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Universal Corp's Market Capitalization is the total market value of a company's equity. It is one of many ways to value a company and is calculated by multiplying the price of the stock by the number of shares issued. If a firm has one type of stock its market capitalization will be the current market share price multiplied by the number of shares. However, if a company has multiple types of equities then the market cap will be the total of the market caps of the different types of shares.

Current Universal Corp Market Capitalization


  1.21 B  

Most of Universal Corp's fundamental indicators, such as Market Capitalization, are part of a valuation analysis module that helps investors searching for stocks that are currently trading at higher or lower prices than their real value. If the real value is higher than the market price, Universal Corp is considered to be undervalued, and we provide a buy recommendation. Otherwise, we render a sell signal.

Universal Market Capitalization Driver Correlations

Understanding the fundamental principles of building solid financial models for Universal Corp is extremely important. It helps to project a fair market value of Ford stock properly, considering its historical fundamentals such as Market Capitalization. Since Universal Corp's main accounts across its financial reports are all linked and dependent on each other, it is essential to analyze all possible correlations between related accounts. However, instead of reviewing all of Universal Corp's historical financial statements, investors can examine the correlated drivers to determine its overall health. This can be effectively done using a conventional correlation matrix of Universal Corp's interrelated accounts and indicators.

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Universal Market Capitalization Historical Pattern

Today, most investors in Universal Corp Stock are looking for potential investment opportunities by analyzing not only static indicators but also various Universal Corp's growth ratios. Consistent increases or drops in fundamental ratios usually indicate a possible pattern that can be successfully translated into profits. However, when comparing two companies, knowing each company's market capitalization growth rates may not be enough to decide which company is a better investment. That's why investors frequently use a static breakdown of Universal Corp market capitalization as a starting point in their analysis.

In most publications or references market cap is broken down into the mega-cap, large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, micro-cap, and nano-cap. Market Cap is a measurement of business as total market value of all of the outstanding shares at a given time, and can be used to compare different companies based on their size.

Based on the recorded statements, the market capitalization of Universal Corp is about 1.21 B. This is 92.2% lower than that of the Consumer Defensive sector and 97.45% lower than that of the Tobacco industry. The market capitalization for all United States stocks is 93.64% higher than that of the company.

Universal Market Capitalization Peer Comparison

Stock peer comparison is one of the most widely used and accepted methods of equity analyses. It analyses Universal Corp's direct or indirect competition against its Market Capitalization to detect undervalued stocks with similar characteristics or determine the stocks which would be a good addition to a portfolio. Peer analysis of Universal Corp could also be used in its relative valuation, which is a method of valuing Universal Corp by comparing valuation metrics of similar companies.
Universal Corp is currently under evaluation in market capitalization category among related companies.

Universal Corp Current Valuation Drivers

We derive many important indicators used in calculating different scores of Universal Corp from analyzing Universal Corp's financial statements. These drivers represent accounts that assess Universal Corp's ability to generate profits relative to its revenue, operating costs, and shareholders' equity. Below are some of Universal Corp's important valuation drivers and their relationship over time.

Universal Fundamentals

About Universal Corp Fundamental Analysis

The Macroaxis Fundamental Analysis modules help investors analyze Universal Corp's financials across various querterly and yearly statements, indicators and fundamental ratios. We help investors to determine the real value of Universal Corp using virtually all public information available. We use both quantitative as well as qualitative analysis to arrive at the intrinsic value of Universal Corp based on its fundamental data. In general, a quantitative approach, as applied to this company, focuses on analyzing financial statements comparatively, whereas a qaualitative method uses data that is important to a company's growth but cannot be measured and presented in a numerical way.

Please read more on our fundamental analysispage.
Last ReportedProjected for 2021
Market Capitalization1.2 B1.1 B
Universal Corporation processes and supplies leaf tobacco and plant-based ingredients worldwide. The company was founded in 1886 and is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. Universal Corp operates under Tobacco classification in the United States and is traded on New York Stock Exchange. It employs 9000 people.

Be your own money manager

Our tools can tell you how much better you can do entering a position in Universal Corp without increasing your portfolio risk or giving up expected return. As an individual investor, you need to find a reliable way to track all your investment portfolios. However, your requirements will often be based on how much of the process you decide to do yourself. In addition to allowing all investors analytical transparency into all their portfolios, our tools can evaluate.risk-adjusted returns of your individual positions relative to your overall portfolio.

Equity Valuation

Check real value of public entities based on technical and fundamental data

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Analyzing currently trending equities could be an opportunity to develop a better portfolio based on different market momentums that they can trigger. Utilizing the top trending stocks is also useful when creating a market-neutral strategy or pair trading technique involving a short or a long position in a currently trending equity..

Also, please take a look at Universal Corp Piotroski F Score and Universal Corp Altman Z Score analysis. Note that the Universal Corp information on this page should be used as a complementary analysis to other Universal Corp's statistical models used to find the right mix of equity instruments to add to your existing portfolios or create a brand new portfolio. You can also try Headlines Timeline module to stay connected to all market stories and filter out noise. Drill down to analyze hype elasticity.

Complementary Tools for Universal Stock analysis

When running Universal Corp price analysis, check to measure Universal Corp's market volatility, profitability, liquidity, solvency, efficiency, growth potential, financial leverage, and other vital indicators. We have many different tools that can be utilized to determine how healthy Universal Corp is operating at the current time. Most of Universal Corp's value examination focuses on studying past and present price action to predict the probability of Universal Corp's future price movements. You can analyze the entity against its peers and financial market as a whole to determine factors that move Universal Corp's price. Additionally, you may evaluate how the addition of Universal Corp to your portfolios can decrease your overall portfolio volatility.

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The market value of Universal Corp is measured differently than its book value, which is the value of Universal that is recorded on the company's balance sheet. Investors also form their own opinion of Universal Corp's value that differs from its market value or its book value, called intrinsic value, which is Universal Corp's true underlying value. Investors use various methods to calculate intrinsic value and buy a stock when its market value falls below its intrinsic value. Because Universal Corp's market value can be influenced by many factors that don't directly affect Universal Corp underlying business (such as pandemic or basic market pessimism), market value can vary widely from intrinsic value.

Please note, there is a significant difference between Universal Corp's value and its price as these two are different measures arrived at by different means. Investors typically determine Universal Corp value by looking at such factors as earnings, sales, fundamental and technical indicators, competition as well as analyst projections. However, Universal Corp's price is the amount at which it trades on the open market and represents the number that a seller and buyer find agreeable to each party.

Sours: https://www.macroaxis.com/invest/ratio/UVV/Market-Capitalization

Universal Market Cap:

Market Capitalization Definition

Market Capitalization measures the total value of a company based on their stock price multiplied by the shares outstanding. This metric is important because it gives you an idea of the size of a company, and how the size has changed over time. When studying companies from a relative basis, it would make sense to compare companies that have a similar market capitalization because factors like market share, economies of scale, and business models would also be similar.

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Market Cap Range, Past 5 Years

Minimum 951.78M Mar 23 2020
Maximum 2.056B Feb 08 2017
Average 1.375B

Market Cap Related Metrics

Sours: https://ycharts.com/companies/UVV/market_cap
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Universal Market Access Price Today

Universal Market Access Market Overview

Market Cap



Volume (24h)


Market Cap Rank # 118
Universal Market Access Price $10.675
UMA Market Cap $677,696,506
Volume (24h) $27,859,067
Total Supply 104,915,617 UMA
Circulating Supply 63,482,965 UMA
1H Price Change +0.27%
24H Price Change -2.59%
7D Price Change +1.89%
1M Price Change -5.00%
3M Price Change +40.95%
1Y Price Change +16.67%

Universal Market Access price today is $10.675. The 24-hour trading volume of Universal Market Access is $27,859,067. UMA price is -2.59% in the last 24 hours. Universal Market Access's market cap is $677,696,506.

Market Capitalization (Market Cap) - Formula - Example \u0026 Calculation

Market capitalization of Universal Corporation (UVV)

Market cap: $1.20 Billion

As of October 2021 Universal Corporation has a market cap of $1.20 Billion. This makes Universal Corporation the world's 3945th most valuable company by market cap according to our data. The market capitalization, commonly called market cap, is the total market value of a publicly traded company's outstanding shares and is commonly used to mesure how much a company is worth.

Market cap history of Universal Corporation from 2001 to 2021

YearMarket capChange
2021$1.23 B3.29%
2020$1.19 B-15.43%
2019$1.40 B4.21%
2018$1.35 B2.55%
2017$1.31 B-9.22%
2016$1.45 B14.01%
2015$1.27 B26.83%
2014$1.00 B-20.76%
2013$1.26 B8.89%
2012$1.16 B9.04%
2011$1.06 B11.3%
2010$0.95 B-14.57%
2009$1.12 B50.44%
2008$0.74 B-46.62%
2007$1.39 B10.06%
2006$1.27 B13.94%
2005$1.11 B-9.03%
2004$1.22 B11.07%
2003$1.10 B18.12%
2002$0.93 B-2.97%
2001$0.96 B
Sours: https://companiesmarketcap.com/universal-corp/marketcap/

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