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cheapest on wholesale MAYTAG FRIDGE CRISPER DRAWER COVER MODEL #MBB1956GEW PART #67001153 factory wholesaler


cheapest on wholesale MAYTAG FRIDGE CRISPER DRAWER COVER MODEL #MBB1956GEW PART #67001153 factory wholesaler

technical outdoor functionality, comfort and durability brought to everyday designs.

synthetic fibre

engineered materials that offer enhanced properties or performance.

breathable material

allows moisture vapour to escape, helping regulate temperature and elevating comfort inside garment.

all smiles cap

cheapest on wholesale MAYTAG FRIDGE CRISPER DRAWER COVER MODEL #MBB1956GEW PART #67001153 factory wholesaler

being outside makes you smile, and this breathable, water-repellant performance cap is designed for year-round trail running and high-output mountain activities. air-permeable stretch polyester plain weave fabric resists wind and water, a soft internal band absorbs sweat, and an adjustable clasp at back secures the fit.

sizes na

weight 60 g / 2.1 oz

fit one-size-fits-all

sizing charthats sizing chart

activity running / hiking / travel/commute / around town

model 28901

ancillary manufacturing facilitysupercap (zhongshan weili textile co. ltd.), china

cheapest on wholesale MAYTAG FRIDGE CRISPER DRAWER COVER MODEL #MBB1956GEW PART #67001153 factory wholesaler

cheapest on wholesale MAYTAG FRIDGE CRISPER DRAWER COVER MODEL #MBB1956GEW PART #67001153 factory wholesaler


Maytag Refrigerator Crisper Drawer W10373951

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How to Make the Most of Your Refrigerator's Crisper Drawer

How to Make the Most of Your Refrigerator's Crisper Drawer

Ah, the crisper drawer. Or, as it’s more likely known in your home, the “anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else in the fridge” drawer. Those little drawers near the bottom of your refrigerator always seem to collect things like string cheese, yogurt cups, and granola bars (seriously? Who put those in the fridge?), but what are they actually for?

It turns out, these nifty compartments serve an important purpose when it comes to keeping your food fresh!

What is a Crisper Drawer?

A crisper drawer is basically a sealed off area within a fridge set to lower or higher humidity than the rest of the unit. Some fridges come with multiple drawers with pre-set humidity levels, while others let you adjust drawers to any humidity level you need.

The adjustment mechanism is deceptively simple: when you set it to high humidity, a little vent in the back of the drawer closes, sealing the compartment shut. As you set the humidity lower, the vent opens, letting out some of the moisture trapped inside. Easy! But what can be slightly more complicated is figuring out which foods go where.

What to Store in a Crisper Drawer

Even though you can keep all kinds of things in your crisper drawer, you’ll see the best results with fresh produce. If you always seem to be throwing money at grocery stores and farmer’s markets, only to find your beautiful organic veggies wilted beyond reason just days later, a crisper drawer might be able to save your wallet and your dinner plans.

But before you start tossing everything leafy into the crisper, keep in mind that different produce has different needs. Some will need lower humidity and others need higher humidity, and you can do some serious damage to your food by putting in the wrong drawer.

Low Humidity

A common rule of thumb for determining what should go in each drawer goes like this: “rot, low; wilt, high.” That means foods that rot as they go bad should be kept in the low humidity drawer. Fruits and other produce that don’t lose moisture easily should be top candidates for this drawer.

These types of produce emit gases as they age, but the open vent in the back lets those gases out of the drawer, so the fruit stays fresher for longer. Here are a few things to try storing in a low humidity drawer:

• Avocados

• Peaches

• Apples

• Pears

• Grapes

High Humidity

Leafy greens and other foods that wilt as they get older should be kept in high humidity conditions. These foods won’t release much gas while they’re being stored, but they’ll lose moisture like crazy. Keeping these veggies in the crisper drawer set to high humidity should help keep them fresh and…well, crisp!

How to Make the Most of Your Refrigerator's Crisper Drawer

• Lettuce

• Broccoli

• Carrots

• Cucumbers

• Strawberries

Now quick, get to the fridge! Rearrange your drawers with all this in mind and notice how much longer your food lasts. Another pro tip: crisper drawers tend to work best when they’re nearly full. So, go crazy next time you’re feeling the need to freshen up your diet! The more fruits and veggies you can pack in, the better—as long as you remember to eat them all!

If you’re still struggling to keep food fresh, the problem might be your fridge. Come on down to The Maytag Store to check out our selection of new fridges, and ask us about anything and everything appliance!

How To: Whirlpool/KitchenAid/Maytag Crisper Shelf Frame WPW10568041

Fold Away Shelf (on some models)

To retract the fold away shelf:

Retract the fold away section of the shelf by holding the front

of the shelf with one hand and lifting up on the center front of

the shelf. Then push back and down on the shelf until it slides

beneath the back section of the shelf.

To replace the fold away shelf:

Replace the fold away section of the shelf by holding the front

of the shelf with one hand and pulling the center of the shelf

until the fold away section is returned to its full shelf position.

Pantry Drawer

Pantry Drawer

To remove and replace the pantry drawer:

1. Slide pantry drawer out to the stop.

2. Lift front of pantry drawer with one hand while supporting

bottom of drawer with other hand. Slide drawer out the rest of

the way.

3. Replace the drawer by sliding it back in fully past the drawer


Pantry Drawer Cover

To remove and replace the pantry drawer cover:

1. Remove the pantry drawer.

2. From underneath, push up on the glass cover and pull it out.

3. Replace the pantry drawer cover by lowering it into place.

4. Replace the pantry drawer.

Pantry Drawer Control

The amount of air flowing through the pantry drawer affects the

temperature inside the drawer.

The airflow control is located on the left side of the pantry drawer.

To adjust the airflow:

Colder - Slide the control forward, toward the front of the

pantry drawer. The airflow is open.

Cold - Slide the control all the way toward the rear of the

pantry drawer. The airflow is closed, as shown.


Crisper Drawers

To remove and replace the crisper drawer:

1. Slide the crisper drawer straight out to the stop. Lift the front

and slide the drawer out the rest of the way.

2. Replace the drawer by sliding the drawer in fully past the


Crisper Cover

To remove and replace the glass crisper cover:

1. Pull the glass straight out.

2. Replace the glass by pushing it straight in.



Drawer maytag crisper

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the covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on our collective mental health. we’ve had to navigate unprecedented grief and stress, often while separated from friends and family and worrying about staying physically healthy.

advertising policy

cleveland clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. advertising on our site helps support our mission. we do not endorse non-cleveland clinic products or services. policy

“if you had a predisposition for depression, anxiety or an eating disorder, what we saw over the past year is that the pandemic really increased the number of people who are struggling with mental health issues,” says psychologist susan albers, psyd. “it may also explain why we may have seen an increase in the number of people who were calling help centers about eating disorders .”

calls to the national eating disorders association (neda) helpline increased 40% in the pandemic’s first year. in an august 2020 international journal of eating disorders survey of people with anorexia who had been discharged from inpatient treatment in 2019, about 70% credited the pandemic for increasing “eating, shape and weight concerns, drive for physical activity, loneliness, sadness, and inner restlessness.”

why eating disorders increased during the pandemic

recommendations such as social distancing helped protect us from covid-19. however, it was emotionally taxing being separated from friends and family. “during the pandemic, there were higher levels of depression, anxiety and stress, and a real appreciation that periods of isolation and disconnection are tough on mental health,” says dr. albers.

isolation provides the right environment for eating disorders to thrive, she adds: “when you are alone you can eat — or not eat — in any way that you choose. we’ve experienced some extreme levels of isolation with the pandemic.”

in non-pandemic times, isolation can also be an eating disorder warning sign. “if you find that a friend or family member is canceling dinner reservations or not eating meals with family, these are significant signs they are struggling with their eating,” dr. albers says.

disordered eating habits are easier to spot during in-person interactions. “when you are going out to dinner with people, eating with others, eating with family members, they notice what you’re eating or not eating,” says dr. albers. it’s also easier to compare what (and how much) you’re eating with others at communal meals.

being separated from loved ones — and, by extension, a strong support system — can also hide eating disorder relapses.

advertising policy

“if you had an eating disorder in the past, you might have had support from family members,” says dr. albers. “however, you may not have seen them for long periods of time because of the pandemic. they may not have recognized changes in your weight or eating habits.”

dr. albers adds that changes to habits and routines may have also been a factor.

“people lost their jobs, or had such changes that they financially may have had changes to the foods they could buy and/or access to healthcare,” she says. “during the pandemic, it was hard for people to get in touch with a therapist or reconnect with their therapist. this may be another reason for the rise in numbers as the pandemic progressed.” 

what are the different types of eating disorders?

eating disorders arise from “how people think, feel and relate to food in their lives,” says dr. albers. “eating disorders are a psychological condition in which people have an unhealthy preoccupation with eating habits, their body image and food.”

in the united states alone, 9% of the population will have an eating disorder in their lifetime. you can’t tell if someone has an eating disorder by their appearance or weight, and anyone can develop an eating disorder at any age.

common eating disorders include:

what causes eating disorders?

eating disorders aren’t caused by just one factor or trigger.

“when we look at someone’s genetics, we can see different family members who have struggled with eating disorders,” dr. albers says. “however, there’s also a social/psychological component.” if you have self-esteem issues or are a perfectionist, this can make you more predisposed.

advertising policy

your friend group — or teammates — might also have an impact. “if you have friends who struggle with eating or are talking a lot about dieting, if you are immersed in a diet culture, or a community that, like athletes, feels pressure around the body and body image, this may also be a trigger.”

dr. albers adds that body trauma and “any kind of significant stress” can also be factors that set off eating disorders. that’s one reason why the pandemic may have triggered an increase.

“for most of the population, the pandemic has been a very stressful event,” she says. “it has caused a lot of collective trauma.

. we know that something is going on when people experience stress — and intense amounts of stress.”

how to ease back into the world

it’s understandable anyone with eating struggles might feel anxious easing back into the world after spending months inside. however, dr. albers suggests using this time as an opportunity to reevaluate your life.

“take a moment to pause and think about who you’re around, what impact the pandemic had on you and your eating habits — and what you want going forward,” she says.

this might mean taking a look at your social circle and making some hard choices about with whom you spend time. “is it friends or family members — and do they help or hinder your eating behaviors?” dr. albers says. “if you are in a group of people who talk a lot about dieting or body image issues, that can be a significant trigger. if you are with friends and family members who are accepting and supportive, this can be very helpful.”

and if you are feeling like you could use some extra support, dr. albers says therapy (or, if necessary, treatment) is always an option — and you wouldn’t be alone. “i’ve noticed a lot of people reaching out to get significant help and support,” she says. “if there’s one silver lining we can take from the pandemic, it’s prioritizing the importance of mental health.”

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How to Use Your Crisper Drawers In Your Fridge Correctly

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