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Top 10 Best of Mini Laptop For Dolls 2021

Top 10 Best of Mini Laptop For Dolls 2021

1. ZITA ELEMENT 3 Pack Dollhouse Mini Laptop Computer Tablet and Phone Simulation Accessories for Doll 1/6 1/12 Miniatures Play Set (Pink

  • 💻quality and cute dollhouse simulation accessories play set for 11.5 inch girl dolls and other 1/6 1/12 dolls.
  • 🎁little girl’s most wished gift.give these perfect 11.5 inch girl doll accessories play set for kid‘s children’s day, birthday, christmas and fun party.
  • 👉package includes 3 items dollhouse accessories: 1 mini laptop, 1 mini tablet and 1 mini phone. the mini laptop can be opened and closed freely.
  • 📱material: metal, color: pink, pls note that these size are just dollhouse accessories not functional.
  • 🎀we concerned your purchase experience and dedicated to your complete satisfaction.if you have any question and advice, please click your order page or go to the zita elemennt store homepage, click “ask a question” to contact us.

2. wj 3 Pack Dollhouse Accessories – Mini Laptop Tablet and Smart Phone Doll Accessories – Scene Computer Simulation Accessories for Doll 1/6 1/12 Miniatures Silver

  • Package includes: laptop 1.18′ x 1.8′ ( 30mm x 46mm ); pretend itablet 1.18′ x 1.57′ ( 30mm x 40mm ); toy cell phone 1.1′ x 0.6′ ( 26mm x 15mm )
  • Warranty: when you purchase a toy from us, you purchase more than just a high-quality – you gain confidence knowing will always provide you with best customer service. if for any reason, your purchase requires service or you have questions, you can contact us directly for a replacement or refund.
  • Little girl’s most wished gift: great girl gifts for dolls or dollhouse lovers, add variety to storytelling and playtime by expanding doll’s world, encourage personal expression and inspire endless storytelling
  • Quality : 1/12 or 1/6 dolls; american girl doll. made of sturdy metal. laptop can be opened and closed

6. ZWSISU 3 Pack Doll Laptop Phone Pad Mini Doll Playset for American 18 Inch Dolls (Blue)

  • Gift for kids: can be used for children’s birthday gifts, christmas gifts and other holiday gifts.
  • Design concept: featured this year’s popular style, each piece has a unique style for cultivating children’s creativity, practice and imagination, enrich their spare time and create more independent space for parents.
  • Packing including:1 mini laptop + 1 mini tablet + 1 mini phone.
  • High quality: the laptop/computer phone ipad are made of iron.all items and materials are triple checked for high quality.
  • Worry-free shopping: 12 months warranty and 24 hours customer service are offered.

7. Doll House Accessories Mini Laptop, Scene Miniatures Notebook Simulation , Folding Laptop Model,for Doll DIY 1/12 1/6 Scale Dolls House Furniture Kids Pretend Toys-3pack

  • 🎠size: laptop 1.18′ x 1.8′ ( 30mm x 46mm ); pretend ipad 1.18′ x 1.57′ ( 30mm x 40mm ); toy cell phone 1.1′ x 0.6′ ( 26mm x 15mm )
  • 🎠dollhouse accessories-add variety to storytelling and playtime by expanding doll’s world, encourage personal expression and inspire endless storytelling. a very perfect gift and collectibles for who enjoy crafts and miniature!
  • 🎠package including: pink mini laptop + white mini smart phone + white mini tablet, are made of metal , 1:12 scale miniature for a dollhouse, laptop can be opened and closed, note: it is a dollhouse décor, not a real computer.
  • 🎠adaptation recommendations: 1/12 or 1/6 dolls.girls doll
  • 🎠you could do it by yourself to make the gift more meaningful. we guarantee 100% refund for any quality reason; any questions please contact us,we would deal with it in a 24-hour time.

10. SXFSE Dollhouse Decoration Accessories, 6 Pack 1/12 1/6 Dollhouse Miniature Scene Model Mini Laptop Tablet and Smart Phone Scene Model (Multicolored)

  • Size: mini laptop: 1.18′ x 1.8′ ( 30 mm x 46 mm ); mini tablet: 0.79′ x 0.98′ ( 20 mm x 25 mm ); mini smart phone: 1.1′ x 0.6′ ( 26 mm x 15 mm )
  • Miniatures make a perfect gift for birthdays and christmas.great for adding life atmosphere for your dollhouse
  • Package content: 2 pcs mini laptops + 2 pcs mini tablets + 2 pcs mini smart phones
  • Material: metal. very adorable! sturdy and looks beautiful!
  • This miniature is vividly designed, looking really cute. every little girl has a great interest in playing with doll houses. and this can make the dollhouse look very attractive and stylish

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DIY Doll Cell Phones and Laptops

DIY Doll Cell Phones and Laptops with FREE Printable

I have been this doll accessory making kick for the last couple months that I had to start a new doll crafts category on this blog! Thanks to my 9-year-old, I made these DIY Doll Cell Phones and Laptops and have a free printable to share with you all.

Now I know it’s back to school time, so in case you missed it here are some back to school doll craft tutorials:

The four-part series above started all this DIY doll craft madness and I’m addicted! Now, here is how to make your own doll cell phones and laptops.

Get the FREE Printable

You can download the printable for free here: DIY Doll Cell Phones and Laptops

Each sheet will have:

  • Pink Laptop
  • Blue Laptop
  • Purple and Blue Ombre Cell Phone
  • Pink Ombre Cell Phone

These are truly DIY inspired! I made little DIY icons on the phones and laptops.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Here’s a video to help you through this doll craft. Below you will find the detailed instructions as well as the free download.

Making the Doll Cell Phones and Laptops

Time: 30 Minutes



  1. Print out the printable on card stock. Regular printer paper will work, however a sturdy heavy weight paper like card stock is suggested. If you use regular printer paper, choose a thicker piece of cardboard (ex: shipping box).
  2. Cut out each piece.
  3. Cut out a piece of cardboard to fit inside. Recycled food boxes (ex: cracker or cereal box) work great. For each laptop, you will need two pieces.
  4. Glue the cardboard to the inside of each piece. For the laptops, leave a small space at the crease. This will allow it to fold and align better than without the crease.
  5. Fold and trim as needed.

Here are the two colors.

DIY Blue Doll Laptop Printable

DIY Pink Doll Laptop Printable

These aren’t to exact scale; however, they are best for 18-inch dolls like American Girl dolls, Our Generation dolls, and My Life dolls. If you are like my BFF’s daughter, you can use them for your Baby Alive dolls too!

Let Me Know What You Think

I started making these doll accessories for a friend and now that I have been posting them, I am getting a lot of emails requesting more. If you have an idea or need to know how to make something for your doll, leave me a comment. I love a challenge! I will do my best to make a how-to video as well.

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Here is a video I made on how to make 10 different doll school supplies. If you don’t follow me on YouTube yet, I’d love it if you subscribed. I have a ton of craft tutorials on there! Thank you in advance!

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Introduction: MINI LAPTOP

To make this visit our blog ..

Step 1: What You Will Need

Step 2: Design Work

Step 3: Review of All Componnent

Step 4: Make Power Supply

Step 5: Choosing the Operating System

Step 6: Installing the Operating System

Step 7: Assemble All Component to Test It's Working or Not ?

Step 8: Make Display Attractive

Step 9: Final Assembly

Step 10: Make Audio System

Step 11: Final Step. START !

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10 DIY Miniature Gadgets For Barbie / Clever Barbie Hacks And Crafts

How to make Mini Laptop at Home || Science fair Project

In this blog I will show you How to make Mini Laptop at homeusing Raspberry Pi. This minilaptop has 1 GB RAM,Quad core CPU, 4 USB Ports and One Ethernet port. This minilaptop is very useful for student and also different software working like MS-Office, VLC, Mozilla Firefox, Arduino IDE, Libre Office, Libre CAD etc…

For convenience of using and reading the Display of the how to make mini laptop at home was chosen to be 7 inch (IPS technology) HD Display.

The 5600 mAh battery pack provides the power to the mini laptop. Once fully charged the mini laptop runs for about 2 hrs.This means you can use the raspberry pi 2 for your future projects (good news for Raspberry pi enthusiasts).

First see our how to make mini laptop at home video post on YouTube channel so you can easily understand full blog. If you like our video than subscribe our YouTube channel Creativity buzz.

When I first started making this project, I had other plans including way more complex electronics and designs. But in the end it all came down to these components

Tools to be used:-

  1. Soldering Iron
  2. Hot Glue Gun
  3. Cutter

Material to be used:-

  1. Raspberry Pi 3
  2. 7″ LCD Screen with LCD Adapter
  3. Small Bluetooth USB Keyboard
  4. Mini Speaker
  5. 5600 mAh USB Power Bank
  6. Mini Switch
  7. 16 GB Memory Card Class 10
  8. 3.5 mm Audio Jack
  9. Plastic Box 11 x 17 cm


If you like video than share with your friends and subscribe our YouTube channel.


PLASTIC BOX, mini laptop

To make this project we first make design, we buy the plastic box of size 11 x 17 cm. Which have opening on top, you can buy  this box from stationary shop. You Can also use 3D Printed case for this laptop, all component must be adjust  in this box.

I Place Raspberry Pi Left Bottom side and Power bank at Right Bottom side of Box. Than I Place 7″ inch display to opening of Box.


display and connectordisplay and connectorusb keyboarddisplay and connectorpi 3 motherboard

  • The Display : The display / screen I opted for was a7 Inch IPS technology HD display. This Display was extremely thin and suited my design.
  • Key board : I use Bluetooth operated USB mini Keyboard as per my design.This was the best and smallest Key Board I found in the local market.You can use keyboard from a tablet PC case. This was the best and smallest Key Board I found in the local market.
  • Raspberry Pi 3 : The laptop I made “The Pi-Berry Laptop” is built around the Raspberry Pi 3. It has1 GBRAM, Quad core CPU, 4 USB Ports and One Ethernet port.



The power-bank we chose should have important features : Pass-Through Charging (PTC) which means that we should be able to simultaneously charge and use the laptop at the same time.

I Take5600 mAh Power Bank and open bottom case of this power bank. Than I apply some force bottom to top side.Than take soldering iron and soldering two wire to negative and positive pole.Than close this case as per picture.

After closing you need to joint male USB pin to this + & – wire with one on/off switch as per picture.



The choice of the operating system totally depends on the type of work you do. I wanted the functions of a desktop so I went with Raspbian Pi OS. There are a few other’s to be considered:

  • Raspbian: Raspbian is the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s official supported operating system. You can install it with NOOBS or image. Raspbian comes pre-installed with plenty of software for education, programming and general use.
  • Ubuntu Mate: Ubuntu MATE is a stable, easy-to-use operating system with a configurable desktop environment. Ideal for those who want the most out of their computers and prefer a traditional desktop metaphor.
  • OSMC : (Open Source Media Center) is a free and open source media player based on Linux and founded in 2014 that lets you play back media from your local network, attached storage and the Internet.


Once you are decided with the operating system you want to go with, time to install it on the raspberry pi 3. Raspberry pi 3 boots from the SD card. So we have to get the image onto the SD card.

Which type of SD card is Best?

  • The recommendation of the size of the SD card depends on the Operating system we install. I used 16GB class 10 micro SD card. Class 10 cards are faster to boot and perform read write operations.

Writing the IMAGE of the O.S to the SD card is done by Burning the image file using the Win32 Disc Imager.

  1. Using the SD Formattertool Format the SD card.
  2. Open the Win32 Disk Imager and locate the image you downloaded. Click on Write once ready.
  3. Wait for the writing to complete.
  4. Once the writing is finished, safely eject the SD card from the computer.
  5. If you followed the steps correctly the raspberry pi should Boot successfully with the OS.



  1. First of all take Raspberry Pi 3 and take Display adapter to joint with raspberry pi 3.
  2. Than take 7 inch display and joint with other end of display adapter.
  3. Insert Raspbian OS imager 16 GB Memory Card inside slot of memory card of raspbian pi 3.
  4. Than connect 5600 mAh Power supply to raspbian pi 3.
  5. Switch ON and see yellow light glow up on raspbian pi 3 and 7″ led display start or not ?
  6. If working well then go to next step.


7 INCH DISPLAY, RASPBERRY PI, BOX, POWER BANK, how to make mini laptop, mini laptop

  1. First of all take Cutter and makehole for raspbian pi 3 , power bank charging and switch.
  2. Using small amount of glue to just hold the display in place.
  3. Glue Raspberry Pi 3 on their appropriate locations.
  4. Hot glue the Power Supply on the respective places.
  5. Connect the connections of the Raspberry pi 3 to Display Driver and power Supply.

how to make mini laptop, mini laptop

Finally, the Pi Laptop is almost done! Its fully usable and works like a small laptop. I hope you guys liked it! Open and Switch on laptop. Raspberry pi should Boot successfully with the OS If all step is correct. Connect Bluetooth USB Keyboard and enjoy your Laptop.

if you like my blog than please share with your friends also….thanks 





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Laptop diy miniature

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen more and more hackers building their own custom computers. We’re not just talking casemods here; enabled by advancements in desktop 3D printing and increasingly powerful boards such as the Raspberry Pi 4, these are machines designed and built from the ground up to meet the creator’s particular set of needs and desires.

A perfect example of this trend is the Rasptop 2.0, a remarkably practical design for a 3D printed miniature laptop. Despite the name, you don’t even need to use the Raspberry Pi if you don’t want to. Creator [Morgan Lowe] has designed the Rasptop to take other single board computers (SBCs) such as the Asus Tinker Board or even the Intel Atom powered Up Board. So whether you want an energy efficient ARM machine running Linux for development, or a mobile Windows box for on the go gaming, you can use the same printed parts.

At the most basic level, the Rasptop 2.0 is just a hollow box with a hinged compartment for a screen mounted on top. You’re free to equip it with whatever hardware you chose. If you’re after maximum runtime you could fill all the free space with batteries, or maybe install multiple hard drives if you’re a data horder in need of a mobile terminal. Even the various SBCs that [Morgan] has tested are really just suggestions. The choice is yours.

Perhaps also our favorite feature of the Rasptop is how he worked a keyboard into the design. Rather than just leaving a big rectangle in the STL for you to shove a mobile keyboard into, the top surface is designed to mount the PCB and membrane keypad of one of those mini wireless keyboards you see on all the import sites. Aside from the fact it’s a good deal chunkier than what we expect from modern mobile devices, it has a very finished and professional overall look.

Of course if you’d rather use all these powerful tools to build a computer that’s somewhat farther off the beaten track, your design could abandon the traditional computer form factors altogether.

DIY Miniature laptop / How to make paper laptop / Origami laptop / Paper Crafts /Origami Paper Craft

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the subject of being able to build a laptop and the challenges that mainstream hardware manufacturers would face when creating adequate interchangeable parts in such a small form factor. However, there’s one particular option I left out and it might work for some people. Although you can’t build a super-high-end laptop much like you would a home-built desktop system with all the bells and whistles, you could build a portable computer with barebone essentials using a Raspberry Pi board.

The Easy Way

If you just want to skip all of the frustrations that come with DIY projects, you can simply opt for a purpose-built platform that houses a Raspberry Pi and turns it into a slim, sleek laptop. The fine folks at pi-top offer exactly this, giving you everything you need out of the box to make a system out of the single-board computer.

A word to the wise: This isn’t a future proof system, and it uses the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ board. There’s no guarantee that the new Model 4 B would be compatible with this chassis.

The pi-top is there for enthusiasts who want a modular form factor with a convenient sliding rail to either fit their experiments into a laptop environment or simply build an affordable laptop that fits simple needs.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind separated parts, you can simply get a portable external monitor, a power bank and a Bluetooth keyboard, connect them to your Pi and you have a perfectly portable computer.

Difficulty: Hard

If you like to up your tinkering game, you probably don’t find slapping a Raspberry Pi onto a pre-manufactured case appealing. You may not end up building a great looking system, but what you want is to build something that’s yours.

For this, you could take apart a power bank, use a rigid plastic flipping surface, attach an IPS display to it, and center everything around a Raspberry Pi. You can use a Bluetooth keyboard to have the flexibility to detach it from your improvised laptop for convenience.

YouTube channel Creativity Buzz demonstrates how one could build this simple device using as little space as possible in the following video. It goes without saying that you’ll probably void the warranty of half the stuff you put into your device.

Creativity Buzz suggests using an 11 x 17 cm surface for the project, as it provides just the minimal space required for the components that would go into the laptop. Since you’ll be using a power bank as your battery, you’ll need to make some small modifications to fit it to a power switch and at the same time ensures that it delivers power to the main board. You may not need a significant amount of technical skill to build this laptop, but it still requires some experience in tinkering with electronics.

Be sure to use a power bank that can be placed in such a way to show you the battery level on the outside of the box. Creativity Buzz uses a semi-transparent box, which allows components with LED indicators to shine their light through it. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of not knowing how much battery power you have left, as using this method, the power bank isn’t sending signals to the board.

Difficulty: Extreme

If you feel like taking things to a level that would make most people just give up before even trying, you could build a far more functional laptop using both a Raspberry Pi board and an Arduino controller. The two of these can come together to create a miniature platform that may be used for programming other electronic components that center around Arduino in a highly portable environment.

Rather than buying a full-scale laptop for this purpose, if you’re looking to work on projects that don’t require the full scale product that a commercially available portable computer brings, this may actually be a great DIY project for you.

Demonstrated in the following video by well-known DIY channel Build It, you can build a laptop essentially out of cardboard and plastic. If you have a 3D printer, making the case might actually be easier. However, Build It underwent the entire project without one, making the creation of this laptop more tedious.

As with the previous project, you require a portable power source and a 7-inch screen (the video demonstration uses a screen specifically compatible with Raspberry Pi boards). This is where the similarities end, as Build It decided to use a much more sophisticated setup.

Instead of disassembling a power bank, this DIY project uses Li-Ion 18650 batteries (the same kind found in larger electronic cigarettes and flash lights). If you want to do the same, make sure that you use INR type batteries and not the finicky ICR types. The former has more stable chemistry and has a high discharge tolerance, which is useful when powering computer equipment. The latter requires expensive protective circuitry that could act as another point of failure for the batteries.

Alternatively, you could use IMR batteries, but they’re not quite as stable as INR.

The Arduino controller in Build It’s setup is also used for the laptop, providing a platform via a power bank controller that reads the battery pack’s charge and forwards the signal to a small OLED screen, showing the user the battery’s charge in both absolute terms and a percentage.

At the same time, that same controller’s I/O pins are exposed to the side of the laptop, allowing the user to easily attach headers from other projects to the controller. But most importantly of all, the project also features a track-pad that acts similarly to that found on a conventional laptop, which provides easy mouse cursor manipulation.

All of this is made possible by having an extra controller (Arduino) attached to the Raspberry Pi system. Given this laptop’s complexity, it might be quite frustrating to build even for people who are accustomed to making their own high-difficulty DIY projects. If you’re new to working with electronics, this might make you want to pull your hairs out of their roots.

Be Realistic!

As you can probably see by now, the possibilities that microcontroller and microprocessor-based single board computers like Raspberry Pi and Arduino provide are pretty much endless. If you really want to build a system centered around a Raspberry, the only limitations to what you can do depend on the materials available to you and your confidence in your own abilities to produce the system. Before you enter a project like this, you’re going to have to be realistic about both your expectations and what you can accomplish.

This will help avoid frustration along the way and provide an experience that is more rewarding and ultimately more fruitful. Remember that conventional laptops are still far more capable and convenient in many ways than any system you can build with a Raspberry Pi. However, if the pride of building something from scratch is what you’re after — and you aren’t looking to do any movie production with your device — then this kind of project might be right up your alley!

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DIY Laptops For Barbie Dolls!

I don’t know about you, but I am desperate to get back to crafting!  There’s a mile-long list of things to make and clothes to sew floating around in my head, and the time has come for me to turn those ideas into miniature realities.

So, this week I updated my dolls’ tech with some new laptops!

DIY Doll Laptops.

Want to see how I made them?  Then dust off your tinkering tools and let’s start crafting!

How To Make A Laptop For A Barbie.

To make the laptop you will need:

  1. Laptop Printables from our Printables And Freebies page.
  2. Scissors.
  3. Glue.
  4. Cardstock, paperboard, or heavy construction paper.
  5. Mod Podge and a paintbrush.

Supplies Needed


There are two laptops per page: one with a black and silver laptop and one with a teal and pink laptop.  There is also a printable with a variety of screens for your laptop.

  • Print out the page with your favorite laptops and the page with the laptop screens.
Note: If you’d rather not print out the screens, you can use images from advertisements and magazines to make a screen for your laptop.
  • Cut out the pieces of the laptops.  Leave the inside section (with the screen and keyboard) in one piece but separate the outside sections.  These will become the top and bottom of the laptop.

Cut Out The Printable Laptop.

  • Glue the pieces of the laptop to cardstock, a piece of paperboard (like a cereal box), or heavy construction paper.

Glue printables to cardstock.I am using pink construction paper to match my pink laptop.  You can glue the printable to any color paper you like; however, using paper that matches the laptop helps hide the edges and saves you having to recolor them later.

  • Once the glue has dried, cut out all the laptop pieces again.

Now we need to give the laptop some stability, and we are going to do this by adding layers of paper to the printable–a technique I learned from My Froggy Stuff.

  • Take one of the outside sections (I am using the outer top) and place it on your paper.
  • Trace around it to make a rectangle roughly the same size as the top of the laptop.  Do this several times to make lots of rectangles.

Trace and cut out more paper.

  • Then cut out the rectangles you drew.
Gluing layers of paper to your dollhouse printables does more than just strengthen them.  It adds dimension which makes them look realistic.
  • Stack and glue the rectangles together until they equal the depth you want your laptop to be.

Stack and glue rectangles.

Since I am using construction paper (which is thinner than cardstock), I had to use about eight rectangles to get the thickness I wanted.  If you are using cardstock you should only need three or four rectangles to get a good depth.

  • Then glue the outside sections of the printable on top your rectangle blocks.

Glue the printables to rectangles.

  • Now take the inside section of your laptop, fold in half, and make a crease down the center.  This crease is going to act like a hinge making it possible for your laptop to open and close.

  • After folding the inside in half, glue it to the outer top and outer bottom pieces.  Make sure to avoid the crease–you don’t want to cover that!

Glue laptop together and trim edges.

  • Trim the edges of the laptop to make them neat and even.

Here is the (almost) finished laptop!  See what I mean about using layers of paper to add dimension?

DIY Barbie doll laptop.

Now we just need two things:

  1. A screen–we can’t expect our dolls to surf the world-wide web with a blank screen, can we?
  2. Some Mod Podge–because I want this laptop to last for generations…or at least a few months?!
  • To give your laptop a screen, cut out your preferred screen from our Laptop Screens printable.
  • Then apply glue to the white section above the keyboard and press on the screen.

Cut out and glue on laptop screen.

  • Finally, brush a thin layer of Mod Podge over the laptop to seal it.  I like to pay special attention to the edges to make sure the layers of paper are completely stuck together.

inishing sealing laptop with Mod Podge.

When it comes to the screen, though, I only apply Mod Podge to the edges.  Brushing it over the entire screen can cause the ink to smear but limiting it to just edges will hold them down without ruining the screen.

Brush Mod Podge over edges of screen only.

Give the laptop some time to dry and you’re done!

Barbie Doll Laptops (Pink and Green).

Aren’t they cute!  I tried to include as many fun screens as I could think of.  There is a desktop screen, a few games, a search engine box and, of course, a screenshot of our blog (because I’m sure your dolls would like to check in every so often?)!

DIY Barbie Laptops (Black and Silver).

And, if pink and green aren’t your style, you can opt for black and silver instead.  The silver laptop is actually white with a greyish border because the one I made that was true silver didn’t look good after printing.  However, I like white electronics and think this version looks nice and sharp.

Well, what are we waiting for?  Let’s give the girls their new gadgets and see what they think!

Doll Photo Story Image

Yes, these laptops are 1:6 scale (playscale) which means they are a little small for Toni and a little big for Tink.  But, since the printable is a JPEG, you can always resize it to make the laptops larger or smaller for your doll.

Toni with doll laptop.

So, if your dolls would like some new electronics, head over to our Printables And Freebies page to get started!

Tinkerbell holding DIY doll laptop.

I sure hope you have as much fun making them as I did designing them.

Blondie Locks and DIY doll laptop.

Feel free to pin this post and leave a comment letting me know what you think of our DIY Barbie doll laptops!

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