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CL to join Kang Daniel’s company Konnect Entertainment?

On July 9, it was announced that solo artist CL has partnered up with Kang Daniel. Konnect Entertainment, of which Kang Daniel is the CEO and founder, has signed a domestic management contract with CL. Under this agreement, CL’s own team from Very Cherry will work closely with Konnect Entertainment for promotions and other activities in South Korea. 

The artist shared the information through her Instagram story.

CL is the first artist to work under a contract with Konnect Entertainment apart from Kang Daniel himself who is the founder. CL also announced that her upcoming release ‘ALPHA’s promotions will be conducted by Konnect Entertainment spanning South Korea. The artist also emphasised that she has put a lot of thought into preparing ‘ALPHA’ and looks forward to working without barriers with a supportive blend of her and the Konnect Entertainment team. Earlier a part of famous girl group 2NE1, CL has expanded her music reach and continues to do so with Scooter Braun’s SB Projects.

The agency released their own confirmation by saying ’We will actively support CL so she can actively engage in activities as a musician in South Korea.’ The agency aims to strengthen the influence of talented artists and their own global influence.

Kang Daniel, a former member of project group Wanna One’ decided to establish his own company in 2019 after coming at crossroads with his previous label. Since then Konnect Entertainment has continued to break new grounds and grow immensely with each release.

We hope for a great partnership between the two artists.

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It was previously revealed that Kang Daniel from Wanna One has set up his own entertainment agency after winning his lawsuit against LMEntertainment.

But it turns out that KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the actual big picture company Kang Daniel has established! Kang Daniel is the CEO to not only KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT but also KDCorporation.

KONNECT will manage Kang Daniel’s work in the entertainment industry, but KD Corporation will handle everything else regarding Kang Daniel.

Kang Daniel established KD Corporation and is registered as the CEO.

Kang Daniel’s affairs in the entertainment industry will be handled by KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT. All other work related to Kang Daniel will be taken charge by KD Corporation.



Although KONNECT and KD Corporation are intertwined, the two companies were set up separately after Kang Daniel received advice from lawyers and specialists.

KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT and KD Corporation are companies with two different purposes. While he was setting up the two companies, Kang Daniel received help from lawyers and specialists. They advised that this method was the best in building his company so he established them separately.

Kang Daniel will have to learn how to run a company as he continues.


It appears Kang Daniel is gearing up not only to be the #1 male soloist in the industry but a business guru with his two major companies!

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3 years ago on June 16, Kang Danielwas announced as the trainee who was ranked number 1 on Mnet "Produce 101" Season 2.

In the next 3 years, the idol had went through a lot, from debuting under Wanna One, a solo singer and also becoming the CEO of his own company, KONNECT Entertainment.

Just a couple of days ago, it was also announced that he will be singing his first ever OST for the upcoming drama "Backstreet Rookie" starring Ji ChangWook and Kim YooJung.

Kpopmap had come up with 3 moments that should be recognised more than before.


#1 The center of Wanna One

From Trainee To CEO, DANITY Celebrates 3 Years With Kang Daniel

Def Daniel

It is impossible to hide your emotions after receiving the highest amount of votes during "Produce 101" Season 2 and for Kang Daniel, it was definitely a moment for him to let the thought sink in.

After his debut with Wanna One, he had also proven himself through many opportunities that he deserved the center spot. Kang Daniel's stage presence is no joke and it is amazing to see how he was able to capture the attention of many.

His dancing skills is commendable and many also love the fact that he has a smile that could brighten up the mood of anyone.


#2 CF King & Philanthropist 

Thanks to his popularity, Kang Daniel has been receiving love calls from numerous brands. Some of the iconic CF deals which he had done include beer beverage company ('Hite' extra cold), fried chicken brand (Mexicana), sandwich brand (Subway) and many more.

From Trainee To CEO, DANITY Celebrates 3 Years With Kang Daniel

Hite Official

From Trainee To CEO, DANITY Celebrates 3 Years With Kang Daniel

Subway Official

It seems like the love calls for him will continue to come and fans would definitely get to see him in various places!

Kang Daniel also did not forget to give back to the society! It was noted back in 2018 when he was still promoting as a member of Wanna One, he had donated 12.1 million won (USD10,730) to Miral Welfare Foundation in lieu with his birthday that falls on December 10. The donation will be used to provide aid for the lower income children with disabilities.


#3 CEO of KONNECT Entertainment

It might be shocking for some to find out that Kang Daniel had become the CEO of his own company, KONNECT Entertainment, at the age of 24 (Korean age). He had established his own company after the suspension of his contract with his previous agency in 2019.

From Trainee To CEO, DANITY Celebrates 3 Years With Kang Daniel


With that being said, many were amazed by his ability to run his own company as well as pursue his activities as a singer at the same time.

After the establishment of his company, he had released 2 mini albums and 2 singles. The support of from his fans, DANITY, is also no joke as they had broke the record of physical albums sales for his debut album "Color on Me" when it was released. More than 466,000 copies were sold during the first week of sales, making him the solo artist with the highest first week sales back then.


Kang Daniel
Sours: https://www.kpopmap.com/from-trainee-to-ceo-danity-celebrates-3-years-with-kang-daniel/
CEO + Idols

Kang Daniel Sets Up His Own Agency And Adds “CEO” Title To His Name In Preparation For Solo Debut

Meet the newest young CEO in town – Kang Daniel!

From singer, dancer, rapper, and Korea’s favourite center – Kang Daniel now adds a CEO title to his name as he launches his own agency!

Photo from Think Nature

The former Wanna One member recently set up an office in southern Seoul for the establishment of his own agency named KONNECT Entertainment. The name is a fusion of the words “Korea” and “connect”, which signifies his aim to connect Korea to the rest of the world through his future activities.

“Kang Daniel’s decision to establish a one-person agency is based on his huge desire to return to his fans quickly, together with a variety of reviews of the company’s types that fit his long-term activities,” a source from KONNECT Entertainment stated on June 10.

“This is because his own agency, which can move intensively and effectively, is best suited to help him prepare quickly for his activities and promote as soon as possible,” they added.

Recent Activities

Early this year, Daniel faced against his former agency LM Entertainment in the court to file a termination for his contract. This is due to violations made by the agency regarding the exclusivity of the idol’s contract, which included selling parts of his contract rights to a third party.

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With this, Daniel decided it would be difficult to continue his contract after losing trust in his company. Eventually, the court sided with him and terminated his contract with the company, leaving the idol free to conduct his own activities without the agency’s interference.

On the night of June 9, the idol met with his fans again after such a long time through a live broadcast on his personal Instagram account. There, he revealed that he is already working on his music and gearing up for his solo debut.

Additionally, the multi-talented artist also shared that he is deeply involving himself in the production process of his music, most especially writing and composing his songs.

With the establishment of his own agency, Daniel will be able to confirm the date of his solo debut and introduce more details about it soon.

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Ceo kang daniel

Kang Daniel Talks About Being The CEO Of His Agency, Ads He Wants To Try, And His Thoughts On Acting

On the November 28 episode of KBS2’s “Happy Together,” Kang Daniel appeared as a special MC and talked about his solo career! The episode featured actors of all ages, including Kim Young Ok, Sung Byung Sook, Park Joon Gyu, Park Ho San, Kim Sung Cheol, and child actor Kim Kang Hoon.

Kang Daniel established his own agency KONNECT Entertainment prior to his solo debut, and he is currently active as both the CEO and an agency artist. Regarding the CEO title, he commented, “At first, the title CEO was awkward. I especially can’t get used to it when I approve important contracts and have to sign as both the CEO and the model at the same time.”

When asked what has changed the most since creating his own agency and making his solo debut, Kang Daniel answered, “I obviously have a lot more that I need to think about, and I’ve developed a lot more responsibility.”

Although having already had his fair share of advertisements, Kang Daniel mentioned other products he would like to endorse. He explained, “I haven’t yet tried hot chocolate or coffee commercials. For hot chocolate, since I like younger children, I would like to sit around with kids and say stuff like ‘This is good!'” When the other MCs commented that he should do it with Kim Kang Hoon, Kang Daniel replied, “That would be an honor.”

Kim Kang Hoon also revealed himself as a fan of Kang Daniel, sharing, “I watched the audition program and thought that Kang Daniel would debut. I’m really bad at dancing, but I was so fascinated while watching him dance,” allowing Kang Daniel to offer him very serious dancing advice, even personally showcasing some moves.

Kang Daniel also received high praise from Kim Young Ok, who declared him to be “1 of 1.” As someone maintaining the No. 1 spot on Idol Chart for 87 weeks straight, Kang Daniel was asked if he pays attention to his rankings. He answered, “Idol Chart is based on fan votes. I am very thankful, but it makes me wonder if fans feel pressured. Although the results are good, isn’t the process important too? I am already happy doing what I want to do and showing what I want to show while having people relate to my performances.”

Early this year, Kang Daniel broke Pope Francis’s 2016 Guinness World Record as the fastest person to reach 1 million followers on Instagram. Regarding this honorable mention, he shared, “I wasn’t paying attention to it at all. I found out after seeing an article, and I was so shocked that I beat the Pope. After, my record was broken by Prince Harry and his wife, but being so closely associated with them made me think, ‘Am I someone of status?'”

Amidst all the actors, Kang Daniel was naturally asked if there is a film genre he would like to attempt. He replied, “I really enjoy movies. I’ve seen more than 1,000 movies.” However, Daniel revealed, “The more films I see, the more I feel that acting is an unknown domain [to me]. I don’t think it’s a field that you can attempt superficially, and I don’t think that shows courtesy to those actively in the field.”

Catch the latest episode of “Happy Together” below!

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Sours: https://www.soompi.com/article/1368446wpp/kang-daniel-talks-about-being-the-ceo-of-his-agency-ads-he-wants-to-try-and-his-thoughts-on-acting
CEO Kang Daniel, The Coolest

Kang Daniel

South Korean singer

In this Korean name, the family name is Kang.

Kang Daniel (Korean: 강다니엘; born Kang Eui-geon [강의건]; December 10, 1996) is a South Korean singer, songwriter and entrepreneur. He rose to fame in early 2017 as the first-place winner of the second season of reality competition series Produce 101 and is a former member of the show's derivative boy group Wanna One.

Following the end of Wanna One's activities as a group, Kang took a six-month hiatus from the entertainment industry and took over management of his career. In mid-2019, he released his solo debut extended play (EP), Color on Me, which was a commercial success that topped South Korea's Gaon Album Chart. His subsequent works from his color series titled Cyan (2020) and Magenta (2020) also topped the Gaon Album Chart with the former's title track earning Kang his first top ten single in Korea. Furthering his success as a solo artist, Kang earned his first top five single in Korea as well as his first solo appearance on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart through the single "Paranoia". He then released the third and final chapter of his "color trilogy", Yellow (2021), which topped the Gaon Album Chart and contained his first domestic number one single titled "Antidote".

Alongside his music career, Kang also appeared as the host of Mnet's Street Woman Fighter (2021) and is set to make his acting debut through the Disney+original seriesRookies (2022). His other ventures include establishing an independent entertainment company named Konnect Entertainment to manage his own career that has recently expanded to manage other artists as well.

Life and career

Early life and pre-debut

Kang Daniel was born as Kang Eui-geon (강의건) in Busan, South Korea as the only child of his family.[5] After spending his childhood and most of his teen years with his birth name, he decided to legally change it to Daniel due to family and friends having difficulty pronouncing Eui-geon.[6] On an episode of MBC's Radio Star, Kang cited a biblical figure as his source of inspiration for the name Daniel.[7] He began dancing in eighth grade through a b-boy club he joined due to a teacher's suggestion and later attended a dance academy in Busan called Nataraja Academy.[8][9] During a guest appearance at variety show Hello Counselor, Kang revealed that he was ostracized in elementary school because of his appearance and developed passion and built self-esteem through dancing.[10] To further pursue this passion, he attended Peniel Arts High School where he studied modern dance for a year with ballet as his second major and won a gold medal in the dance category at the 49th High School Performing Arts Contest.[11][12]

Prior to appearing on Produce 101 Season 2, Kang had trained for two years and one month.[13] He initially started as a trainee under B2M Entertainment until the company's acquisition and then became a trainee under MMO Entertainment. Throughout this training period, Kang did not receive dance or singing lessons due to both company's financial instability.[14] One of the most notable moments during his time as a trainee was his appearance on Her Secret Weapon, performing "Invitation" by Uhm Jung-hwa, where he served as a backup dancer to Fiestar's Cao Lu and Spica's Sihyun.[15]

2017–2018: Produce 101 and Wanna One

Main articles: Produce 101 Season 2 and Wanna One

In 2017, Kang represented MMO Entertainment in the boy group reality survival show, Produce 101 Season 2. He is known for finishing first in the final episode and becoming the center of the project boy group Wanna One under YMC Entertainment.[16] Kang officially debuted with Wanna One during Wanna One Premier Show-Con on August 7, at the Gocheok Sky Dome, with the debut mini-album 1×1=1 (To Be One).[17][18] During the preparation for this debut, he was confirmed to join the pilot season of MBC variety show It's Dangerous Beyond The Blankets which premiered on August 27.[19][20] In the same month, he was featured on the cover of Weekly Chosun magazine, one of the major news and current events publications in South Korea, with an article focusing on his popularity among the general public.[21][22] Following the conclusion of the mini-album promotion on August 30, he was chosen as the first male celebrity to appear on the cover of InStyle Korea fashion magazine in its 14-year history for its October 2017 issue.[23] He was also signed as a cast member for SBS's newly launched variety show Master Key, for which he was awarded the variety rookie award at the 2017 SBS Entertainment Awards.[24][25]

In 2018, Kang was involved in several prominent solo activities, most notably as the main model for Davichi's "Days Without You" (너 없는 시간들) music video[26][27] and as the main cast of the second season of It's Dangerous Beyond the Blankets.[28] He was later awarded the variety rookie award at the 2018 MBC Entertainment Awards for his work at the respective show.[29] He also continued to promote with Wanna One, including as a part of Wanna One's unit "Triple Position" which won the Best Unit Award at the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards.[30] Although he concluded his contract with Wanna One on December 31, he still appeared with the group until its official farewell concerts on January 24–27 in 2019.[31]

2019: Solo debut with Color on Me

On January 31, 2019, it was reported that Kang would move to LM Entertainment after the end of his activities with Wanna One.[32] However, on March 21, Kang submitted an application to suspend his exclusive contract with LM. His legal representative revealed that LM Entertainment signed joint business contracts that sold Kang's exclusive contract rights to third parties without his prior consent.[33] On May 10, the Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of Kang, allowing the suspension of his contract and his pursuit of individual activities as a celebrity without any interference from the company.[34] Following that, on June 10, Kang was reported to have established his own agency Konnect Entertainment for his future activities.[35] LM Entertainment's appeal regarding the contract suspension was rejected by the Seoul Central District Court on July 11.[36]

Kang officially debuted as a solo artist on July 25 with the debut EP, Color on Me.[37] As reflected on Hanteo Chart, the EP set records for both the highest first-day and first-week physical sales for a solo artist since the chart's inception.[38][39] Its lead single "What Are You Up To" gave Kang his first-ever solo music show win on KBS2's Music Bank on August 9.[40] He kicked off promotions for the EP by holding six different fan-sign events across Korea between July 31 and August 3.[41] Following that, Kang embarked on the first fan meet tour of his solo career, touring six different cities: Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, and Manila before returning to Seoul with a two-day fan meet that ended on November 24.[42] In the midst of touring, he also hosted his own radio show on NOW., Naver's online audio streaming service.[43] The Kang Daniel Show aired on Chuseok holiday with a total of four episodes released each day from September 11–14; with Gray making a guest appearance on the third episode.[44] In the same month, it was announced that Kang's contract with LM was officially terminated as both sides came to a mutual agreement.[4] Serving as his first comeback, Kang released two digital singles on November 25 called "Touchin'" and "Adulthood".[45][46] Unlike his solo debut, Kang was able to promote "Touchin'" by performing the song on several Korean music shows and won a trophy on SBS MTV's The Show on December 3.[47] However, after a week of promoting, Konnect announced that Kang would be taking a career break due to health issues.[48]

2020: Comeback with Cyan and Magenta

In 2020, Kang returned to scheduled activities with travel reality show Hello, Daniel which premiered on March 4.[49] He then released his second EP, Cyan, on March 24 as the first installment of his "color trilogy" project.[50] Its lead single "2U" gave Kang his first top ten track in Korea along with several trophies on music shows: The Show, Music Bank, Show! Music Core, Show Champion, and M Countdown.[51][52] Prior to the release of Cyan, it was revealed that Kang and Zico would release a song together as part of the Pepsi and Starship Entertainment collaboration project titled "For The Love of Korea".[53] Their joint single "Refresh" was co-produced by Steve Aoki and released on April 23.[54] The following month, he participated in 88rising's Asia Rising Forever and the TikTok Stage online concert.[55][56] On June 19, Kang released his first-ever drama OST called "Something" through SBS's romantic comedy Backstreet Rookie.[57] He also joined the lineup for KCON:TACT 2020 Summer and the Pepsi Online Showcase, for which he hosted the opening and later performed as Pepsi's global K-pop partner.[58][59] To celebrate the first anniversary of his solo debut, Kang held an online fan meeting on July 25 via ten streaming platforms worldwide.[60] This made him the first Korean celebrity to have a fan meeting broadcast live through China's local platform since the country's ban on Korean culture began in 2016.[61]

The second installment of his "color trilogy" project and third EP, Magenta, was released on August 3.[62] With this release, Kang surpassed one million cumulative albums sold within 13 months of debuting as a solo artist.[63][64] The lead single "Who U Are" peaked at number 12 in Korea and won trophies on SBS MTV's The Show, KBS2's Music Bank, and MBC's Show! Music Core.[65][66] Two months later, Kang performed on a special episode of MBC's I Live Alone for the 2021 Summer/Spring Seoul Fashion Week.[67] In November, Konnect opened pre-orders for Kang's first artbookNever Standing Still - It's Time to Shine in collaboration with Paul McCartney's personal photographer, MJ Kim.[68]

2021: Yellow and acting debut with Rookies

As his first collaboration with American artists, Kang was featured on "State of Wonder" by Inverness alongside Anthony Russo.[69] The single was released by Monstercat on January 15.[70] He then released the digital single "Paranoia" on February 16, which gave Kang his first top five track that peaked at number two in Korea and won trophies on several music shows including: The Show, Show Champion, M Countdown, and Show! Music Core.[71] It also marked his first solo appearance on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart with the single debuting at number five.[72] Leading up to his next EP, Kang was featured on YouTube Originals seven-episode documentary series K-Pop Evolution which premiered on March 31.[73] He then released his fourth overall EP, Yellow, on April 13 as the final installment of his three-part project aimed to find his true colors as a solo artist.[74] Its lead single "Antidote" gave Kang his first number one track in Korea along with several trophies on music shows: The Show, Show Champion, Music Bank, Show! Music Core, and Inkigayo.[75][76] Discussing what this project represents, Kang said "The color series is really about sharing the different stages of self-discovery as an artist with my fans".[77] On May 13, Kang released the promotional single "Outerspace" featuring Loco through Universe Music for the mobile application, Universe.[78][79]

In celebration of his two-year anniversary as a solo artist, Kang held a virtual reality (VR) fan meeting on July 25.[80][81] In the same month, it was confirmed that Kang was selected as the fixed MC for Mnet's first-ever female dance crew competition show Street Woman Fighter which premiered on August 24.[82] His background in breakdancing and first-hand knowledge of street dance culture were qualifications cited by a producer of the show as reasons for selecting him as the MC.[83] On September 15, Kang was featured on Japanese musician Miyavi's "Hush Hush" from the studio album Imaginary.[84] He also joined the lineup for "Cyworld BGM 2021", a large-scale project to remake the top 100 BGM songs that were most popular on the Cyworld platform in the 2000s.[85] Prior to the release of "Paranoia", it was revealed that Kang was offered to star in one of the first-ever Korean Disney+original series titled Rookies.[86] This will mark Kang's official debut as an actor as well as the streaming platform's production debut in South Korea.[87][88]

Impact and influence

Kang has been described as "one of the highest-earning and most significant male solo acts in K-pop" with his domestic popularity earning him the nickname "Nation's Center" from South Korean media.[89][90] SBS's Late Night Entertainment News described him as "more than a top idol star" and stated that "he created a craze"[91][92] that was recreated in an episode of Saturday Night Live Korea.[93][94] In 2018, Kang was selected as an honorary ambassador for the special Korean cultural exhibit at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.[95][96] The following year, he was appointed the honorary ambassador of Busan as a result of a citizen-voted poll.[97] A formal ceremony was held on July 9, 2019, at the Sajik Baseball Stadium where he received a mandate from the mayor of the city[98] and threw the ceremonial first pitch for the Lotte Giants' home game.[99] In October 2020, Kang participated in the 4352nd anniversary ceremony of Korea's National Foundation Day held by the Korean government at Gyeongbokgung Palace as the only singer invited among 30 national figures, including the prime minister of South Korea.[100][101] His national influence was further seen as South Korean Olympic medalists (Kim Kyeong-Ae,[102]Lee Da-bin,[103] and Hyun Jung-hwa[104][105]) declared themselves fans of the artist. South Korean doo-wop trio The Barberettes also revealed they were fans of Kang as member An Shinae who wrote, composed, and arranged their lead single "SHOO" divulged that Kang was the inspiration behind the song.[106]

In January 2019, Kang set a Guinness World Record for the "Fastest time to gain one million followers on Instagram" (11 hours and 36 minutes after joining).[107][108] Later that month, his official Daum fancafe became the fastest in history among idols and idol groups to reach 100,000 members, doing so in under 40 hours.[109] He then became the first male celebrity, globally, to front a campaign for Givenchy Beauty after being chosen as its brand ambassador.[110][111] Kang has also been recognized for his marketing power, having topped the Korean Business Research Institute's 'Male Model Brand Power Ranking' and 'Individual Boy Group Members Brand Power Ranking';[112][113] becoming the first artist in history to spend 13 consecutive months at the top of the latter.[114] His name has appeared in multiple other listicles, such as Gallup Korea's annual list of 'Most Preferred Idols' and Forbes annual lists of '2030 Power Leaders' and 'Korea Power Celebrities'. He was also included in Naver TV's 'Most Popular Videos of 2017', taking up six of the top ten clips based on the number of video plays and four of the top ten clips based on the number of likes, including the number one spot.[115] Two years later, he was included in Naver TV's 'Most Popular Videos of 2019', taking up four of the top ten clips based on the number of video plays.[116] His influence is further seen through webtoons as the writer of Ideal Relationship (이상적인 관계) confirmed that Kang was the inspiration behind the character Noah's appearance.[117] During an interview in May 2020, the creator of webtoon Eleceed also revealed that Kang was the inspiration behind the main character Seo Jiwoo.[118][119]JoyNews24 placed Kang at number five on its 'Power People of 2019' survey among industry professionals[120] and, in late 2019, he was selected as the third most-preferred advertising model by female consumers in their 10s in a survey conducted by the Korean Broadcast Advertising Corporation.[121] In March 2021, he surpassed 150 consecutive weeks at the top of Idol Chart, making him the first and only artist to achieve this.[122] The first episode of Kang's travel reality show Hello, Daniel caused a surge in sales for the travel guide If You Want to Live in Portland and led to increased success for the publishing company.[123][124] During an interview with Netflix Korea, Sweet Home actress Park Gyu-young revealed that she was inspired by Kang's pink hair color while he was on Produce 101 for her character Yoon Ji-soo.[125]

Other ventures


Main article: Konnect Entertainment

In June 2019, Kang established two companies named Konnect Entertainment and KD Corporation Ltd. as the chief executive officer (CEO) of both.[126] His activities in the entertainment industry are managed by the former, while all other business-related activities are managed by the latter. Further business ventures through these companies include: a cafe on the first floor of Konnect Entertainment's building called Cafe de Konnect,[127] the development and launch of mobile application "KANGDANIEL" to serve as Kang's official fancafe,[128] a collaboration with South Korean game development company Dalcomsoft to release the rhythm game "SuperStar KANGDANIEL" as the first app in the series exclusively made for a solo artist,[129] and a partnership agreement with Very Cherry to domestically manage solo artist CL.[130] Expanding its lineup of artists, singer-songwriter and producer Chancellor as well as former GFriend member Yuju signed exclusive contracts with Konnect Entertainment.[131][132]


Kang Daniel at Think Nature fan meet on January 6, 2018

A year after debuting, Kang became one of the highest-valued celebrities in South Korea's advertisement industry, reportedly making ₩300 million (USD$250,000) per three-month contract and ₩1 billion ($860,000) per one-year contract.[133] Aside from the endorsement deals he had with his group, Kang also signed six individual advertising contracts during his time with Wanna One.

In September 2017, Kang signed his first sole advertising contract as the model for Think Nature and increased the brand's online sales by 728%.[134][135] Two months later, he was chosen as the model for The Spring Home[136] and earned the company over ₩20 million ($16,645) in 10 minutes during a customized sales event.[137] The following year, fashion brand Los Angeles Project (LAP),[138] the world's leading producer of soju (HiteJinro),[139] electronics company Bokuk, and eyewear brand Kissing Heart revealed Kang as their official model.[140][141] Soon after his solo debut in July 2019, Kang became the model for South Korea's largest telephone company, KT Corporation, advertising the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Aura Red.[142] Their collaboration generated the sales of 68,000 units and raised KT's pre-booking record by a total of 45%.[143][144] He also became the face of restaurant chain Mexicana Chicken.[145] In September 2019, Kang became a brand ambassador for Givenchy Beauty[110] and modeled various looks from its Le Rouge line in a photoshoot for the October issue of Elle magazine.[146] Later that month, Subway Korea revealed Kang as the new advertisement model for its signature wraps.[147] Shortly after, he was selected as the new face for Calvin Klein Jeans.[148] In October 2019, premium luggage brand Rimowa presented its new collection in collaboration with Kang through photos and videos on Elle and Esquire magazines.[149]

In January 2020, Kang became the new brand ambassador for German sportswear brand Puma.[150] Later that month, Puma and Kang's first collaboration "RS-X Cube" was released as a part of Puma's RS (Running System) collection.[151] To celebrate the sneaker line, Puma launched an offline promotional event in stores called the "KD CUBE ROOM" where visitors enjoyed exclusive content such as unreleased videos, new merchandise, and virtual video calls with Kang.[152] In February 2020, Kang collaborated with KakaoTalk's emoticon service, Kakao Friends. Designed by Kang himself, the collaboration line "Apeach Kang Daniel Edition" (inspired by his resemblance to Kakao Friends Muzi Series character Apeach and his own nickname "Baby Peach")[153][154] featured goods that fall under the toy, living, fashion, and fan goods categories and was officially released in Korea and globally on February 7 and 21.[155] Kakao Friends also released a limited-edition beverage and dessert menu for three cafes, including Kang's Cafe de Konnect.[156] Puma and Kang's second collaboration "RS 2.0" was released in August 2020 as a part of Puma's RS collection.[157][158] In the same month, he also became the model for cure-cosmetic brand Icepray.[159] In December 2020, Givenchy Beauty announced that Kang would continue to be its official model for another year and divulged its best selling item in 2020 as the Teint Couture Cushion (also known as the Kang Daniel Cushion).[160]

In January 2021, Kang was selected as the brand ambassador for global beauty brand Mernel.[161][162] Later that month, Mexicana Chicken announced that Kang would continue to be the face of its restaurant chain for another year by confirming the extension of his modeling contract.[163] He also expanded his activities as the brand ambassador of Givenchy Beauty by modeling the brand's newly launched perfume collection, composed of nine unique scents.[164]

Fashion and modelling

Industry officials have said "even if the fashion industry is in a slump, Kang Daniel as a model can still make others spend money", stating that "his fee is the highest among rising stars".[165] Following his debut, he quickly became one of the most sought-after stars among coveted luxury brands and has since collaborated with and endorsed many such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, and Cartier.[166]

In January 2018, two months after Kang was seen wearing a duffel coat designed by LAP to the Incheon International Airport, it was announced that he became the official model of the fashion brand.[167] A spokesperson from the brand stated, "After Kang Daniel wore our coat, the response we received was really positive" and that "the product was sold out immediately".[138] LAP further launched a separate streetwear line named "Kang Daniel's Pick - Edition" to better align with his personal style;[168] the collection's popularity resulted in long lines at the Daniel's Pick LAP pop-up stores in Japan and Korea.[169] In June 2018, he was chosen as the newest muse for Chanel Fine Jewelry, making him the second Korean male celebrity to take on the role.[170] His collaboration with the French luxury brand as the cover model for the July issue of Elle magazine saw the issue reach a rare high in sales.[171][172]

In March 2019, Kang returned to the cover of Elle magazine as Louis Vuitton's new style icon.[173] He and actress Bae Doona were chosen to lead the campaign for Louis Vuitton's Twist handbag; the campaign was released through photos and videos on Elle and the brand's official website one week ahead of the opening of the Louis Vuitton Twist Bag pop-up store in Seoul.[174][175] Marking the end of summer and acting as an annual reset for the fashion industry, September issues have historically been considered the biggest fashion moment of the year for magazines. In September 2019, Kang was chosen to be the cover model for the prestigious September issues[176] of fashion magazines Arena Homme+ and Vogue. For his two-version Arena Homme+ cover, Kang modeled pieces from Cartier's Juste un Clou collection as a new member of the "Maison Cartier" ambassador group;[177] according to the magazine, pre-order sales skyrocketed at the news of him being on the cover.[178] Kang was also chosen as a model for Calvin Klein Jeans for its special 50th anniversary celebration.[148] Their collaboration was seen on the October 2019 issue of High Cut fashion magazine, where Kang was the cover model on four different versions and sported Calvin Klein Jeans apparel.[179]


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On June 12, 2018, Kang participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge to promote ALS awareness and also donated ₩2 million ($1,730).[180] Two days later, the Seungil Hope Foundation reported its website crashed due to exceeded traffic and there were nearly a thousand donations since Kang participated in the challenge.[181] In November 2018, photographer Cho Sei-hon selected Jung Woo-sung and Kang Daniel as two people he thought had positive influence in South Korea for his last Letter from Angels exhibition, a 16-year adoption awareness campaign.[182] Two weeks after Kang was revealed as the exhibition portrait model, Cho divulged the orphan photographed with Kang was adopted.[183] On December 10, 2018, Kang donated ₩12.1 million ($10,400) for his birthday to the Miral Welfare Foundation to be used for low-income vulnerable groups' medical bills and living expenses.[184]

In response to the April Goseong Fire of 2019, Kang donated ₩30 million ($26,000) to Hope Bridge Disaster Relief.[185] Hope Bridge reported in May the donations made in Kang's name amounted to ₩180 million ($155,000).[186] It was then reported that in under three years, the money donated to various charity organizations in his name by his fan club amounted to ₩680 million ($569,907).[187] In early December, Kang recorded ringtone services with KT for people with hearing or speech impairments for International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPWD). Ahead of Christmas, Kang donated ₩30 million in his fan club's name to The Snail of Love, a social welfare group for the deaf and hard of hearing.[188]

On February 28, 2020, Kang made a personal donation of ₩50 million ($41,000) to Hope Bridge Disaster Relief to be used to purchase goods such as health masks and hand sanitizers to prevent the spread of COVID-19.[189] After Konnect was contacted to confirm the news, Kang stated through his agency, "I wanted to be a little help to medical staff who are struggling."[190] On April 17, Kang went to The Snail of Love's office to visit the first of ten children who will receive a cochlear implant under the auspices of his and his fan club's names and provided her with gifts. A ceremony was held due to their combined donations exceeding ₩99 million ($81,000).[191][192]


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Television shows

Web series

Year English title Original title Network Role Notes Ref.
2022 Rookies너와 나의 경찰수업 Disney+Wi Seung-hyun Lead role [198]

Web shows




Year Title Country Ref.
2019 Color on SeoulSouth Korea [214]

Awards and achievements

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