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Reorganization plan approved by Williston District 1, Williams County District 8 residents

The unofficial results of the reorganization plan for Williams County Public School District 8 and Williston Public School District 1 are now in.

District 1 voted in favor of the merger with 2,527 (86.6%) voting yes, and 391 (13.4%) voting no.

District 8 also voted in favor of the merger with 541 (59.6%) voting yes, and 367 (40.4%) voting no.

The merger plan for what will now be Williston Basin School District 7 consists of creating a new district board, new policies and a long list of other items.

“There’s quite a bit of work to get done and really we got a short amount of time because that first part of February there is really the crucial date of making sure we have some ducks in a row,” District 8 Superintendent David Goetz said.

Results are unofficial until canvassing is completed on Friday.

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A recall election seeking to remove Myles Fisher from his position on the Williams County Public School District No. 8 school board in North Dakota was approved by voters on November 3, 2020. Challenger Dennis Nehring was elected to finish Fisher's term.[1]

The recall petition was approved to circulate petitions in June 2020. The petition listed "Breach of Fiduciary Duty" as the reason for the recall effort. Recall supporters had to collect approximately 21 signatures to get the recall on the ballot.[2]

Another recall effort in the district resulted in the removal of Penny Soiseth and Curt Sullivan from the board in a recall election on February 25, 2020. Click here to read more about that recall effort.

Recall vote

General election

Recall supporters

The recall committee included former school board president Jennifer Jorgenson as well as Catherine Cartier, David V. Truckner, Glen Clark, and Charles Cartier. The recall petition listed "Breach of Fiduciary Duty" as the reason for the recall effort.[2]

Recall opponents

Fisher did not respond to the recall effort.

Path to the ballot

See also: Laws governing recall in North Dakota

To get the recall on the ballot, recall supporters had to collect approximately 21 signatures, which was equal to 25% of the votes cast in the election in June 2019.[2]

2020 recall efforts

See also: School board recalls

Ballotpedia tracked 29 school board recall efforts against 64 board members in 2020. Four recall elections were held in 2020. The school board recall success rateRecall success rates are calculated by dividing the number of recalled officials by the total number of officials who were targeted for recall. was 7.8%.

The chart below details the status of 2020 recall efforts by individual school board member.

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School board elections, 2020

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Williams County School District 8

Williams County School District #8, previously New Public School District #8 or New Public Schools, was a school district headquartered in Williston, North Dakota.[1]

The district mainly served unincorporated areas that were rural territories near Williston.[2] Additionally included a portion of Williston itself and all of Blacktail.[3] It was the geographically largest school district in North Dakota.[4]

The district only served grades K-8. High school students were sent to Williston High School in the Williston Public School District 1,[5] to the Nesson School District's Ray School in Ray, and to the Tioga School District's Tioga High School in Tioga.[6]


It was established in the early 1950s,[6] as a merger of various smaller school districts.[7]

By 2016 the district held two bond elections that were defeated by voters. That year the district leadership decided to use the building fund to pay for a 22,400-square-foot (2,080 m2) facility, with a cost of $16.9 million, meant to take the place of Stony Creek Middle School.[2]

The name changed to its final name, Williams County 8, in 2017.[8]

In 2020 a vote was held on whether it was to merge with the Williston District 1 to form a new district. 59.6% of the District 8 voters approved, as did 86.6% of the District 1 voters. The no percentages were 40.4% for District 8 and 13.4% for District 1. Some land that was in District 8 was given to other school districts.[7]

In 2021 the Williams County district merged with the Williston District to form the Williston Basin School District 7.[9]


The east-west dimension of the district was 70 miles (110 km), with the North Dakota-Montana border as the westward edge.[6]


None of the schools were in the Williston city limits even though the district administration was in Williston.[6]

  • Garden Valley Elementary School (K-5)[10] - It is 9 miles (14 km) east of Williston. In 1997 it had 60 students.[6]
  • Round Prairie Elementary School (K-5)[11] - It is 15 miles (24 km) west of Williston. In 1997 it had 34 students.[6]
  • Missouri Ridge (6-8)[12]

Previously all schools were K-8 schools.[4]

Previously it operated Harney School, a K-8 one room school.[4] Named after board member Tom Harney,[13] the facility was on a gravel road off of North Dakota Road 1804,[14] 13 miles (21 km) east of Williston,[13] and south of Tioga.[15] It opened circa 1984 as the area population increased due to the discovery of oil.[4] It historically had the lowest student enrollment of any of the schools.[16] 12 was the peak enrollment.[4] In 1997 the school had three students, making it the smallest of any North Dakota school. That year By 1997 it had three computers in the back of the classroom along with a fax machine, a microwave, and a refrigerator.[14] In the 2002-2003 school year, the figure was down to six. For the 2003-2004 school year there was only one student enrolled, and the school closed after that year.[4] At the end of its life the school had a fax machine and was wired to connect to the internet.[4] Its second classroom, in the school's final year, functioned as an ad hoc dormitory for the sole teacher. Scheduling was flexible to accommodate the single student and break up monotony.[15] The school board intended to not provide hot lunches nor school bus services for the lone student.[13] The student's father took him to and from school. The superintendent allowed the student to do archery practice as he was the only student.[16]

The district also formerly operated Stony Creek School, immediately east of Williston.[6] In 1997 it had 152 students.[6] In 2016 was a middle school only.[2] By 2021 the school was in disuse and the district was determining how to give the school back to the property owner.[17]


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