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A lonely death may be terrible, but a universal one, as painlessas this would appear to be, is not, in my judgment, a matter for apprehension.

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When we got to Sunium, which is the point of Athens, Apollo with his painlessshafts killed Phrontis the steersman of Menelaus' ship (and never man knew better how to handle a vessel in rough weather) so that he died then and there with the helm in his hand, and Menelaus, though very anxious to press forward, had to wait in order to bury his comrade and give him his due funeral rites.

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The thought of her morning's renunciation stung her conscience, and she tried to expand once more into that impersonal condition which was so lofty and so painless. She must check this desire to be an individual again, whose wishes were in conflict with those of other people.

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She prayed that her own end might be as calm and painless, and thought with trust and reverence of the words which she had heard from her father during his illness, indicative of his faith, his resignation, and his future hope.

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So long as you were alive the gods loved you well, and even in death they have not been utterly unmindful of you; for when Achilles took any other of my sons, he would sell him beyond the seas, to Samos Imbrus or rugged Lemnos; and when he had slain you too with his sword, many a time did he drag you round the sepulchre of his comrade--though this could not give him life--yet here you lie all fresh as dew, and comely as one whom Apollo has slain with his painlessshafts."

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That her fate would now be infinitely more horrible than the quick and painlessdeath that the ape-man would have meted to her only interested Tarzan to the extent that the more frightful the end of a German the more in keeping it would be with what they all deserved.

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Behind him lay almost certainly the horrid fate of An-Tak; before him nothing worse than a comparatively painlessdeath by drowning.

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Fortunately, he did not suffer at all; it was a painlessdeath.

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When he had been sinking in this painlessway for two or three days, she observed him to be troubled by the ticking of his watch-- a pompous gold watch that made as great a to-do about its going as if nothing else went but itself and Time.

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The company recently unveiled a new tagline, "Surprisingly Painless," to show how it is on a journey to make insurance simple to use, easy to understand and affordable for customers.

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Synonyms for Painless:

What is another word for painless?

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[ pˈe͡ɪnləs], [ pˈe‍ɪnləs], [ p_ˈeɪ_n_l_ə_s]
  • adj.

    all (adjective)easy (adjective)
    • plain,
    • facile,
    • elementary,
    • accessible,
    • child's play,
    • snap,
    • simple as abc,
    • apparent,
    • straightforward,
    • cinch,
    • basic,
    • piece of cake,
    • light,
    • obvious,
    • yielding,
    • manifest,
    • evident,
    • simple,
    • nothing to it,
    • pushover,
    • uninvolved,
    • plain sailing,
    • mere,
    • slight,
    • clear,
    • picnic,
    • smooth,
    • paltry,
    • manageable,
    • royal,
    • uncomplicated,
    • little,
    • effortless,
    • inconsiderable.
    effortless (adjective)harmless (adjective)
    • sure,
    • powerless,
    • inoperative,
    • guiltless,
    • soft,
    • inoffensive,
    • reliable,
    • gentle,
    • safe,
    • naive,
    • unobjectionable,
    • trustworthy,
    • sound,
    • sanitary,
    • innocent,
    • kind,
    • Disarmed,
    • controllable.
    innocuous (adjective)nothing to it (adjective)Other relevant words: (adjective)
    • unoffending,
    • not difficult,
    • pussycat,
    • innoxious,
    • easily done,
    • paper-tiger,
    • undemanding,
    • wieldy,
    • non-toxic,
    • no trouble,
    • a breeze,
    • cincher,
    • nontoxic,
    • innocuous,
    • nonirritating,
    • harmless,
    • untroublesome,
    • sapless,
    • snapper,
    • not burdensome,
    • easy,
    • no bother,
    • Hurtless,
    • inobnoxious,
    • softie,
    • cursive,
    • no sweat,
    • no problem,
    • Unoffensive.
    unoffensive (adjective)
  • n.

    • restful,
    • enjoyable,
    • cheerful,
    • attractive,
    • pleasant,
    • nice,
    • pleasurable,
    • relaxing,
    • lovely,
    • pleasing.
    humane (noun)pain-free (noun)painless (noun)
  • Other synonyms:

    Other relevant words (noun):
    • Familiar,
    • convenient,
    • cloudless,
    • trouble-free,
    • fluid,
    • graceful,
    • glib,
    • ecstatic,
    • hands down,
    • abc,
    • downhill,
    • unalloyed,
    • unproblematic,
    • cheap,
    • casual,
    • Painlessness,
    • Unburdensome,
    • as ABC,
    • cushy,
    • ready,
    • indolent,
    • easygoing.
Paraphrases are highlighted according to their relevancy:
  • adj.

    • easy
      obscure, difficult, onery, unintelligible, ambiguous, intolerant, trying, laborious, unclear, involved, exhausting, vague, unrelaxed, strict, unleisurely, oppressive, hard, uneasy, unpermissive, impossible, arduous, intricate, complicated, demanding, complex, unhappy.
    • harmless
      destructive, strong, hurtful, experienced, harmful, evil, bad, wicked, sinful, damaging, injurious.
    • Other antonyms:
      Toilful, herculean, formidable, abstruse, recondite, murderous, taxing, troublesome, knotty, stressful.


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How to use painless in a sentence

Could a course like hers have terminated more appropriately than with so beautiful, painless, and tranquil a passing away?


Three things that constitute a physician: a complete cure; leaving no blemish behind; a painless examination.


He had had a very happy life, with plenty of fun and plenty of kindness, and he had a very rapid and painless death.


The highest idea of the Hindu, as of the Buddhist, is to pass out into a sort of painless existence of nothingness.




adjectivenot difficult


adjectivenot injurious or dangerous

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

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Thesaurus painless

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