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3" Exhaust Catback System For BMW E36 LS1 1JZ 2JZ Swap

CXRacing 3" Catback Exhaust System For 91-98 BMW E36 4 Door 3" Vband Connection to Downpipe or Header Pipe Application:Chassis: 91-98 BMW E36 4 Door   Note: 1. This Catback is a Proprietary Design By CXRacing, It Is Based on a 4 Door Chassis. It Fits CXRacing's Products, Such as LS1, 2JZGTE Swap Kits. But for Any Other Applications or Other Vendor's Products, It Does Not Fit Perfectly, Modification is Required. 2. It is NOT for Stock Exhaust Application. It Starts at Approximate 12" After The Transmission End. It Is Designed for Aftermarket Engine Swap, Such As LS1, 2JZGTE, or Turbo Stock E36 Motor.   See Installed Pictures for Placement. Product Being Sold:  Exhaust System This is CXRacing's Newest Products for the Application Stated Above. All Parts Are Developed from Ground Up in Our R&D Center in USA, Designed and Built for Improved Performance Gains, with Excellent Fitment and Easy Installation.  Notes: -Off Road or Track Use ONLY, NOT for Street Use -Due to the Complexity of Swapping a Motor to Different Chassis, Please Make Sure that You Understand the Application Stated Here are the Right Parts for Your Project -Parts Being Sold are the Kit Being Advertised ONLY. Other Parts Shown on Pictures are for Demo Only (of Our Complete Swap Kit). Check Our Other ItemsHighlights:Especially Designed, Made for the Application StatedFully Tested, Simple Easy InstallationOffers Excellent Performance GainsOne of the Best Kits on the Market, with High Quality Products and Affordable PricingItem(s) Included:  Catback System (2 Pcs)Below Pictures Show a Setup of Single Downpipe Connecting to the Catback System:(Turbo E36, 1JZ, 2JZ Swap etc) Below Pictures Show a Setup of Dual Downpipe Connecting to the Catback System:(LS1 Swap) 

Thread: CX Racing Top Mount E36 Turbo Kit

1) Not sure if it was the CX Racing manifold but didn't a certain 9-second member on this board make 1000whp on an ebay top mount manifold and beat the crap out of it? Not saying it won't crack. You get what you pay for I mean look at the price.

2) Again looking at the price, this is the perfect kit for the guy/gal who just wants a turbo e36 with 300-400whp. So for that power 2.5" DP should be fine. Hell...I've been running 3" exhaust for a while now and never had larger than a 3" DP.

3) As for tuning, they can order chip/MAF/injector tuning from RK-Tuning, TRM or Miller these days to supply all they need there.

If they can score the chip/MAF/injector setup used from someone (like me who has it chillin on the side) then they can be in for barely over $2000 and actually pull this off. Just add some race fuel for over 8-9psi. Or spend a little more and do the head spacer/arps.
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Top Mount GT35 Turbo Kit Manifold Downpipe Intercooler For 92-98 BMW E36

CXRacing Turbo Kit For 1992-1998 BMW 3-Series with E36 Chassis / Engine, 6 Cyl. Convert to Top Mount T3 Turbo

This Kit Converts NA to Turbo Charged, Top Mount. Supports 500 HP

- Chassis: 1992-1998 BMW 3-Series E36 Chassis
- Motor: 6 Cyl M50 M52 S50 S52

Product Being Sold:
- GT35 Turbo + Intercooler Kit + DownPipe + Manifold + Wastegate + Oil Line Kit

Most BMW E36 Turbo Kits are Bottom Mount with Very Poor Fitment, Hits Subframe and other Parts.

This New Turbo Kit is a New Development CXRacing Made, with Top Mount Turbo Design. No Cut, Perfect Fit. Kits Includes Almost All the Hardware to Turbo Charge an E36.

This Product was developed based on US model Left-Hand-Drive chassis. For Right-Hand-Drive, due to potential conflict with steering shaft, fitment most likely will be an issue and we don’t guarantee fitment. Modification is needed and we won’t accept return due to Right-Hand-Drive fitment issues.

Product Info and Spec:
- 304 Stainless Steel Manifold
- T3 Turbo Flange
- 38mm Wastegate Flange

- 2.5" Stainless Steel Downpipe
- 4 Bolt Exhaust Housing

GT35 Turbo and Wastegate:
- 4" Air Inlet, 2.5" Compressed Air Outlet
- Journal Bearing
- Standard T3 Turbine Housing Flange
- Oil and Water Cooled
- 6-25 PSI Working Pressure
- .70 A/R Compressor
- .63 A/R Turbine
- 61.3 /82 mm Compressor Wheel
- 62 /67.8 mm Turbine Wheel
- 38mm 8 psi Wastegate

Intercooler Kit:
- Overall Size: 27"x12"x3"
- Core Size: 21"x11"x3"
- 2.5" Inlet and Outlet
- Piping is 2.5" Hotside and 2.75" Cold Side.

Click Below Picture to See Flowbench Test:

- Completely New Design, No Cut, Perfect Fit.
- GT35 Turbo, Support up to 500 HP
- 2.5" Stainless Steel Downpipe
- 304 Stainless Steel Manifold, Top Mount Turbo
- Comes with Oil Pan Bung for Oil Return and Oil Line kit
- External 38mm Wastegate, with 8PSI default. Can be upgraded to Higher Boost Wastegate
- Front Mount Intercooler with 2.5" Piping Kit and BOV

- Manifold
- GT35 Turbo
- 38mm 8PSi Wastegate, with Dump Tube
- 2.5" Stainless Steel Downpipe
- Oil Line Kit + Oil Pan Bung for Oil Return
- Front Mount Intercooler with Piping Kit and BOV
- Air Filter

Below Are Installation Pictures:

BMW E36 Rebuild in 10 Minutes - 2 days project - NIGHTRIDE 4K

FMIC Intercooler Kit For 92-98 BMW 3-Series E36 Chassis, 6 Cyl.

CXRacing Front Mount Intercooler + Piping Kit For 92-98 BMW 3-Series E36 Chassis, 6 Cyl. Convert to Top Mount T3 Turbo

Chassis: 92-98 BMW 3-Series E36
Turbo: Convert to Top Mount T3 Turbo

Product Being Sold:
Front Mount Intercooler + Silicon Hoses + T Clamps + BOV + Mounting Brackets

This Kit is for NA to Turbo Charged Convention.
This Kit is Developed From Ground Up, Completely New Design Using the E36 We Own, Fully Tested.
No Cut, Bolt On Fit, Comes with Mounting Brackets. Cold Side Pipe Includes Flange to Connect to Factory Air Temp Sensor.
This Kit fits Very Well, Not Hitting Anything, Easy Install.

Product Info and Spec:
Bar & Plate Construction
Core Size: 20"x12"x3"
Overall Size: 27"x12"x3"
3" Thick Core, 2.5" Inlet & Outlet
Comes with Mounting Brackets

Piping Kit:
Mandrel Bent Aluminum Pipe
Piping is 2.5" Hotside and 2.75" Cold Side.
Comes with BOV, Silicon Hoses, and T-Bolt Clamps

This Kit is for Intercooler and Piping Kit Only. Manifold, Turbo, Downpipe etc other Parts Are NOT Included. We Do Offer Complete Turbo Kit, Check Our Website.

            Click Below Picture to See Flowbench Test:

Items Included:
Mounting Brackets
Silicon hoses and Stainless Steel T-Clamps

Below Are Installation Pictures:


E36 cxracing

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BMW E36 Compilation - Accelerations, Burnouts, Sounds

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