-RAC-WHEEL)
Wheels, 4 pcs., fits for: Zebra Intelligent Cabinets 165.75 $
(≈9808.15 AED)60Zebra Sanitation Drawer (zcsdrawer - CS-UV-DRW-M-TC-B)
Drawer uses UV-C to sanitize devices without use of chemicals, Devices are sanitized in 60 seconds, hold up to five TC2X/TC5X/TC7X series devices, can be installed freestanding or can be installed on a shelf within the Intelligent Cabinet, includes IEC cable for installation within Intelligent Cabinet. Will require purchase of standard AC Line Cord if not installing within cabinet. Also requires installation of UV-Trace application on each device. This software provides a green or red indicator to alert the user if the device has been santitized and is ready for use. If not installing within Intelligent Cabinet then order AC Line Cord (23844-00-00R) or similar country specific cord.
Attention: requires pallet shipping! 2856.86 $
(≈9808.15 AED)0
Sours: https://www.jarltech.com/2007/artikel.php?language=ae&sort=kategorie&kat_id=1212&gotoartikel=zebra_cabinets
Zebra Intelligent Cabinets - Easy Mobile Device Management for your Operation

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Cabinets zebra intelligent

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Zebra Intelligent Cabinets

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