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2016 Fox QS3 Adjustable Shocks

     Check out these all-new shocks from Fox, dubbed the QS3 adjustable shock absorbers. Not everyone wants or needs super-adjustability with shocks that have 10-20 clicks of adjustment, and Arctic Cat especially has been keen to this for many years. Thus, some of the 2016 models from Arctic Cat, Yamaha and Polaris will be fitted with these new shocks. They feature a very simple design with a nice big lever that you can grab with your gloves on, giving you three settings; soft, medium and firm. The rotating lever has detents so you can easily and clearly know when you have set the adjustment to the next setting. Each of the settings provides a noticeable difference from the others.


      Full counter-clockwise (position 1) is softest. Going straight up to position 2 is medium, which is 29% stiffer in low speed compression and 31% firmer at high speed compression (shock shaft speed, not vehicle speed). Cranking it to position 3 is the “firm” setting, and it ramps it up significantly. This setting is a full 81% firmer than position 1 in low speed compression, and 45% firmer at high speed compression. What about rebound damping? All three positions stay within 3% of each other, maintaining a constant rebound damping across the board.

      Now for the cool part – the QS3 adjustable feature is found on the front ski shocks AND on a new remote-reservoir rear track shock! The rear shock appears to be a Fox Zero Pro design, fitted with a remote reservoir and the QS3 adjuster.


      What does “QS3” stand for? Simple – Quick Switch 3. It is quick and easy to switch the adjustment, and there are only three settings. Arctic Cat will be using these shocks on their 2016 ZR El Tigre and ZR Limited models (which previously did not have adjustable shocks). Yamaha is using it on their 2016 SR Viper R-TX SE (Yamaha is instead calling their shocks a Fox PB design, not actually using the QS3 designation). Polaris uses them as the front ski shocks on their AXYS Switchback Adventure models.

      One thing that we noticed with these shocks is that going to position 2 cranks up the high speed compression (think sharp-edged bumps), where going to position 3 also cranks up the low speed compression (think roller gully-type bumps, or g-bumps where the weight of the sled is sucked down onto the suspension). This is where one most notices the differences between the settings. Also, when the shocks are brand new, they will be pretty firm, even in the softest #1 setting. Just give them some time, as they break in and get some miles on them they will loosen up some. At first we were somewhat surprised they were as firm as they were at the softest setting, but were reminded that shocks over time loosen up, start to lose some of the nitrogen charge, and gradually get softer. So, it’s not like the softest #1 setting is going to be mushy soft, no sir. These are high performance shock absorbers for high performance machines, so if you want a cushy mushy setting, look elsewhere. It would be more accurate to say we go from firm to firmer to firmest rather than describe them as soft, medium and firm. Of course, the internal base valving could always be changed to move the entire performance window one way or the other, but based on our initial testing these shocks are truly worthy of high performance applications.

From the September 2015 issue of SnowTech Magazine.

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Kit-mountain Shocks
Kit-mountain Shocks

Quick Switch 3

Quickly change between 3 specifically calibrated settings (soft, medium, and firm) with a "flip of a switch" to adapt to varying trail conditions.

Learn more

When combined with the infinite adjustability of the main air spring, the EVOL air chamber allows the shock to be tuned for any rider weight and/or terrain condition. Adjusting the air pressure is similar to changing the springs on a coil over shock.

Dual Stage Pump


Dual chamber function allows more air volume to be added with each pump. Switch to the single chamber to fine tune pressure settings.

  • $40 MSRP
  • 0-300PSI range
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Compact design
  • Ergonomic handle
Heritage Decals


Available in six colorways, the Heritage Decal kits include decals that will fit any FOX snowmobile shock.

Available in Heritage Orange, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and White.

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Fox Float 3 Evol QS3 Shock Kits - Burandt Signature Series

New for 2020! 

With input from our Backcountry Team, the new FOX lightweight mountain shocks improved ride quality is as significant as their weight savings. While it may seem like a stretch, this technology has trickled down from our trophy truck engineering successes. Simply put, we’ve freed the shock to move comfortably by using internal grooves to bypass oil around the piston in the ride zone while providing increased bottom-out resistance for those big hits by eliminating the grooves in the last 30% of travel. This provides the plushness to ride all day with the control you need for maximum fun. Our objective? Retain that great FOX ride feel while increasing bottom-out control, especially in coil-over shock applications.

Shocks Features

  • Simple to use QS3 Compression and Rebound Adjustment

  • Main air / Evol Air chambers for infinite tunability

  • Lightweight bodies and caps

  • Bypass technology for plush ride

  • Premium Fox Factory / Chris Burandt calibration

  • Preset / ready to ride right out of the box.


  • FLOAT air spring (ski / track front and rear)
  • EVOL air chamber (ski / track rear)
  • QS3 — Adjustable 3 position compression (ski / track front)
  • QS3 — Adjustable 3 position rebound (ski / track rear)
  • QS3 — Adjustable 3 position compression with lock-out mode (rear track only)

The combination of the main air spring and the evol air chamber results in an incredibly progressive feel. This means a plush compliant ride over the bumps and ruts while soaking up the biggest jumps and drops without bottoming. Couple this with the simple to adjust QS3 switch and you can go from powder carves to rough trail with the flip of a switch. No more fumbling with tiny iced up knobs and tiny adjustments you can't feel, the Quick Switch technology makes adjustment simple and clear. The positions represent real changes a rider can feel for easy to understand setting adjustments. Large background numbering makes it easy to see which position you are in. The QS3 tech is the perfect match for the mountain snowmobilers needs from novice to expert.

**Khaos length rear shocks only can be installed on a factory Khaos. To convert your PRO-RMK check out our Chaos Conversion Kit**

Want to learn more about the functions of the shock or make some adjustments for your riding style or weight? Check out the link below for more setup recommendations from the team at IceAge.

Float 3 Evol QS3R Setup Guide

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Fox QS3 Introduction at Hay Days

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